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"Can Life Force & Seed Germination be Served By Charge Compression / IS Life Force Charge Compression?"
Ref: "Implosion:Secret Science of Ecstasy & Immortality"

Designed to Prove WHY All Ecologic (Agricultural & Architectural) Structures
to Acheive Life & Sustainability - Must Ultimately be Electrically Fractal.

(see new: Biologic Architecture )

This article is based on the probably self-evident hypothesis that electrically - fractal or self similar geometry is the CAUSE of life force. SelfSimilarity / Golden Phi (HOW Compression turns in to acceleration) is the CAUSE of gravity?
and self centering / Implosive wave self organization in general.. :> (Prime example: THE SOLAR SYSTEM! - new science below --)
ref-in > the amount of gravity created by the ATOM will be predicted by the self-similarity of its core (nucleus) to its periphery (electrons)..
This infomation about HOW a spin path is prepared to accelerate through light speed / implosion - is not only the key to measuring when water has been blessed, when life force is present - it is (Hermes) key to get your soul thru death (compress & accelerate charge using DNA properly). Your prayer - your shareable actions prepare your waters for successful compression - a 'new theory of Dune'. When you see newly how we measure charge in water to measure freshness - this will be commercially confirmed.

New HeartTuner HRV / Breath Software- info / screen animations -'Fractal Heart' vs. more on "HeartMath Mistakes"

Updates: Online Video Library+ Seminar Tour (Canada) -> Conference on Science and Spirituality

More Science of PHASE CONJUGATION - Solution to DNA Radio -and Phantom DNA- AND growth in general!

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Discuss the worlds most exciting Science of Consciousness Research- with Dan Winter AND with John Michell in Glastonbury or with Henry Lincoln in Grail Country South France** - or with Jim Hurtak in Budapest.. or- in Turin.. Barcelona.. Mexico ... Bogota .. Quebec..

Fractal Field:New Electrical Definition of Life / Architecture / Life Sciences / Peace / Atmosphere Maintenence..
Fractal Fields are EASILY proven to be the BEST way to Grow ALL DNA! Would your biology teacher (the one in a steel and aluminum tomb of a building / city ) have you believe DNA does not CARE what field effect it grows up in??
Since all biologic growth is limited by ability to absorb energy, it is self evident that the best way to compress that LIFE FORCE in to nourish biology is FRACTAL!
- Since fractality is the perfect geometry for compression, it is therefore the perfect geometry of distribution - AND the RADIANCE of charge efficiency which defines all of life.

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Intro to Fractality Optimized Metabolism / Life Force Concentration..

Below - Stonehenge type structures were most significantly "Phase Conjugate" Biologic "Fractal Capacitors" Which Concentrated a Charge Field to Create Life Force / Germination - even prevent cellular aging.

Below - 250 International Experts Gather for the First International Symposium on BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE-

Invented by Dan Winter- based on the physics that only living (Phase Conjugate or Fractal) capacitance defines buildings which cause ALL LIVING THINGS TO THRIVE.

Below - an example of concentric layers of capacitance - causing INCREASED GROWTH FORCE (FRACTALLY) AT CENTER

BELOW- Our project development site in Tyagara-near Byron- to prove Fractality of Charge Concentrates Life Force.

Below - Lismore -Southern Cross Uni Group will Coordinate the Science of the Project- Correlating Improvement in Seed Germination by measurement with the (harmonic inclusive / fractal ) electric field created - measured by power spectra.

Carving on the center stone below (thanks to dieter! & vincent selleck for suggesting)
clearly shows the MAP OF THE MAGNETISM ON THE LAND- fractally... (compare with the magnetic map - couple images down)

Dieter (owner of Eagle Farm) writes:" I just "harvested" some 92 basalt
collums most of them in 5 faces shape up to 5 m long and some 10t havey. Some of my earlier harvested rocks are
assembelt to a stone henge, this fond the interest of Mr. Dan Winter ( and Mr.
Vincent Selleck who has discovert the energy lines in said sone henge aria. And wie propose to set more rocks in
two circle up to concentrate the energy to the center, wehre I have a smal rock prepared with the map of the whole
set up (see picture below). It would be helpfull if we can mesure the energy cange when placing the rocks, this would
enable us to optimise. .... the finished project than can maybe prove the influence ot this energy field in seed germination, Dan is leading this test and Southern Cross Uni and others are interested.

The center stone, the spiral located under a mangotree (female) in the center of stars X ing energy lines.
The black basalt is polished and with white cement in his lower spots has a space like look, the lines
are grindet in and filled with oxide collerd white cement (UV and watherprooved), the stone sides schowing the
corroding process, tranforming basalt to red soil. The material contains a lot of Ion, working with an angle grinder
producing high tempatures, sometimes strips of metal were formed. In my understanding a corroding process needs
water, O©˜ and a redox potiental (wehre no closed circle is) who than lets energy - electrods flow, concentrated
with waterlines - energy lines a dowser? (Wünschelrutengänger) with his dowsing rod can detect, ..Best regards
Dieter Horstmann"

note the natural paramagnetic volcanic stone (rings like a bell) is naturally PENTAGONAL.. (serves phase conjugation electrically)

Dolmen concentrating life force around a tree..

Below is the plan to add more dolmen - complete the fractality of the array- around the here measured (red cross) ley line cross. The combined charge compression is predicted to cause significant changes in seed germination. The electric field which triggers that - will be analyzed in University study- for fractal harmonic inclusiveness. The point is to scientifically prove the nature of fractal (harmonic inclusive) fields - which effectively cause all living things to thrive.

another example project below - our group in turin- see

ONLY IN A FRACTAL CAN THE EFFICIENT BREATH (DISTRIBUTION OF CHARGE='spiritual') CALLED LIFE SUCCEED! As the choking smog finishes killing the last hope of immune health in all Earth's cities- from simple lack of the most BASIC understanding of how to build a (fractal=phase conjugate dielectric) field in which DNA can communicate and thrive. - Please join us in challenging the arrogant stupidity of physics and biology universities on the planet. Incredibly the humans race on building square metal cages for all cities and buildings - destroying the very souls of the children - all the while a 2 dollar experiment can prove the same metal cage will MURDER most any germinating seed..(not to mention the twinkle in any childs eye)..

This exact same fractal / self similar charge field / non destructive compression (examples include Plocher charging his crystals and Grander healing his water) - Hermes secret of life / Al-KHEMy- key to seed germination, all truly efficient biologic growth / charge distribution, immune health/disease end AND access to bliss...... IS the stellated dodec (Einstein+Poincare used to model gravity, and exact electrical geometry of palladium key to cold fusion) - key to charge coupling the gravity field to: a) end the energy crisis, b) restore atmosphere & c) allow all biologic systems to emerge from chaos. (Tell Al Gore there is a 'CONVENIENT Truth').

New-IGA-Torsional Cascade-MEASURES RESIDUAL "IMPLOSION" Electrical Signature of EVERYTHING ALIVE- by Measuring "Fractality in AIR!"..?? - .. +Tom Bearden 'almost' understood Phase Conjugation.. Grail Physics + Real Grail Story FINAL PIECE: The 'Lucifer' statue at Rennes le Chateaux - base of Magdalen Mary bloodline is Black and Has Horns because that is AkunATUN / Moses.(Atun=Enki). THAT is Why the Be'Deviled' Sauniere got so much money from the Hapsburgs..


 Ancient and Keplerian - Recursion Spiral MODEL OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM - Proves Correct ? - AND Proves the NATURE OF GRAVITY??


IV Spira Solaris Archytas-Mirabilis Most suitably represented in terms of exponential growth and a complex equiangular spiral, the Phi-series based planetary model appears to be new in one sense and yet quite ancient in another


Bode's Flaw Bode's "Law" - more correctly the Titius-Bode relationship - was an ad hoc scheme for approximating mean planetary distances that was originated by Johann Titius in 1866 and popularized by Johann Bode in 1871. The " law " later failed in the cases of the outermost planets Neptune and Pluto, but it was flawed from the outset with respect to distances of both MERCURY and EARTH, as Titius was perhaps aware.
II The Alternative Describes an alternative approach to the structure of the Solar System that employs logarithmic data, orbital velocity, synodic motion, and mean planetary periods in contrast to ad hoc methodology and the use of mean heliocentric distances alone.
III The Exponential Order The constant of linearity for the resulting planetary framework is the ubiquitous constant Phi known since antiquity.


