Dragon Script DNA: Hungarian Seraphim Alphabet / Cult-UR Urigins..


Below-images: seeing that the old Hungarian (related to the Finnish language - used for Lord of the Ring): Rovas Iras - is universally believed to be rooted in old SUMERIAN. - then we note the roots of this symbol set - IS -LIKE HEBREW- derived from the SYMMETRY VIEWS OF THE CUBE!

This we believe is the ancient tradition of addressing the symmetry angles necessary to impress charge into DNA...and thus cause it to morph (see article bottom: Russians find scientific evidence of ET ability to mutate DNA..)..

from Dan Winter. Photo Galleries of the Hungarian / Transylvania conferences

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Dragon Script DNA: Hungarian Seraphim Alphabet / Cult-UR Urigins..


Below-images: seeing that the old Hungarian (related to the Finnish language - used for Lord of the Ring): Rovas Iras - is universally believed to be rooted in old SUMERIAN. - then we note the roots of this symbol set - IS -LIKE HEBREW- derived from the SYMMETRY VIEWS OF THE CUBE!

This we believe is the ancient tradition of addressing the symmetry angles necessary to impress charge into DNA...and thus cause it to morph (see article bottom: Russians find scientific evidence of ET ability to mutate DNA..)..

from Dan Winter. Photo Galleries of the Hungarian / Transylvania conferences

In our last newsletter - we saw the symmetry sequence seen by those who WERE successful in bringing memory through death - was exactly the path which energy / charge takes in to DNA's fold sequence. So for this article - we should be getting accustomed to looking the Dragon's (DNA's) fire straight in the mouth.

Regarding that article: goldenmean.info/immortality - Jana Joy kindly writes: "your paper on the "electrical hygiene for successful dying"- is a neurological enlightening sparking cellular linking paper. I printed it out and read it cover to cover on sunday and again on monday - and am still sparking in my mind, heart and ability to connect at deeper, profound levels. the paper on the dna codes totally rocked my being into such a state of quiet bliss.
it literally feels like a visual light show going on inside my head. it is sort of like a migraine but is not at all.
it's a light show and the material in the paper is sparking around. this is a high quality shift. i am grateful.
...we need to study war no more. just read your paper and let the sparks in the cells ignite the sleeping,
resting dna into memory of being, of being, of inclusion into all that is. perfect memory into who we are. what we are up to.
now . . . . . move up to the ho'opono pono parts of life.
thank you dan., thank you for your tenacity of work and the effects it has had on my life. - i remember. thank you. jana joy in Hiwaii"

That Science of Immortality - article has an exerpt from our (Dan Winter's) -new "Fractality: Breakthru in Science of Consciousness and Spirituality" Magazine article - which now appears in Nexus Germany > germannexus3.pdf (1.1meg) - due to be released in Italy - and Australia next-


Now - back to our history of the Dragon in DNA Story: We know the Draco were originally from Alpha Draconis. We know this is the origin of Eastern Dragon worship, and the ubiquitous Alpha Draconis zodiac temple starmaps - Ankhor Wat etc. Also the shape of the stars of Alpha Draconis became the arabic letter 'L' as in ELohim etc. Later the lead star there, Arrakeis - originates the DUNE story. We see the genetic disasters of the Draco history became the ANNUNAKI - and their 'fallen' status - DNA failure to sustain gravity making fractal charge implosion - called NEPHALIM.

-insert Dec25: How Thuban got its name- Thuban is named after a star. Its full astronomical name is "Alpha Draconis", It was once thought to be the brightest star in the constellation Draco, hence the 'Alpha' designation. The honor really goes to a star named Eltanin, "Gamma Draco". It is believed that Thuban was considerably brighter several thousand years ago. This star was the pole star at about 2700 BC. The fact that Thuban was the Pole Star at just the time the Egyptians were building pyramids hasn't escaped the archaeologists. Several structures appear to have been set up to align with Thuban during this time.
The Pole Star -- Wichahpi Owanjila, a star that always stands in one place -- was Thuban (Alpha Draconis) around 3000 BC. Around 7500 AD, Alpha Ceiphei will be the pole star, then Deneb, then bright Vega (14000 AD), then it'll swing around to Thuban again. For many centuries there has been and will be no bright star close enogh to where the pole is to serve as pole star; the bright northern stars and constellations then seem to revolve through the night about an empty center.
Thuban is the Arabic name for Dragon. To find Thuban, sweep down the length of the Little Dipper, and jump over to the end of the handle of the Big Dipper. Midway is found a much fainter star, which is Thuban.

