Ensoulment: TaleEating thru Lightspeed

-DNA Squirts (Feedsback..) Woim Toining into Face

- "Phantom" DNA AND Draco's and the W-Orme.

from Dan Winter, 10/14/99 , index: ../sitemap.html

Re: The spiritual / psychological work of Ensoulment- when the implosion worm up the center zipper of DNA ceates a sustainable faster than light tornado-see also The Building of the Antakarana and the Rainbow Bridge - from Kuthumi via Joshua David Stone

It may be a recursive mirror of a complement to note how much controversy arose from our last little scorpio stinging - ../reviews Such major parts of the dialog have pieces of pure principle and advice, that we offer them to you here.

1. Phantom DNA (vs W-orme Turning Inside Out?): Could this research eventually prove that recursion/embedding in DNA braid symmetry extends the measured (and demonstrably faster than light?) ability of DNA to leave a photon "shadow" or phantom in the 'ether'. (Shades of the old 'phantom leaf' effect in Kirlian or hi voltage photography.... leaf gone, auric shadow remains.) Could this be a clue to how properly heart coherent versus gold powder eating humans become 'ensouled', or literally optically sustainable? (Pardon me, but has your 'woim toined' inside out today? ... Kundalini and the re-invention of spin-doctored en-screwment.).. see below..

2. "A Monument to the End of Time" Revisited. Excellent response from the author. Clues to Rennes and the Grail? (And thanks to Vincent)...below.. Historical tantric father AND son?of Jesus-John /jon/scion/zion:to branch/embed.. and the Blue Apples... see William Henry's Blue Apples link below. Does the photon apple donut in DNA turn Ultra Violet UV blue at the birth of recursion's insideout ness... ensoulment? (DNA spits UV at Meiosis/Meitosis)

3. Dragon:word origins- worm, orme, sumerian... God vs a magnetic worm which learns to steer.. take heart wing. Dancing from fear to empowered understanding.

4. Speaking of Ron Holt's & Drunvalo's friends, suggest you view Creto Mutwa's super review of hugely widespread ancient african practical tribal knowledge of the ET's AND their oft parasitic interventionism. Yet another example, in this case a powerful shamanic one, of the wisdom urging Western minds to get their head out of the sand on the ET question and thus choose survival and empowerment instead of their present course - which seems to be: 'It's easier to join the Borg's than figure out who they are'. Please see Creto's VERY enjoyable native shaman ET tribal campfire review at (David Icke's): http://www.davidicke.com/icke/magazine/vol6/spectmutwa.html Video's at their homepage..(Bill Spuhler notes: David Icke has put some new info up on his web site that you may find interesting. It seems the Illuminati are not *a-Muse'd* by his expose of their Reptilian shape-shifting bloodlines. They tried to deny him entrance into Canada recently to speak. Now he's hooked up with a South African shaman who has had personal experience with Reptilians and Grays in his native country. Especially, see the interview with the shaman and his knowledge of Jabulon. (It's better than a late night horror flick. LOL!)" Then Winifred Barton notes (Has Enlil/Yalweh cast more phantoms?):"Hi Bill!, JABULON - is the secret name of God - both Temporal and Spiritual of the Freemason's - Cathors - Knights Templar. It ties in with that piece about an airport being all decorated up by
the Freemason's to welcome him. We had a picture of it once over the net In the ritual of exaltation, the name of the Great Architect is revealed as JAH-BUL-ON which is a precise designation that describes a specific supernatural being - a compound deity composed of three separate personalities fused into one. ...JAH = Jahweh, God of the Hebrews.
BUL = Baal, the ancient Canaanite fertility god associated with "licentious rites of imitative magic."
ON = Osiris, The Ancient Egyptian God of the Underworld... (An/Anu?)

5. Next major parts 2-6 of Raphiem's really helpful cliff notes to Anna Hayes heavy duty ET history book: "Voyagers", with link to Raphiem's discussion group.

6. Addend James Barrett hints on Sonoluminescence/ Implosion..

1. Section on Phantom DNA: (Thanks much to anonymous Tal for pointing this out)

Subject: dna squirts woim toining into face ,Tue, 12 Oct , From: dan winter , To:kundalini@List-Server.net

wondering if any of the kundalini list afficionadoes could help us
pin[e down this 'u bi quit[e us' worm?

Note in response to many requests, the original source for this article is:

(Subject: The Stargate Conspiracy...WITHIN you, WITHOUT you.fromTAL > Have you visited our website?
> Laura> Dr. and Mrs. Arkadiusz Jadczyk, http://www.cassiopaea.org,Yes....and I find it refreshingly informative and thought provoking. I've been pointing the site out to others and I know they themselves
are sharing the site location with their contacts.My friend Dan Winter <winter@primeline.com>
is interested in the article,"The Matrix, DNA, Illusions of Our World, and the Alchemy of
Transformation",http://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/dna.htm,....in particular : "... this DNA phantom effect that some Russians recently discovered. They shoot with lasers into this vacuum and record photons with detectors.'', We would be interested in where to locate more about this Discovery.Thank You, "TAL") (note from Dan, this is a good place to challenge these friends to please come up with more technical reference/detail... like when Glen Rein first accepted our challenge to measure DNA braid respond to EKG coherence, and did!)