6."Can Life Force & Seed Germination be Served By Charge Compression / IS Life Force Charge Compression?"
Ref: "Implosion:Secret Science of Ecstasy & Immortality"

Designed to Prove WHY All Ecologic (Agricultural & Architectural) Structures
to Acheive Life & Sustainability - Must Ultimately be Electrically Fractal.
This article is a follow up to- Life Force-HOW TO MEASURE- and Life Force Study- :

The original notion that the direction of magnetic flux could measureably effect seed germination was developed by Albert Roy Davis, and Walter C Rawls Jr. in their classic book:"'Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System.,". (Thanks to Cliff Pound for his help here on this). They tested a positive effect of the SOUTH pole.. of the magnet on water which then benefitted chicks, mice, and seed growth. Cliff and I agree that the South Pole end of the magnetic here should be one attracted to the NORTH POLE of the Earth- which agrees with the work of Don Lorimer ( Mr Magnets). This references extensive literature on magnets and healing. For example - the correctly defined SOUTH pole of a strong magnet will stimulate a thymus - but INCREASE a toothache - because the flux array induced is CENTRIPEDAL.. While the strong opposite end of that same magnet usually will for example REDUCE the pain of a toothache - because it's flux array is CENTRIFUGAL - UNPACKING.( see how pain is diffused.. ).

according to the following chart:

Understanding Magnetics, see also: Ennantiomorphism, Handedness, DNA, and the "ARK"


Now lets imagine a picture of the electrical relationship of the atmossphere to the Earth..

There is rich reason in why the spin of all biological proteins is unipolar, that is goes one way. The handedness is consistent. (All biology's protein stairway helices go ONE WAY ONLY!!.. ennantiomorphism.. Dorothy's milk in the looking glass didn't nourish because it's proteins spun mirror backwards, and nutrasweet can cancer instead of being absorbed because it's spin is backwards)..

Here we interview Cliff Pound for his choice of direction for the water helix ribbon he induced helical flow in his water bio-accelerator.

This is because..

Just like all biocells use the Earth grids ELF schumann heartbeat as an information SOS hailing frequency, all Earth's biocells use the first spin direction of primal soups proteins as the common denominator for their helical stairway to life.. El-Eye-Ph(i). LIGHTNING SPUN UP PRIMAL SOUP, ALL LIGHTNING IS UNIPOLAR BECAUSE OF THE CONSISTENT ORGONE ELECTRONEGATIVE RELATIONSHIP OF SKY TO EARTH. SO THE RESULTANT SPIN DIRECTION OF ROTATION IN BIOPROTEINS WAS COHERENT.

Thanks to Don Lorimer, we are coming to understand that one pole of a magnet is more centripedal, more anticlockwise, than the other,AND shrinks tumors! (disorderly, incoherent touching).

A magnetic monopole MAKES gravity (per Einstein). This caddeuceus cascade fractal, is a movement FROM the short wave to the long: literally scalar. It scales the ladder.

The birth of a magnetic field be impregnated with intention, as can any crystals coherent bond structure. In a literal sense, (as onset coherence), this IS the language of feeling. Emotionally speaking, the aboriginal song lines were the cilia into and out of magnetic library's of paramagnetic stone.

The concept of magnetic POLARITY we emphasize, is merely a label for the important hydrodynamic difference between flux which is CENTRIPEDAL (positive/ inward compressing) - vs. CENTRIFUGAL (negatic- outward unpacking).

This simple insight .. magnetic flux lines when they CONVERGE CENTRIPEDALLY-INITIATE INFORMATION/CHARGE COMPRESSION - is key to understanding why Davis and Rawls above were able to measureably increase seed germination- using magnetism. This also fits perfectly the below picture of how CAPACITANCE (the CONDENSING of magetic flux charge) can be focused like a lens - CENTRIPEDALLY - INTO CHARGE COMPRESSION. Thus in the below picture we see how the Reich group (James DeMeo ) also measures the dramatic result on seed germination. We feel clearly that the word Orgone was a misnomer for properly focused (necessarily recursive) capacitive charge.

Cliff Pound was also kind enough to point out. that Davis and Rawls became aware using liquid crystals to reveal the flux paths, that the typical simple magnetic domain, was not simply 2 poles - but - WHEN SEEN ON A PLANE - was 4 poles. (A "Block Wall" line would form in a roughly square flux line array on the plane).

Again this fits perfectly with the 4 way field picture of the magnet effecting biology..

.. if we extrapolate this picture we have the cube-octa shape of the simple bar magnet- when properly visualized in 3D:

..vortex cones of magnetism becomes a cube.. whose center is . octa..... ..

The problem of converting simple cubic magnetic symmetry into the PRINCIPLE OF LIFE - is the problem of compressing the charge and the magnetism.

The reason for this is that biology exists because informatiion is able to be compressed electrically. The difficulty of designed non-destructive charge and information compression is the problem Einstein died struggling with. (In order - as he said - to discover the relationship of charge to gravity. He knew magnetism compressing inward to perfect non-destructive collapse- the magnetic monopole was and is key to gravity..).

Biology can thrive because it is so good at getting waves into the symmetry of compression. This allows biology to remember by experience what symmetry experiments are sustainable. This becomes genetic diversity. (Genes are biology's way of remembering what wave patterns can sustain).

This is why COMPRESSION is identical with biologic success. (It is key to efficient information / charge storage).

The simple bar magnet - cube - octa vortex array in 3D above - does NOT by itself - make good compression ..

This is because in a cubic/ octave geometry - when waves try to compress - the interference they create -"IN-CUBE-ATION"..

causes those waves to ADD and MULTIPLY - DESTRUCTIVELY. This is why square (and metal non fractal) houses, fridges and barns destroy life force.

Leaking (non fractally attractive ) structures bleed charge and life . This is where architecture gets re-invented.

Most metals(exception gold) during production experience heat fractionation which drives the molecular centers out of life giving fractal recursive symmetry.

This is why aluminum is poison to the charge field.

This prevents non-destructive compression (because it is not self similar and recursive), and information storage - AND INHIBITS BIOLOGY!

Long ago - biology solved this problem of compression in order to invent itself - by choosing recursive non-destructive compression of charge.

The golden spiral is the only perfect self-similar path to allow perfect compression , scale invariance, etc.

Biology saw that phylotaxis based on the Golden Mean-- was the solution..

The result is the only growth path which allows both perfect packing / compression and therefore perfect unpacking / GROWTH:


We now need to translate this into a symmetry solution - to create magnetic and charge fields that serve biology's need for access to charge (& information & magnetic) compression.

The 3 dimensional solution occurs when the cube-octa we saw which does not work - is "Jitterbugged" into the icos/ dodec which DOES allow compression:

The resultant icos dodec takes this charge into the good 3 d compression path..

based on Golden Ratio . which enables Fractality - the definition of perfect compression..


We see in the above - the top down view of DNA.

The spin of the resultant compressor icos / dodec.. is the imploder of charge we call the gene . (Which must become a gravity maker to survive).


Biology arranges it's molecular centers into fractal symmetry to allow non-destructive charge distribution - which is the very definition of life.

This allows the breathing of bio-information across the boundaries of scale (scale invariance). This efficient charge transfer communication permits biology to sustain.

For example the efficient macromolecular distribution of electron valence charge "triplet state electron" which reduces cancer - is ONLY possible when the inner cell waters are super ordered by trace mineral solubility : ref: Nobel winning :"Electronic Biology and Cancer" by Albert Szent Gyorgyi. Also exemplified when trace mineral with good charge geometry heals the forest of acid rain, because reorganizing the pine needle cell water with trace mineral ice-9 symmetry prevents the pine needle from rupturing in the frost. Cell water uses trace mineral charge symmetry to cook up water more orderly than ice. (book: "Survival of Civilization" by Hamaker and Weaver -in the Rock Powder & Remineralization Movement).

Rock powders which are strongly dialectric and paramagnetic serve growth best because their source has been embedded in living systems (like calcium from bone into limestone for example). This then orients the molecular planes inside the rock into recursive (compressive and life giving) fractality. We can quantify whether the charge field is of service to biology (compresses successfully - steering liquid into crystal symmetrically called germination)- by measuring the capacitance field for harmonic inclusiveness ( see Measuring life force.) . This is why the best - highly paramagnetic quartz based ringing - rock powders- treated by growers like spice by a good chef- are so valued for agriculture. Rocks which grew up more embedded ( phase locked) into charge dense bioregions store more coherent capacitance.

