Grid Fractionation vs. "Substance of We Feeling"

interpreting :

"A Brief Overview of Galactic History

including: a Prospectus for the Development of LSS planet#3 (Earth).

interpretations by Dan Winter

Original Galactic History by Thoth/Tehuti as Narrated by Vincent Bridges.. 2/96

Update Dec 2017: for comparison with our main ET Origins DNA conversation:

In retrospect- here after Vincent as a 'respected historian' so often denied our ET origins hypotheses in general - it is remarkable how much in common the various available ET origins mythologies have in common ( ) . Morningsky's - HOPI root- ET origins story - ( ) complete with the Hopi 'Ant people' origin story in which ANU means- ANT and NAKI means friend (Annunaki?)- - In that retelling- Morningsky calls the reptilian / or Draco root blood line ( and their ubiquitous - ORION star map root) - the ssa dak - (Mag - Draco queen- SSA- DAK- where TAK/DAK means ORION. MAG -z-DAK- being purportedly a semantic root of MELCHIZADEK. ASSA (queen) of RA='Sara', and ASSA (queen) URU (DRACO) = assaurus- .. see fusionintheblood- link chart. -This has some echo to Vincent retelling below referring perhaps to DRACO- line as SS'H. Remarkable in that Vincent would have never accepted the historical nature of Morningsky- Hopi history. Yet it was Morningsky- who first explained so nicely why SS meant power in most DRACO language- because their (female dominant line) poisonous SSpit WAS the first source of their power. (I still like the joke that you do need an umbrella to have an argument with an old -{dragon} queen loving- Dutch lady).

much related- see Jan 07 update- DNA Manifesto - compare with below..-Note- in retrospect 10 years- later - I still find this compelling. We mention the Galactic Core Cultures (Central Core Cultures) in the DNA Manifesto -DNA history story - as being the enforcers of a kind of DNA democracy. Since all cultures using DNA radiate charge superluminally (Star Trek's 'the force') - then no one must be allowed to be reborn who does not create shareable waves. This is the fractal charge coherence/ fusion implosion-in DNA defined as pure intent- that which survives death. (See Phase Conjugation physics - also from Physicist Douglass White- )

In the below- I consider the archon - story paralleling the winged (hi ) draco / CIAKAR / mothmen - for an example talk to the being who inhabits the more articulate lenticular clouds around Shasta. The electric field of their being is precipitant. Arkan's are well known in Golden Dawn - magic- whose physics again relies on Ophanim / Enochian. See - for their alphabets. Again we have the winged ones (Return of the Bird Tribe)- specifically in the sense that imploding -gravity making- charge in DNA look clairvoyantly like wings.

Both the Canopan - and Sirian aspects here are fit well with the Doris Lessing ("Sufi") books "Sirian Experiment" etc.. - and in the useful Dogon Sirian DNA history stories - see Shannon's useful Not only was the Dogon (The 'Sirius' tribe) wise man appraised of DNA physics by braiding, but implicately understood the 'word making' was always implicately ultimate only what symmetry allowed charge into DNA..

to shannon at :re- Dogon DNA language, Fri, 09 Feb 2007, Dan Winter <>
I strongly suggest physics can go a lot further to see that the master of speech is precisely the origin of alphabet - the tetra angles at which codons nest into dna - forming the hebrew letters, , ,
I like your dogon history- I see it fitting into the big picture?
do you think enki was part reptile... dan winter

From Shannon - Dear Dan, Thank you for your email and the links. This looks really fascinating. I know the Dogon made references to physics in their mythology but not having a scientific background it was difficult for me to understand the connections. I knew of a physicist who was working on a theory relating to the Dogon religion but he died of cancer before he had the chance to finish the book he was writing. I never met him personally but was given fragments of his hand written notes after he died, which I have never been able to read or understand. I am looking forward to reading through your site. Thanks again for sending it. Shannon

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If we consider the biblical story of Adam and Eve, tales of Isis and Osiris, and the ET plot of Sitchin's Annunaki, with a knowledge of 20th century science, we must almost inevitably reinterpret the origin of our Earth/human family as a genetic experiment run somewhat afoul. Now for some more spiritually oriented or perhaps incurably romantic (about ..angels bending low near the Earth), seeing us all as alien mutant test tube babies somewhat tarnishes the feat of having incarnated on Earth.

