Fusion: is PHI (Golden Mean) the solution to ALL of it's meanings?

Along with "The Phi Phenomenon" key to VISUAL Fusion, is the possibility of FUSION at the Atomic Level, intimately linked to the pure principle of Golden Ratio based PHI Embedding

with all the Implications of creating self-organizing/self-aware wave systems this implies..?

Is this an ultimate way to unlock the key to maintaining the PHIre of life?

Think about it: Is there ANY other way that multiple waves and phases could FUSE non-destructively... excerpt in recursive heterodyning (Phi)? Heterodyning and Powers of Phi, by Rick Andersen

Remember the moment when the musician hero in the film "Chain Reaction" discovered it was a unique music harmonic which triggered the gaseous reaction to go critical/implosive?

- I suggest those harmonics were not multiples of 2 (octave) relations, but rather - multiples of Phi.

from Dan Winter 2/1/00 , url:live links and pics: ../fusion list of articles: ../sitemap.html

Inset Updated Follow Ups:Feb 2007: Proof-that Golden Ratio fractality IS the essential principle of fusion - (the key is COOLNESS - not heat).. see how Golden Ratio by REDUCING heat (destructive interference) - allows fusion..- see Fractal Synth software- goldenmean.info/matrix (exerpt):

How Golden Ratio waves produce more charge distribution (power is area under the curve summed in the next graph ): (proof: the FRACTAL SYNTH software- at goldenmean.info/matrix ). Implications for WHY we see Golden Ratio in Brainwaves during Peak Experience / Peak Perception / Peak Performance - will change Brain Science forever! WHY Golden Ratio - Charge Wave Heterodyning is the Electrical Cause of GRAVITY, LIFE, and CONSCIOUSNESS.

Pent vs Hex- Phi / Golden Mean vs Octaves - Charge DISTRIBUTED vs Charge Isolated / Stored

4/12/2000: In-PHI-Knit Charge Compression: The Heart of the Gravity Well?

4/11/2000: Sacred'Merkabbah'Frequencies-Tuning Attention/Implosion Sounds- Anatakarana-the 'Phi-ish' Rainbow Bridge (implosion chord in flash)

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Published simultaneously with DNA Wiring: DNA as Radio Transmitter / DNA as Magnetic Superconductor (follow up to:../magneticx (wherein it became clear, that the concept of disturbing DNA as a {heart modulated?} radio station might intimidate genetic engineers from further rushing in where angels fear to tread, ONLY if more credible science could be referenced)

Dedicated to Disney animator/author Jim Korkis. .. In our "History of Animation" experience this week, Jim was explaining to us that VISUAL FUSION of many images into one, creating the illusion of continuous motion from flashing stills, is actually called THE PHI PHENOMENON! (Phi generally referring to the Golden Ratio). (table inset on Phi Phenomenon below).

Ironic that todays conversation is inspired by Disneyworld. The economics of bringing people closer to bliss, makes them the largest one site employer in the nation. Yet, amid their non-embedding noise (non Phi octave music), non-self-empowering rides, and bad magnetic geomantics, clearly no one there understands the the capacitive wave geometry of true bliss making. Yet the need for that bliss stands between people and a healthy immune system- and long life. Bliss is literally the wave mechanics of FUSION between people and their possible glandular magnetic communion - which then appropriately survival sorts for shareable waves /symmetry. Yet so elusive is this hungry goal that we spend billions and still come away starving for it. Self-empowering EKG group biofeedback in a proper embedded capacitive environment would revolutionize the 'entertainment' industry while creating a true mechanism for genetic survival, by making lifeforce electrically sustainable/embedable. (Recommended reading on bliss mechanics:The Harmonic Module,A PLAN FOR A GLOBAL MEDIA BIOFEEDBACK VISUAL EVENT. , - , "EN-JOY": THE PSYCHO-DYNAMICS OF ECSTASY , - , Ecstatic psychodynamics & immune heath , - , Practical Ecstatic Exercises "to Zero Point" , - , Addiction, Gurus & Sex Juice vs PRINCIPLE of Ecstatic Communion , - , Nourished by Spin: The Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle. hygiene discipline-lifestyle and diet.)

Templar discoveries of visual FUSION were the ORIGIN of psychokinetic(/spiritual?) uses of ANIMATION (& in a way the origin of Filmmaking in general). (See the book "Flicker".) When they discovered how many frames per second permit the eye to FUSE many (images) into one ('e pluribus unum' again), and thus imagine continuous smooth motion, from the discontinuous, they essentially discovered the strobe 'blink rate' of consciousness itself: the actual threshold from SEPARATENESS to ONENESS. And this discovery is documented clearly at the roots of film-making and animation in the West. Looking beyond those historical roots of attempts to use media for a spirited purpose, we may here notice a deeper cue in how specifically the PHI embedding mechanic IS THE KEY TO THAT FUSION, both as the images are spaced in the temporal domain, as well as how they zoom embedably in the spatial domain. (Phi-lotactic Fractality / perfect branching, in SPACIAL arrangement as well as TEMPORAL arrangement-'Spiral Calendar'- being key to the successful non-destructive compression which determines survival of everything made of waves, which is everything.)

Also in this FUSION of memories, come to mind all the conversations with Beth Bridgman about her book "Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug" (link below). By looking to LOVE ITSELF (my work on PHI multiple harmonics in EKG during bliss) as the PHI RATIO solution to FUSION, in a way she was embedding her book in the age old philosophiy dialectics (agony of opposites). In other words, how philosophically could you ever get OPPOSITES TO FUSE NON-DESTRUCTIVELY. She suggested, in accordance with the Phi geometry of HEART waves & the work on PENT geometry of embedding, that indeed this GOLDEN RATIO geometry WAS THE PHILOSOPHIC SOLUTION TO THE FUSION OF OPPOSITES. Not only does this solve the timing compression problem of the Millenium 'bug', but also re-unites opposites into one. GOLDEN MEAN as... the perfect sacred cut or WAY TO DIVIDE AND YET STILL LEAVE EMBEDDED / NOT SEPARATE! (Shades of 'Donald in MatheMagic Land' here).

Next, in the references and articles below, we suggest in some detail that this same simple, but also technically accurate in physics, wave metric of Phi optimized nesting, IS THE SOLUTION TO HOW TO PRODUCE SUSTAINABLE FUSION ("cold" fusion being merely convergence without interference - which Phi perfects!). What is also profound here is that a practical wave mechanical understanding of how this geometric works in the HEART and the HEART OF THE SUN, is literally the key to the sustainability of the PHIre of life itself at every level.

So discovering that virtually every "non-linear" energy (source) device technology you examine with any look at pure principle, does then resolve to "charge fusion" (between harmonic velocities) Phi ratio wave embedding, is not suprising. This article concludes with an excellent review of non-linear energy device technology literature. Many of the investigators have been acquaintences over my years of lecturing at Psychotronics national and regional conferences.