When M. Plocher ( ) heals lakes and fields all over Germany - he does it by passing the piezoelectric (calcite or quartz) rock powders he uses under a capacitor to ring them piezoelectrically. This allows the capacitive field to radiate more strongly from the rock crystal sand grain - thus aligning the liquid symmetry which permits biology.
Sadly, Plocher's group seems totally unable to make this shareable or articulate the principle - because they like Reich do not know what a capacitor is or it's biologic function.
Communication between capacitors was originally called capacitive coupling for proximity sensing. The sad thing is current science is critically unaware this is how trees and DNA communicate efficiently (lo wattage investment). The reason Reich had to invent the word ORGONE which alienated science, was because of the misunstanding of how capactive charge could be focused like a lens, and ultimately create implosive suction to center (LIFE!!). The famous studies of non-linear capacitors (like baked egg white) by Townsend Brown for example resulted in the flying saucer gravity engine pics often seen on the web ( links at ).

Another famous example of this principle - DNA (bliss) ringing with charge - is the piezoelectric gem sand in the varnish - sonically rung to trigger DNA bliss - which makes the Stradevarius Violin expensive. (Deep physics in Ann Rice book/movie "Red Violin"- the paint for the violin contained BLOOD - ringing piezoelectric crystals).

Gary Skillen's group (Maxville,ONT,Canada), has been healing farms and homes for decades by planting jars of capacitively (pyramid) rung rock powders in symmetry around them.

This is also the principle behind - Maria Felsenreich, Vienna - work with 3 ground grape seed powder cups around - trees to heal trees of electrosmog, radiation. (Works with ).
Imaging the symmetry of the capacitive field - expressed because this is what shapes water during freezing - results in the work of Emmoto - on water crystals, as well as the Steiner work "Sensitive Crystallization". It is now necessary to describe that field electrically (symmetry of capacitive coupling field) - in order to make the principle useable.

This needs to become a science in order to use the more highly paramagnetic and trace mineral (charge harmonic) rich rock powders to serve agriculture. Thus we must be able to quantify the charge compression - and harmonic inclusiveness - function they serve.

To experimentally prove the hypothesis that self similar and compressing charge fields create germination ..then we propose the following simple tests.

In a pristine and undisturbed and relatively homogenous growing environment.. small dishes of say 100 seeds would be placed for photographing and measurement of their germination speed and size. The key place is in the center of each array.

The objects to test for biologic capacitance should be:

On the plus side:

- Paramagnetic stones, (1 set basalt, 1 quartz base, 1 limestone base perhaps) generally more round than angular, perhaps size to fill your hand - roughly equi sized.

- Strong Paramagnetic Rock Powder ( Kieth: Rob G. with his collaboration in Boral..- has offered to furnish potent rock powder for the study, also rich experience see Malcolm in Perth).. in glass jars. no metal in the cap . (Close or Slightly less perhaps than the mass of the stones).

On the minus side:

- we need an array which features aluminum in one, and perhaps steel in another, if feasible a third with iron- probably iron will be better than the harmful aluminum.

1 suggestion: take aluminum (in another group perhaps steel) cans of size on the order of the stones - flatten them, and plant them in the ground like a flat plat - perpendicular to the 5 lines going toward center. Or if there are plates of metal available.


Also needs testing - take 5 or 10 strong bar magnets arrayed around a circle so that in one case: ALL S. Poles face seeds, in another ALL N. Poles face seeds., end of magnet fairly close to seed dish. Hypothesis : the end of the magnet which is attracted to Earth's N pole - when that is faced TO the seeds - germination is better served. (ref above discussion)

In most cases each array should consist of suggest 15 capacitive test objects.. (minimum 5 - max 25) .(Kieth in the case of Malcolm's clay cones with potent cores, just use a triangle).

To place the array: we use this PRINCIPLE:

But the actual placement then is this shape:

to make the template to the convenient scale (convenient gap between then inner 5 objects),

just draw pents inside each other - on a 5 lined (36/72 degree) star:


The seed growth size and speed should be measured, photo'd at a few appropriate intervals. (Such experimental designs are Kieth's expertise).

Additionally, Cliff and Bruce are available to make the measure of CAPACITIVE HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS using the spherical capacitor ( /biophton )..

This measurement needs to be made a couple times max in the center of each array TO PROVE THAT GERMINATION IS OPTIMIZED WHERE CHARGE HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS IS OPTIMIZED.


Dan Winter.

Below the rest of the Germination theory notes.. end here - the suggestions for the study. The orgone lab photo of 30-40% seed germination SIZES growth difference due to charge environment they say has been replicated. The major difference in our study is we provide an electrical definition of what that environment is (instead of inventing a word 'orgone' which is meaningless without definition. in the science of measurement). Life IS a capacitor in a lens.

Todays typical school of architecture does not knowing what it is to tect (build) an arch..

and thus (compress charge) make LIFE.. (Below- a functional capacitive charge compressing ARCH-- the EGG)

Would actually be funny except it is the cause of billions of humans living in square metal structures whose bleeding capacitance daily cost wholesale destruction to the souls of our children.

Once the charge has been taught to enter into compression (an arch) then it will germinate seeds..

Shaping that charge into coherent field shapes - then is the TRUE architect of enviornment..



Above: the same successful compression of charge - which is what causes a seed to germinate..and SHAPE all growth ('spirit'=charge in a spiral)

IS the physics of what causes attention and bliss (above)



JUNE 06- New Images from Geomantic- Magnetic Columnation ('Rain Making'): SYMMETRY PRECIPITATES.. TEACHING THE WATER VAPOR HOW TO TOUCH IN TO A DROPLET..

1st.. our group in Mexico City..Thanks to Ninon and Arturo-

Just above>note 7 point star /embedding 5 point star: Ophanim Sigil of Truth (Anu/heart Symmetry)..

Next.. see the analogous work in Turin..THANKS! to Khudai and Claudio. AND Davida! > . and

in this farmland outside Turin, Italy - see Ophanic / 7/5 Sigil (like the Cherokee as well).. in both cases Eagles and Rain came..

This is the 7 axes / 5 axes Ophanim sigil - basis for the Heart of Sun - 'slip knot' - rite centerpiece for "CALLING ALL ANGELS!"

next - a BIRDS EYE (Eagle's gift?) view of the above:

the Italian group installed a giant SRI YANTRA in paramagnetic Bill Witherspoon pic this page.. it was POWERFUL..
<This is the pattern - see the reason it is powerful here (hint wrap to DNA)..

Also compare to the giant geomantic Sri Yantra from Bill Witherspoon in Oregon below -see his description of the weather and environment effect..

first.. more pics of the Italian ./ Turin conference.. here dowsing for proper embedding on the land magnetic ley cross for the LABYRINTH heart..


Below> thanks to Chiara: drawings of the beings seen claivoyantly as the sky opened over the final (Ophanim) ritual..

below:Insert here about rainmaking with paramagnetic stone geometry-- the BILL WITHERSPOON experiments below - exerpted from the new article - april 05:

Arrays of paramagnetic stone (granite / basalt / lime) - create measureable microgravity changes - particularly when arranged like 1)Ophanim Sigil (7/5 Anu/Hydrogen/Heart Slipknot - as used by Cherokee) , or 2) SRI YANTRA (above and below), or 3) 10 spiral pine cone- top down view of DNA (in addition to creating measureable seed germination improvement - - and improved electrically successful human death - ).

 Bill Witherspoon's Sri Yantra in the Desert Modifies Fertility, Climate..... and Gravity??
-also see the parallel anthropological evidence- lack of permission to touch / lack of contact permissive symmetry in cultural laws CREATES DESERTS:DESERTIFICATION, Patriarchy and "Hard-Making Power"-Politics that Prevent Touch - Prevent RAIN!

The PHIRICAIS Theory hypothesizes that long paramagnetic structures properly embedded in the land will not only affect fertility, climate, and consciousness - (witness the next article here- Giant Paramagnetic SRI YANTRA transforms desert? ) - but also - STABILITZE GRAVITY and ATMOSPHERE - by installing the charge symmetry of implosive compression. ( Microgravity site measurements are called for. )

Self organization from the projective geometry of CHARGE = emergence = immanence = flow of similitude.