There was a reason why the "Myth of the Birth of the Hero", required virgin birth to conceal the source of the seed. Not knowing where the genetic seeds came from helped a hero to be. We have learned from kundalini virgin birth cases, and cloning, and soap bubble inversion geometries inspired by lightening, that it is indeed spin density enveloped like the layers of a seed, which causes the egg to dimple then split. So where the spin came from, is not so much a biological question always requiring a penis, as it is a question of which puff of overshadowing much like lightening sent enough spin memory to inspire an egg to turn inside out. This makes much more sense of the Angel Gabriel and Mary stories, and of the "God-Men" telling vestal Sarah she would be with child of late age. Chemical and alchemic adiabatic (energy conserving) saving of seeds may occasion better physics to explain what sexual tantra enabled in genetic links with ET's.

Thoth or "Tehuti" is the narrator of our overview of Galactic history. He is introduced to us as the Canopian representative of the Galaxies "Central Core Cultures". (C3).. The text follows, please attend to the "test".. the appearance of a self-generated physically, psychically, and spiritually coherent individual capable of galactic resonance.


quoting from material connecting to Thoth or Tehuti, as shared by Vincent Bridges (anthropologist, produced our "Grid Engineering Video" re: Landscape Zodiac Fractal Geomancy.


A Brief Overview of Galactic History


a prospectus for the development of LSS planet#3

From: Dr Strange

To: Dan Winter

Note to Dan:

Between March 1987 and June 1988, I received several of what you might call transmissions. Most concerned the ley lines and geomantic arrangement of a proposed LVX pyramid we were building, but a couple of these "productions" were totally unique. "A Brief Overview of Galactic History" is the strangest of all. It was written at white heat one afternoon in about an hour. The MS was incomplete, full of abbreviations and strange numbers, and seemed to break-off just at the good point.

Slowly, over the course of the next year and a half, I began to understand what it had to say. I started with those weird strings of numbers and letters, and soon realized that they were referring to rotations of some distant point around a galactic center, as well as the galactic center's rotation around some central focal point for the entire cluster of galaxies that make up our local space/time area. The text stated that the ancient galactic culture used the pulsar located in Gamma Crucis, a star in the Southern Cross, as a time standard. This neutron star pulses steadily at a rate of 2.25 flashes per second and seems to have remained steady in its rate of emanation across a vast period of time. It is also located at the edge of the galactic plane, relative to the galactic core, and is aligned through that core with the center of the galactic cluster. (The galaxy must rotate ten complete pulsar/center symmetry cycles to mark one tenth of the galaxy's rotation around the center of the local cluster.)

Suddenly, as if some one turned the lights on in a dark room, the dates made sense. I was able to date and then reference some of these major geological and biological events referred to in the text. What at first seemed to be an arbitrary series of numbers, actually turned out to be solid, verifiable dates. I also realized that a temporal co-ordinate system such as this could be used to locate objects in space, implying that the culture which used this understood how to navigate space/time as a medium.

At any rate, I've always hung onto this as my "proof" if you will that something smarter than my self did explain galactic history to me that afternoon in April , 1988. I've never released this material because of my reluctance on the subject of "channeled" information, but it does seem to have a value of its own, somehow, and it is an interesting story. So, in that spirit, I'm offering to share it now.

Brief Overview of Galactic History

Our Spiral Galaxy
and its related globular clusters were seeded with pre-programmed DNA mechanisms by an unknown race or culture between gastu and gastu.

(GASTU is galactic absolute standard temporal units. I get the feeling that this went through some universal translator, its too bureaucratic bland for anything else. It is implied in each date from here on. The date itself notes that the pulsar is .098743 of the way through its rotational cycle, or 17,698,500 years from the zero point of the calendar,, which was roughly 2.25 billion years ago. So, let's say the seeding took place a little more than 2,233,000,000 years ago.)

inset here: (question to vincent from dan)- vincent's source suggests: "the pulsar is .098743 of the way through its rotational cycle, or 17,698,500 years from the zero point of the calendar,, which was roughly 2.25 billion years ago"- > setting the timing for the galactic dna history story..
>question: is there a relationship between this 'Pulsar' and. the solar 2012 the galactic superwave and the pulsar etc. at, , paul laviolette, etc.
answer from vincent: Hi Dan, The answer is mainly no, but a little bit yes if you squint...
Dr. Paul's pulsars are similiar in their concept of usage by a galatic civilization.
The usage in my small glimpse was of one particular pulsar and how it was used,
because of its fractal period in relation to very large, galactic and meta-galactic,
scales of space/time as a temporal organization, the GASTU, or "galactic absolute
standard temporal units."