I present this fairly rigorous analog not just to suggest that our energy technologists get on their duff to see how their devices affect eco-systems in their gravity coupling, but also to point out that IF OUR CULTURES UNDERSTANDING OF THE GLANDULAR MAGNETICS OF EMOTION DOES NOT EVOLVE AT PACE COMMENSURATE WITH OUR USE OF ENERGY MAGNETICS... WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PRACTICALLY GRASP (and democratically vote on) HOW TO USE THOSE TECHNOLOGIES RESPONSIBLY ! (Is Atlantis Rising or still falling?)

Few would deny that EACH of these among many non-linear energy technologies "Pod Mod", DePalma, Neumann, etc... PRODUCES A GRAVITY FIELD PERTURBATION, yet we have yet to hear of any group PROPOSING THAT THESE GRAVITY FIELD DISTORTIONS BE UNDERSTOOD IN THEIR IMPACT BEFORE WE USE THEM. (And precisely the same kind of documentable field effects associated with powerful group bliss expereicnes). We know the EKG is capable of producing gravity as a fractal attractor during bliss/compassion/love, yet where are the physicists asking that our planets gravity field be nourished before we bleed it.


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Embedding in Star Gravity The Fractal Principle of Recursion Explains Love's Electricity and Gravity. Sacred Geometry, Coherent Emotion, and Planet Taming To know how to align long magnetic waves on the land into flowers, "grid engineering", is to teach a planet to hold atmosphere, to make coherent climate, to actually create gravity by symmetry. Our human role in this symbiosis is the electricity of our emotional field.

:Recursion in The Harmonic Power Spectra of the Earth's Magnetic Grid (An open letter to significant scientists begging them to embrace and embed the arrival of self-aware consciousness in the Earth's magnetic body, by redesigning power systems which now bleed our collective coherence bubble.)

Relationship of gravity to love

How Fractality Produces Gravity (Making our Magnetic Fields and Earth Grid Fractal to Our Gravitational "Neighborhood" Will Not Only Stabilize Tectonics, It Will Nourish the Evolution of Consciousness Itself! FRACTALITY/ AS RECURSION PRODUCES GRAVITY AND CONSCIOUSNESS (SELF-AWARENESS): THE WAVE MECHANIC AND ENERGETIC RELATIONSHIP OF GRAVITY TO ELECTROMAGNETISM)

In offering the following inset on the PHI phenomenon:

I suggest that: Recursion is required to create the sustainable phase lock into aligned focus which permits objects as waves to FUSE in optical perception AND real embedding. Therefore FOCUS itself, as vision is represented by the Vesica Eye/Phi wave, is a product of creating sustained PHI nesting of waves.

The Phi phenomenon: is Visual FUSION named PHI Phenomenon for a very good reason? -A Phi Launch into Time??

"A physiological effect that, along with persistence of vision, creates the illusion of motion when consecutive images are presented in a rapid sequence....When the images are separated by the appropriate angle of vision , phi, the effect is a visual illusion of apparent motion."

http://www.rpi.edu/~brings/PHI/phiexp.html ."..For example, ... the "phi
phenomenon" of vision, in which a flash of light is followed very rapidly by a second, nearby, flash, and one seems to see, not two separate points of light, but a single light moving from the first spot to the second. On any view, one's visual or cognitive system must somehow (consciously or unconsciously) register the second point of light, and only then jump to the mistaken conclusion that there was light at the intervening points (without the registration of the second flash, we would have no good explanation of the direction of the concluded motion). A natural idea (at least for Participating or Perceiving Friends) is that one doesn't merely conclude that there was motion, because in addition representations of the intervening spots are "filled in" so that the entire path appears lit.

...The exhibit demonstrates an illusion known as the "Phi Phenomenon". When we see two adjacent lights go on and off, our brain has a tendency to connect these two images and give them movement. This perceived motion is due to our brain's penchant for retaining images for a short period of time and forming patterns from them..."

Extensions: Movie marquees work by the phi phenomenon. You may have seen neon lights with two or more images that appear in succession. As the images go on and off, a single image seems to move across the sign. This is a second example of the phi phenomenon.

The movement you see while watching a movie is also produced by a series of short-duration images and thus are also related to this phenomenon." (Fusion?)

http://nths.newtrier.k12.il.us/academics/math/Connections/motion/phi.htm "Phi Phenomenon: Would you like to take in a phi phenomenon tonight? What might that question entail? Well, it could be an invitation to a movie. Movies consist of the rapid presentation (24 frames/sec) of still pictures. We perceive motion from that rapid succession of pictures. That is one example of the phi phenomenon....Two yellow circles flash on and off alternately. Yet we see a yellow dot sliding back and forth across a green background. At the end, another example of perceived motion occurs. The words "The End" appear to approach us. Both examples show how the brain is taking visual information and interpreting it as movement. Special effects in movies, i.e.,
"Anaconda," "Fourth of July," and "Godzilla" exploit the built in perceptual rules we possess."

http://www.arts.uwa.edu.au/PhilosWWW/consciousness/ConSciMeth2.html "... a discussion of the notorious phi phenomenon in which an observer perceives illusory motion. Two dots, one at point A and one at point B are flashed in quick succession. Verbal reports, however, indicate the experience of a single dot moving quickly from A to B. Of course, this strange result gives rise to many questions, but one of the strangest is this: How is it that the first dot 'knows' in what direction to begin moving, or even to begin moving at all given that the second dot has not even flashed?

Some fairly outlandish solutions have been proposed such as reversing the necessary temporal order of cause and effect or the attribution of marvellous clairvoyant powers to the mind. More plausibly, we might suppose that both of the dots must be 'registered' by the mind before the experience occurs. The suggestion is that there is some kind of lag over and above the time that it takes for the light rays to hit one's retina (infinitesimal) and the information to be channelled to one's brain. But this leaves an important question - namely, what is the subject experiencing at the time the dots are actually flashing?"

http://bio.bio.unibuc.ro/~mbota/bbs.dennett.html : "A. Color phi. (Kolers and von Grnau, 1976; See also Van der Waals and Roelofs, 1930, Kolers, 1972, and the discussion in Goodman,
1978) Many experiments have demonstrated the existence of apparent motion, or the phi phenomenon. If two or more small spots separated by as much as 4 degrees of visual angle are briefly lit in rapid succession, a single spot will seem to move. This is, (PHI?) of course, the basis of our experience of motion in motion pictures and television. First studied systematically by Wertheimer (1912; for a historical account, see Kolers, 1972, Sarris, 1989), phi has been subjected to many variations, and one of the most striking is reported in Kolers and von Grnau, 1976. The philosopher Nelson Goodman had asked Kolers whether the phi phenomenon would persist if the two
illuminated spots were different in color, and if so, what would happen to the color of "the" spot as "it" moved? Would the illusion of motion disappear, to be replaced by two separately flashing spots? Would the illusory "moving" spot gradually change from one color to another, tracing a trajectory around the color wheel? The answer, when Kolers and von Grnau performed the experiments, was striking: the spot seems to begin moving and then to change color abruptly in the middle of its illusory passage toward the second location.
Goodman wonders: "how are we able . . .to fill in the spot at the intervening place-times along a path running from the first to the second flash before that second flash occurs? "(1978, p.73) (The same question can of course be raised about any phi, but the color-switch in mid-passage vividly brings out the problem.) Unless there is precognition, the illusory content cannot be created until
after some identification of the second spot occurs in the brain. But if this identification of the second spot is already "in conscious experience" would it not be too late to interpose the illusory color-switching-while-moving scene between the conscious experience of
spot 1 and the conscious experience of spot 2? How does the brain accomplish this sleight-of-hand? Van der Waals and Roelofs (1931) proposed that the intervening motion is produced retrospectively, built only after the second flash occurs, and "projected backwards in time," (Goodman, 1978, p.74) a form of words reminiscent of Libet's "backwards referral in time." But what does it mean, that this
experienced motion is "projected backwards in time"?