More on HOW the Sri Yantra = the charge shadow of 9 concentric THREE DIMENSIONAL Golden Ratio tetra forms the slip knot for the heart, hydrogen, & Sun - at - 3D Sri Yantra of Embedded Golden Triangles holds Slip Knot Seed for perfect Anu/Heart/Sun Coeur?

below is a limited exerpt from Bill Witherspoon's ( , ) -SRI YANTRA IN THE DESERT - "Art as Technology" paper:
(in the below - highly alkaline soils are likely hi in paramagnetic limestone based material)

see SRI YANTRA rt of bottom center

III 1990: Oregon Desert Sri Yantra (Fig. 3-6)

In the summer of 1990, a group of friends, one of my sons and I went to a remote alkali lake bed in the high desert of southeast Oregon to inscribe a large Sri Yantra in the earth. It was to contain a central point large enough to live in. The site was chosen because of its beauty and remoteness. Almost no one, except a few ranchers, ever went there. Inscribing lines in the alkali surface would not disturb any vegetation and it would be a transitory event, eventually disappearing back into the surface through the natural action of wind and the occasional water that floods the lake bed every few years.

The design was made without machines or modern tools except binoculars and a simple hand plow. We used only ancient principles of geometry and long wires and sharpened poles as tools. When completed it was 1/4 mile across, covered over forty acres and contained over thirteen miles of lines. The lines, plowed with an old fashioned garden cultivator pulled by three crew members and steered by the fourth, were about four inches deep with the hard alkali crusted dirt cast to both sides of the furrow.

During construction, we were careful to minimize the disturbances to the land. We chose to walk several miles daily from camp to the site rather than use vehicles, and refrained from using other motorized devices such as a tiller. We did not want to leave tracks or other marks, not to preserve anonymity but out of respect for the purity of the process.

Construction of the Sri Yantra took ten days to complete. As soon as the last line of the design was plowed, heavy clouds began to collect in the south. Within an hour, our valley was filled with high winds, intense lightning strikes and about 1/2 inch of rain. The result of this storm was that all traces and tracks from our working were dissolved. Like a finished painting, it was as if the surface had been varnished. Remarkably, the lightning and the rain were limited only to the small valley where we were working, a fact that was the source of much speculation by a nearby rancher who wanted the rain on his land.

In the three weeks that followed, I lived in the nine-foot central circle of the Sri Yantra. During that period and on several occasions during the following years, other people and I observed remarkable changes in the workings of Nature within the design and in the valley where it was situated.

One of the more interesting subjective changes was a modification of the "feeling" within the valley. While a difficult parameter to describe or measure, this change in feeling was noted by ranchers and other people who have known the area for a long time. People reported experiencing qualities of energetic peacefulness, harmony with nature and enhanced intuition when they were in the design and valley. Another influence was a radical change in the quality of meditation that would repeatedly occur if individuals moved a few feet out of the central circle into the innermost triangle of the design or vice versa.

Changes in the environment were also observed. Within the design, which had been inscribed in highly alkaline silt, incapable of supporting any kind of vegetation, there were remarkable changes in the direction of increased fertility.

Two years after construction, even though the lines were disappearing, the structure of the soil had changed from a highly compacted mixture of silt and salts to a loose, crumbly soil that smelled and tasted more like normal soil. The surface of the soil was also significantly changed. Instead of the flat, layered and often cracked surface that had characterized the lake bed before inscribing the Sri Yantra, the surface became "rumpled;" formed into a three dimensional configuration of regular ridges and valleys that arranged themselves in the pattern of hexagonal close packing, much like an egg carton. The pattern was caused by modification of the surface soil into a physically expanded, more adhesive and resilient material.

Both of the soil changes were due to an extraordinary proliferation of soil microorganisms and the resulting increase in soil organic matter. The soil changes were limited to the forty or so acres of the design and were most pronounced in its center.

In other respects, the entire fifty square mile valley was different. The ranchers noticed a continued increase in the valley's rainfall. This was accompanied by increased vegetative growth, as well as increased populations of several plants and three animals species that were not previously common in the valley.

Because of these observations, I began to speculate about possible mechanisms by which the geometric structures might bring about change. The most interesting observation was that there appeared to be an inverse correlation between the gradual disappearance of the design as it melted back into the lakebed and the increase in the presence or influence of the enlivened laws of Nature. Other analogous situations seem to exist as in Homeopathy, where increasing levels of dilution are said to represent or impart increasing levels of strength. An even more striking parallel may exist with the principal of Sangyama. Sangyama, as described by the Indian Rishi, Patanjali, is a process in which the mind generates an impulse at the deepest level of consciousness and then allows that impulse to settle back into the field of pure undifferentiated consciousness from which it had been drawn. The result of this process is the appearance of a new impulse that has enormous power and direct support of fundamental forces of Nature.

The construction of the Sri Yantra was also accompanied by other events that gave rise to new understandings about how Nature might operate. Going into the valley for the first time, I was driving the converted bus and towing a pickup truck. We stopped and I got out to open a barbed wire gate. Sitting on the gatepost was an adult golden eagle. The eagle looked at me squarely, swished its tail back and forth several times, dropped a tail feather and flew off. In the next several weeks, I had occasion to go through the same gate many times and there was no eagle. Then, on my homeward trip, as I passed through the gate for the last time, a golden eagle was sitting on the same gatepost. It waited for me to get out of the bus, looked at me squarely, swished its tail, dropped another feather and flew off.

Back home, several weeks later, the National Guard discovered the Sri Yantra and the media, not knowing its origins or implications, created a greatly exaggerated hoopla. I was in a position of deciding to speak publicly about the project or remain anonymous. In order to clarify the rapidly growing misunderstandings, I decided to speak publicly. Immediately upon making that decision, I walked outside my rural Iowa home and looked up into the sky. Directly above the house were fourteen circling bald eagles.

A year later, I had occasion to tell this story to a Vedic scholar. He told me of a traditional yagya, or ceremony, infrequently performed in India to honor the Divine Mother, which is considered to have been successful only if it results in the appearance of an eagle. Finally, these events, related to several Native American elders and medicine people, elicited in-depth explanations of the ways Nature communicates. - end exerpt quote from Bill Witherspoon

 Steps to Making Rain (Details below in the Article)

Everywhere that CHARGE radiates, water is soon to follow.

The geometry of (capacitive ) charge radiance is the organizer of water - and DEFINER OF ALL LIFE.

Does charge radiate from you? If not - then YOU are not in charge! (hygiene links)

1. Reduce Metals in Land Environment (Bleeds Capacitance / Bonds created in man made metals lack harmonic inclusiveness / fractality - the context rich embedding of charge which can focus water vapor).Exception - optional -a bit of gold or palladium at the core of your magnetic rose.

2. Learn basic dowsing / Make a magnetic map.(of tha major magnetic lines thru the property and buildings). If you cannot FEEL magnetism - ultimately you cannot feel.

3. Use paramagnetic stone to 'lens' (bend and focus) the magnetism into fractal (rose) like patterns to attract charge - implosion precipitates rain. (Examples below - labyrinth and stone circle).

4. Align the stone circle and labyrinth construction made of PARAmagnetic materials.. properly 'embedding' them on the ley magnetic lines.

5. Optional - spectrum analyze (harmonic analysis) to note where the weak inductive and capacitive fields are most harmonically inclusive (sacred) - to tune and perfect the magnetic wind harp which is your land.

6. Use materials which hold capacitive fields once charged, to strongly radiate charge density - fabricating the field which will orient local water vapors into droplets. Cloud seeding is actually a primitive form of this. More advanced forms use - a highly charged capacitive chamber to piezoelectrically ring materials like calcite or calcium carbonate, or quartz sand - which them are spread into symmetry on the land to fabricate long wave converging lens like (rose like) structures to cause precipitation.

FRACTIONATION OF MAGNETIC LINES IS THE CHIEF CAUSE OF DROUGHT. Learn the simple physics of fractality versus fractionation - AND the psychology.

MONO-CULTURE CAUSES DROUGHT BECAUSE HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS (fractality - which is required for anything to be alive) of CHARGE - IS IDENTICAL WITH THE RADIANCE GENERATED BY GENETIC DIVERSITY. Install extreme genetic diversity around your flower like labyrinth paramagnetic.

Learn to talk to the elemental forces.

Recognize how the magnetic dreaming lines of ancestors when tangled in the land - need sorting before rain can return. Ancient memories with great inertia must be made shareable / enter compression symmetry - before wetness (permission to touch) can return.