Remember, even the smallest digit in the date given above, .001, equals 2,250 years,
roughly one processional period, the time it takes the sun to travel backward through
one complete zodiacal sign as seen from Earth.

"The unique method of noting space/time given in "Brief Overview"
is based on the basic rotational period of the galaxy as a whole.
Using an object on the rim of the galaxy, such as G. Crucis' pulsar,
as an alignment point, the galaxy rotates back to this (relative) position
once every 225 million years. Since this is a fractal of the 2.25 times
a second pulse of the pulsar itself, and of the 22.5 billion year cycle
of the rotation of the galaxy around a central point of the cluster of galaxies,
the time scale creates an interlocked fractal pattern that also includes the relative
processional cycle of Earth's equinoxes.

"The 7 position dates given in the text are based on the relationship between one
zodiacal age of 2,250 years and the rotation of the galaxy around the central point
of the local cluster, 2,250,000,000 years. One zodiacal age is one/one hundred
thousand of a Galactic Rotation and one/one millionth of a Galactic Central Rotation.
The zero point of the calendar falls about 2.25 billion BC. The fractal return,
one tenth of a Galactic Central rotation, fell in the 1st century AD."

Because we are dealing here with such large scales, the point we are approaching
locally with 2012 alignments would be 1.000.001. On the galactic scale,
all of the transformative events from 1st century AD/BC 'til now have been
part of the same"year" the same slice of history. But, on a galactic scale,
what a year! The Great fractal return, one tenth of a Galactic Central rotation,
and a 2,250 solar wave of transformation happens...

This mythical structure however shows no evidence of Dr. Paul's galactic superwave.
Although the Horus/Set struggle, which comes from an extrapolation,
is timed to the last superwave in Dr. Paul's theory. - VB

Origin and Agency of seeding mechanism unknown. Sometime after five cultures emerged in widely separated areas of the galaxy. All claimed contact with "Creator" culture.

(The mind boggles at this because it would mean that the "Creators," or whatever we called them -- I like "Gardeners" myself -- hung around for over a billion years tending the garden planets of the galaxy, waiting for sentience to develop.)

The Dawn of Galactic History is marked by the appearance of the Old Galactic Culture, OGC, in This was the first truly galactic society, embracing over 3,000 planets and 150 different species and cultural groupings by Exploring the galaxy and its local clusters, driven by a desire to find the by now elusive "creators," the OGC continued to expand and prosper for over 2 complete galactic rotations. An absolute time scale based on the pulsar located in G. Crucis led to the discovery of the age of the universe and the date of the arrival of life mechanisms. -- First encounter between origin cultures -- Third origin culture located in core region -- First federation of core cultures founded -- Fourth origin culture found in spiral arm -.342 -- Search for the Founders -- Fifth and last origin culture found

0.5.49. 675-785 -- The melding of cultures -- Federation of Galactic Cultures founded

(It took about 19 million years for the Federation of Cultures to form, from first contact to unification. Its glory days lasted over 550 million years. This time scale is so vast that it is hard to comprehend, even the smallest digit in the date, .001, equals 2,250 years, roughly one processional period, the time it takes the sun to travel backward through one complete zodiacal sign as seen from Earth.)

A Radical New Life-Form heralded the beginning of the end for the OGC. First contact came in A small three star system was noted in one of the tidal rift quadrants whose inhabitants claimed the unusual status of an elder culture. Galactic folklore had long rumored the existence of a "renegade" origin culture, one which had "cracked" the life code of the "Creators" and had forged a life-form different from that which the "Creators" intended. No one took the Ssh'h seriously when they proposed that they were indeed this lost culture. But sometime after, a new life-form appeared, one that was artificially derived from organic DNA. The Ssh'h "scientist" claimed to have re-covered the knowledge of their ancient ancestors, the "renegade" elders. The great debate, -.459, was held to determine a galactic standard for sentience. The Ssh'h "humans" were found to be non-sentient, based on their apparent psychic separate-ness from a group, species or cultural whole.