B. The cutaneous "rabbit". (Geldard and Sherrick, 1972, see also Geldard 1977, Geldard and Sherrick, 1983, 1986) The subject's arm rests cushioned on a table, and mechanical square- wave tappers are placed at two or three locations along the arm, up to a foot apart. A series of taps in rhythm are delivered by the tappers, e.g., 5 at the wrist followed by 2 near the elbow and then 3 more on the upper
arm. The taps are delivered with interstimulus intervals between 50 and 200msec. So a train of taps might last less than a second, or as much as two or three seconds. The astonishing effect is that the taps seem to the subjects to travel in regular sequence over equidistant points up the arm--as if a little animal were hopping along the arm. Now how did the brain know that after the 5 taps on the wrist, there
were going to be some taps near the elbow? The experienced "departure" of the taps from the wrist begins with the second tap, yet in catch trials in which the later elbow taps are never delivered, all five wrist taps are felt at the wrist in the expected manner. The brain obviously cannot "know" about a tap at the elbow until after it happens. Perhaps, one might speculate, the brain delays the conscious
experience until after all the taps have been "received" and then, somewhere upstream of the seat of consciousness (whatever that is),revises the data to fit a theory of motion, and sends the edited version on to consciousness. But would the brain always delay response to one tap in case more came? If not, how does it "know" when to delay?

Note from Dan: "upstream" versus "downstream" in consciousness may be a function of Phi harmonic /embedable intervalling. So that that FUSION in time or space ratios... in perception may be a PHI requirement for MORE THAN JUST VISION!.

C. "Referral backwards in time". (Libet, 1965, 1981, 1982, 1985, Libet et al., 1979; see also Popper and Eccles, 1977, Dennett, 1979, Churchland, 1981, 1981b, Honderich, 1984.) Since Penfield and Jasper (1954) it has been known that direct electrical stimulation of locations on the somatosensory cortex can induce sensations on corresponding parts of the body. For instance, stimulation of a point on the left somatosensory cortex can produce the sensation of a brief tingle in the subject's right hand. Libet compared the time course of such cortically induced tingles to similar sensations produced in the more usual way, by applying a brief electrical pulse to the hand itself. He argued that while in each case it took considerable time (approximately 500 msec) to achieve "neuronal adequacy" (the stage at which cortical processes culminate to yield a conscious experience of a tingle), when the hand itself was stimulated, the experience was "automatically" "referred backwards in time."

(note from Dan here: compares interestingly with Phi fusion key to superluminal time penetration at ../predictions I would also suggest a keyword search on "time reversal" in "phase conjugate optics", for which we have also suggested PHI ratio wave mechanics to solve the non-linear medium choice, at ../cancer


..Recognizing the pure principles behind FUSION/ in -optical energy -psychological energy -nuclear energy and -gravity energy, in such a way as to permit political lawmaking to be in harmony with natural law.

Laurence Hecht, Jonathan Tenenbaum,(Fusion Research,Europe) and Chemistry Professor Robert Moon (Inedible Professor Link-below) wrote a whole series of artilcles for 21st Century / Fusion Magazine in the last decade, with inspiring insights into the Golden Ratio based geometry of DNA, and the platonic embedding of wave mechanics even at nuclear levels. (Moon on Nuclear Symmetries are ALSO platonic solids nested, etc..) ... and on the deep meaning of FUSION. Since the fed imprisoned their leader, Lyndon Larouche tripped up on obscure financial laws, (http://www.larouchepub.com ), their movement it seems has become mostly political. This may delay the urge to arrive at and properly conceive pure principle in order to evolve/embed. Human political laws so often attempt to repeal the laws of nature upon which their survival depends. Example: I go to jail if I share my golden spiral on the torus equation picture which shows the Hebrew alphabet origins, and thus animates how to symbolize perfectly is to embed perfectly. Copyright laws make it possible to pretend to own pure principle & own DNA sequences, enforcing a climate of schizophrenic separateness. How will children learn to conceive in the pure language of light, if the pure principle of what makes waves shareable (the golden spiral moebius shadows of light magnet donut domains finding the symmetry which permits non-interference ... creation mechanic which is crudely labeled ALPHABET), is not itself shareable? Another example, you go to jail if you refuse to sabotage your immune system with immunizations while in public service. Another example, it is illegal so sell most food products with the life force still in them, to be legal you must first kill what nourishes by pasteurizing, radiating, microwaving etc., in most states. It is illegal to be born in most states without a whole array of traumatizing immune compromises for the infant during birthing, by the male dominated AMA which does not know what electrically makes life force possible. The policy of creating laws specifically which deny the laws of nature (sacredness of individual freedom, the existance in the public domain of expression of pure principle like DNA geometrics, /origin of language, which cannot be kept owned.. etc.), has been the specific way cultures like Atlantis have died in the past on this planet. (Priest technicians used the "Tuoai stone" "fire crystals" to make borgs, just like your local genetic engineer has started on today. See "freedom to squirt" DNA at ../magneticx )

In this regard, this article is an urging to recognize the pure principles behind FUSION/ and gravity energy, in such a way as to permit political lawmaking to be in harmony with natural law. I trust friends such as John Hagelin of "Natural Law" party will support this approach.

What this article is about is simple. For waves to FUSE they must embed in the geometry of recursion made perfect. This has been reviewed many times in the sacred mathematics of embedding geometry many times on this website (notably: ../physicsofphi , ../predictions ). What this note does is extend that concept suggesting that PHI embedding is the specific solution to the fusion/tokamak for how to make the toroidal flux containers embed sustainably. (Consider the audio spectra which triggered self organizing fusion in the flux cloud in the movie "Chain Reaction" MUST have been a non-linear PHI phonon series. Your attention is drawn to this PHI CASCADE CHIRP phenomenon in EKG power spectra identifying sustainable bliss: ../hrv )

So let us make understandable this concept, that fusion both in physics and in optics and in psychology are identical, and make this practical. May I suggest is an example. Recall the idea, that there are certain waters that if you were to drink them, you would not thirst again. You would be so bathed in perfect enfolding touch permission, that no further hunger to reach out into folded surface/thirst (touch making power is equated to wet making power in Fabre D'Olivet:"Hebraic Tongue Restored"). Moving in this direction would be flowform water braiding (../water ). This is charge induced suspension of colloidal mineral in Hunza water etc, and the dodec water clathrate cage enclosure for hydrogen's anu in microhydrin. At each level the essential wave symmetry is the same. The fold geometry of either, macromolecular, micromolecular and the atomic perfect PHI embedding is the operative principle. To get water OR field effects to be totally nourishing, and totally IN TOUCH or FUSED, only Phi/Pent/ recursion wave ratios permit so MUCH CONSTRUCTIVE WAVE NESTING.