Phase Conjugation-Golden Ratio Perfected Caducceus - the only Path out of Chaos into LIFE:
Solution to Gravity. the Grail, the Unified Field, Non-Linear Energy, and Energy Healing.

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This exact same fractal / self similar charge field / non destructive compression (examples include Plocher charging his crystals and Grander healing his water) - Hermes secret of life / Al-KHEMy- key to seed germination, all truly efficient biologic growth / charge distribution, immune health/disease end AND access to bliss...... IS the stellated dodec (Einstein+Poincare used to model gravity, and exact electrical geometry of palladium key to cold fusion) - key to charge coupling the gravity field to: a) end the energy crisis, b) restore atmosphere & c) allow all biologic systems to emerge from chaos. (Tell Al Gore there is a 'CONVENIENT Truth').

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5. Was the AMENTI COMPLEX AT GIZA- Redemption for SOUL GROUPS INTO STARS..Simply Charge Phase Conjugation on the scale of Star Maps (Group DNA Bliss Field Accelerator)?

6. WHY Time Reversal - + Self Correction occur in PHASE CONJUGATE OPTICS.. relation to cancer therapy..Time reversed 'phase conjugate soundchair'..

7. Grail Physics + Real Grail Story FINAL PIECE: The 'Lucifer' statue at Rennes le Chateaux - base of Magdalen Mary bloodline is Black and Has Horns because that is AkunATUN / Moses.(Atun=Enki). THAT is Why the Be'Deviled' Sauniere got so much money from the Hapsburgs..

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"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."--Max Planck, German Theoretical Physicist

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9. Another example of FRACTAL FIELD - self similar charge field -revolutionizing medicine..- note how Negative Ion Wind (a fractal field) radically sweeps infection and parasites from the body ( see: ref 1) -perfectly consistent with using fractality to measure ANY liquid ability to support life ( ReDox Potential measure at ) and - measuring fractality in Air to find and measure life's electric signature ( see IGA below).

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3. More Science of PHASE CONJUGATION - Solution to DNA Radio -and Phantom DNA! - We have been teaching that a properly phase conjugate dielectric was the electrical description of organic material for architecture. (And how properly phase conjugate dielectric ceramics repair electrosmog etc).

Note how the famous the cabali yai space (wormholes to the vacuum).. is QUINTIC.. pent symmetries always generate golden ratio charge compression..

Compare this to the stellated dodec.. ( which Einstein + Poincare used to model the symmetry of gravity. If Einstein had know what a fractal was, and how the golden ratio perfects the phase conjugation inside - he might have solved his grail / unified field.

Setting up phase conjugation in the vacuum / ether optimized by golden ratio - couples charge to gravity.. (because of self similarity perfected Golden Ratio constructive recursive heterodyning of phase VELOCITIES - charge compression becomes charge accleration which IS gravity ).

The Golden Ratio / Caducceus geometry of perfect PHASE CONJUGATION is
+the origin of the GRAIL STORY ( )
+the primary mechanism of energy healing / energy paths out of chaos in general ( )
+looking at the biologic (phase conjugate) dielectrics for example which Podkletnov used to MAKE GRAVITY with insect skeleton ( )

Summary exerpt from: " in our last notes we presented the idea that PHASE CONJUGATION (Implosion perfected by Golden Ratio ) was the essential mechanism of:
- how gravity is made, (for example power spectra of the Hutchinson Device spark would show damped cascade producing self similarity) - Hendershot device...
- how DNA radio works (charge communion, the collective unconscious, and the soul work by coherent communication thru superluminal velocity modes nested by PHI),
- the real physics of the origin of the HOLY GRAIL- DaVinci Code - why S.France and Washington DC grid sites are all PENT etc..
- how awareness and bliss develop electrically around the brain as an imploding charge field-
- how the charge propagation phase path from facet to molecular to atomic to nuclear symmetry make the PHASE CONJUGATE MIRROR .. + the fire crystal of Atlantis (Tuoai stone)

 Physics of HOLY GRAIL + CAUSE of GRAVITY (infinite collapse / produces magnetic monopole..)
Rosy Cross= Perfect PHASE CONJUGATION =IMPLOSION- the only fusion symmetry possible where infinite phase velocity modes converge CONstructively.. (converts charge compression to acceleration>makes gravity)..
This is the exact symmetry (dodeca stellation by Golden Ratio perfected recursion)-> :
->Einstein / Poincare used to model charge symmetry of gravity / infinite compression
->identifying optical /
laser phase conjugation (time reversal , aberration self correction etc..)
->of Palladium / dodec - key to cold fusion
->charge path thru phase conjugate dialectrics(ex:barium titanite)
key to access to voltage from gravity
->of the top and side view and
wratchet of DNA (charge communion by phase conjugation /mechanism of soul )
(all living proteins are 5 sided/Phi for this reason)
->water molecules use
(clathrate cage/dodec) to become part of all LIFE (fractal charge distribution)
->of monoatomic (implosive ) Gold atoms
->identifying the CHARGE PATH (breath of life-charge communion) identifying
BIOLOGIC MATERIAL for ARCHITECTURE..(only possible defineable meaning for a commercial term 'organic')
->identifying the (Phi /
cadduceus) harmonic analysis of EEG in Ecstasy, life force in water,harmonic inclusive EKG predicting all disease survival, harmonic content (PHIlotaxes)of all life..(charge attracting self organization)
->the JITTERBUG (cube-octa down to icosa) - presented as mechanism for molecular superconductivity at International Conference on superconductivity, Buffalo,NY by Jim Sawyer, 6 Dimension Design..(pics>

this same symmetry of perfected phase conjugation (caducceus)- electrical self organization -IS:

- the reason any dialectric is biologic and ALIVE! . defining living material for architecture (what capacitor can HELP a seed germinate)
- the REASON any enzyme is ALIVE- (the DNA recursive braid- why heat kills a live enzyme -strucurally - de-organizing electrical recursion ).
- the reason any bio-ceramic material can reduce electrosmog or heal or nourish biology. Bio ceramic= phase conjugate dialectric.
Mesenchymal stem cells and bioceramics: strategies to regenerate the skeleton. skeletal regeneration by bioceramics - success predicted by phase conjugation success-
- the essential mechanism behind all energy / electrical healing technologies. (with power spectra examples-below)..
- the essential mechanism for the 'still point' in sacral cranial work, healing crisis in psychological work , also the - 'collapse process' in counciling work...

: charge compression HEALS by sorting

Harmonic Inclusiveness
= Genetic Diversity
= Access to Fractality (definition of grounding for psychologists & electricians)
= Fusion/Implosion
= Charge Communion
= Turning on DNA Radio - the aura production called sainthood / enlightenment -which Korotkov measured example in GDV during bliss /peak experience.
= Access to the -collective unconscious, synchronicity, san-graal DNA piezoelectric ring-grail.
= Ability to Respond/responsibility - self empowerment
= How LIFE POTENTIAL is MEASURED in liquids as RE-DOX Potential.
= How COHERENCE in biologies field effect - the KA (thar,tholic-boat to underworld) prepares to survive death in what compresses out of DNA thru light speed.

Next- examples from PHASE CONJUGATION - as mechanism of energy medicine:

(end insert from 'healingphase')

In the typical animation of the waves returning backward in time to their source from a PHASE CONJUGATE MIRROR (time reversal -etc) -
(link to conventional physics description) what they fail to explain is that under the mirror surface (the phase conjugate material in the non-linear medium of the mirror itself) the phase path for the waves HAS TO BE EXACTLY THE GOLDEN RATIO CADUCCEUS - necessarily caused by the self-similarity (macro-to molecular - to atomic - to subatomic ) symmetry of the material itself! This phase path (see caducceus below) is what makes DNA radio work.

The new Russian IGA Device- CAN MEASURE WHERE A DEAD BODY HAS BEEN IN A GRAVE YARD BY JUST THE RESIDUAL IMPLOSION CHARGE FIELD!...see more at - (bottom) - I am excited that Stephane Cardineau pointed out the following meter.. apparently able to measure Hartmann grid, Curry net etc., and life force etc.

I believe this moves in the proper direction toward my prediction - that we MUST measure charge fractality in AIR.. in order to predict life support environments in general!

