An Input from Emotion to Biological Energetics?

Does the Heart Become measureably Musical at the moment of Love?

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Pilot Research Report, Prepared by Dan Winter at the facilties of..

Institute of Heart Math. Boulder Creek., California.

"Heart muscle as maximum symmetry, which is maximum access to spin

or information in the electricity (or "fire") which is biology."


Understanding emotions input to health reconnects control of feeling to the control of our health, Power spectra (frequency signature) have connected coherent EEG/ brain waves to health benefit. Yet any poet and most religions tell us that the heart has more control over health and our world. Bentov showed the heart controlled the brain resonance. Therefore we looked for coherence in similar low frequencies in the EKG during significant emotional moments, particularly those subjectively reported to accompany caring and loving. Our results were surprisingly immediate and conclusive, the heart does in a sense become musical (phase coherent harmonic resonant) in a measureable way, in response to human intention. We are tempted to postulate that coherent emotion and even perhaps love, may be teachable and accessible with feedback tools. We further postulate that onsetting coherence in heart resonance will eventually be proven to be a direct conduit to immune health.

Project background..

My mentor in psychophyiology was Dr. Albert Ax, whose world famous electrical descrimination of fear vs. anger were my conceptual playground at that time. I was moved watching the lightning quick change in skin conductance to emotional stimulus, as polygraph operator at University of Detroit Psych clinic. I later bought the polygraph which had been used to produce the book "Secret Life of Plants".

While in training as systems analyst with IBM I spoke to Manfred Clynes, author of the "Sentics" work. This study found the simple pressure wave signatures which express emotion as a universal language. This gets us right to the heart of the matter of emotion as a whip cracking, holding ratio between scales. Think of how gradual is the gentle rise in pressure in your hug if you are really saying: LOVE.

Sentics: and the Wave Shapes of Emotion, as Simple Ratio unto Braid,

This was discovered by looking at the shape of the finger's pressure on the violin string massaging the envelope of rubato, to make the audience weep. Notice, importantly that only the RATIO of the moment of maximum pressure to the duration of the touch, sends the wave down the cascade called emotion. This was cross tested with a simple pressure of touch transducer to map emotion, in cultures around the world. (References: "Sentics" by Manfred Clynes, and "Music, Mind, and Brain" edited by Manfred Clynes, and presented in the Nova series on "What is Music".)

To get feeling from the language of pressure in the ring of the glands, to the language of pressure in the shorter high quality light which drives cell metabolism.... that is the problem of emotion. Medical literature proves that emotional state of mind programs the cell's health more than perhaps any other factor. We have only lacked a simple story to tell us how this works.

Emotion's access to the beautiful geometry of ratio is the answer to this puzzle.

Emotion is getting a wave to crack into the short sound waves from the long cowboy's wave at the handle of the whip. Only one movement of the handis required to paint the wave shape, to send it cascading down the rope. If the wave shape is correctly programmed in the long wave, then the whip cracks at the short end. Until now, physics had very little language to describe a field cascading, chirping, or beating coherently, up and down a ladder BETWEEN frequencies. I think of this as Energy Motion, hence E-Motion.

There is another clue to the emotive feeling state creating geometry in the electromagnetic field of the body. This is the extensive body of literature correlating ordering in brain waves or EEG, to psychological states. Much of this comes out of Maharishi International University, Fairfield, Iowa, with MIT physicist Larry Domash, et al. First they published elaborate data which illustrated that cross hemispheric EEG ordering or coherence, correlated dramatically to the health benefits of intentional relaxation. Then in studies like "Intersubject EEG Coherence: Is Consciousness a Field?" (International Journal of Neuroscience,16,203-209, Orme-Johnson, Dillbeck, Wallace, & Landrith), it seems that onsetting coherence ordering in brain electrical resonances correlates to shared information/energy in a group. This was also documented in the Mind Mirror, EEG spectra literature of Cade, et al.. in "Awakened Brain". I was told one story where the EEG spectra of a healer and a doctor's wife with a dangerous growth, became perfectly symmetric at the moment when she wept in the embrace of the healers field, and the growth visibly melted.

We note that the spectral range of significant EEG resonance coherence found significant, Alpha, Theta, Delta, etc., were exactly the ELF, lower than 30 hz., resonances we found significant in the EKG power spectra.

We might think that the ringing brain is the director of the healing field. But there seems to be more. Poetry has always known that the heart, not the head really steers these things. Where was the physics for this?