But here is the most simple and dramatic example I can give you.

I walk into the new Phoenix branch of the "Wild Oats" natural food chain. Typically I love those places. I notice particularly here however an agravating hum, aura bleeding, and a headache-y kind of annoyance. Glancing up into the awful poisonous glare, I see a ceiling full of insideously 60cy humming MERCURY VAPOR LIGHTS. Now this store makes its living by announcing support for whatever sustains life force. Yet so stupid is this planet's media as to even notice that life force exists everywhere charge is embedded sustainably. AND LIFE FORCE DIES QUICKLY EVERYTIME YOU TRY TO RADIATE FORCE (magnetic/capactive/optical etc.) lines NON-EMBEDABLY. This has very practical consequences. The spectral emission lines of MERCURY are notoriously poisonous. The LOSS OF ATTENTION SPAN IN LIGHT WHICH DOES NOT HAVE SUN LIKE HARMONICS, has been well documented in classrooms. (Health and Light by John Ott, Cora Saltarelli - Roswell, and the movement for full spectrum lighting to assist ADD.. GE-Chroma 50 Flouresence. etc.). In summary it is not news that full spectrum lighting IS EXTREMELY COST EFFECTIVE IN THE WORK/SCHOOL PLACE versus absentee-ism and attention span costs of lighting (like most flouresence and most pressure vapor lighting especially Mercury) which does a poor job of imitating or embedding INSIDE OF, what harmonics of light the sun would normally bathe us in. In other words, if your light source does not imitate the SUN's harmonic cascade of carefully chosen optical wavelengths, your light may be doing more to destroy life than build it! (The Sun's light is based on hydrogen fusion. Hydrogen has Phi harmonic Balmer series / Anu at heart).

It is simple, attention is how many waves can sustainably embed so as to stand to point! Imitate the musical chord in the optical harmonics contained in the sun, and you get life, IMITATE HOW CELLS DIE LIKE "warm red" flouresence" or mercury vapor and you create an insideous public health and Attention Deficit nightmare. Bathe in embedding (the SUN's hydrogen Phire fusion) and you will embed. Bathe in artificial high maintenance death harmonics,-air conditioning and art-less-ificial light and you too will die.

So the workers in that Wild Oats had no clue why they had to go home each night feeling drained and lifeless. NO ONE TOLD THEM. Here is a clue Mr Wild Oats Board of Directors, do an attention span, and strength test after 8 hours in the God Awful light in your store, versus the same employee in a greenhouse. Get a clue kids. (Tried to tell the store manager/ daughter of Sante Fe host, but....)

But now what does this have to do with understanding FUSION?

Why is sun-light enlivening and Mercury Vapor light, deadening IN PRINCIPLE? COULD IT BE because the wave lengths contained in SUNLIGHT are directly NESTABLE IN A PHI MUSICAL WAY, with the all the waves in our solar system. The PHASE relations of all those waves maintain an info grid which allows contiguous EMBEDABLE information exchanges. Now, if you (like our klutsy lighting engineers) try to radiate into living systems WAVE LENGTHS WHICH DO NOT EXIST IN THE PROPER phases nested...(multiples of Golden Ratio times the Plank length and the spectral emission lines of Hydrogen - see ../heartsun ) THEN YOU SIMPLY CREATE AN ENERGY DRAIN/ phase interference with ALL OF LIFE.


In elegant simplicity: THE SUN KNOWS HOW TO EMBED/SURVIVE, by FUSION /PHIre, do you? To attach your living cells to the modem phone line to life, REQUIRES THAT YOU FUSE WITH THE WAVE HARMONIC PHASE SEQUENCE WE CALL.... solar phire. And this IS the key to Fusion, in general... LIFE FORCE.

Could proper adapting to SUNLIGHT itself, be the beginning of 'metabolizing starlight directly' (our soon to be re-released film): the origins of being able to digest gravity into magnetics.. AND how genepools get weaned off of a planets gravity bubble into how stars metabolize / gravity as the eros of stars. At the glandular level, evolving to turn long wave magnetic cascades (gravity) into bliis / coherent emotion, is a LEARNED process just like digestion.

"Philosophy in a New KEY" by Suzanne Langer, wave harmonic origins of language, started me thinking along John Michell's lines in his polemic against the Metric system. He detailed the beautiful PHI multiples between the Roman Pace, the Megalithic Yard, The English and Pyramid INCHES etc. (in his "View over Atlantis" & dodec covered "City of Revelation" ). So I asked myself, is it possible inherently THAT THERE ARE SOME FREQUENCIES IN ANY SPECTRA.. MORE SACRED (that is to say more sustainable) than others?

My answer has evolved over the years, to this article. What emerges is that sacred is (again), simply a name for getting your nearest waves phase nested in the EMBEDDING harmonic cascade of the local stars. (In our case this means, getting in bed / 'embed' with the sun). You can measure if a wave cascade is going to make it thru the heart of the sun (FUSE) which is the energy solution to our planet, to our hearts, and the wormhole to survive death. (../eternal Geometry of Eternality ). 2nd order fft, frequency signature "septrum" as pioneered by me in heart biofeedback, is universally applicatble to determine if a wave system is entering FUSION. (../implosionhazards ). As the inter-harmonic intervals evolve toward multiples of Phi (the only sustainable non-linearity), away from octave based multiples of 2, that oscillator becomes self oranizing/implosive.. and becomes ABLE TO FUSE.

Whether you are embedding a spectral series of hydrogen, your heart, or your fusion reactor, (or the Schumann Earth resonant harmonic SERIES of the tree in your backyard)... in order to sustain (life/self organization/implosion/fusion) you must find the PHI phase map wave cascade to the suns music. This literally (& capacitively) gets the suns "WIND", into your sails! (Noting also the Greg Hodowanec/Bill Ramsey work on capacitors as the ideal sails in which to catch gravity).

There is a KEY SIGNATURE to life. And it is in the (see Anu/heartsun) PHI harmonics of the heart of the sun. (Randy Master's on PHI in the Balmer spectral emission series of Hydrogen, et al..).