Q: (A) I want to ask about this DNA phantom effect that some Russians recently discovered. They shoot with lasers into this vacuum and record photons with detectors. It detects noise because there is nothing coherent. Then,
they put a little piece of DNA there. This DNA has a certain regular structure.

So, the photons from the lasers scatter from this DNA molecule in a certain wavy pattern which corresponds to the internal structure of the DNA. Now, they remove the DNA and for a month or two they continue to obtain a coherent pattern from the vacuum as though something was still there. They call it the 'phantom DNA.'
A: The "phantom" is a remnant of the consciousness residue contained within the DNA structure.

Q: (A) Where does this remnant reside? 1)In the vacuum, 2) in the vibrations of the vacuum, 3) in a gravitational field that is inside the vacuum, 4) in some nonlinear electromagnetics, 5)Space itself?
A: You hit it pretty close with the last three.
Q: (C) Wouldn't it be like leaving an impression in a cushion? (A) Yes, but this is a vacuum. (L) I guess that a vacuum isn't what we think it is.

There is something there that is not amenable to our perception. (A) So, consciousness resides in a DNA structure. (L) Okay, this anthropologist, Michael Harner, was doing some field work, and it says here that Harner went to the Peruvian Amazon to study the culture of the Conibo Indians. After a year or so he had made little headway in understanding their religious system, when the Conibo told him [reads] 'if he really wanted to learn, he had to drink ayahuasca. Harner accepted, not without fear because the people had warned him that the experience was terrifying. The following evening, under the strict supervision of his indigenous friends, he drank the equivalent of a third of a bottle. ...After several minutes he found himself flying into a world of true hallucinations. After arriving in a celestial cavern where a supernatural carnival of demons was in full swing, he saw two strange boats floating through the air
that combined to form a huge dragon headed prow not unlike that of a Viking ship.
On the deck he could make out large numbers of people with the heads of bluejays and the bodies of humans, not unlike the bird-headed gods of ancient Egyptian tomb paintings. After multiple episodes, which would be too
long to describe here, Harner became convinced that he was dying. He tried calling out to his Conibo friends for an antidote without managing to pronounce a word.
Then he saw that his visions emanated from giant reptilian creatures that resided at the lowest depths of his brain. These creatures began projecting scenes in front of his eyes while informing him that this information was
reserved for the dying and the dead. 'First, they showed me the planet Earth as it was aeons ago before there was any life on it. I saw an ocean, barren land, and a bright blue sky. Then black specks dropped from the sky by the hundreds and landed in front of me on the barren landscape. I could see that the specks were actually large,
<http://cassiopaea.org/cass/abduction.htm#mud> shiny black creatures with stubby pterodactyl-like wings and huge
whale-like bodies. They explained to me in a kind of thought language, that they were fleeing from something from out in space. They had come to the planet earth to escape their enemy. The creatures (w-ormed?) then showed me how they had created life on the planet in order to hide within the multitudinous forms, and thus
disguise their presence
. Before me, the magnificence of plant and animal creation and speciation and hundreds of millions of years of activity, took place on a scale and with a vividness impossible to describe. I learned that dragon-like creatures were thus inside all forms of life, including man.' At this point in his account, Harner writes in a footnote at the bottom of the page: 'in retrospect, one could say that they were almost like DNA, although at that time, in 1961, I knew nothing of DNA.' (note from Dan: Shades of DUNE, see Sumerian for Dragon/Draco Worme.. below)

-------Re: the DNA as a measureably superconductive/implosive? better squirt gun, a note from James Barrett here: Think of my piece i sent on Sonoluminescence , file name was Implosive.(reprinted at the bottom of this article) More added to the puzzle.

From this page, http://www.cihs.edu/1/research_fac.html , Research Experiments
Preliminary research done by Dr. Motoyama in Japan has shown that a person emits very small
amounts of visible light. The amount is so small that a photon counter is needed. Dr. Motoyama
found that photon emission is higher at certain acupuncture points compared to a region of skin with
no acupuncture point. According to unpublished research done by Dr. Motoyama in Japan, there is
some indication that emission at certain acupuncture points is increased for persons with psychic
abilities. Furthermore, this research showed that there is a possible link between specific acupuncture
points and the chakras of the Yogic Tradition. We are planning future experiments using the
potential probe in conjunction with the photon counter to elucidate the mechanism of light emission at
acupuncture points. (Note from Dan: Is the faster than light squirting of the DNA from UV up, waveguided by the measureably more electrically conductive accupunture meridians?)

Re: Vincent Bridges: "A Monument to the End of Time" http://www.sangraal.com/AMET , Key Words: Cross at Hendaye vs Rennes Le Chateaux and Apolcalyptic Predictors. In my preceding note, I expressed shall we say, scorpionic impatience at what I perceived as slowness in getting to the real soul nourishing principles. I should say however, that I actually enjoyed reading the book, Vincent's scholarship is not only more esoterically informed than the Grail series authors generally, but his writing syle is actually delightful (particularly for those interested in the historical detail).