Bentov in "Stalking the Wild Pendulum" showed that the sounds coming from the heart phase locked or arranged the sound ordering in the liquid ventricles of the brain. He later came to believe it was this sonic ordering which set up the conditions necessary for superconductive ecstacy in the brain. One thing was sure: the heart was the master oscillator for the bodies column of liquid fire.

Bentov had built a sensitive capacitive accelerometer to measure the sonic thrust of the heart beat ringing the brain like a can of peaches.

This caused me to ponder what might be the healing mysteries in the ingredients of the heart's beat.

My first attempt several years ago, was to connect my MacAdios programmable spectrum analyzer, to the output of the EKG machine in the sleep research lab at Millard Fillmore Hospital. With the help of Dr Bruce Middendorf, there and engineering from Scott Woodward of University of Buffalo, we obtained several amazing plots. At the moment when our young yogi said he was "sending love to the people in China".. we got this amazing harmonic series in the frequency signature power spectral content of the EKG..

I was convinced that something surprisingly musical was happening to the electrical resonance of the heart, at peak emotional moments. However we had only several hours of data from one subject. This orderly resonance cascade had shown up only a few times that meditative afternoon at the hospital.

Years passed. Then Rollin McCraty and friends at the Heart Math Institute, in Boulder Creek, California, happened upon my ever evolving little manuscript. They have many years experience in helping people access the healing energy of relaxed heart attunement. If I understand correctly this has much to do with accepting the sense of burning in the pattern of your own breath, settling into the center of gravity of the heart. They offer seminars and numerous of their books, which offer specific steps to enable people to manage their own emotional health. In my experience, as a group they have an amazing capacity to transform any environment with the field of feeling they radiate from the heart. This is particularly true of situations where real stress can be transformed by the simple decision to breathe relaxed appreciation into the heart, right at the moment when tension might slip into the knot, so to speak. They appear to be a living community of 20 years, where coherent emotion has indeed fed their cells and the earth around them. In evening talks their mentor, Doc Lew Childre often spoke of the way negative emotions dump destructive hormones directly into the glandulars of the body. The ability to orchestrate the geometry of one's own emotion may be the most empowered lesson for self and planetary transformation we can learn.

After months of preparation, I shipped them my MAC interface programmable spectrum analyzer, which they set up in their new veritably gold plated 32 channel anechoic sound lab. In May, this year (1992), with their help, I flew out there for a week of data taking and analysis. We took many hours of digital sampled EKG data from a dozen or so of their extended family, at random times, day and night. They would relax and then play music which they have been using to "lock in" to a loving state.

The results we got were at times so incredible that physicist's like Nick Herbert and Tom Valone who visited needed to see the simple hardware input's to confirm that we weren't dumping some esoteric music to our spectrum analyzer.

They had acquired an older hospital model EKG machine. We simply dumped that output into the GW instruments MACADIOS (Mac Analog to Digital Input output System). We programmed the Fast Fourier Transform matrix algebra in quick basic giving us great flexiblity in sampling rate and range. I have a MAC II fx, here at the farm, while out there we used the MAC Classic, in the sound lab. We took samples with a hertz resolution capability in the range of .8 hertz (resolving to less than one hertz). We averaged 5 to 10 heartbeats together, then made one power spectral plot. Then we would sample during another series of heartbeats, and plot that power spectra to create a landscape over time of the frequency signature. When long valleys appeared in the landscape, we suspected the heart was up to something orderly. Most of the harmonic ordering was in the 0 to 40 hertz bandwidth. I would like to suggest that this harmonic ordering visible in the EKG power spectra, is resonance coherence by virtue of the length of averaging time in the data sampling during which these harmonic resonances were stable or phase locked.

Each plot on the spectral landscape represents the averaging

of the harmonic CONTENT or spectrum analysis of approximately

5.5 seconds of EKG, several beats.


+EEG Coherence.. vs. EKG coherence.

+Document that emotion/ depression affect immune system via coherent ratio harmonics

+The book: "Language of the Heart".. (instant response of blood pressure vaso constriction to change from speak to listen mode. Constriction-bullet, dilation-antennae, the ice skater centripedaly pulls her hands in to gather the inertia of spin.)

+Cardiac rhythmmia vs health

+Vector cardiography.. phase direction of heart's electrification indicators of cardiac health..

