Perfect nesting
Which Self Organizes.. And Makes Heart



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by dan winter, this article documents the concept that in both physics and emotion, any wave that can nest or embed itself from inside out, can survive. since embedability can be mathematically perfected by golden ratio based recursion/branching/nesting, this literally becomes a prescription for how to make ANYTHING sustainable and thus immortal!


(the egg survives in the womb to the extent to which it is..

able to embed -refer: egg and ensoulment )


This PHI Golden Mean geometry is the PRINCIPLE of idealized embedding in all systems.



... in practical terms this means we can tweak any chaotic oscillator

(like a heart or brain or a power distribution grid or a planet climate)

toward self organization

by simply nudging a critical few of it's key wavelengths

toward PHI (Golden Mean) embedability...

the tricky part is that whenever we do this

we are waking up a being who will become self aware and have intention.


by Dan Winter


related by Jonathan Dickau: Are the Boundaries of Consciousness a Fractal?

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Below, the voltage waves around the heart arrange their "con-cresent" center in PHI harmonic ratios, so that the magnetic/emotional pressures can touch and sort and center, non-destructively: The Geometry of successful compression is the Geometry of successful compassion. Here in these waves of magnetism, the wind on which love travels, is contained the information of feeling outside you that now becomes inside you. Permission for waves to center/ turn inside out, IS permission to feel more feeling. The moment the heart chooses to experiment with the new symmetry of dimpling the little donut to reach out to bigger ones, is an inversion moment, quantifiable as the Heart's electricity chooses the ratio of successful embedding. This is the subject of the biofeedback geometry below. Successful self-embedding, here quantified, reports on the moment of increase self-reference electrically. Turning inside out the heart wave REFERS back to itself. This is the moment of increased self-awareness, triggered by the feeling of reaching out magnetically, called compassion.



The first series of tests for my original idea that embedability and thus compassion and fractality could be measured and fed back, met with such surprising immediate confirmation that it felt appropriate to share even preliminary data.

We were looking for a way to look at the harmonics contained in ANY biological oscillator, in such a way as to make the approach to embedding teachable. The early breakthru concept I proposed was that (heart) harmonics could "ascend" in the number of frequencies that could dance together non-destructively when the ratio between them was PHI or square root of PHI. This also correlated to the distance in time between events, when the calendar became recursive, self-aware, and time emerged from chaos.(The book "Spiral Calendar" by Carolan.) So it would be appropriate that this geometry of nesting would correlate to when the heart also emerged from chaos. And in fact this 1.272= square root of PHI-1.618 number WAS the frequency distance between peaks the first time in the world when we measured Heart Harmonics correlated to deep feeling, at Millard Fillmore hospital. With my help, then Heart Math Institute replicated and continued my work. Excitingly this square root of PHI ratio of PERFECTED EMBEDDING is replicated below here with more rigor now that we are actually doing the double FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), to look at the harmonic EMBEDDED in the harmonics!


With the help of many great friends like Dr. Irving Dardik, Dr. Ken Thorpe, Prof Robert Boustany, etc., we had been looking for a way to display the data so that EMBEDABILITY would be immediately available as a feedback variable. (See the Dardik link for info on heart rate variability as a fractal medically creating resistant to almost all chronic diseases.)

The model suggested and seems to be now well on the way to confirmation, that EMBEDABILITY of any wave (within wave waving), occured when the length or nest geometry was GOLDEN MEAN. This is simply understandable because this ratio allows wave lengths to add AND multiply repeated (carrier to envelope..etc.. in recursive braiding). This meant that an infinite (in-PHI-knit) number of waves could live next to each other without fighting. This was then the apparent magnetic geometry of:

prefect nesting, recursion, embedding, gravity, self-awareness, etc.

How to make mass (measured only by the inertia that happens when spin is dense, whose packing requires recursion perfected), is the principle here. To be creative requires learning this skill to rearrange magnetics into 3D fractal embeds.

With some wonderful creative suggestions from Greg Richter of Blue Mountain Software, and Scott Woodward of University of Buffalo Hydrodynamics Engineering, we came to realize that the Frequency Signature of the Frequency Signature was the way to SEE THIS EMBEDDING.

So after dozens of false starts and a learning curve in LAB VIEW and National Instruments Data Acquistion, we have the stunningly gorgeous (excuse us for being thrilled) data below.


(Context: Nat'l Instruments DAQ-1200 PCMIA card in Mac Powerbook 3400C, Lab View Software programming by myself, with LOTS of advice from wonderful Scott Woodward at Univ Bufflo Engineering. Top display is raw EKG data, next display down is the frequency signature, AND the next display down IS THE FREQUENCY SIGNATURE OF THE FREQUENCY SIGNATURE!! .. embedded..)