Vincent's response here is important. especially where he goes into the real poop on the historical John (jon/scion/zion='to branch'/embed?), -tantric father AND son of Jesus/Magda line?-. Maybe my impatient criticisms were at least a useful nudge to getting dear Vincent to spill some more of his juicier beans. (Future books?).Vincent and Darlene have truly been a great supporter of the sacred alphabet work, thru many years.. and I regret if I have injured their friendship... Dan.

Subject: Amet & Luz, 13 Oct 1999 , From: Vincent & Darlene <abooks@ac.net>
"Dear Dan,

Well, I suppose I should thank you for panning our book. You have once and
for all demonstrated the basic difference between us. However, your
criticisms would have had more value had you bothered to read the book.
That you didn't tells me that the bad review was a personal attack somehow.
This saddens me Dan. Through all the bad shit, I've always regarded you
with respect, even when we don't agree. If this is a simple case of sour
grapes, Dan, then please actually read the book. I think you will find it
very interesting.

Let me correct a few of your mis-conceptions:
<<Cross at Hendaye/Rennes le Chateaux, predictor that yep a solar burp will
toast the unembedable by 2017. (Old news, seems the Mayan's got the first
press release.)>>

Hendaye is along way from and only indirectly connected with RLC.
The monument points to 2002 and 2013, not 2017 and actually says that the
center of the galaxy is what is going to explode. I would be interested in
your opinion of Dr. LaViolette's work, however.

<<Having said that, you definitely don't need the rest of the info in this

Why? Because you don't understand it?

<<They don't even get around to more than indirectly implying their prime
"bombshell": so what if Fulcanelli WAS Schwaller de Lubitz?>>

We never conclude that Schwaller was Fulcanelli. Schwaller is
barely mention in this volume. We do conclude that Fulcanelli was a real
person who was perhaps 250 years old in 1926. Our prime bombshell is the
connection between alchemy and the apocalypse, and how the secret societies
have traditionally counted the date of that apocalypse.

<<A great way to distract you with football personalities, so you don't
notice the PRINCIPLE: To say Alchemy's physics was mapped in stone in the
Templar Gothic Cathedrals, is boring if you don't mention what & why that
IS: The architecture/geometry of embedding/recursion is what squirts your
gene (goldlike) magnetics off of little planets, into stars.>>

We do mention what and why, see Chapter Ten.

I also hear from Ray that you have been asking about St John de Luz. Well,
at the risk of giving you ammunition for more extreme theories, here's the
basic story. The details and the textual authories and other clues are
going into the next book in the AMET series. I'm going to tell you the
story, without telling you how we found out about it, and then you can just
say it's my opinion.

OK, basically, it's a family affair. John the Baptist is the brother of
Joseph of Arimathia. John is Jesus' real father, conceived by an
Essene/Tantric ritual after which John became a celibate prophet in the
wilderness. Joseph assumed his brother's responsibilities and moved his new
family to Egypt. They returned to Jerusalem when Jesus was 12 to have him
confirmed by the High Priest. Jesus was raised in the Jewish/Greek
community of Alexandria, and later moved to the Greek city of Sepphora in
Galilee with his family. He was married in Cana to his second cousin, Mary,
sister of Martha and Lazarus, called the Magdalene. Their marriage sealed a
dynastic arrangement within the house of David and their son would have
been both High Priest and King of the Jewish people.

Jesus was a minor political figure, a sort prince-consort, until he met his
father, John the Baptist. After that encounter he became a
Nazorene-flavored Essene and began to preach his father's message, the
coming of the millenarial Kingdom. John was soon imprisoned and sent word
to Jesus asking him if he was sure he wanted to do this. Jesus' reply, as
given in the Bible, is very ambiguous. John is of course killed, beheaded.

And here we come to the major philosophical divergence. John had been an
old style prophet, very much in the vein of Ezekiel and Elijah. Jesus was
something different. He patterned himself on 2nd Isaiah's suffering savior,
but interpreted it in a Greco-Egyptian manner. His passion play was
Osiris/Isis/Horus. Baptism by his father John was a sign to him, and he
began his teachings in the vein of John. But soon his vision grew until he
had conceived of a plan to recreate the drama of ancient Egypt, with
himself as Osiris.

The plan had several levels of course. The inner core was mostly family,
while the outer core of apostles served the function of providing audience
and supporters. The Last Supper on Mt. Zion was a sacred Osirian ritual,
including the impregnation of Isis, here played by Mary Magdalene. Jesus
goes to the cross, appears to die, is buried in the family tomb, and
apparently is resurrected. Mary, his wife, is the first witness to his
resurrection. After that, Jesus goes back to Galilee and disappears.

Mary goes away after the crucifixtion. What seems to have happened is that
she returned to her mother's country, the Greco-Celtic Egyptian country of
Provence in southern France. On January 17th, 34 AD, Mary gave birth to a
miraculous child, a virgin birth in the common vernacular, since his father
was long dead and his mother was a widow. Named John, for his grandfather
and for the inner meaning of that name, the child became the center of a
new spiritual movement. He was considered the incarnation of Horus and the
Greco-Celtic Hercules Ogmios as well as the true High Priest and Savior
King of the Hebrews.