Ssh'h Consciousness is characterized by an intense focus on the physical and the material, at the expense of the psychic and the spiritual. Aggressive, violent and possessive, particularly of their "life" which they envisioned as threatened by the loss of their corporeal form, the Ssh'h life forms posed an unsolvable dilemma for the OGC. They couldn't be cured, and they wouldn't go away. Their appetite for physical power led to wars of conquest, which eroded the OGC and the stability of the galaxy.

Wars of Conquest -

Age of the Archons -

Founding of United Archons of the Eldest

The Dark Night of Galactic History fell in The Wars of Conquest led to the solidification of power in the hands of the so-called "Archonic" beings, entities of vast power and continuity. The Age of Archons saw this solidify even more into the much smaller council or coalition of Archons that became the United Archons of the Eldest. This oligarichical empire marked the end of the Archons. Soon after unification, the internal strife exploded into a civil blood bath that decimated the Archons and laid waste to much of the galaxy. In the wake of the collapse of the Archonic Empire, galactic civilization revived slowly, aided by the Coalition of Central Core Cultures.

Founded by a Diverse Group of cultures near the galactic core in, the Coalition, or C3, developed a program to redeem the devastated planets and cultures. They also made progress on the problem of curing the Archons. Their effect was instrumental in the unification of the Archons, and by C3 had survived to become the only civilizing force left in the galaxy. At council of the C3 in, an ambitious program of reclamation was announced. Starting with only twelve star systems along one spiral arm, the C3 began to reshape galactic civilization.

One of these Twelve Systems became the center of the new culture after The OGC had established a research station to study the emissions of an anomalous object orbiting one of the stars in the local group. This station discovered that the stellar radiation could be modified into a kind of spiritual medium onto which an evolutionary carrier wave could be modulated. This astro-spiritual technology became the mainstay of C3's reclamation efforts.

The Ssh'h Homeworld Emerged Once more in Ruling a quarter of the galaxy by means of a superstitious use of the "Creator" myths, the original Ssh'h had fared well through the era of the Archons and the Dark Ages afterward. They dreamed of a new Empire, but, fortunately, had lost the genetic science of their ancestors. With the fall of the "New Archons" in, a New Galactic Culture, NGC, arose.

Prospectus on Local Star System (NGC#330/14.67/v18,53-00,74) including planets #3 & #4

Local Star System
is moderate size, G@ class, roughly half way through a 5.2 GCR life cycle, 33,000 light years from core on second spiral arm. System is unusual, class M planets as well as gas giants and dwarf stars, failed binary classification with anomalous evolution. Planet #3, 2.1 GCR in age, was bio-formed by "Creators" in period just previous to their disappearance, @ 0.009.990. Fossil record begins around 0.605.203. Rediscovered in 0.939.674, it was re-bioformed in 0.963.789.

The Original Bioforming by the "Creators" had focused on the creation of water and oxygen in life-supporting quantities. The Reformation of 0.963.789 focused on a shift toward sentience in the bio-sphere. Non-sentient adaptive species were destroyed and the gravitational resonance of the planetary grid structure was changed to support an evolution toward Galactic Standard sentience. Local action by a C3 culture from the "Canopan' System resulted in colonization after 0.987.423. System was involved in the Federated Disputes settlement of 0.988.001, and designated an evolving sentience preserve, under the joint administration of "Canopan" and "Sirian" researchers. Project was slowly developed, while planet itself was used as a recreation and resource location for local NGC citizens.

In the Expectation of the Great Galactic Fractal Return, one tenth of a rotation around the central point of the greater cluster of galaxies, sentient evolution was made a high priority of the NGC council's program for the new era. Planet#3 offered a prime candidate for accelerated evolution, the swiftly evolving arboreal primates of the dying forests in the great central continental mass. In 0.999.003, an orbital station was established where remote viewing and biological stimulation could be applied to the primates. Focus was soon narrowed to small groups of monkeys moving on the savannas of the great continent. By 0.999.567, the Homo Erectus had been stimulated, a very smart tool-using primate.

The "Sirian Federation" Declared its independence status in 0.999.897, including the local star system of planet #3. A Federation colony was established on planet #4 of the system, and the sentient project continued. A stable life-form of a very handy monkey had been evolved with great care. By 0.999.950, an impasse seemed to have been reached. In 0.999.953, the Federation applied to the C3 for aid in completing the sentient project on planet #3.