We have strongly suggested that charge fractality measured as REDOX potential in liquids- predicts ability to support life in liquids.. here I believe we are closer to measuring that in AIR. Note that the 2 plates in the capacitor pick up below may approximate a 60 degree implosion conic. Also note in the description his measuring PHASE relationship between included frequencies. I predict that the principle could be optimized to measure SELF SIMILARITY in included charge harmonics (fractal harmonic inclusiveness ). We will be researching this with Stephane.

Hartmann grid - curry net - measure and more.. ..
hello, (from stephan cardineau - for the geophysical anomaly detector -

Geophysical Anomaly Detectors    end quote- note capacitive implosion cone angle- weak charge field checked for INTERNAL PHASE CASCADE 'torsional' - MEASURES RESIDUAL CHARGE FIELD (IMPLOSION) THAT IS THE ELECTRIC SIGNATURE OF BIOLOGY IN GENERAL!

Then this same -Anatoliy Pavlenko uses his partial understanding of perfecting charge PHASE CONJUGATION (what he calls the TORSION FIELD) to build a electrosmog elimination: (implosion eliminates that which cannot phase conjugate - thereby sorts).. notice how the device "Spinor" - and his measurement tool (IGA-1) are both phase conjugate dielectric capacitors - altho he lacks the symmetry understanding to describe the principle.

Look at how incomplete Anatolyi Pavlenko description of what a torsional wave is- (from Torsion fields - the second coming into science.) "So-called torsion fields are meant, they are created by any rotating object which is familiar to the phenomenon when any object having mass creates gravitation field.
It was the first mention about torsion fields that was their first coming into the science.
To be just, the author should mention that some scientists intuitively felt the presence of such fields. The great surgeon and scientist N. I. Pirogov wrote in his book “The questions of life”: “My weak mind producing its analysis of a matter, dividing it on the atoms can’t stop on them and in the end imperceptibly, unwillingly moves from them to something else what has all the negative features of a matter. My intellectual analysis fatally comes to the necessity to accept something permeable OUT of atoms, everywhere penetrating, undivided, amorphous, constantly moving and by these features providing the motion which amasses, unpastes atoms, organizing that or another kind depending on in which and through which form of matter it penetrates.” The characteristics “of something penetrating” are related to a great extent to the characteristics of torsion fields. Mendeleev D. I. - a supporter of the ether - said that he had recognized the matter of ether by the ability to penetrate into all matters, and “by the inability to make any stable chemical compound with ordinary atoms. Therefore, the world ether can be presented (like helium or argon) as unable to produce chemical compounds”. He even kept the space in the Table for zero elements, giving it the name “newtonium”. At the same time Mendeleev set a concrete aim - “to enclose the real periodical system by a limit or border of lower size of atoms”.
The science collided with the manifestation of different torsion fields’ features quite often and the existent variety of approaches to the formation of torsion fields theory shows that the theory is very far from the perfection.
The interest to the torsion fields has especially increased for the last time; this can be proved by the numerous publications, conferences and public lectures. At the first decade of July 1998 The First International Congress “Bioenergetic informatics (Mountain Altai)” was hold; the participants heard the reports and information on physics, technology and application of torsion fields.
Torsion technologies - the technologies of XXI century - are based on the application of torsion fields of rotation - a new, although always existing in the nature, but scantily explored type of torsion fields. Torsion fields carry information about processes taking place in the physical objects. They are not absorped by mediums because they have nonelectromagnetic nature, although they appear, for example, together with electromagnetic radiation. Their energy is approaching to zero while the speed of spreading can vary from 0 to 109 km/s depending on a kind of torsion field source. Among the programs basing on the torsion fields theory, which can be seen fulfilled in the nearest future, there are:
the research programs of the creation technique of ecologically pure, resources preserving technologies, systems and means of non-traditional highly effective energy supply;
the programs of the study of torsion fields influence on the properties of materials with the aim of development of production technologies of materials with given properties;
the programs of production of torsion equipment for other branches of national economy;
the programs of increasing of crop capacity and cattle breeding production;
the programs of foodstuff shelf life extension and other technologies, systems and facilities which provide the preserving of biotope and rational use of natural resources.

What is wrong with the above notion of TORSIONAL waves (their so called KOSYREV Hologram)? If we look at the placement of their KOSYREV mirrors- we see they are nasty metallic cylinders which focus the biologic microwave (major mechanism of the info transfer) ONLY when the cylinders are placed at ley line crosses which have excellent relative magnetic flux permittivity. (They measure the magetic flux density- in effect a check for conductivity's necessary SYMMETRY - BEFORE they install them). What they don't understand is the relative fractality (recursive self-similarity) of the ley line crosses whose SYMMETRY (they don't understand) allows them to make use of the (phase conjugate) DNA radio. Their concept of Torsional is rather pathetically incomplete because they don't understand that it is charge self-similarity creating PHASE CONJUGATION - acceleration which fuses to the core of all DNA radio. (Magnetic line self similarity/ fractality invites the constructive charge compression + resultant harmonic inclusiveness. The key physics being how the compression delivers charge in a cascade movement BETWEEN frequencies. Their ability to apply the crube label scalar or torsional- sadly is not evidence of their having grasped the principle - namely biology's ability to constructive compress charge.)

This explains their failure to understand that the metal cylinders themselves - they use for the KOSYREV mirror chambers- ARE THEMSELVES ELECTRICALLY DEADLY TO ALL BIOLOGY. They install a metal whose field is precisely NOT FRACTAL OR PHASE CONJUGATE BIOLOGICALLY - and ineffect poison biology's microwave and higher frequency bloodstream in their misguided desire to plug in to biology's radio. This is all the more reason that the very essence of the principle of biology's universal PHASE CONJUGATE BIOLOGIC DIELECTRIC radio must be taught. The phi ratio'd higher frequency and phase velocity modes (including the measureably faster than light in DNA) - are available sustainably only in truly biologically fractal environments. The shareable waves are those which ADD to the well of survival symmetry info in DNA's fiery fusion core. This means the discipline of charge fractality tests all of life for real (phase conjugate electrical) COHERENCE. NON-biologic capacitors (their biologically poisonous KOSYREV devices) - will never sustainably serve a germinating seed. The ancient 'Kosyrev' like device was in fact the PHASE CONJUGATION created by piezoelectric paramagnetic (originally biologic stone materials)- dolmen / djed - like STONEHENGE. The REASON their KOSYREV devices are poison (less than capactively fractal) precisely illustrates their stupidity. (Here is the right test question for them: why do the perfect phase conjugate Golden Ratio frequencies- generated by a machine - phi harmonics at - create NAUSEA in all who listen - while the SAME Golden frequencies sung by a choir - Christian Kyracou's - create BLISS?? When they can answer this test question - then let them touch the Earth grid with their devices.)

--Compare this to Bearden's use of 'Scalar' and PHASE CONJUGATE terminology. The exactly similar misconception persists. - Failure to understand even the basic necessity of self-similar charge fractality to connect charge to gravity- the way biology must. (We discuss how this results in the irresponsible use of the word FREE energy - in Bearden's schizophrenic world view - at - as if an energy source could be somehow separate from the coherence of the gravity field which feeds it. This creates the kind of emotional disconnection from the Earth's coherent gravity field - by un-fractal technology - which sank Atlantis.)

For many years, Tom Bearden (the "father" of scalar electromagnetics) has been touting "the way" to free energy, anti-gravity, etc. This was through the use of phase conjugate principles.

The Scalar Potential Has An Internal Structure
The Structure of the Scalar Potential: According to rigorous proofs by Whittaker [Ref. 2] and Ziolkowski, [Ref. 3] any scalar potential can be mathematically decomposed into a harmonic series of bidirectional wave pairs. Figure 1 shows this Whittaker/Ziolkowski (WZ) structure. In each pair, the forward-time wave is going in one direction, and its phase conjugate (time-reversed) replica wave is going in the other. According to the so-called distortion correction theorem [Ref. 4] of nonlinear phase conjugate optics, this PCR wave must precisely superpose spatially with its partner wave in the pair. The two waves are in-phase spatially, but 180 degrees out of phase in time. The wave is made of photons, and the antiwave (PCR wave) is made of antiphotons. It follows that, as wave and antiwave pass through each other, the photons and antiphotons are coupling and uncoupling with each other, because the antiphoton is a PCR photon, and PCR's precisely superpose spatially with their partner. A photon or antiphoton has wave characteristics, because it has a frequency; if the wave aspects are perfectly ordered and perfectly correlated, then so are the photon's particle aspects.