As he grew, the situation in Palestine grew worse. Soon after his 22nd
birthday, John departed for Jerusalem. In the summer of 56 AD, a new
miracle worker appeared in Palestine. Called the Egyptian in both Josephus
and the Book of Acts, John gathered a large group of followers. In the fall
of 56 AD, he departed Palestine with as much 10,000 followers and
disappeared from history.

But not quite, because we find in the same time period that the Romans were
encouraging emigration from Palestine to southern France. Augustus had
given them permission to settle Provence in 22 AD, and emigration had been
steady ever since, with the most coming in the decade before the fall of
Jerusalem in 66 AD.

Here the story gets murky. We know that the town of Glanum Livii was pretty
much a Jewish city and was perhaps the center of the new movement. We know
about the Tristan and Isolde myth and their origin in Glanum. The esoteric
tradition insists that this is a peice of the story, so can safely conclude
some kind of tantric connection with the local priestess of Isis. Other
clues suggest that our original Isolde may have been a great grand-daughter
of Augustus. If they married, John and Isolde's children would also be
heirs to the Roman Empire.

The traditions are all confused because of the need to speak in code. We
find fragments of several myths told as part of the story, making it hard
to sort through them. Apparently though, John pulled a Sidhartha and went
wandering in search of the ultimate truth. He went west across southern
France, stopping along the way to meditate. His stoppovers are marked by
the use of the archaic French word Luz and would become centers of the
various mysteries. He apparently acheived his quest, because sometime after
90 AD, he returned to Glanum and wrote his Revelations. This would become
the core mystery text of the underground gnostic current in the west. A
version would even become, under the name of another John, a part of
Christian orthodoxy.

We are not sure what happened to St. John de Luz, as the Dark Age church
would call him. The legend says that he vanished into a cave in Provence,
like Merlin, to await the Day of Judgment.

So there you have it. The bloodline of the Holy Grail starts here and runs
through the 2 thousand years of European history. Here's a couple of
eye-opening clues. The mort epee and Blue Apples of Saunier's codes point
to the Glanum Livii, Blue Swelling or Blue Fruit for the local large
blue/purple grapes, in Provence. (insert from Dan here: deep story of the blue apples?:http://williamhenry.net/blueapples.htm ). The mort epee is the sword of Tristan -- a
code name for St. John -- whose origins lie in the Roman Governor Lucuis
Sextus Marcus, King Mark, and his daughter, a priestess of Isis. And there
are just three places in France with the word Luz in their name. St. John
de Luz, near Hendaye where the monument is located, Luz-St. Savior in the
mountains above Lourdes, and the little village of Luz near
Rennes-le-Chateau. Centers of the mystery indeed.

Nostradamus, who was probably a descendent, referred to him as MANSOL, an
annagram for Solomon, the Priest-King son of David, Lam(b) son, son of the
Lamb or sacrifice, and Sol Man, or sun-man, the being of Light.

Well, that's enough for you to go on. Enjoy! Vincent"

-note from Dan, So Vincent, how about a little challenge here, even if you do only laugh at Gardner's scholarship on the day when (Sirian?) Akenaton changed his name to Moses... how about fitting your History of the Jesus/John bloodline into Anna Hayes (Voyagers series) elaborate description of the Turanesian ET origins of the Jesus incarnation? (And for the REALLY brave compare with the Arcturian origin of the Essenes in the book "Two Thirds" David Meyers and David Percy.. also descendants of the Puharich "Stargate Conspiracy".)

How doth the woim toin?: --more from Tal:, "ORME" ? Orme = Rock or Stone = ORE

ROCK-ART = Petroglyphs, Pictographs and Cave Paintings., fORM....fORMEd....fORMEr , * A Rock outcropping associated with a Dragon : "Aliens on the Great Orme" : http://www.marl.com/lds/articles/goats.html

Excerpt : Mynydd Llandudno, known in English as "The Great Orme", is a hilly peninsular which juts out into the Irish Sea. The Great Orme guards the entrance to the Bay of Llandudno, a popular seaside resort in North West Wales. The name "Orme" is said to be derived from a Norse word "Heva Horma" meaning Serpent, and indeed, the Viking invaders approaching through the mist may well have imagined it to be a sea monster.
The Great Orme Exploration Society (GOES) was set up by a group of people interested in the exploration and
interpretation of the MINES on the Great Orme. http://freespace.virgin.net/tony.davies/goeshome.html
The Great Orme has been mined for COPPER for the past 4000 years or so and is covered with the evidence of this activity, there are numerous shafts accessing large UNDERGROUND workings.... (note fr Dan: Blue Bloods use more copper than iron to hold their oxygen -fire- in bondage in blood.. Magentically conductive in it's atomic symmetry, thus when en-l-eye-phi-ened can become the seed for the soul of the worm.. parallels to gold.. superconductive symmetry enactors of recursion become implosive in blood solubility in the presence of bliss.. ensoulment.)
Hmmm ...a Norse word, "Heva Horma" meaning Serpent. wORM...wORME
* Worms Head, also Wormeshead, from O.N. örmr, "snake, serpent, dragon." Great Orme's Head in North Wales has the same derivation.
So...We do have a link here, between ORE [rock/stone/crystal], Caves/Mines/Tunnels and the Serpent/Dragon/Worm.
When taking about the monatomics (single, isolated atoms[like "White Gold"] )and the Paranormal Observations of ORMEs Atomic Structure, "valence structures" ( the form of rod-, bar-, and funnel-like shapes), are equivalent to "orbitals" as used in the ORME acronym.* funnel-like shapes look like CONEs or CAVE Tunnels.
http://www.zz.com/WhiteGoldWeb/ozone1.htm (Dan notes: compare to dodec icos conic symmetry, see Occult Chemistry, anu nests... also symmetry of Amenti's Halls?)

