The Fractal Fridge: A COHERENT Kooler.. "Pining Away for Something Cool"...

ideas outlined in brief for Jan Cisek and Patricia.. from Dan Winter with Claudio Bamberg ( )

"pining for something cool"

The ultimate fridge to keep food fresh and alive.


1. Freshness = the ability to attract and hold (capacitive) charge. ( Measurement of life: , Predictor of Germination: ). Freshness is the charge radiance and turgor pressure which conserves and propagates life force by symmetry.

2. Only IMPLOSIVE ( Egg or Pine Cone Like) symmetry creats FRACTAL ATTRACTION to center - for charge. Fractality is physics only perfect compressor to attract.

3. Perfect IMPLOSIVE charge CREATES KOOLNESS - AND - HOLDS LIFE. Schauberger's Implosion vortex started working (making charge / life from gravity ) JUST AT THE TIME THEY SPONTANEOUS STARTED GETTING COLDER. ( see water vortex pic below)

4. Golden Mean Ratio creates this KOOL way to COOLness AND LIFE- because this symmetry for charge compressing (see: a PINE CONE) - because this allows NO destructive interference (heat) as the waves converge:

see picture- top down view of your DNA and your fridge..

Logo Idea:


first - a few of Claudio's drawings:

Claudio adds:

Due to the pine cone shape of the 5&5(Phive &Phive)array, biology's way of creating a charge attrac ting=Lifeforce attracting environment PLUS the fractality inviting layers of organic and anorganic materials enhance the staying alive(bio-electrically charged) of the food stored within. (Remember Reich's Orgonbox)
Our choice of supreme quality paramagnetic components(ceramic,hemp, Gold/Palladium) allow for the ultimate in LifeForce preserving solutions.
For hot climates an external cooling system is being provided.

Just ideas now:
- alternative positioning: on the side for bigger sizes?
- the cooling system: innermost layer : Gold or Palladium coating
- 1) next outer " : Ceramic
2) " " " : pressformed hemp
3) " " " : Ceramic (porous)
4) " " " : pressformed hemp
5) outermost " : hardwood (e.g. beech, kroatian beech has very few nots)

(the hypothesis goes like this: water very slightly dripping on layer 4) moisturizes hemp, warmth from layer 3) should permeate through, air coming in from little holes in the outer layer circulates and creates a fien breeze that cools the vapour layer)


An alternative use for this shape, although we want to focus, could be a flotation tank...

Note: Orgone (Implosive Capacitive Effect.. alternate layers organic (HEMP - molded) materials.. also inner surface gold coat? .. paramagnetic stone main material..?

Note also - need that outer layer be ceramic with controlled semi porosity to allow slo water drip to cool surround surface..

Piped in refrigerant coil - is silent (external) and usually off..





Here is another computer plot of the accurate revolved Golden Mean Spiral around.. the pine cone shape..




Natural Cooling Effect - in toward charge center