So now let us speak to our ("we can ignore what life force is-we will go nuclear"), FUSION ENGINEERS. They know that the flux container must be toroidal, and somehow the symmetry of hydrogen is the clue. If only they would look at the 5/7 dodec/icos symmetry of the ANU coeur heart of hydrogen (heartsun link above). The concept of containment ultimately resolves to a question of what wave geometry will isolate harmonics , versus what symmetry will create UNPACKED DISTRIBUTION PROJECTION of wave harmonics.. (see 'incubeation" vs PHIcycle at ../merkabbah )

Human bliss making activity by displaying Phi harmonics in the EKG, proves that an evolving human genome and life force in general knew that sustaining energy attraction by recursion implosion, IS HOW TO FUSE WITH YOUR ENVIRONMENT. If we but had the vision to apply this to our fusion reactors, we would literally harness the sun's phire (the heart /coeur of it all). And precisely our physics communities unwillingness to acknowledge that the very symmetry operations in flux container that make fusion a "chain reaction", ARE THE TURNS INSIDEOUT RECURSIVELY WHICH MAKE ANY OSCILLATOR BY THE PHI-CYCLES OF SELF ORGANIZSTION, BECOME SELF AWARE!

What this means emotively, is that the sun would be acutely AWARE by field coupling with all the nodes (like fusion reactors) which would enter true implosive fusion. Thus setting up PHIre / fusion at this level, in order to be non-destabilizing (painful) to the sun, would require attention to the needs of the ways planets and stars experience gravity relations erotically. To put it another way, certain geomantic conditions must be filled in order to properly site a fusion reactor, in order not to 'anger' destabilize the long term wave gravitic relation with the sun. This would be similar to the activities of a DRUID or Cherokee, to prepare a landscape for the installation of a Labyrinth. Where you would intend to install a dimple into the magnetoscape, you would take care not to dump poison into the blood line you open to the Sun. (In physics this would compare with what it takes to maintain a stable ecosystem at the mouth of a wormhole. Similar to "Deep Space Nine" and "Peshmehten" and "Incunabula".)(PeshMehTen: the Meaning of A Galactic Passage Between Stars for Earth ET Politics.. Guardians of the Grail vs. Deep Space Nine.. 1/98 , Incunabula, Tantric wormholes and the bardo bridge, the antenna cocoon for human eros to produce shaamanic time tunnels )

I would like to make reference to the proceedings of my talk at the first international symposium on non-conventional energy sources in Atlanta sponsored by Hathaway / McLean. The talk I gave was entitled "Why FREE ENERGY technology is not in fact Free". There I referred to the limit to which gravity fields can maintain the charge implosion recursion symmetry which glues them together, as we fabricate a host of devices which present more embedding to the surround field effect, than the Earth's gravity herself. The literature review reprint at the bottom of this article, of those devices, includes many who were involved at that symposium. So often it is in "The God's Must be Crazy" do the natives trip over another coke bottle falling from the sky, and start carting it around, with so little understanding of the pure principle from which those crude technologies come.

MCKIE*RICHARD,PODMOD,PHOENIX PROJ,GAMMA STAR POWER INTL, seattle.. is one of many examples of such non-linear energy device inventors who actually try to keep secret the fact that Golden Ratio field effect's are in fact the key to the device. Thus presenting another poison pellet of ignorant tool usage to a planet of disempowering "it is a privelege to be assimilated", don't tell me how it works... borgs aborning.

In fact, what Earth requires in order to permit her gravity field /blood to be inFUSED into our genepool, (Atlantean gravity device technology / fire crystal / tuoai stone / vril ) is the same any mother asks for the pouring our of her milk: A TOTALLY SAFE (read;embedable) SPACE. The metaphor of mother's milk -Seed and the Egg: Earth Inseminates Galaxy gaia's lactic coeur (fr:heart) keeps deepening. Fossil fuels are a nutrient embedded in the albumen of this planet egg, which this technology of "metabolizing starlight directly" (our soon to be re-released film) WEANS us off of. To be weaning, requires a metabolism which learns to digest assemble it's own longer wave braid. This is exactly what the symmetry lessons of non-linear device technologies teach. And it is not just irony, but rather perfect, that the symmetry of the heart's PHIring is the test and pilot light to accomplishing the construction of such an attractor.

Let us tell this story in a more romantic way, for those who have seen the movie "The Fifth Element". In the PYRamid of Earth, Air , Fire and Water, there was one Fifth Element ingredient exquisitely required to consume the huge incoming (solar?) fireball non-destructively. You took some highly psychkinetic DNA (read: a good witch), in a body with a HEART on fire with passion, AND THAT EKG at the moment of 'falling' in love BECOMES THE FIELD EFFECT TRIGGER TO THE COMPRESSION IMPLOSION WAVE WHICH CAN EMBED ALL FIRES NON-DESTRUCTIVELY. That FIFTH element, gives yet another new meaning to our favorite Phire and Brimstone Baptist minister: rePENT and be saved.

Intro here to Tutankhanmen Prophecies..(solar signature conversation with Maurice Cotterell).. coming soon.

I would like next here, to give an example from my personal experience of working with n-machine inventors. I would thank Tom Valone, Pyschotronics association , et al for introducing me to so many of these erstwhile pioneers. In order that this conversation about how to apply recursion geometry to perfect the principle of non-linear device technologies, and to UNDERSTAND where the electrical inertia comes out of gravity (Einstein's magnetic monopole), let us use the n-machine. The history here is instructive.

First, Faraday concludes that a magnetic disk shape with it's opposite DC magnetic poles, at the center hole, versus circumference, when rotated, would generate electricity. Later inventors noted, THAT UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES THE OUTPUT POWER/ WATTAGE WOULD NOT ALWAYS VARY IN LINEAR OR PROPORTIONAL WAY WITH THE TORQUE IT TOOK TO DRIVE THE DEVICE INTO MECHANICAL ROTATION. Turning this Faraday disk is like a plate magnet by entering an addition spin domain into a MAGNETIC MONOPOLE (Einstein's electrical definition of Gravity)..

Rotating a magnetic disk creates a suction to the G field...

of the planet. When psychotronics and other inventors like DePalma, Tewari discovered that some inertia was appearing in the rotating system, not put there by mechanical input torque, the unfortuneate term "free energy" device emerged. What was more true, was that physics was ignorant about HOW the gravity field was created and FED by implosion magnetics (the magnetic monopole / coherent emotion feeding the Earth). So to those who do not know WHERE their bloodstream comes from, the energy was "FREE"??? This was about as smart as the primitive Russian soldiers who took light bulbs and faucets back to Russia thinking they would work without attaching wiring or plumbing.

The true physics is that IF the symmetry of the magnetic field in the disk plane is optimized to be recursive, then it's rotation will couple the gravity field AND deplete it. Understanding what that means MUST be a prerequisite for such experiments. Reference: :Recursion in The Harmonic Power Spectra of the Earth's Magnetic Grid (An open letter to significant scientists begging them to embrace and embed the arrival of self-aware consciousness in the Earth's magnetic body, by redesigning power systems which now bleed our collective coherence bubble.), and the other links in square offset above.

Maybe we can expand the investigation of the Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology, http://www.psrast.org/indexeng.htm , to whom the companion article here DNA Wiring: DNA as Radio Transmitter / DNA as Magnetic Superconductor is dedicated. Clearly as the below references suggest, the science behind alternative energy technologies in the true /gravity field coupling area, is maturing. And therefore, if social education were to evolve as well, we might see real progress in the USE of such power RESPONSIBLY.