* V.I.T.R.I.O.L. Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum, Lapidem translates to: "Visit the interior of the earth by rectification you will find the hidden stone".
* PHILOSOPHICAL VITRIOL : associated with COPPER (it's Crystal shape is an Octahedron = two PYRAMIDS, base to base.)or the vapour extracted from copper. NOTE : the Crystal Oxygenation around COPPER is called Malicite(which is GREEN) or Aurite(which is BLUE). Both have the Crystal shape of an Octahedron = two PYRAMIDS, base to base. (note fr Dan, UK book: Green Stone.. Roots of Spiral-tual Implosion?).
The Dragon/Serpent protects "the Treasure", in the Cavern.

How do YOU say DRAGON? : http://www.draconian.com/misc/say/
th'uban (Islamic)
Naga (Indonesian)
ormr (Norse)
dracul, drakul (Romanian)
Arach (Gealic)
drake (German)
zmaj [pronounced "zmai" means Dragon], azdaja [pronounced "azhdaya"
means Hydra] (Croatian/Serbian)
Agron-dray (Pig-Latin)
lung'a' puv (pronounced loong-AH poov) "Flying Great Lizard" (Klingon)

--http://www.cassiopaea.org Dr. and Mrs. Arkadiusz Jadczyk, Excerpt from : Ormethion, the God of STS... And the Names of God, Q: (L) If the brotherhood AKA Illuminati AKA Lizzies AKA Beast are the ones who are going to do detrimental things to this planet, how are they related or connected to the Quorum which is in touch with...

A: This will take time to explain be patient it will be worth it. Q: (L) Okay. What is the nature of evil?
A: Blend. [Remember Orimulsion and Ormethion]...

-- Sumerian origins of Draco..?: According to Sir Laurence Gardner "....the early Ring Lords of Scythia (the Tuatha Dé Danann king-tribe) were actually called the Sumaire. And in the language of old Ireland - to where many of the caste migrated - the word sumaire meant 'dragon'."...

Christos: Word origin in Greek-anointed one, "smeared with semen", a descriptive term for the Fly Agaric mushroom, also known as amanita muscaria, flesh of the gods.. note from Dan: related to Messeh/Messiah, smeared with Dragon Oil/Menstrual Fluid.. these notions of access to biological spin density to me are not derogatory, just helpful to see the true natural origin of de-phi-knit ty.

--More casseopia exerpts on wormng: Q: (L) The other night we were talking about the "Mark of Cain" and I lost
part of the tape. I would like to go back over that a
little bit more at this time. What was the true event behind the story of the "Mark of Cain?" A: Advent of jealousy. (Note from Dan, See Cayin vs Enlil, origins of King word in Genesis of Grail Kings, which DNA Droid Adam'as do we ENSOUL?).

Q: (L) What occurred to allow jealousy to enter into human interaction? A: Lizard takeover of Earth.

Q: (L) Wasn't the Lizard takeover an event that occurred at the time of the fall of Eden? A: Yes.

Q: (L) Was this story of Cain and Abel part of that takeover? A: Symbolism of story. The mark of Cain means the "jealousy factor" of change facilitated by Lizard takeover of earth's vibrational frequency. Knot on spine is physical residue of DNA restriction deliberately added by Lizards. See?

Q: (L) Okay, Jan is going to move her hand up my back and you tell her when to stop at the "knot".A: Okay.

Q: (L) You mean the structures behind the occipital ridge? A: Yes.

Q: (L) What was the configuration of the spine and skull prior to this addition? A: Spine had no ridge there. Jealousy emanates from there, you can even feel it.

Q: (L) Do any of these emotions that we have talked about that were generated by DNA breakdown, were any of these
related to what Carl Sagan discusses when he talks about the "Reptilian Brain"? A: In a roundabout way.

Q: (L) Okay, at the time this "Mark of Cain" came about, were there other humans on the planet that did not have this
configuration? A: It was added to all simultaneously.

Q: (L) How did they physically go about performing this act? What was the
mechanism of this event, the nuts and bolts of it? A: Are you ready? DNA core is as yet undiscovered enzyme relating to carbon. Light waves were used to cancel the first ten factors of DNA by burning them off. (Note from Dan: Deca is the Phi/Pent Symmetry of IMPLOSION: Internal self-cancelling = recursions heterodyne/beatnodes). At that point, a number of physical changes took place including knot at top of spine. Each of these is equally reflected in the ethereal.