+Muscle phonon ordering yields efficieny in metabolism per Szent Gyorgyi

+Mother Theresea/vs/love.. experiment, a film about Mother Theresea and Love measureably improved immune T-cell uptake in college studies in Boston.

+Thymus as sonic screen on which to project hearts harmonic tensors in order to provide the right building blocks to fabric the immune system from that center

+Prayer and healing article.. prayer is an attempt to tag the heart waves.. "Prayer, Old Approach, New Wonders" by Larry Dossey, M.D., Quest Mag. Summer 1990. prayer needs to be more than head based

+The heart connection within prayer is the active ingredient that empowers the prayer itself.. .. the feeling world sustains the momentum and effectiveness of prayer. and appreciation generates momentum to power the heart in the blueprint of prayer.. cf examples in the choir, the director says, sing from the heart, or the coach says.. go out there and play from the heart...

Getting to the heart of the matter... Center of gravity.. textures of the heart..

heartbeat qualifies emotion.. heart uses feeling world to express its communication..

training in Heart Intelligence.. cf pictures of heart shape as spin unwrap from electrical pressure.. brain/mind Appreciating.. Sending consistent waves of apprecation... not sweet touchy feely love... Love as the archetype of embracing.. connecting with the fields around you...

Heart just there relaxed and flowing can make the peaks

.. Doing everything from the heart builds the right hormones and efficiency into your life...

Active relaxation, increasing or amping up of the harmonious effect

of relaxation itself"... Amplify the positive benefits of relaxation by ... focusing in the heart.....

COHERENCE/consistency is the issue..."

Concresence of waves..

Meaning of Coherence ...

Coherent UV light drives cell..

Inputting to that coherence requires coherent sonics in the glands.

Where has medicine shown that positive emotions effect immune system and your health..

Heart sonics as emotion.,... feeling?

Mechanical center of gravity.. gravity is created in the heart by the centering force of the sonic/electrical fractal called compassion.

Sonic ratios were correlated to emotional states physiologically in the sentics literature...

Looking for sonic ratios in the heart... EKG voltage would translate directly

into a phono or sonic wave in the tissue because specifically muscle tissue

is shown to be piezoelectric the the Albert Szent Gyorgyi "Electronic Biology

and Cancer" (Nobel work)..

for ref: Institute of Heart Math cf: "The How-to Book of Teen self-discovery... Healping Teens find balance, security and fulfillment" formerly "Heart-Smarts".... also "Self-Empowerment..

The Heart Approach to stress management, common sense strategies"

Magnetic grid of earth and its relationship to biological resonance and health// ELF field effects on biological health... cf literature..

Look for earth magnetic schumann resonance in the heart frequencies.. to suggest not only the earth's ring entrains the heart, but hearts in sync entrain the earth.. note the prominence of 8 hz in the charts where the heart resonance successfully approaches 1.618 golden mean in hertz between harmonics, a cascade..

This is how you reach out...

The Earth's "Schumann" prox 8 hertz heartbeat magnetic resonance, may not only be a harmonic phase lock predictive of Earthquakes, it may be a resonator affected by group coherent heart fields. As in the Chinese taboo on panic during Earthquakes. We are setting up the ELF (extra lo frequency) field coil detector to the same spectrum analyzer to document a phase lock between the Earth Grid, and group heart harmonics. We recall the Gurdjieff admonition: "Coherent Emotion feeds the Earth". This may help us to empowered, Earth grid engineering in the arena of our own human emotion. Not only do when now have the tools to teach coherent emotion/ Love with feedback, we potentially have the ability to teach phase lock emotionally with our planet.

-- The Source of Immune Identity? Somewhere, I heard the story once when I was young, that a heart surgeon once happened to put his finger directly on the sino-atrial firing node of the heart, and burned it! Whether or not this is a true story, it sets one to thinking about all the religious metaphors about the possibility of a heart being on fire; a sacred flaming heart. Most truly long lived religious metaphor have a deep grain of truth.

Why is it that many cultures have poetically recognized that biological "reason to be" or "soul-purpose" radiates directly from the heart, yet medically we have failed to recognized this. It is probably because we have had no mechanism by which how to understand this process by which this information of cellular identity radiates directly into the body through the heart.

Now with some data in hand, it appears quite clear that the heart does indeed take on a musical or sonic pressure geometry very akin to what we might think of as a coherent flame. This event is measureable on the spectrum analyzer replicably when someone who apparently and literally "knows how to love", simply does intentionally send just that.