(The original transmission breaks off at this point, roughly 105,750 years ago. At this point, Homo Habilis, handy monkey, evolved very suddenly into Homo Sapiens, or smart monkey.)

(I know, Dan, there is nothing in this about the quarantine. . .but, this is the coherent framework behind the information we do have about the quarantine. . .)

As part of a much larger Egyptian Neter, or god-form, working, we received information that evolved in the telling into what I call "the great myth." This "myth" was interwoven with the stories of each individual neter, so that it was hard to pin-point the exact sequence at first. As the stories grew, however, it became possible to relate them in a time frame that was also compatible with "Brief Overview of Galactic History." The following is a distillation of that chronology.

0.999.961 - C3 council expands sentient project.

.985 - "Neter Project' successful. This is the creation of five Neters from Homo Sapien stock. Known as the birth of Osiris from the womb/egg of Nuit.

.985-.992 - Reign of the Neters. Golden Age of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, and age of galactic involvement.

.993/163 - Death of Osiris and the Fall of Set (15,387 BC)

.993/678 - Horus challenges Set (14,225 BC)

.993/985. - Council of RA (C3 representative) intervenes. Set is de-formed and cast out into eastern desert. Horus, the re-incarnation of Osiris becomes Lord of Life, .995/000. (11,250 BC)

.995/538.000.03 - Heru-Or re-starts earth grid at Cairo, aligned to "Regulus" in Leo, Heart of the Lion. (10,041 BC)

.997/987.003 - RA council decides to scrub sentience project. The Contagion of Set is proclaimed a menace to galactic society and the whole system is placed under quarantine. The Federation withdraws, under duress, in . .997/999.876.

.998 - Sentience project continues. .998/134.086 Sehkmet is dispatched to wipe the planet clean. Conspiracy develops to allow sentience project to continue. Call for Ahau, volunteers goes out in .998/489.998. Project achieves goal -- .999/997.901. Rescue begins just after 1.000.000.

During a meditative experience in the summer of 1989, the exact nature of the quarantine was explained to me by Tehuti in the following terms:

The evolution of Homo Sapiens Sapiens marks a leap in sentient development created artificially by the Sirian application of C3 spiritual principles. The Neters of Earth followed galactic standard patterns of development and golden age earth cultures were in contact with local interstellar federation. The Contagion of Set began as a reversion to an Archonic pattern of consciousness. In destroying the form of Osiris, Set broke the resonant pattern of sentience that energized the greater galactic connection to the evolving sentience of the planetary consciousness. Set became the new frequency model, one to which there is no there other resonant code in the galactic directory. This was no quarantine but a "lock- out." The resultant feedback along the galactic grid, coupled with the Revenge of Horus, caused the entire surface of the planet to change. When the grid was re-aligned, the possibility of galactic contact was held open until it was determined that the Contagion of Set was too advanced to cure. This was opposed by the C3 representative and the local Neters, who felt that a great opportunity existed to evolve a truly unique species of sentience. The test would be the appearance of a self- generated physically, psychically and spiritually coherent individual capable of galactic resonance. The appearance of such individuals activated a rescue mission, designed to teach galactic resonance. ("The Kingdom of God lies within.") Direct intervention was dis-allowed until the quarantine was broken outwardly by humanity. In-direct surveillance was allowed from WWII on, but direct contact was delayed until after the space program of the sixties had violated the quarantine. In 1987, the contact beam was re-established, creating a swiftly evolving "end of history" pattern.

(Note to Dan: This is every direct reference to the quarantine in my magickal notes. There is, of course, much more that is circumstantial and implied, but I think you can reason most of it out for yourself. Use this information however you think best.)

(Additional Note on Galactic Dating: The unique method of noting space/time given in "Brief Overview" is based on the basic rotational period of the galaxy as a whole. Using an object on the rim of the galaxy, such as G. Crucis' pulsar, as an alignment point, the galaxy rotates back to this (relative) position once every 225 million years. Since this is a fractal of the 2.25 times a second pulse of the pulsar itself, and of the 22.5 billion year cycle of the rotation of the galaxy around a central point of the cluster of galaxies, the time scale creates an interlocked fractal pattern that also includes the relative processional cycle of Earth's equinoxes.