--We compare this to the Thiaooba- (Draco?) history of Earth -Next paragraph quoted from thiaoouba.com/faq.htm "Q. How do you pronounce Thiaoouba ? A. Thiaoouba is the English representation of the word in which "T" is silent and "b" is a sound between "B" and "V". Hebrew people pronounce Thiaoouba "Hyehouva". Interestingly, this is the most frequently encountered word in the Bible, because it is the name Moses used to refer to "God" when he wrote the first 5 chapters of the Bible in Hebrew @3250 years ago. "

Compare this to the Vedic name for SHIVA: yod he vau he.. (also the name for Yalweh / Amun / Enlil)- discussion below. This was a Draco term for a bloodline which was PHASE CONJUGATE. We see that the geometry of YOD and VAU - if we look at the power spectra / sonic hologram of thes Hebrew letters- is 2 opposing cones ( see: Spectrograms of the Hebrew Letters- goldenmean.info/goldenarches ). See how these 2 opposing gravity wind cones - from the shape of the stellar masses around Orion- became the (Deep Space NINE / Antarean Conversion) universal symbol for Orion - goldenmean.info/orion

Those same 2 opposing light cones - were later called - Yod He Vau He- Yalweh - the battle cry of the Orion wars- and name for the blood line which MIGHT control. The point here - is that two opposing cones PHASE CONJUGATING is precisely how Peter Gariev describes the PHYSICS OF WHAT ENABLES DNA TO MAKE BLACK HOLES (and its own gravity bending) see below.- Particularly related to Dr Gariev - DNAWAVE - reprints at more recent article: goldenmean.info/dnawave


It is important to see how ubiquitous this Draco story is to our genetic history. Observe in the table below - how the correct term for this DRACO bloodline of genetic memory: URU - becomes the centerpiece of a huge piece of modern historical naming. The URU - being 'of the ANCIENT DRAGON BLOOD' - became - URal, eURope, ibiURU, n'ibiURU (Hebrew, Niburu), URUan/ Roman Rumanian, boURg (UR of the BO or Beezebub meaning Enki line) - see the table below.

Also looking at that table we see the origin of the word MAGYAR and HUNGARY - ON-AG -UR (an=sungod, ag=source of fire, ur=dragon blood).

The purpose of this document is to make the connection between the origins of languages (like MAYGAR - RAGAS-URAS, and HEBREW / SANSKRIT)-

to the REAL symmetry physics of how DNA gains and loses that AG-ni or en-souling implosive gravity fabricating electric fire.

We would like to explore the image below - showing clearly how the cubic (or tetra-cube) symmetry is the origin of the MAGYAR / ancient Hungarian / ROGAS-IRAS alphabet. Remember the Hungarian / Finnish alphabet became the symmetry index to the LORD OF THE RING- which we now know is the RING donut (properly toiroidal electrical domain- dominant and 'dominus vobiscum') - which DNA can become when imploded by en-souling and charge acquiring BLISS. We illustrated how the possibly tetra indexing of DNA 'codons' became both the critical DNA braid programmer - AND Hebrew - language structure - at- goldenmean.info/12strands , goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto , goldenmean.info/ringlord etc.

At goldenmean.info/hellsmouth - we explored in depth the known political structure of the Annunaki - which as well documented by Sitchin - was called THE NINE. In brief this became the Egyptian Ennead, the NINE steps of Palenque and Dante's Inferno- path thru death, and later the Hopi name PESHMEHTEN - WAY OF THE NINE - for the space trade charge implosive gravity wind toward ORION - caused by the fractal relation between our solar system in dodeca symmetry to Sirius/Pleades and Orion. After his training with Phyllis Schlemmer, Star Wars author called this DEEP SPACE NINE.

The point we need to make here: is that the symmetry set which became the NINE -structure of power- of ANNUNAKI politics - is actually precisely because of the physics which limited their DNA in absorbing charge- and thus ability to radiate charge. Bloodline physics determines political power because- POLIS as a word is defined by the coherence of the charge radiance of DNA (the KA) - the only ultimate source of ANY biologic (electric) power. A bee hive can swarm IF it has a BODY POLIS - aura coherent enough to be navigated collectively. (Hilary Clinton's - genetic field effect will determine if her POLItics succeed in exactly the same way.)

The 3 CUBED (tetra-cube) symmetry origin of both h'ibi-URU / HEBREW and MAGYAR/Hungarian/ROVAS-IRAS- is precisely dictated by the fact that their blood line / memory line DNA - indexes memory / charge acquisition (ability to braid and thus re-CORD) in just this way.

Tetra helix - DNA- and the TETRA CODON origins of symbol from DNA structure:

(Frank- I would like an exerpt from your notes here...)

Here: origins of Sumerian - Magyar - Hungarian.. (Summaire meaning Dragon..)

(pic below from book..)

--Sumerian nation’s name: Hun-gar, The Heavenly Circle


It is very outstanding, that the signs from the coding cube have also sumerian meanings.
We start with interpretation of these facts, firstly that which are coming from Imre Olah Karcagi’s studies, who showes that at the beginning Alalu was the king of the Heaven.
In his dissertation everything is explained by the coding cube. All his facts are focusing around one particular sign, which is situated in the central part of the coding cube. In this way all his statements are well understandable .