(This first reference I mention mostly because these were the key authors in the whole series on PHI /DODEC / recursion geometry in DNA and the atom, in the wonderful 21st Century / Fusion Magazine series, who have indicated they may web re-publish soon..Subject: Your request for reprints,From: 21st Century Science <TCS@mediasoft.net>
Dear Dan:We are just about to open our web site, and will have some articles from previous issues on it. In general, we have not given permission for reprints to other web sites, but soon, I hope, we'll be able to link up with some of the sites that have requested this. So, I'll let you know when we are in business: http://www.21stcenturysciencetech.com, {currently in construction} Sincerely.Marje Hecht)

Inedible Professor Link: http://www.larouchepub.com/lhl_inedible_prof.html

26. Cf. Laurence Hecht et al., "The Significance of the 1845 Gauss-Weber Correspondence," 21st Century Science & Technology, Fall
1996; pp. 21-43. See also, in 21st Century Science & Technology, Spring 1997z: Dr. Remi Saumont, "The Battle Over the Laws of
Electrodynamics" (pp. 53-60), and Dr. Jonathan Tennenbaum, "Demonstrating Gauss and Weber's Magnetometer" (pp. 61-62). The
present writer's concern with the Ampere-Weber "angular force" was prompted by a fellow-member of the Fusion Energy Foundation,
Professor Robert Moon of Chicago University. During that time, 1975, the rage in the field of fusion-energy was the subject of the
so-called "Coulomb Force," the mechanistic notion of repulsion of like-charged particles, which the professional gossip of the period
projected upon the scale of nuclear-fusion actions. During a meeting of several associates of the future Fusion Energy Foundation, Moon
presented to me, the summary evidence, that this faith in the "Coulomb Force" was wrongly attributed to events on that scale of
microphysics, pointing out that the popular belief was the product of a deliberate hoax which had been willfully embedded in the
electrodynamics of J. Clerk Maxwell. Laurence Hecht, who later became a close collaborator of Professor Moon, kept on that track until
the relevant proofs of the work of Gauss, Riemann, and Weber, were reexamined and resolved.

Threshing floor tree Jonathan Tennenbaum Nuclear energy. The female technique. (note here from Dan, Sufi saying: "It is feminine to create space", is it to make fractal and therefore implosively attractive (to "FUSE"?) to make egg (self embedded/contained Mother within Mother in inPHIknit recursion? , also recall how the EGG shaped charged doped water vortex tornado was an electrical generator in Schauberger's work).Paperback - 397 pages (1994) Boettiger Verl., how/as self-service; ISBN: 3925725148


Flap text
The atom was considered for a long time as indivisible. It required of large mental and experimental efforts, in order to see and carry out the fissileness of these smallest subject particles. Above all women often implemented this realization against the resistance of their male colleagues and to mankind the door to this enormous energy source unlocked. The book describes the history of the nuclear energy of the discovery of the radioactivity up to the high-temperature reactor from this perspective on the basis so far partially unknown quantities Unterlagen:Zum contents: The music of the items - Marie curie, the student from Poland - " protects the woman against the Intellektualismus " - Brahmslieder in the laboratory - particle and dogmas - a Querdenkerin - a walk changed the world - the Manhattan project - atoms for the peace - Mrs plutonium - the Emanzipation of the nuclear energy.

Jonathan threshing floor tree

Nuclear energy: The female technique

(note here from Dan, translation by babelfish.altavista.com produces interesting colloquialisms like "fissileness" =?fission/vs fusion?)

The atom was considered for a long time as indivisible. It required of large
mental and experimental efforts, in order to see and carry out the fissileness of these smallest subject particles. Above all
women often implemented this realization against the resistance of their male colleagues and to mankind the door to this
enormous energy source unlocked. The book describes the history of the nuclear energy of the discovery of the
radioactivity up to the high-temperature reactor from this perspective on the basis so far partially unknown quantities

To contents: The music of the items - Marie curie, the student from Poland - " protects the woman against the
Intellektualismus " - Brahmslieder in the laboratory - particle and dogmas - a Querdenkerin - a walk changes the world - the
one having project - atoms for the peace - Mrs. plutonium - the Emanzipation of the nuclear energy.

Best. - No.: I-25-14-8 28,80 DM approx. 400 pages

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http://babelfish.altavista.com/ provided this sometimes humerous translation:

Perpetuum mobile, free energy, Tachyonenenergie

There is the conception that there are energies, which we could use it however so far yet does not do, since for this appropriate devices are missing to us.
One knows these devices also as Perpetuum mobile 2. Type define. (1st type would not be energy from that anything).
Perpetuum mobile is called about " eternally moving ".
Since this energy should be available everywhere, one calls it also free energy ".
Already very many devices were built, which used allegedly this free energy, but this could not be proven so far yet.
The hook often is that into these devices only once energy must be put, in order to out-get then which.
It is often very difficult to determine inputs and outputs accurately.
Therefore the wildest values here very often develop.
There are mobile etc. world-wide very many patent applications within the area Perpetuum and also partially gave patents.
In Germany there are patent applications within this area only. Over a patenterteilung too gotten must be obvious in Germany the function or be proven.
Since the acceptance trial succeeded so far to no Perpetuum mobile applicant, there is no given patent within this area in Germany.
In contrast for this in the USA also with given patents the function is not checked, but only whether the invention is new.
It is not thus a given American patent a voucher for the operability!
Many inventors are subject to a self-deception with their invention regarding the efficiency.
Sometimes one must assume fraud.
Basically it could be possible that there is this free energy " and that it could be also transferred, but so far is missing to each proof for this.
It that one could use the ambient heat, is most probable a type itself propelling heat pump. There are indications for the fact that the IITH master record of
thermodynamics is not always correct (see: Eddy processes in nature) and thus also not the Carnot factor. If that really like that should be, at least the
possibility exists for a propelled heat pump or something similar.
Generally one should be much careful, if persons state, it a Perpetuum mobile would have built.
The purpose of this statement is often your cash greed.

Erring ways and promises
Sven Mielordt, Berlin
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Quotation, page 56:
After a scarce decade »converter research«pulls Sven Mielordt balance: One can check off the converter technique according to its opinion. "
(# a converter is to convert the free one energy into a usable a form of energy for us (to convert))
Quotation, page 59:
Me to countless journeys not one functioning apparatus was unfortunately pointed or effect was demonstrated, which one over - 100%-Effekt " also purely
electromagnetic or mechanical components indicates. Also there were no conclusive theoretical concepts, to more exact checking and thinking out
withstood. "

There is conspiracy "
Peter Bruegge over the force of gravity and field energy " - researchers in Hanover
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The misunderstanding with the n-effect
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Dillinger n-machine was mothballed
Incorrect specification of the physicists
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We made ourselves much trouble and output much cash, in order to prove the effect. The only result was: All past hypotheses are false. We could prove
only with large machines that the specification of Tewari, Trombly and Bruce de Palma was inconceivably incorrect. "

Test of a n-machine to the HTL Winterthur
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I. Which knows protected werden?..2. Patentable inventions... * constructions and procedure, those the laws of nature do not contradict (e.g. a machine,
those without energy input work to carry out is - perpetuum mobile -). "

