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> Advanced Earth Grid Engineering: Clairvoyance meets Physics in New Spirit of Fractal GRID Making - see Nature Spirits- Images Drawn with real claivoyance.
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LVA Life Vibration Analysis- Stephane Cardinaux - , , - World leader in geobiology. new LIVE VIBRATION ANALYZER : See also Earth Grid Science- Stephane's special article- English : , Below lecture from the June 8 Conference- see :

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Course Translation - and Book Translation-from French - acknowledgement and thanks to Valerie Sandelin

Mar 27,07: Update - Special Announcement - we are excited to publish the news- Stephane Cardinaux - probably Europes LEADING GEOBIOLOGIST - will be joining us with a keynote lecture at this years Major Internation Feng Shui ( conference in BUDAPEST.

Stephane is a very well known teacher of geobiology (especially Swiss and French) . His pioneering research and books in many ways - lead the field in Europe, if not the world. His presentation in Budapest will introduce - the following - a gentle tour of his extremely profound work in the field (intro by Dan Winter, translation and facilitation by Valerie Sandelin ).- Stephane's major web presence (french) - English intro -

Geobiologic tools in archaeological and geomantic research. - Explanation of telluric phenomenon (type and effect on biofield / vitality ) - Telluric phenomena in ancient sacred places - Using a geomagnetometer, for the measurement of the magnetic anomalies, and rods, for the detection of the telluric networks makes it possible to reconstitute the complete plan of disappeared and buried buildings. The joint use of an electromagnetic instrument and human sensitivity is an effective solution. Many examples.

Measuring life force / vital energy. Living beings interact with cosmotelluric energies by emitting an etheric radiation. This vital energy, called biofield, varies constantly according to our environment. The experiment shows that the forms, the colors, the materials, the food, clothing, and even how thoughts influence this biofield. The measurement of the biochamp is a scientific method (measurable and reproducible) to test, for example, the biocompatibility of products or simply your vitality. Demontration with sonotest on biofield and on grid (sonotest demonstrates tuning fork audio oscillator changes amplitude significantly when passing thru membrane layers in the auric field).

Nature Spirits - Entities - Devas. Folklore calls them phantoms and spirits of nature. In the light of spiritual science, these beings which populate the invisible have a vital role to play. How to discover them and distinguish them. How to behave with them. Emotional hygiene for contact with them.

from Dan .. We have been working with Stephane for some good years- since first he joined us in the Geneva seminars years ago with Marie Noelle. We stayed with him recently in Lausanne - and again felt the need to introduce more of our friends to his group. (His works are due soon to be translated from French to English and..). There are many important insights to profound geobiology here. One is the important contribution which clairvoyance makes. Another is the usefulness of complementing intuitive perception with science measuring tools. Stephane has been pioneering the measure of membranes in the aura with a SONOTEST- a tuning fork ringing device whose AMPLITUDE changes measureably when passing thru membranes in the aura. (Resonance affected by ambient density / specific gravity).

note - all pics here (except the last 2 rows-orion cones) are from Stephane-


Kinesiologic kinds of aura measures (here) have been correlated in certain trials by Stephane's group - with Sono-Test audio amplitude change- measured with scope etc.
You will be hearing more about this as Stephane works to perfect the "Sono-test" aura measure- physics for commercialization. Meantime we applaud his uses of the nano-tesla DC magnetic flux measures to confirm Earth energy line dowsing (pic below).

Another important aspect of the ongoing work of Stephane's group - is the group consensus drawings made of elemental beings (seen below). And the plotting of how the various elementals use the Earth energy lines in detail. Including specific dimensions on which more parasitic Reptilians assemble and use different diameter portals for feeding. For those (like Barbara - - "Statues found in the Superstition Mountains Arizona from 'Ancient' Humanity -THE SINGING BIRD -CURRENT 'HUMANITY'- OBLIVIOUS TO THE SUCKING PIGS.- THE SERPENTS.." ) who have been plotting for years to reveal the aura eating habits of the more fallen Nephalim / reptilians - there is a gold mine of information here as well. Remember - it is not always the goal to SHOOT the parasite- rather to learn from and by loving / embedding - to transcend.

