New Examples of HeartTuner:

Heart/Brain Coherence, TREE Life Force, Pineal Measures

with thanks to the 'Measurement Group' and Saskia..

Feb, 19, 2002


Section 1: Life Force in a tree - measured.

New HeartTuner tests show the hi-impedance pre-amp native to HeartTuner more responsive than other other pre-amps we have tested. (The gain is set to the normal hi-gain used for EEG). Here the huge tree at S'Graveland is VERY responsive - sings. (This is using the 'Callahan' biological capacitive probe - see life force measures.

Frank Bonte touches tree with loving attitude and a vial of charged water.

NOTE: left arrow COHERENCE event is significant, and near the key signature of .618.

(Left arrow peak: amplitude measures coherence, position measures musical key).


Here the large tree responds dramatically to beautiful 'digiridoo' played at it's base. (Note the instrument was a large distance around the tree massive trunk from the actual measuring device.)

Section 2: Brain Coherence (ATTENTION?) Measured - Phase Lock to Heart Illustrated (The Heart-Brain Connection?)

(Note Breath Wave Shape - Bottom Right Graph)

Brain Waves are in RED, Heart Voltages are in BLACK.

Compare Heart Coherence black peak - left, with red Brain Coherence Peak.

Section 3: Charge Density above PINEAL GLAND (Head Top) Measured:

see - Pineal Studies .

Saskia becomes initially still - the charge between 2 copper 'capacitive' plates - 1 under her seat, the other just over the top of her head. (Capacitive accelerometrics aka Bentov)

Saskia ' fires ' her Pineal gland using her accustomed MEDITATION.

NOTE: Coherence event is significant, and musically keyed to .618 PHI cascade?

Here we expanded the scale (still above the Pineal) - as Saskia experienced intense Digiridoo Music.

Later we found the Digiridoo, measured it's own musical key signature centered at around 68 hz, beautifully an octave above the charge density harmonic (just below 34hz) we spectrum analyzed above her Pineal gland.