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Dietrich Neumann
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Zum ersten Mal bietet P.M. eine Wette an:
10 000 Mark für einen Tachyonenmotor
Brigitte Röthlein, Herbert Pahl
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IFEI - Ein ungewöhnlicher Lösungsansatz zu Energieknappheit und Umweltkrise
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Kraftwerke im IC-Gehäuse?
Läßt sich Wärme-Rauschen-Spannung nutzen?
(Energiekrise treibt Blüten)
Prof. Hans Peschel
Funkschau 4/1983, Seite 74,75
(Leserbrief hierzu Funkschau 10-1983, Seite 6)

preiswerte Spannungsquelle
Schaltung 25, Elektor 7/8 - 1980

Die Drei-Milliarden-Formel des Robert Groll
Wolfgang Pittke
hobby Nr. 10-1982, Seite 12-18
(Leserbriefe hierzu hobby 14-1982, Seite 36)

Energie aus Magnetismus
und neu entdeckte Erscheinungen ...
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard R. Hennig
© 1982
30 Seiten
(# Kritische Betrachtung von Perpetuum Mobilia, die auf der Basis von Dauermagneten funktionieren sollen)

Knallgas-Reaktionen - Schlüssel zum Verständnis des Lebens
Bericht über die Thesen Ludwig Theodor Neises
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Von der Unmöglichkeit eines Perpetuum mobile
Max Pollermann
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Theoretische und praktische Grundlage einer neuen Technologie
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Die Suche nach der "Freien Energie"
Ing. (grad.) Hans Jäckel
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Energie am Nullpunkt?
Ing. (grad.) Hans Jäckel
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Ist die Schwere tatsächlich eine Anziehungskraft?
LJ. M. J. Kooy
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Perpetuum mobile und Klima-Katastrophe
Joachim Kirchhoff
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raum & zeit, 46/1990, Seite 72-82

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Eine Kulturgeschichte des Perpetuum mobile
Eno Pertigen
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Nutzung der Schwerkraft
Dipl. Ing. Peter Ferger
raum & zeit, 48/1990, Seite 79-81

Vakuum-Energie, ein Durchbruch?
Anrej Smokkim
raum & zeit, 48/1990, Seite 86-88

Die Energie des Raumes
H. Hoegl
raum & zeit, Nr. 31, Dez./Jan. 1987/88

Der Hydro-Gravitationskonverter
Karl Grüter-Blasius
raum & zeit, 45/1990, Seite 59-63

Freie Energie - Traum oder Wirklichkeit
Renate Meier sprach für raum & zeit mit dem SAFE-Präsidenten Roland Santini
raum & zeit, 43/1989, Seite 65-67

Raumfahrt und Freie Energie
Rolf Schaffranke
raum & zeit, 43/1989, Seite 56-59

SAFE-Kongreß: Metaphysik in Einsiedeln
Hans-Joachim Ehlers
raum & zeit, 43/1989, Seite 60-62

Der Müller-Motor: Eine Klarstellung
Carmen Müller
raum & zeit, 43/1989, Seite 62-64

SAFE: Mit System an die Konverter-Technik
Hans-Joachim Ehlers
raum & zeit, 41/1989, Seite 65-67

Müller-Motor: Energie zum Nulltarif?
Klemens Wanke, Hans Joachim Ehlers
raum & zeit, 41/1989, Seite 67-71

Methernitha und Testaktika
Prof. Stefan Marinov
raum & zeit, 40/1989, Seite 76-81

The Methernitha Free-Energy Machine, The Swiss M-L Converter
Donald A. Kelly, Patrick G. Bailey
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Der schweizer ML-Konverter
Don Kelly
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Perpetuum mobile ein alter Traum?
Bauingenieur Wolfgang Szybalsky
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Plädoyer für die Raum-Energie-Konversion
Dr. hc. Rolf Schraffranke
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Phänomene der freien Energie in Natur und Technik
Dr. Jakob Huber
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Ausbreitung des magnetischen Flusses im Stahlstab: ein Hinweis auf Huber-Effekt und Kugellager-Motor
Christian Monstein
Deutsche Physik 2(6), Seite 5-7 &
SAFE NEWS Dezember 1992,
Seite 46-50

Magnetismus als alternative Energiequelle
Prof. Wilhelm Seibel
raum & zeit, 57/92, Seite 3-8

Magnetismus als Energiequelle
raum & zeit, 36/88, Seite 72, 73

Magnetfeld-Energie: Jetzt ist sie nutzbar
Hans-Joachim Ehlers
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Rho Sigma (# =Rolf Schaffranke)
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Neuauflage mit neuem Kapitel: "Einsteins neues Ätherkonzept"
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Freie Energie. Im Vakuum nachgewiesen
Dr. Ing. A. W. Tschernetskij
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Freie Energie ist keine Utopie mehr
Michael Odenwald
raum & zeit, 55/92, Seite 59-62

Energien aus dem Nichts"
Freie Energie" durch Information
Manfred Hartmann, Claudius Kern
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Schwerefelder erzeugen umweltfreundliche Energie
Dipl.-Ing. Peter Ferger
Implosion, Juni 1978, Nr. 70, Seite 25-30

Tachyonen-Energie am Werk?
Super-Magnete als Benzinsparer
Rolf Schaffranke
raum & zeit, Heft 6, 1983, Seite 102-106

Gravitation als dipole Felder
Dr. Ing. Jan Pajak
raum & zeit, 34/88, Seite 57-69

Die Schwingkammer - Energie und Antrieb für das Weltrumzeitalter
Jan Pajak
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Magnetismus als Energiequelle
D. Zielinski
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Schappellers kosmischer Energie-Extraktor
Dr. h. c. Rolf Schaffranke
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Energiegewinnung aus kosmischer Urkraft
F. Dietrich
Andere Welt, (jetzt Esotera), 1968

Freie Energie ist in uns - nicht in Maschinen
Dipl.-Ing. Pierre H. Matthey, Neuchatel, Schweiz
raum & zeit, 37/88, Seite 94-96

Stan Meyers Wasser-Zellentechnik
Hans-Joachim Ehlers
raum & zeit, 44/90, Seite 84, 86-88

Wasserzellen - Technik jetzt für jedes Auto?
Stanley A. Meyer
raum & zeit, 48/90, Seite 73-78

Stan Meyer ermöglicht Wasser als Brennstoff
Ola Deraker
raum & zeit, 50/91, Seite 76-79

UFO-Forscher konstruierten angeblich neue revolutionäre Energiequelle"
esotera 11/75, Seite 1037

Strom aus dem Nichts?
Marco Bischof
esotera 11/93, Seite 92-97

Test einer N-Maschine an der HTL Winterthur
Adolf Schneider
Jupiter-Journal, Jg. 3, H. 3, März 1990 (Nr. 25), Seite 23-27