Sample rates indicated on prints, data taken direct from ekg electrodes to the data acquisition card at 100 gain.


Steve Hanauer reports feeling a rush, the embedded ratio between contained harmonics in the raw ekg is interestingly close to PHI the Golden Mean, 1.618.


Is this incube-ation with heart harmonics root two?.. close to 1.414..


Apparent presence of .618 and sq root of 1.618, as ratio between contained (enveloped/embedded) harmonics..?

Are the harmonics between harmonics proceeding in NON POWER OF 2 RATIO?

Could this be the perfection of what physics calls sustainability in NON-Linear systems?

Is this the perfect balance between PHI cycle implosive all connected ness (Ed Wilson measured octaves in brain harmonics produced documented EEG dissociation at Monroe Institute, PHI harmonics produced measured EEG transcendance -Lexicor), vs.. power of TWO dissociation? Here square root of PHI balances that tightrope between total implosion and total separateness. (Compare with root PHI in Spiral Calendar book and root PHI in my original book.


Harmonic interval close to .618, =1/PHI..


Here, Susan reported feeling feathers around her heart, Harmonic Interval Unity.


In Each case, ask yourself if you were in kindergarten and the teacher gave you tinkertoys of that length ratio what you could build.

Roots of two= in cubic structures,

Roots of unity = hex structures

Roots of PHI = Pent- (dodec-icos) recursive structures. (dodeca icosa stellation /greater maze=symmetry of DNA's wratchet, Earth's Magnetic Grid, & 12 house Zodiac.. nature uses embedding to link structures regardless of scale.)



This is very excitingly close to suggesting ways to confirm our life long work to show that embedding in biological oscillators could be quantized. And that the principle of embedding perfected is harmonics based on PHI the Golden Mean.

Hydrodynamically: "optimized translation of vorticity" moves wave from line/energy to circle/mass non destructively. More than a Yellow Brick Road, the Golden Spiral is the way up off the cross (of waves at nodes), translating non-destructively the foci of our awareness from matter to light. Since this path to recursion makes spin dense, we have called it matter, but more properly it is the named principle of Chrystos: crystalization. The reason awareness inhabits this PHI's ray (fire), is that in the center of waves only permission to recur sustainably, lives the place where all waves can agree. The spin information that can be sampled from this all presence, is called Consciousness, and becomes Spiral-tual. So feeling the samples of many, requires persuading magnetism to create fractal embedded space. We can lead the awareness to water, but to drink, this rush requires sorting. So, the sorting for the shareable, activity we have called symmetry among waves, is really literally the evolution of pure intention, in the magnetic cauldron of the fractal Heart with when it's magnetism takes wing



The theory then predicts this exact double harmonic signature tool would be effective to teach optimized embedding in ANY biological oscillator in order to:


- teach self awareness.. Is Awareness Itself Charge Gone Fractal or EmbedAble?

- eliminate addition.. already shown in Marty Wuttke, see Is this recursion

- create global emotion .. see Heartbeat 2000 project and article..

- repair gravity around planets and restore atmosphere (magnetic and capacitive embedding creates and heals gravity) We need merely use this tool on the Schumann harmonic SERIES of Earth, rearrange the stones and wires continent wide, to create embeddable long waves. This will not only stabilize gravity and return atmospheric attraction at poles, but also cause climate to emerge from chaos.

- we can lead ANY oscillator like the heart, the brain, or the planet from CHAOS this way, since this is IN PRINCIPLE the idealized path from chaos for all wave systems.

- imagine using this tool on the spectra of the light in your greenhouse, and fixing the harmonic ratio to restore recursion, and finding this was the principle we call life, and your plants grew much more quickly.

- quantify the moment at which any oscillating system becomes self aware.

- quantify fractal HEART RATE VARIABILITY (see Irving Dardik), to perfect embedding in the heartbeat, to produce elimination of virtually every known chronic disease. This is the mathematic principle behind his amazing therapy.

- test and optimize for the fractal tree structure necessary to make any database fractal and therefore infinitely compressible, thus revolutionizing computers and information theory.



Next steps:

Produce inexpensive PC interface so millions can test to see if they can feel embedding (compassion) across the internet. (HeartBeat2000)

This allows the interactive game where the teenager navigates the wormholes of a true virtual reality bardo (see geometry of eternality article), Contact regarding Interactive Consciousness Raising Biofeedback Computer Game for Young People: Luke Gatto, at Quantum Galaxies, 303-443-8320, Boulder, CO,

where the only tool to center and steer in the bardo dream wormhole, is the extent to which the heart harmonic is EMBEDDABLE. This truly imitates the test of whether we can lucid dream, and retain memory thru death.