So- there is much to learn here: a) much fine detail on the geomantic grid - necessity to make a fractal environment to compress DNA into gravity making, b) how to correlate traditional geobiology / dowsing intuition with some good measurement physics, c) a new level of awareness about astral / hygiene - parasties, - good time to network our learning.


Update - on Stephane's work - Mar 07: The following on (Tragedy of the ) Bee's 'Golden Globe' is exerpted from

3. Sensible geobiologists (unlike uniformed beekeepers) know that bees virtually ALWAYS place their hives on a magnetic PEYRE line of at least 2nd or 3rd magnitude- THE GOLD GRID! Perhaps our 'less than informed' bee scientists might want to know why?

The principle that Earth grid magnetic lines require fractality to support life- can be proven in flux density measure. Thanks to Stephane Cardinaux- for these 2 exerpts from his newest book.> Our lessons with French Swiss Geobiologist Stephane Cardinaux (and Yann Lipnick Geobiology) began at See how the white spiral below is a shadow of a 3 dimensional tower Stephane and Yann call a "Telluric Chimney" (Stephan's pic's: ) We notice this looks very much like a living hair follicle in the skin of the Earth!

Peyre lines - are defined and measured in geobiology (reference here to Stephane & Yann - ) by the fact they are measureably MOST deflected by GOLD. Remember that gold is defined in real physics and allKHEMy - by the fact that gold's fractality of electrons to nucleus is greatest. (Completed dodec icos - chemical d,f - subshell- self similar to nucleus - making it KHEMically 'noble' - uncorrodeable - essentially stable).

The bees need maximally fractal charge enviornments precisely to knowledgeably feed their DNA with charge / field inertia - able to compress efficiently. (Hint- dear Earth - you need to know this if you would like to invent agriculture / medicine and architecture). Charge compression efficiency (fractality) is a prerequisite to the CHARGE DISTRIBUTION EFFICIENCY - which is an the intelligent physics DEFINITION OF LIFE. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that DNA needs particular electrical environments in order to be happy (It just takes someone more intelligent than the billion or so profoundly uninformed - arrogant bioscientists of Earth- who apparently think DNA doesn't care what electric field it grows in???).

So - maybe the bee scientists and the agriculture profoundly uninformeds should get together and notice that their compost piles get hot better - when placed on these energy line crosses. (The farmers who are not profoundly uninformed know that the temperature of the compost pile- equals the quality of the farm.) Why do magnetic line crosses fire up metabolism? (and ignite life, immune health, charge distribution, perception, DNA growth - and everything we call life - not to mention- field effects like climate which use this principle to emerge from chaos)..

Hint: phase conjugation." - end quote - article above continues at

--back to the original article on Stephan's GEOBIOLOGY:

Stephane's First Book left is available now - the new book- coming soon..
Marty Cain - tell of FLOATING herself on such stones.. Note a) how the stones function as LENS to FOCUS the magnetic into recursive (self re-entry) compression, b) once the compression IS successful - note how the more straight - often pathologic Hartmann / Curry lines are BENT around to avoid (Implosive recursion in a LABYRINTH would have analogous function) - This is how you reduce electrosmog in your sacred space. - - If the shape reminds you of the PI symbol - Hebrew letter HE, - good for you - go to and see the why in 3D..
If you have wondered what an Earth portal- 'stargate' magnetic vortex really looks like in 3D: behold- the TELLURIC CHIMNEY - a phenomenon witnessed and measured in detail by many in the group - at many churches / sacred sites...
Total solar eclipse effect measured on Earth grid lines. Various proofs / measures for what dowsers have known for years: Earth energy lines (& your aura on them) generally COLLAPSE COMPLETELY during eclipse. This is a good place to remind yourself - why? First - recall - that IF you want to get a seed to germinate you need to AVOID THE MOON. Now recall your history ( - the moon is a hollow metal poisonous parasite infested ball (star war's death star) shot in here by interventionist reptilians who did not want our DNA to be psychokinetic. (Took out Martian atmosphere, and left the wound to fractality - Van Allen belts which traps most souls trying to leave solar orbit after death) .. Visualize now the lovely superluminal charge wormhole going from your center of gravity, down thru the Earth's center of gravity - tunneling in to the SUN's center of gravity. This wormhole is the PHASE CONJUGATION CHARGE COMMUNITON - DNA radio of interstellar survival info ( as well as the physics which Gurdjieff announced explaining Planets and Suns experience gravity relations erotically). (Ask NASA why they hid the seismic data proving the moon was hollow and metal : the humans there were eaten - If you really want to meet the parasite Grey's and Draco's read Ingo Swann's remote viewing of the backside of the moon - don't let your children wander over there..)..Usually when there is something dangerous in a childrens playground- the adults remove it. The Andromedan's have offered - but the stupid humans are still listening to George Bush. When the metal hollow poison (opposite to fractal) moon blocks the implosion path wormhole of bio-charge to the SUN from EARTH- then charge recursion - collapse implosion (gravity coherence / seed germination ... and LEY LINES) is interrupted / bleed. Simple physics.