A Potential Is An Ordering Across the Universe: So we have -- astoundingly -- perfect VPF inner ordering infolded in the electrostatic scalar potential! We also have perfect wave/antiwave ordering infolded in there. When you collect a simple set of charges on a small ball or in a region, the scalar EM potential from that set of charges reaches across the universe. In it you have an infinite harmonic series of phase-locked time-forward EM waves going out from the charges to all distant points of the entire universe. And you have an infinite harmonic series of phase-locked time-reversed EM waves coming from all points of the universe, back to the "collected charges" source.

A Potential Is A River of Energy: The point is, you have established a mighty, hidden, 2-way river of energy between that collection of charges and every other point in the universe. There is infinite energy in each of those infolded waves and antiwaves. But in a localized region, the energy density in each wave is finite. Since in finite circuits the potential interacts with a localized set of mass, we shall be concerned with the local energy density (joules/coulomb) of the potential.

But forget the conventional myth of visualizing the potential as pushing a unit charge in from infinity "against the force field" -- there isn't any force field in the vacuum, as is well-known in quantum mechanics. Also, Newton's third law requires all forces to occur in pairs -- each pair consisting of a force and its 3rd law reaction force. From that viewpoint alone, there is no such thing as an EM forcefield or force field wave in the vacuum. There are just gradients of the vacuum potential present in the vacuum. In the vacuum, an EM wave is actually a wave of the phase locked gradients of the electrostatic scalar potential and of the magnetostatic scalar potential. And each such gradient wave is simultaneously accompanied by its phase conjugate gradient wave, because of Newton's third law."
end quote from Bearden - note again how the scalar idea could become a serious charge symmetry model only IF the self similarity PHASE CONJUGATION WAVE PATH - (idealized by Golden Ratio ) is understood.


compare this to well known Golden Ratio physicist term the BI-Vacuum.. - note phase conjugation of polarities couples to creation principles in general. Again note how the principle is that self-similarity by Golden Ratio- enables the PHASE CONJUGATION linking the fundamental forces (gravity to charge).

AMENTI as-Phase Conjugate Mirror-Perfect Annihilation Implosion-How Glands Make BLISS-Time Reversal in Light-FasterThan Light SOUND

..'and then their relations were "Conjugal"...(more than one meaning for genes coming to pony tail..)..

from Dan Winter, (originally) 6/8/2000 url: http://ww. - - Darlene asks:"..any information concerning the Hall of Records. Beuhler said it had been breached, I would dearly love to hear more about that situation. Anything about the Hall of Records is of utmost interest of all spiritual followers now."

For this I recommend Paul White's telling of Hurtak's underground radar at Gizah story..

but then UNDERSTAND HOW this Giza complex "Halls of Amenti" by it's magneto symmetry served to launch /'ignite' soul (groups)

into star inhabiting in Anna Hayes, Halls of Amenti, part 2 of Voyagers series.. reviewed at Raphiem's

Then you can use the Amenit 'Halls" PRINCIPLE (of PHI .) the 'Rennes le Chateaux' re-pent to be saved, motif - of embedding in YOUR backyard without Giza... to make your genetic /gland magnetism phone call to the G(enefields) O(verall) D(omain).

To become fractal and non-destructively compressible / scale-invariant is how the charge waves implode in your DNA coeur to connect their phone lines to where 'many paths and errands meet'. And remember it is your EKG sonic pony tail at the moment of bliss, which arranges that gene 'braid'.. (See 'context dependancy' mechanism of signal to noise ratio in DNA in "Grammatical Man-Information Entropy Language and Life" by jeremy Campbell.)

(A less ensouling example of the Amenti Halls principle may well have been the (do)Deca-delta antennae at Montauk.)

My story on "Amenti: As Harmonic Implosion Bubble- The Only Way Home (Compress / Embed or Die) for Genepools" is at

A-MAZE-ing how the (labyrinthine) turns neccessary to embed/inside-out create sustainability - immortality. Dan Winter. 6/8/2000

The above 'Amenti Principle' (see PHI spiral to Orion on GIZA plateau graphic) is an example of perfected 'phase conjugation' (depicted) in the below...

6. WHY Time Reversal - + Self Correction occur in PHASE CONJUGATE OPTICS.. relation to cancer therapy..Time reversed 'phase conjugate soundchair'..
This article is intended to be read as an ADDEND to Sonic Implosion Experience Page:

- Phase Conjugate Mirror - Perfect Annihilation Implosion- How Glands Make BLISS - Time Reversal in Light - FasterThan Light SOUND- vs DOVE Mirror :

HERE IS THE PATH LIGHT OR SOUND NEEDS TO MAKE TO CREATE Perfect Fusion, Phase Conjugation, Annihilation, Implosion, Grail.. (animated at )

Getting "Screwed" may get new PR..

(3 views.. path of PHASES, perfect "pining", note also this is top and side view of DNA)

TIME REVERSED SOUND a phase conjugate mirror version of an acoustic signal has been demonstrated by Mathias Fink at the University of Paris 12/23/1997 :

 Phase conjugation, The phase conjugate of a wave possesses exactly the same spatial properties as the original wave, but it is said to be reversed in time... 06/08/1999 "The phase conjugate of a wave possesses exactly the same spatial properties as the original wave, but it is said to be reversed in time. This means that a phase conjugate wave exactly retraces the path of the original beam. This has the useful property that if a light beam propagates through a distorting medium, and then the phase conjugate is produced, this phase conjugate exactly retraces the path through the distorting medium. This enables the unfavourable effects of distorting media to be reduced or eliminated.

A number of materials can be used to make phase conjugate mirrors. These include a
range of photorefractive polymers, inorganic crystals and liquid crystals. The
photorefractive effect is a process that involves the light-induced transport of charge
within a material. Differing electric fields strengths within a material caused by these
charge variations lead to refractive index variations that constitute a refractive index
grating structure (hologram). This grating is written optically. Photorefractivity is a
relatively slow process, arising from charge transfer. The process is therefore used in
continuous wave systems.

Stimulated brilluoin scattering is used for pulsed systems and arises from optically
generated acoustic waves which possess hypersonic frequencies (of a few GHz).
These waves are highly damped and form a grating which then acts as a phase conjugate mirror.

Phase conjugation can be used to make double pass amplifiers that do not distort the original beam structure. This can be done by sending a beam of the desired profile through an amplifying medium, so that it hits a material that acts as a phase-conjugate mirror. The phase-conjugate mirror sends the beam back along the original path and back through the amplifying medium. The light recombines in its original profile once it has passed through the distortion. This technique is currently used in a small number of commercial laser systems. One problem is that single-longitudinal mode (SLM) lasers are required, this usually adds to the cost of these systems, making them unattractive.

Single amplifier units can be stacked in parallel to produce better amplifications than could be achieved by a single amplifier. Increasing laser energy by adding
amplifiers in series can lead to damage problems. However amplification using parallel amplifiers can help reduce this damage problem & make it easier to upgrade to higher energies at a later date. There is a problem however, if separate phase-conjugate cells are used. The returning signals posses a random phase shift since the phase-conjugation process occurs at different relative positions within the cells on a purely random basis. The phases must therefore be locked together. DERA has several techniques for locking the phases in such systems which could potentially be useful for high power laser systems.

Phase conjugation therefore has benefits for industrial laser companies interested in improving the performance of their systems."

(note in the above highlighted text, potential for elminating all abberation in a phase conjugate mirror based microscope, as pointed out by Bob Zawada,

note the parallel to what would correct the membrane as a wave to heal cancer..)

 The BETAR Sound Relaxation System A Practical Usage of Phase Conjugate Sound for Physical Stress Relief by Peter J. Kelly of
Interdimensional... Sciences 121 Oasis... 03/05/1999, 1 - Further Research-Search "phase conjugate mirror"

7. Grail Physics + Real Grail Story FINAL PIECE: The 'Lucifer' statue at Rennes le Chateaux - base of Magdalen Mary bloodline is Black and Has Horns because that is AkunATUN / Moses.(Atun=Enki). THAT is Why the Be'Deviled' Sauniere got so much money from the Hapsburgs..
Is the BLACK LUCIFER WITH HORNS..Devil.. At Rennes Chapel - Really Atun / Moses: Enki's Dark Blood Creating the Real MAG Lineage?

 Atun vs Amun, Enki vs Enlil - is richer than simply Good Vs Evil as dialectic.. it is about ABILITY TO EMBED ..