A growing population of people young at heart, skilled in emoting intentionally then allows the GLOBAL HeartBeat2000, to proceed.



I would like to thank all those many friends who have helped me so much to this, a culmination of my life's work.


Dan Winter



embedability animation


grail animation derived from this heart harmonic, is at:


 How do waves organise into matter and life
Thinking about snails in Brahmachakra

I was trying to figure out how to address the subject of perfect embedding and the way we discuss our topics on creation.

Now we deal with seemingly different perspectives and we have to find a way to solve this riddle. Matter and Life, Mind and Matter, How Consciousness becomes Life and Death and How Duality remains One. One perspective obviously creates a lot of confusion, that is our limited perspective. Yet by means of our concentration or meditation, we found a glimpse of a larger and more wholistic perspective. In our relative sphere we are limited, but this broadened perspective seems more objective, more clear. I would like to call the broadened perspective normal and all more limited perspectives, well, abnormal.
So just when talking to ill people or mentally retarded, or drunk people or little children, one might choose to feel the need to simplify a matter, if you choose to see those people as abnormal or limited, relative to your grander perspective. That is how the great seers and philosophers must feel, lonely. That is the grief of the almost enlightened, that there is no way to share and communicate your experience. The same holds more or less for those who used psychotropic drugs like LSD. The uniqueness of your experience makes you lonely.
Yet the really great, like Baba for example or Christ, have taken the last step, into the light, became fully enlightened, where they realised that all is indeed one and I can never be alone. Still being in this relative world, they found elegant ways of teaching others how to do the same. In them there is no more question of feeling unable to teach, no, the disability is an integral part of the world they live in, not their own. They will endlessly repeat the same message in a thousand different ways, so that every different persons perspective gets embedded and reflected in it, hopefully. That is the work, to allow others to enter, to feel they are already in. It is cleaning the dust from the mirrors face. So we learn a technique to clean our dust and grow in consciousness.

This is the perspective that I place most true and genuine spiritual teachings in; ways to say the same, helping us relative people to tune in and stay on the path. So whether I talk and read about The Cycle of Creation, Brahma Chakra or the Way Waves Learn to Selfsustain, it is to the same background. And as I compare various perspectives or conversations in order to distille the essence, it is always to this background. Finally I regard every story as an attempt to shed light on this essence and I also examine the way the story is told and written, it's embedding and context, if it is selfsustainable and symmetrical, true. Not always does rational analysis tell me that, but most of the time it is an absence of clash that proves it's wisdom. And the fact that it feels naturally.
Therefore I do not dive to deep into certain discussions, like for example whether something is or is not in saincara or pratisaincara, that is for others to do. To me that difference is intuitively clear as long as I maintain the One = All perspective. Indeed from any other perspective it is an endless discussion as per definition, but not a useless or fruitless path certainly, if you have a brain. The same holds for the Dan Winter How Waves shape Matter and Life philosophies. Try to consume the perspective. That is enough, examine how it helps you see the essence against the background noise. And do not compare the story, only it's meaning. If your intention is to know the tree, look at the tree itself, not at the different words and names in all languages for it. Arbol, tree, boom, arbre, baum, arbor, etc. are words in different languages for the tree. Is the one word better than the other? No, they all refer to the same thing. You just use the word and the language that your audience understands. If your audience does not understand Spanish, then maybe you should speak Chinese or Dutch.
When you read about certain philosophy, understand the essence for yourself. If you want to communicate about this essence to others, choose a language that they understand, a method that works. If you want to instruct someone to build a brick house, ... get it done, one way or the other. Comparing Dan Winter to Baba is useless, but you might like to examine the house they are trying to build. And what about your house?
Now, when I look at a snail, I see how everything comes together. The shell is so beautifully elegant. It is so perfectly shaped. And the snail itself lives in this perfect house. You might like to ask which was there first, the snail or the house? You need someone to build the house and the house needs someone to live in. Looking at the shell and the lines on the shell, drawing lines and curves on it, the shell tells me how waves can organise perfectly and implode. And where the waves implode, the snail emerges. And yet the snail is the one who builds the shell. It is all so lovely, naturally and perfect. The seed, or germ, or microvita, or sperm and ova, the egg, that holds the essence of the snail is unpacking and packing at the same time. From the Abstract where it's drawing is made, Matter emerges as a frontwave of an explosion of implosion, growing relatively to our limited senses, but just a cosmic wave in the grand and unified perspective.
Yours in Him,


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