Sun (Nap) = Sky (Ég)
Land (Föld) = Earth (Föld)
H An = Sky (Ég)
L En-Lil = Soul (Lélek)
M En-Ki = Earth (Föld)

ALaLu is nothing else than the coding cube, or also the middle point of the cube, formed by hungarian vowels.
The duplication of the vowel L shows the constantly running System.
He is the middle, or center of the System. How long did he rule?
„During nine periods”- and of nine squers consists the cube itself.
The latest divine hierarchy, presented in my previous book, consists of the trinity of An, Enlil and Enki.Their places are marked on our cube.
In connection with the word aLuLim we can fix that it means the King or the Deer.
We should make indeed the connection between the hungarian Wonderdeer, becouse of the two LL, which means the two horns of the deer in hungarian acient Runa writing.
He is also the antient bull in the ancient persian myths and legends, who lived in the so called Eran Vedzs, which is an island in the middle of the world, and who’s horn is so white as the Moon.
Yes, the sign of the Moon is above the sign of the Deer.
Can be questioned the fact that we might get „The Supreme Creature” symbol in the sign H among the Runa writing.
In the language of the myths, this Moonlike crest symbolises firstly the twin pick of sumeru, secondly a horn of a halfcircle shape.
Anu, Enlil and Enki were „Gods with sparkling horns”, and above their signs we can see our H sign.
On the crest of Urnammu, the summerian King, we can also find next to the Moon and the Sun a Star, which is situated in the ship of the Moon.

About the same sign the symbolic documentation mentiones as the ”Sign of the Sumerian Sun”.
To the connection between the fish (hal) and the deer we came trough the vowels HL: in the word „Hal”(fish) is hiding a Deer (L).

In sumerian language the deerfish’s name is mu-na-ha, which is one of the Capricorn constellation’s name.
In this sumerian name is very interesting that are present the vowels M, N and H, which are also present in the coding cube, moreover, M and H are also present in the coloumn HaLoM (heap), where also „hal”(fish) is present.
The sign of the Moon.

The Sumerain Star, locked in the Moon Ship

On the page 18.: you can read:

HUN means: the first, the berginner, the ancient, who is coming from the heaven (sky)

GAR means: KÖR = Circle

With our runa writing: HUN = HN , where H means Hold (moon) and N means Nap (Sun)

EME means Language (Nyelv)

EME-HUN-GAR means with the code scube: The language getting from the heaven, or

Heaven (Sky) circle language, shortly the language of the heaven (sky)


EME-KU-GAR: (KU means earthly) means: The language of the Earth

On the page 19 you can read:

HUN-GAR menas the circle of the SUN and the MOON, that is the starcircle.

If we take the signs of the code cube in a circle, we get the sign system of the STAR GATE.

On the page 20:

Ellipse and his focuses

Notes on the above- approximate translation - thanks to Dr. Istvan from Budapest!

Remember - alternate translation for Summaire = DRAGON. Note how 'locked in the Moon Ship' probably refers to our hollow metal death star moon - still full of Draco's and (fallen DNA) parasites today. Also note- links at goldenmean.info/recipeforschizophrenia - the detailed scholarship showing not only is Akhanatun - pretty much historically identical with the personality MOSES, but the SAME PERSON essentially becomes the GREEK OEDIPUS. See how in the above table - where AN- the father of Enki - takes his kingship by eating the testicles of Alalu. Then Marduk- later known mostly as RA (Enki's son and brother of Thoth/Hermes/Ningishidda) starts a LONG tradition where EACH succeeding son takes over from his father by murdering his father. It is SO helpful to find the true genetic root of Oedipus. > table:

follow up to the discussions- showing the letters on the LORD OF THE RING - ring - are Finnish / Hungarian ( www.goldenmean.info/ringlord , http://spirals.eternite.com ) - showing these alphabet torus donut charge symmetry ANGLES (alphabet letters) controlled the angles at which DNA was susceptible to ABSORB CHARGE - and thus be programmed. This language set was thus suggested to be of a dragon / draco / UR line whose DNA implosion (nephalim problem) - was their chief cultURal issue- and thus root of the physics of their alphabet URigin. - namely an alphabet which was the electric field symmetry array software enviornment for DNA programming ( www.goldenmean.info/12strands , history / context : www.goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto , www.goldenmean.info/therestofthestory ).

An "Uyghur" OG- UR - empire. Perhaps we need to know what an OG and an UR are?

Og = male of draco line

Ur = of the ancient dragon blood (hi blood- seraphim, fallen/decayed non-imploding DNA- draco/ nephalim)

RA = of the sun god bloodline - usually sons of enki - particularly marduk. ( aka -sa ra / assa wife of ra, and ab ra.. from ra- abraham..)