As the poisonous miracle and personality worshipping religion wars again prepare to destroy Ea's Earth - all for simple lack of the real science to ignite and immortalize (DNA/blood / glands / soul). - This article is dedicated to the dying children in Lebanon AND Isreal. Where Enlil's neurotic nightmare still plays out - as they STILL wonder why Sharon's electric life support is SOULLESS!

By Defining Evil electrically as any charge wave in biology which fails to (fractally) embed, we create a physics to transcend the simple good vs evil dialectic. Instead- we create a simple physics which creates a world within which Plastic Sneakers- or Wheat- can be defined as evil for good reason. They prevent our charge from embedding in the waves of biology. (Perhaps now we can judge George Bush.. becoming his own axis of evil. )

Mummification: Crude Attempts to GET ELECTRICALLY FRACTAL / IMMORTAL?

--As the biologists looked down into the fractal infinite folded tube to the mitochondrial map to discover WHO IS "EVE" - they cried hopelessly: "MUMMY, MUMMY".

The origin of mummification is an interesting repeat of the coke bottle worship cult. Natives assume that godhood lies in the ability to make a coke bottle, only because they don't know how to drink the sweetness of real immortality. (Water whose charge density is fractal enough means never to thirst again).

Here's a revealing series of vignettes:

1. Professor Phil Callahan discovers- that the straw hut dwellers near the sea in Wales, invariably lived to be 110 years old. He finds the trace mineral sea spray - baked in the sun on the straw- combined with the biologic capacitance of the hemp straw- to be a fabulous IMMORTALIZING CAPACITOR. We now know that the principle which puts functional 'DNA radio' at the core of living capacitance - is perfected PHASE CONJUGATION. In other words- these natives discovered: FRACTAL CAPACITANCE IS THE KEY TO IMMORTALIZING THE CHARGE WAVE INSIDE BIOLOGY. Now modern biophysics - if they had the first clue (and they don't) to what electric field could help a seed germinate - could prove that the electric field most of service (most nourishing) to DNA - is the same as measureable in that straw hut. Simple capacitor - amplify the output- spectrum analyze - voila: HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS / FRACTALITY AND THEREFORE CONSTRUCTIVE - CHARGE COMPRESSION MAKES LIFE. ( , ) . The same harmonic inclusiveness which predicts which EKG HRV resists all disease - can tell you which straw hut (or which architecture / use of BIOLOGIC MATERIALS- in general!) can help DNA grow. - The physics is simple: self similar waves of charge approaching the center of a fractal (3D Cadducceus=dodeca shape of all living protein)- use Golden Ratio Implosion to turn charge compression in to charge acceleration (the cause of gravity in general). This makes the connection to the living superluminal (faster than light) river in the center of DNA - which is the Modem to all biologic immortality. (KA / biologic coherence implosion field = 'boat to the underworld'). Bliss experience initiates the possibility of looking into the proper DNA periscope. The view is fabulous! (Superluminal and superconductive charge propagation are just the first hint to the visibility inside DNA..)

2. Later in "I Remember Union" - one of the many books on Magdalen (actually Sara the Egyptian was black because of Thoth's blood.. see below).. Jesus (just the mistelling of the Tut story) is being intelligently prepared for death (in South France - where the charge is fractal). The procedure is hauntingly similar to mummification ( how to make a biologic fractal capacitor). He is wrapped in concentric rolled layers of living fabric / tapestry. Interesting parallel here to the manufacture of a motor starting capacitor. In my view - as a technician for motor repair- I would say this makes the Jesus (Tut) story - an electrical phase shift 'condensor' to motor start a gene pool.

3. So desperate were the pathetically confused humans - to access even a taste of fractal capacitance- that for at least 300 years - mummy powder (with it's trace of gold powder) was an essential ingredient in the recipe book of every pharmacy in Europe. If it were not so horribly stupid - it would actually be funny. Every bit of DNA knows that without the symmetry connection by fractality to DNA radio - that death is inevitable. Death is DNA deciding to do the final implosive collapse to see which charge waves (biologic memories) can make the phase discipline into its fiery implosive - and VERY SHAREABLE- fractally coherent COEUR.

4. Enlil's (the fallen Draco Nephalim -murderous military general - called Yalweh so called 'God' of the Jews- more correctly the father of all vampires - as Ann Rice correctly surmised ) - blood held no implosion. The genetic disaster which is his life - is the epitome of the infamous: 'pull yourself together Osiris' story. Like Humpty Dumpty's broken (Dragon's) egg- or Indiana Jone's trying to get the Holy GRAIL Chessboard right - genepools who cannot reassemble the proper body of charge fractality - they just cannot get immortal again. So in the various horrible murders which became the bloody Annunaki saga - the confused rite of MUMMIFICATION was born. They knew there must be SOME way to get THE IMMORTALIZING charge compressing FIRE (Phi's Rays - PYRE a MID) of FRACTALITY - going again.

copy of note to Sasha Lessins, Phd. of , from Dan Winter..

Hi, appreciate your discussion of Sitchin's Enki. I have evolved the hypothesis that Hermes lineage of Enki - essential message is to teach how fractal charge array (caducceus) creates life electrically.. My simplification- book: "Return of Enki" is at

Do you agree that the origin of mummification may have been a (crude approximation of the pure principle) assembly of the body as a rolled (fractal compressed) capacitor.? dan winter

Atun vs Amun (Enki vs Enlil, Lucifer vs Michael, Adonai vs Yalweh.. many faces- one story.) - requires more subtlety than just the polarizing oversimplification of Good vs Evil - it requires understanding the galactic context ( see THE REST OF THE STORY ) . Those who chose NOT to take responsibility for how creation happens when CHARGE IS COMPRESSED by BLISS inside BIOLOGY - need and deserve the parasites who eat the auras of humans who WANT to worship a God outside themselves. For them - it IS a privilege to be assimilated- they are free to choose governments which make bliss illegal (George Bush) by legislating away everything which sets DNA free to implode. It is not enough just to condemn the stupidity of western science who don't know what DNA is for (star making). We must teach the principles inside the Bliss Ignition of DNA- which require more than condemning the shallow mind representing the Draconian family of Enlil. (Whose Draconian Insignia flag flies over Isreal currently master of Draconian murders- globally.. on whose bankers puppet strings dances the brain deprived George Bush). These immature families are only the symbol of the deeper ignorance - for how pure principles of hygiene for bliss- COULD ignite genes to gravity making and star inhabiting. Calling the Israeli war crimes - the result of the original murderousness of Enlil (their military original "God"- Yalweh) is true enough. BUT - the ignorance BEHIND that politics (Alpha Draconis old belief that DNA which gets free to change is by definition evil and weak)- was a fundamental misunderstanding of how genepools COULD keep planets green - ONLY if they fully embedded themselves in the fractality (electrical phase conjugation) of nature. In practice- this means - that metal buildings, cities, and life support in general actually MURDER the possibility of soul - by electrically disconnecting our DNA from only fractal feeding ('grounding') which can ignite it. Thousands of dead and dying planets - testify that a mechanical lifestyle is fatal. Joining that path to parasitism - is easy. Far richer it is - to teach - the blissful TRUTH..

the science: Why FRACTAL CHARGE DISTRIBUTION is The Electrical Principle of LIFE: Evidence, Measurement & Profound Application.
...A MultiMedia Lecture from Daniel Winter - ( ) in Teleconference.
Abstract: It had become abundantly clear that Redox Potential - or Biologic Ionization Potential - provides accurate electrical measure to predict how well any biologic liquid can support life. (Example 3D plot- electrical gradient predicts cancer: ). What has only recently become clear, is that these measures (of electron availability for charge distribution) are in FACT- measurements of ELECTRICAL FRACTALITY. The exquisite logic which follows is that efficiency of charge compression (fractality) is of course the predictor and measure of effiency of charge DISTRIBUTION - which DEFINES LIFE ITSELF. Every molecule in order to become part of biology reorganizes it's symmetry to be more fractal- (Golden Ratio stellations) - Slideshow evidence ( ) - Evidence that - the resultant ability to radiate charge (capacitive coupling ) measureably define life force and freshness - . Clearly requiring we re-invent agriculture based on fractal charge - see seed germination vs fractality - . And we must now invent architecture based on the knowledge of which biologic capacitor (see phase conjugation 1st link above)- is able to nourish DNA - pictorial: . Finally we see measureable proof that human attention ( and bliss) is directly the result of the same (Golden Ratio ) fractal charge compression-