Stephane with -left lower: "l'appareil de radionique est une antenne Qi-Cong" - projects charge field of rare-earth / trace mineral- for healing (kind of radionic moxibustion from China) - is also used to shoot astral parasites off people. (Lo grade non-implosive DNA is toasted in the presence of implosion) . On the right lower, analogous more home made device for shooting the charge field for example of different metals - to measure the amount by which each metals field effect - bends the Harmann / vs Curry vs Peyre grid. This is how the Peyre grid came to be called the GOLD GRID- cross points site bee hives and really sacred sites. Stephane generally confirms our chart showing metals arranged by how fractal is their charge field ( ). This would make sense since the fractality predicts their availability to charge distribution / life fields.(see REDOX discussion)..> here Stephan adds more detail to his measurement experience:"Variations of the (body's aura) vital field in the presence of a metal patch (10cm /10cm) - placed in front of the breast - Metals are placed in the lessening order- Gold 160 %, Silver 140 %, Copper 130 %, Zink 113 %, Titanium 110 %, ----Normal vital field 100 %, Nickel 79 %, Iron 76 %, Aluminium 68 %, Lead 58 % - - ................ average values for non allergic persons to certain metals..

 From Stephane's web site- beginning to understand how to map the overlay of ELECTROSMOG upon TELLURIC lines..

Stephane suggests that altho you could not see that the garden dwarf (Nain de Jardin) had eaten the chocolate, you could see the aura (charge field) of the chocolate had been eaten..
Multiple witnesses and children have confirmed their clairvoyant drawings of elemental beings
- with Stephane's group - here gnome / troll..

 Anubis-seen clairvoyantly
Group agrees also on the drawing of GANESH like being who was seated on the back of an ELEPHANT SHAPED STONE (we did see the stone).

 Sylph seen clairvoyantly by group..

Many clairvoyant details of body..from Stephane's book 1

 Reptilians-often rather parasitic - flat vs extended jaw faced- as witnessed by the group - often inhabiting portals - looking for weak auras to feed careful in churches..

Clairvoyants tell us the astral tubes (usually straight) installed in many churches from olden times - were put there by Reptilians types who used them for feeding on the astral juices of humans. Old straight track and Michael (Enlil) line phenomenon often do not suggest self empowerment - but rather a feeding tube network.
 more agressive insectoid reptilian type - Stregonoï . Opening astral portals should be done with guardian / gatekeeper astral hygiene - or the aura of the area is susceptible to these.
Above Stephane's work with geometric shapes for healing - has lead them to use the opposing (microwave guide / charge compressing) CONES - to create potent transformation / healing fields.. (dimensions right>)
Note above how the force is inverted by inverting the stacking of the cones...

 other cones - to illustrate the (implosion sorts / heals) principle - the following from (not stephane).

also see - William Buehler - Templar repair of the (fractal) fabric of time - with links..