(The 7 position dates given in the text are based on the relationship between one zodiacal age of 2,250 years and the rotation of the galaxy around the central point of the local cluster, 2,250,000,000 years. One zodiacal age is one/one hundred thousand of a Galactic Rotation and one/one millionth of a Galactic Central Rotation. The zero point of the calendar falls about 2.25 billion BC. The fractal return, one tenth of a Galactic Central rotation, fell in the1st century AD.

( = 2,250 years after origin point = 22,500 years aop = 225,000 years aop = 2,250,000 years aop = 22,500,000 years aop = 225,000,000 years aop = 2,250,000,000 years aop

(Local time, units smaller than 2,250 years, is measured the same way. /001 = 2.25 years, or 821.25 days. /000.001 = .0025 years or about 22 hours and so on to the seventh digit, which is a fractal of the pulsar's rotational cycle, or .225 of a second.)




fractal nature of time --generating self awareness..

meaning of galactically resonant individual..


initial comments by Dan Winter:

When time or relative rotation measures are properly embedded, then recursion in that nest/ self-awareness is nourished. This may be next step along the Mayan concept of spiral time.

Note the semantic closeness of archon to anarchy.

Note the first blushes of galactic resonance in a human, as siddhi and kundalini effects on environment. At first coherent EKG entrains tree. Then it is a centering force for galaxies.

Please consider with me for a moment, the "Contagion of Set" and the conditions which required a quarantine of Earth from Galactic contact. Vincent and I have seen a parallel to what Doris Lessing describes as the loss of "the substance of WE feeling". ("Shikasta", "Sirian Experiments", "Briefing for a Descent into Hell" etc.). The substance of we feeling is very akin to the very palpable glue which holds tectonics and gravity fields together. Gurdieff described this as "coherent emotion which feeds the earth". The aboriginal inhabiting of song line/worm holds by recursion/awareness braids that fractal which makes planet's gravity able to hold atmosphere and birth self-awareness.

Vincent made an interesting suggestion about the timing of the onset of the possibly 5000 year quarantine from major galactic contact due to the possible propagation from here of fear and aggression on a galactic scale. He noted it's probable triggering to be associated with the tectonic upheavals at the time Atlantis sank. I believe the Atlantean priest/scientists as reported miscalculated the synchrony of the frequency signature of their Tuoai stone/"Fire Crystal" with the very ELF harmonics of the tectonic/continent on which it sat. This is not dissimilar to those poorly informed technologists today who think they have a "free" energy device, gathering from the fractal scalar magnetism which creates coherent gravity, to make electricity. (Pod-Mod, Neuman, Trombley, dozens more.. cf Bill Ramsey..). Of course metabolizing gravity/starlight directly is the way to be weaned off fossils, but first a responsible way must be in place to monitor the decaying recursion of the Schumann harmonics of the Earth's grid, in response to the bleeding. (Ref: our "heart biofeedback 2000" Global Grid ELF Harmonic Monitoring and Global Prayer Feedback Project..).

By monitoring and using feedback for the surface of the Earth's harmonics exactly like a global real time color coded 3D EEG map, millions of friends breathing together/heart and Schumann entrained, will see how they heal/feed the planet grid. (via Global Media.)

There is a storal to this mory about how we pass the test to get out of quarantine from the Galactic community. When Atlantean tectonics broke up, the very fractal fabric of the Earth's long wave magnetics decayed into fractionation. THE ESSENTIAL PRINCIPLE IS, THAT ONLY FRACTAL OR ROSE LIKE MAGNETIC FIELDS IN A WELL NESTED OR FRACTAL OR SPIN DENSE GRID PERMIT COMPASSION/OR THE SUBSTANCE OF WE FEELING, TO PROPAGATE/ OR BE SHARED. When we live in cities or grid points where the magnetism and tectonics look like fish tangles ONLY FEAR AND AGGRESSION ARE POSSIBLE. This is because fear and anger are glandular magnetic symmetries which specifically and angularly maximize DESTRUCTIVE intereference. While love and compassion, are PHI and recursion based hence braiding self-awareness and substance of we feeling. Clearly if our children are raised where the long way magnetics that surround them are fractionating and decaying into destruction interferential chaos, then their emotions will be almost entirely of fear and agression.