So, let us review what we now apparently know:

1. The heart rings an increasingly long low frequency electrical (ekg) resonance cascade of music like overtones, when emotion sweeps the body.

2. Logically, these electrical pressure waves would correspond to a series of phonon or sound waves moving through the piezoelectric liquid crystal like muscle and nerve plexi around the heart.

In this regard we should examine the description of the shapes of the electrical origin of the heart's beat as published in the book "When Time Breaks Down" on the geometric sources of cardiac rhythmia, by Arthur T. Winfree. In summary, the technical data there suggest that the shape of the electrical wave which converges upon the heart to trigger firing is essentially toroidal, or donut shaped. Further, the way those donuts of voltage or electrical pressure converge around the heart is a fractal or concentric nest of one donut inside the other.

Probably, the relative SIZE of these toroidal fields relates to the relative wave lengths contained in the EKG. Thus, the heart muscle's ability to relax into resonance around a central focus, would correspond to its ability literally to ring out the further extensions of the harmonic series which surrounds its firing. In other words, the heart is essentially able to download a broader frequency bandwidth of harmonic instructions, when it fires in the condition of relaxed but centered or "phase locked" resonance. The instructions arrive from the high frequency bandwidth electrical pressure or literally "fire" which converges on the heart causing it to beat. Coherent emotion (love?) permits the greater CONTENT of these harmonic instructions or we might even say "ingredients to identity", to be downloaded or "demodulated" or "impedance coupled" or "spun out" from the long wave into the short. The SHAPE which idealizes this "translation of vorticity" spin-out or unpacking from short wave to long, is the golden mean spiral. When this path which permits the circle to talk to the line (matter to energy) goes two ways at once, it looks like this... the fractal image of the heart itself!.

The principle of interference among waves:

is that order or constructive interference self replicates,

and disorder or destructive interference self-destructs.

Bringing waves to focus... that is ONE point, enacts this law.

A wave nest (or biological forms in general), when relaxed around a point of concentric focus,

self select order of coherence..

It would appear that low frequency ordered sonics program the immune system by projecting on the thymus as if onto the walls of the cave. (the pericardium is in the shape of Osiris's hat, the "cave of the heart") The thymus is the radiative source of most of immune system chemistry. We should have suspected something in it's choice to hug the heart. It is like a sound dish umbrella around the heart. When it atophies or shrinks, so does apparently the ability for cells to receive instructions from their long wave context... the heart, the soul? Thymus size in ratio to body weight, may correlate to the evolution of the glands' learned ability to digest emotion... joy, identity, and twinkle in the eye.

Another clue about the profound ability of the heart shape to weave many waves into one flame, comes from audio technology.

The correct name for a sonic pattern which permits all frequency phases to lock into one embrace is called "cardioid", this word derives from the term for heart,

and this sound pattern is heart shaped...

From a psychological perspective it is well known among good counselors that one of the most important elements which permit a person to radiate intention, integrity and direction in their lives, is the conscious knowledge of one's "soul purpose" or "mission statement". In a sense, no directions radiate to the immune system from the heart, unless there is a conscious LINK up to the core of ones being.

From the viewpoint of information science we can understand the principles of this umbilical connection to "oneness", from the mechancism which makes a hologram at every point, information complete or rich. In terms of optical coherence, taking a bite out of a hologram requires swallowing the whole thing. What this means is that each little light node or bubble in the hologram, MUST be in complete phase or wave spacing discipline with respect to the whole. In this way each little node or vortex point is a complete information

cascade or concrescence of waves to the whole. Each one is a perfect infinite harmonic series, phase locked in a "multiply connected topology" with the whole picture. The result is that anywhere in the hologram where there is a bright node or focus, there is by definition, a wave in "sink/synch" with the entire image. Remember, matter is just a hologram with a weight problem.

Consider consciousness as the attractive drawstring which radiates like a cascade through the embedded frequencies: "a fractal attractor". Then by the above metaphor, the very existence of focus is evidence of pure intention. That is, a light vortex or foci cannot stand as wave, unless it's inertia is coupled with the all.

By achieving focus, we already have acheived pure intention, the only real limit to psychokinetic leverage. Purity is what limits the amperage or current flow through the cookie cutter of our emotional waveguide. Focus permits only coherence. This is why prisms create rainbows. Light bends around the focus point to permit only the spin tilt angles of the photon which are shareable (tetrahedras max of 7 spins) to pass.