Q: (L) Well, the question I do have is, how many people were there on the planet and did they have to take each one and do this individually? How many people? A: 6 billion.

Q: (T) That's 500 million more than there are now. A: No, 200 million.

Q: (L) Okay, there were this many people on the planet, how did they effect this change on all of them? A: Light wave alteration.

Q: (L) And light waves, actual light waves, affect DNA? A: Yes.

Q: (T) What was the origin of the light waves? A: Our center. Our realm. STO. (Galactic Solar Implosion Symmetry: Timewave?)

Q: (L) So, how did the Lizzies use the light from the Service to Others realm... see the link...

Raphiem has been so kind as to update us with review notes of Anna Hayes in depth kick butt ET herstory "Voyagers", continued here... Nice note: JOIN THE CONVERSATION: "Dan..was wondering if you could kindly throw the following re-direct url next to.... a link to my discussion list...http://missionignition.cjb.net/ " From"Raphiem" <raphiem@onebox.com> (While we are here, any input on Raphiem's PERFECT question:"Dan,If I were to try and teach/get children to learn/understand self-embedness, other than "hygene" as you have made this clear, what are some simple excercises/suggestions to teach them to practise/learn to allow for this??.....i hope this question makes sense as I have a child of my own...and am surrounded also by many other children....and wish to simplify to their level..any suggestions/assistance appreciated. "Raphiem) (we gotta work on this... 3 sections: ecstatic physics-the animations, ecstatic hygiene, ecstatic-practices... sufi dance anyone?)

Remember in ../reviews , in Raphiem's notes on 'Voyagers' book, we got from Enki creates Atlantis/Thule to hide Cayin -origin of word king- from Enlil Jalweh...up to: Last Pendragon was Cadwaladr of Gwynedd who died AD.664 ,Dragon Courts re-emergence was thru Sigismund von Luxemborg King of
Hungary who was descendant of Dragon Kings of Jerusalem.

Members of the Court was Vlad III of Wallachia who built the citadel of
Bucharest.,Vlad III = Count Dracula = son of Dracul (Dragon)

(note from dan, ooh I like this part where we tickle old St Germain to filling us in on the real color of his ancestry, he can smile with us...)

Subject: Sleeping Abductees 2+3

Again this is my brief continuation of interpretations/study notes from "Sleeping Abductees" by Anna
Hayes......the information below is just enough to give a jist of what it's all about...If you wish to dig
deeper into our HIDDEN cosmic heritage i highly recommend you buy the books...as there is much
more in-depth detail than my notes portray. In Service, Raphiem

The Sleeping Abductees - Study Notes

*** Chapter 2 ***
Not all UFO sightings imply live contact with other life forms.

Subtle contact (multi-dimensional) communications can exist with-in the mind of the receiver

Keylonta = language of light, osund, symbols and energy. It is structure upon which manifestations
are built. Is the language of communicating thru time/dimensional portals.

The codes of Time-Portals and Dimensional-Lock systems are with-in the workings of keylonta.

Zeta & Interior Government have programmed the masses into fear and dis-belief. Basically keep
everyone in the dark and dis-empower the people. Do not give the people knowledge that would
better direct their own lives, health and economic standing/protection.

Subconscious symbol codes are contained with-in the human DNA and these can be manipulated/used
for implant of sensual deception.

Impulse DNA codes can be manipulated and 3D realities over-laid. Holo-graphic insert.

This can be for or against human developement/growth. Vurrently used against us by Zeta.

During abduction, the mind-field is accelerated and molecular structure is slowed. Thus mind and
body become split.

There are 2-types of abductions
1. Abductee training/growth, usually soul agreement.
2. Study, Experimentation, genetic seeding, usually self-serving.

Humans who have a healthy connection to soul, usually do not have type-2 abduction.

ET's in type-2 abduction do not usually intend harm, but also do not ask/permission.

Their view is that, we do not care for our own well being as well as that of others on this planet, and
we do the same to other races/religion/countries and so they don't see any difference. (talk about

*** Chapter-3 ***

Main goal of Zeta and Interior govt is to keep humans ignorant and too busy/complicated in order to
dis-empower and not allow humans to work it out (wake-up)..

..makes things humans easier to control/manipulate.

Basically Zeta's have a problem which they are trying to work out, and humans are one of their main
resources/commodities/soultion to their dire-circumstance.

Our biggest threat is manipulation and exploitation by forces we don't even know exist.

Zeta have successfully interbred with human females and are cultivating these hybrids to engage earth
in 400-500 yrs in our future.

There are two types of Hybrids.
1. The Whites which are close to human biology.
2. The Blues/Browns which are dwarfs, have no real intelligence and are just workers/ guard soldiers
usually found in proximity to the White Hybrids.

The ZIONITES are a Zeta/Human/Aethien breed (with positive Zeta's) which work in
non-violation/brotherhood. They are cultivated time travellers.