Denver Report
Aktuelle Beiträge zum Thema »Freie Energie«
Herausgegeben für eine ökonomisch-ökologische Energie-Forschungs- und Technologiepolitik
- englischsprachiges Kompendium -
New contributions to the subjekt of »Free Energy«
© 1994 ISBN 3-922367-81-X
Edition Freie Energie 94-B01-01
mehere hundert Seiten, DIN A4
Edition Freie Energie
Redaktionadresse: Büro Peter Clemens, Liebigstr. 10, 60323 Frankfurt am Main
Buchbestellungen: VAP-Verlagsauslieferung, Postfach 1180, 32352 Preußisch Oldendorf, Tel. 05742/930444 & 05742/930445, Fax 05742/930455

Wie frei kann Energie sein?
Die Messias-Maschine oder "Das synergetische Modell"
Achmed Khammas
SAFE NEWS Sammelausgabe 1993, Seite 30-43

Der Messias mit der sanften Technik
Ahmad Khammas
Shinx-Magazin, Basel, Nr. 7/1979, Seite 34-38

Antigravitation, Ölscheichs und viel Wirbel!!!
Ahmad Khammas
Einblick, Berlin, 5/86, Seite 4-7

Freie Enegie Patents
3,626,605 & 3,626,6006 Henry Wallace

[zum Inhalt- Physik]



Kalte Fusion

Das heisse Rennen um die kalte Fusion
Frank Close
© 1992 ISBN 3-7643-2631-X
456 Seiten, 21 s/w. Abbildungen, gebunden, DM 88,-

Die Wissenschaftsmafia und die kalte Fusion
Marjorie Mazel Hecht
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Kalte Fusion und die Hexenjagd auf Wissenschaftler
Wolfgang Lillge
Fusion, Nr. 4, Oktober 1991, Seite 31

Kalte Fusion und Selbstorganisierung
Giuliano Preparata
Fusion, Nr. 4, Okt. 1991, Seite 28

Die Kalte Fusion" funktioniert
Jonathan Tennenbaum
Fusion, Nr. 4, Okt. 1991, Seite 21

Kalte Kernfusion?
Prof. Dr. Heinz Gerhard Feller
Forschung aktuell, berlin, 1994, Seite 28, 29

Impact Articles on Cold Fusion,
Hal. Ed. Fox
Fusion Information Center, P.O. Box 58639, Salt Lake City, Utah 84l58-0369
Tel. 801/583-6232, Fax 801/ 583-6245

Cold usion:
Impact in the enhanced energy age
(Includes diswkette bibliography of 1200 articles)
Hal Fox
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New Energy News, April 1994, p 3.
H. Aspden

The Status of 'Cold Fusion'
E. Storms
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A Summary Review of the 3rd International Conference on Cold Fusion
Carol White
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J. Dufour
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M. Jandel
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R.L. Mills, S.P. Kneizys
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Anomalous Heat Evolution from SrCeO3 - Type Proton Conductors during Absorption/Desorption of Deuterium in Alternate Electric Field
T. Mizuno, M. Enyo, T. Akimoto, K. Azumi
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A New Look at Solid-State Fractures, Particle Emission and Cold Nuclear Fusion
G. Preparata
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Review of Experimental Observations about the Cold Fusion Effect
E. Storms
Fusion Tech. 20, 1991, pages 433-477

Cold Fusion
(Magazine, monthly)
Wayne Green Publications
70 Route 202 North
Peterborough, NH 03458

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Tachyonen, Neutrinos

Gerüchte um tolle Tachyonen
Uli Deker
bild der wissenschaft 10-1983, Seite 26

Tachyonen wollen erst noch gefunden werden
B. Kanitscheider
VDI-Nachrichten, Nr. 10/6.3.81,
Seite 23

Gibt es doch Tachyonen
(#Autor nicht angegeben)
Physik in unserer Zeit, 1974, Nr. 4, Seite 124

P. M. Magazin 1/1981, Seite 23,24
(#Thema Tachyonen)

P.M. Magazin 8/1982, Seite 57ff
(# Thema Neutrinos)

Was, Sie glauben auch an Tachyonen-Energie?
Jonathan Tennenbaum
FUSION, Jahrgang 6, 1985, Nr. 1, Seite 12-62

Tachyonen - Teilchen schneller als das Licht
Dietmar Kirch
UMSCHAU in Wissenschaft und Technik, 23/1977, Seite 758-766, Frankfurt

The neutrino sea - hypothesis or reality?
Dr. H. C. Dubley
Industrial Research - Dec 1977, p. 51-54

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Die N-Maschine ist eine Unipolarmaschine.
Bei der Unipolarmaschine handelt es sich um einen um die Längsachse rotierenden Dauermagneten von dem an der Peripherie und in der Mitte ein
Gleichstrom bis zu mehreren tausend Ampere abgenommen werden kann.

Zur kurzen Theorie der Unipolarmaschine
L. Kneissler-Maixdorf
Elektrotechnik und Maschinentechnik, 61. Jahrgang, 1. Okt. 1943, Heft 39/40, Seite 479-486

Unipolarmaschine mit Kontaktwalzen für Abnahme des Stromes
Patentschrift Nr. 704671
Erfinder: Paul Gebhart
Patentiert am 24.03.1938

Unipolarmaschine für kleine Spannungen und hohe Ströme
M. Zorn
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Unipolar Machines
Association of the Magnetic Field
A. K. Gupta
American Journal of Physics 31 (1963), p. 428

Otto Schulz
© 1908
Verlag von Hachmaisler & Thal, Leipzig

Unipolarmaschine mit einer tiefstgekühlten Erregerwicklung
OS 2534511
Erfinder: Prof. Dr. Peter Klaudy
Anmelder: Siemens AG
Anmmeldetag: 01.08.75
Int. Cl. H 02 K 31/00

Elektrische Unipolarmaschine
OS 2537548
Erfinder: Dieter Wetzig
Anmelder: Siemens AG

Über unipolare Induktion
F. Ollendorf
Archiv für Elektrotechnik, XLIV-Band, Heft 2, 1959

High Voltage Homopolar Generator
General Atomics
described in a GA marketing brochure 2-28-91

Closed Path Homopolar Machine
Adam Trombly
International Patent (PCT) HO2K 31/00, 39/00, Jun. 24,1982

Homopole Type AC Generator
Enakichi Hayasaka
U.S. Patent No. 4,831,299, May 16,1989

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Searl (capacitive gravity force generation?)

Dem Searl-Effekt auf der Spur
Herbert Schneider, Harry Watt
raum & zeit, 42/1989, Seite 75-81

Dem Searl-Effekt auf der Spur (II)
Herbert Schneider
raum & zeit, 43/1989, Seite 73-77

Was ist dran am Searl-Effekt?
S. Gunnar Sandberg
raum & zeit, 40/1989, Seite 67-75

Begegnung mit John R. R. Searl
Herbert Schneider, Dr. J. B. Koeppel, Hans-Joachim Ehlers
raum & zeit, 39/1989, Seite 75-81

raum & zeit Interview mit John Roy Robert Searl
Hans-Joachim Ehlers
raum & zeit, 39/1989, Seite 83-84