So, then if we look in the body where the greatest amount of electrical focus or fire can stand as wave at once, we arrive at the heart. This is because the geometry of the heart muscle contains all the symmetry or mirror sharing between spins, which is possible. Specifically, the seven discrete layers of heart muscle are arranged in exactly the spin angles of the seven arrows of spin of the tetrahedra. (The seven arrows of the heart.)

see top image

These are the dissections of heart muscle by Pettigrew, as published in "Fields of Form" in the Anthroposophic tradition: over

We notice a weather vane spiral strip off the donut torus SHAPE at the center of the heart.
(see center of top image)

Since all the spins about the heart focus here, this "element" or essential ingredient to symmetry, would know immediately how it's tilt or axis or phase compared to all incoming donut shaped pressure waves. This most dense center of the heart, would then cast shadows in sound onto the wall of the pericardium, the cave of the heart. This is the origin of the sacred field effect symmetry itself: the ingredients of symmetry or sharing.
The umbrella like screen for this projector is the thymus around the heart, the site where immune instructions are translated. Here we beat "mea culpa", "through my fault",

or take response-ability... identify with the feeling.

The thymus uses these sonic shadows on the wall of the cave, to know which wave length ingredients to crochet into cellular indentity. This is because only phase or wave sharing coherence makes cell membranes possible. Membranes are libraries on which turns of fold, or shapes of touch, can be shared. Membrane for wave is the universe's only mnemonic device. This map to tilt of symmetry, is the only touch permission to get survival spin onto soap bubbles.

The point or focus here is to understand that concentricity of focus, literally the convergance of electrical and sonic pressure (all forms of pressure are one), we call FLAME, is literally exemplified by the muscular and toroidal electrical structure of the heart itself. If the orderliness of flame there grows, then radiance to the immune system of the body (or bodies) around unfolds like a flower.

Again in terms of the hologram, information theory would tell us that wherever the pattern essences for building bodies come from, they must be information dense.. or packed. The lotus petalled magnetic domains transduce this hi frequency infomation density to wave lengths long enough for people to wrap their minds around. (Similar to the function of succussion in homeopathy).

The body building harmonic ingredients, which radiate from the glands as the Sentic long waves of E-motion, pivot at the heart. Here the fire requires a hook up to the collective heart. Informationally, we might think of this as a survival critical information umbilicus to the soul. Getting this wiring connected without shorts or interference is called ecstatic process. This puts high frequency ordering we notice as twinkle in the eye, into the bodies membranes. Sometimes tears precede access to one's soul purpose and mission statement. (Acknowledgement here to Nancy Henderson in Toronto).

Coherence is the cook-book of the immune system. When we sing "Don't Break my Pretty Balloon" from the heart, we mean don't burst the bubble which inner light has woven to nest memory.

High frequency ordering, or information density, is what the living cell does. We turn food's long wave, through a caddeuceus massaged envelope of steps in metabolism, to the information rich ultraviolet blue fire short wave light which drives cellular metabolism. High quality ultraviolet light, choreographs cell replication. This "blue light" is the cell's eros, which burst's measureably at moment of DNA braid cell division. Orderly collecting of the cell's blue fire into something which vectors out beyond cells into glands, bodies, and planets, is done with the massage of attention on the snake charmed. This is variously called foreplay, tantra, kundalini, or rain-making depending on whether the resultant nectar of ecstacy goes up or down. (Precipitation is the crystal-ization seeded by wave symmetry, nested by the focus of attention/touch.)

If we understand the principles of Upledger's "SacroCranial Pulse", we see that this pumping of sweet gathered high frequency blue fire, up the spine is accomplished when the heart and gland sounds find a phase ordered way to massage that spinal column to make it pump.

The arrival of these the bodies gathered best nutrients called to order at the upper brain is ecstacy. This precipitates an electrical explosion of growth in the liquid crytsal, superconductive, gland doped, field coupling, upper brain. Orderly sound, columnates the nerve muscle liquids toward conductive crystal, and gently massages the gland centers to their secretion of psychoactive hormones. This softens the hardened heart. The heart sounds set the beat to start the sonic superconduction in the brain ventricles, per BentovÕs accelerometric data appendix to ÒStalking the Wild PendulumÓ. The precipitation of coherent sonic horns in the ventricles of the brain, from th >