The TURANEUSIAM are considered to be the first human pro-type, genetically superior, first
originated on Earth's 5th dimensional counterpart planet called Tara about 560 millions yrs ago.

The Human-Turan's were meant to be custodian's of Tara, until a point of de-evolution occured where
Turan's started interbreeding woth other lifeforms. SOme left Tara to join inter-stellar
brothers/susters and rest remained. Inter-breeding caused genetic fragmentation which could not
carry the higher-intelligence that was intended for the Turan's. Basically all hell broke loose.

Before Turan's were wiped out, was decided to try another experiment on 3D earth. This time the
original 12-DNA genetic imprint would be broken down in to 12-sub-units. Each of the 12 was
polarized. (12-Tribes etc)...

The Flood is a translation/slant of the re-seeding. Sodom and Gomorrah is translation of
Atlantis/Lemuria on Tara..

..basically both sides of the battle have been involved with human training/development. One was to
evolve, the other to digress/confuse.

Zionites were involved with ancient egypt and sumerian cultures.

The Zionites went back in time and gave humans the Silicate Matrix or Crystal Gene. This contains the
full 12-DNA code.

Not all humans carry this code. For those that do, needs to be activated (also known as junk-DNA).

The BORENDT are known as the Hybrid whites, thru fetal transplants. They will in future serve as
teachers/helpers. Have ability to link minds. Can be trusted as will not find them working with
un-enlightened Zeta.

Un-enlightened Zeta are not "evil monsters"...They act in ignorance, they are a very fragmented race,
in fear of extinction, trying to find a solution to their demise. Earth/Humans are just a resource for
the taking.


Note: bulk-majority of Zeta are enlightened, working with brotherhood etc...only minority are in

Sleeping Abductees 4+5 ,Again i stress, these notes are very brief to give you a small
taste/idea/awareness.....if the subject matter is of interest...pls buy the books....

*** Chapter-4 ***
Humans have 12-senses of which 5 we are aware of.

Zeta collapsed the time-portal surrounding their home planet, and are thus cut of
from the source.

They are dying and hope to re-graft themselves by utilizing us.

The interior govt is using the Zeta for it's own need/greed etc. With-holding
technology/medicine etc etc..

Main goal is to keep the humans so distracted/fragmented, stressed and struggling
with everyday life so they don't catch on as to what is really going on. Tactics are
side-tracking and de-bunking.

Holographic inserts are utilized by Zeta as well as interior govt....main play is
appearance of religious figures, saints...also plans are in for newage themes as well..

Currently on Zeta have access to Time-portals and are with-holding it from the
interior govt who are trying to get their hands on it.

One main project being co-implemented is a frequency fence to control mental and
emotional forces.

[sounds like "The Matrix" or "Stargate"..]

Renegade Zeta wish to severe us from our connection to the Soul Matrix source and
replace it with a false matrix (can we tell the difference?)..the Freq Fence is part of

Memories will get replaced by false memories...sometimes subjects have a
re-collection of covered up memories as these bleed thru. Usually they are
regarded as mentally unstable, schizo etc etc..

When a planet/system gets blown out of the grid of it's soul matrix, it system falls
into digressing finite supply of enegry and evolutionary paths..

*** Chapter-5 ***,-----------

Electric Wars occurred 5million y/ago and lasted 900 yrs.

The war was over possession of earth territories.

Some for study, observation and some for exploitation.

Beings who created the Turaneusiam (1st human proto), wanted to continue their
experiments. So agreements had to be made bt forces who had the power to reclaim

Breneau = Solar Lords (G.W. brotherhood) were brought in to assist the factions
who wished earth for further development.

Two factions are Sirians and Plaedians. In order for permission from The Breneau
these factions had to agree to allow the Breneau to intervene if they did not approve
of any of the developments taking place.

So development continued and again digresses and intervention was required. So
far three re-seedings....

..in a nutshell there are factions that wish us to fail...for if we fail, the
Breneau/Solar lords will basically pull-out, remove their involvement.

One of the main factions are the Drakon. Draco's are known as reptilian/human

When we were a young developing species a freq fence was used to filter out
hi-freq codes which we were not mature neough to handle, would have fried us...the
Drakons poked a whole in this fence and created major problems...The Zionites had
to intervene to quickly accelerate our evolution before burn out...they did this thru
random injection of silicate matrix.

Dinosaurs were the Drakon's monitoring tool...The Solar Lords did a couple of
things, brought on magnetic grid shift ahead of schedule and wiped them out.

Human emotion is one of the main keys to figuring out inserts....[need to get the
book here as too much detail..] need to awaken to be safe..keylontic / DNA / Sound
genetics are a main key.

Basically themes parallel "the matrix"....wake up from the illusion...crucial key
years are 2012 to 2017.

---Subject: Sleeping Abductees-6 Final ,Ok here is the final installment....

*** Chapter 6 ***
-----------------Where there are crop circles, there is ET/Inter-Dimensional Activity going on.

There are positive crop circles as well as negative crop circles.

Some crop circles are designed for accelerating/stimulating the local inhabitants,
while others are designed to scramble/desensitize..

Primary purpose of a crop circle is to ground into the location a certain frequqncy
band/pattern that affects all biological life-forms which can span up to seveal
thousand miles radius from the crop circle centre.

There is a 4D earth parallel to our 3D earth, where the interior govt has done a deal
with the Draco's..etc...much of what has been discussed, freq fence etc has already
been established...and basically the humans there have all become programmed
zombies...approx 3D year are 2976AD, but 4D is NOW!!

Main project is to disconnect this current 3D earth co-ordinates from this 4D earth
time-matrix and shift it..as this 4D earth when it kabooms will cause major
problems in our sector of the universe...and also stop 4D earth from accessing 3D

Why you ask??? well it turns out that 4D earth are planning to use the time-portals
to dispose/dump of their nuclear waste into our 3D earth...

..basically our nuclear reactors will melt-down/overload/chain-reaction.....our
scientists won't understand, will be confused as to what is going on as the amount of
waste coming out of our reactors won't add up relatively to the amount of
power-output or source materials..

[[ note this book was published Jan99...has this happened recently, yep i think
several countries have experienced problems with their reactors...]]

This pretty much wraps it up for Vol.1....I may or may not make study notes of
Vol.2. "Secrets of Amenti"...as it appears to be very involved/detailed with 3-times
as many pages. I have left out some info as some of it may depress you...they hope
we wake up in time from our rose-coloured delusions..

I know alot of it to you, may sound like a science fiction movie...no one is asking
you to believe it....but it is always better to take the info onboard, keep it in the
back of your mind as one day you may wake up and find out it wasn't a dream...

=The Beginning= ;-)

In Service

Sonoluminescence / Implosive

Take an air bubble 5 microns in size, past Ultrasonic waves through that 5 microns air bubble in a column of water and this is the process that occurs.
That 5 microns air bubble expands to 50 microns and creates a near vacuum state inside the bubble of air. Then the bubble collapses in an instant down to 0.1 to 1.0 Micron. The bubbles temperature reaches an estimated 10,000 C to possibly more than 1 million degrees C, this is hotter then the surface of the sun.
Light is emitted from the air bubble from adding simply ultrasonic, (high-frequency sound waves).
This is called Sonoluminescence or light from sound.
The key to this process is implosion says Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California, physicist William (Willy) Moss. Willy is one of the leading investigators Sonoluminescence.
Lawrence Livermore is primarily a Nuclear weapons lab that studies the way thermonuclear powered bomb go boom. (it is also implosive)
He works with codes designed to deal with ­the imploding geometries of laser fusion.

The light emitted from the implosive action says Seth Putterman and his colleagues at UCLA, extends into the ultraviolet, indicating temperatures of 10,000 to possibly 1 million degrees C. The speed of the collapse is "supersonic around mach 4.

This is a quote from the December 98 Popular Science article A Star in a Jar.

"the most believable theory extant, Moss says, is one original suggested in 1960 by Peter Jarman of London's Imperial College. Jarman proposed that the collapsing bubble generates an imploding shock wave that compresses and heats the gas at the center of the bubble to extremely high temperatures. Using weapons code to simulate the fluid dynamics of a collapsing, gas filled bubble, Moss says his calculations show that a shock wave strengthens as it nears the bubble (spherical) center. There, where heating is maximum, atoms and or molecules that make up the gas begins to break down, forming a plasma- a collection of partially ionized particles and electrons. The hot gas emits light by a torrential cascade of energy ­ in a quadrillionths of a second ­ to create the light pulses.
This model, Moss says, for the first time fits many of the experimental results, and also predictions that are testable."
"But the physics is not yet fully understood," Moss says, "We need to do more careful experiments. And we we're constantly fine tuning the model, going around and around." " I call it Moss's screw of knowledge. If you're really smart, which I am not, you can climb right up the treads. If your not you're walking around the circumference."

Here is the interesting thing. If you could do this process, Sonoluminescence, with deuterium gas, which is a heavy isotope of Hydrogen, you would have a star in a jar. To confirm this, experiments have taken place under the mountains near Brigham Young University in Utah. During these continuing experiments the researchers got "no neutrons were emitted" the sign of fusion taking place. These they take for "poor results" because it means that Sonoluminescence is a very poor energy source. But they did get pulses of light and are encouraged that Sonoluminescence is a process that will be useful in many fields like waste remediation and toxic chemicals. This new discipline has been coined, sonochemistry and is alchemy by another name. Using sound to change the structure into new particles / elements.
This is just a thought, but the "garment of light" that a self realized being wears or radiates is visible light and it does not consume. The light comes from the whole body or parts of the body , mainly the hands or head.
Note: If the Geometries of Dan Winter are correct? It would give that path and the Geometries (shapes, math, and interconnectedness) to compress and not be consume. And a model for development of the science of implosion and sonochemisty will be found.
Note: They time the sound waves at different intervals and are just trying different models or timings randomly at this point. Many of the models are the same as the ones used for weapons development.
May. 27, 99
James Barrett Project Director of Eartheart & Coordinator of Heartbeat2000