Bharat (original name of India)= B (container of) ARR (those from the ARR artificial planetoid{niburu}) RA-t.

"The ancient Indian engraved texts on gold plates and hid them to honor the gods and address the succeeding generations." ref - The point is that the seraphim draco recorded a critical sequence of magnetic domains/ donuts (tilt or phase angles) into gold foil - to record magnetic field symmetry sequences- the real physics of alphabet origins and dna programming. (See Mormon genetic records - and TORUS DISC below - and the origin of the word ME - which means in Sumerian (dragon tongue) - the word COMPUTER DISK (according to Sitchen) - over which wars are fought - and from which we get the name MEasurement (ME-ASSA-URU-ME-AN-t).

Here we wish to make the case that the ancient alphabet - of the Hungarian - rovasiras - (Uru-va-UR RA?) - which is known to originate - from - "The Orkhon script (also spelled Orhon script, also Orkhon-Yenisey script, Old Turkic script, Göktürk script, Turkish: Orhon Yazıtları) is the alphabet used by the Göktürk from the 8th century to record the Old Turkic language. It was later used by the Uyghur Empire;" ( ref wiki )- has its origin in an array of symbols nested in a CUBE (pure cubic symmetry URigins of the ROVASIRAS symbols )

- the draco way of DNA charge programming - exactly like the tetra cube origins of Hebrew (h'ibi-uru)- see www.spirals.eternite.com

We know the roots of Hungarian / Magyar are close to Sumerian

see discussion - Magyar roots (Thanks! to Andras..)

I first learned the about the ancient Hungarian Magyar (An-AG-UR) script - from Andras and Maria of Budapest. They were explaining to me about the famous last message from Quetzlcoatel. Sumerian scholars even know the date at which Thoth / Hermes / Ningishidda - prodigal half Draco - Son of Enki - left Egypt to change his name to Quetzlcoatel. As confirmed in much detail - by leading Solar physicist Maurice Cotterell - whose evidence in "Tutankhamon Prophecies" that Quetzlcoatel IS Tutankhamon ( Thoth moesis means "son of thoth) - is their idential solar physics. So I was excited when Maria and Andras explained to me that the Magyar believe that Quetzlcoatel's FINAL message - was written on GOLD TABLETS in the ROVAS-IRAS MAGYAR SCRIPT.

Quetzlcoatel had written ( in a high level computer animation - Cotterell's 'lid of palenque') earlier - that he apologized the high Annunaki (our 'babysitters') had to leave - but that the solar flare geometries were starting to totally inhibit female ovulation. BUT Quetzlcoatel's later message written in Rovas- was more heartening - what he said on those Gold Plates- was essentially: "I'LL BE BACK!". (Arnold S. was not the first to say it.)

These important Gold Plate's- used to store a sequence of magnetic donut toroid - were called ME - meaning computer disk in Sumerian - later known as genetic records by Seraphim - who are high Dracs- as misunderstood by Joseph Smith to become MORMONISM. The reason you store a sequence of magnetic toroid domains called alphabet letters in thin gold - is because of it's phase conjugate (electrically fractal and therefore potentially superconductive) quality - which imitates DNA's own electrical performance. (The 'copper scrolls' were 2nd best for this purpose.) We know for example that a thin mono-atom thread of gold - will - exactly like DNA - become quasi superconductive when zapped with (lightning) an amperage surge at the moment of crystallization. And we know why: 'atomic jitterbug' valence cubeocta to dodeca- sets up implosive symmetry. This imitates at the atomic level - the purification by implosive fire- which occurs at the DNA and gland levels called Kundalini.

In it's thin film state - that gold foil - becomes an electric media for re-CORDING how (phase conjugating) magnetic domains create charge fusion in DNA by using SYMMETRY SEQUENCES called alphabet letters. Josoph Smith's URIM and THUMIN were tetra shaped clear piezo quarz used to index (calibrate) the phase angle of the charge domains (donuts) he was seeing (required only slight clairvoyance).

The mistake of Mormonism ( goldenmean.info/moroni , goldenmean.info/mormon ) was exactly like the mistake of their founders: fallen Draco Annunaki (their Caste system became Aboriginal and Hebrew marriage guilt). DNA's gets ensouling genetic implosion from BEING SET FREE! (Just like your children get intelligent by being set free.) This is exactly the opposite of the old DRACO (Mormon / Hebrew / Caste System / Aboriginal) stupidity which says DNA MUST BE ENTIRELY CONTROLLED- and DNA WHICH CHANGES IS BY DEFINITION DEFECTIVE. This political view - as taken by the fallen Draco - about DNA is discussed by Alex Collier- in his Andromedan material. The Draco habit of setting up planets for harvest required in their view harvesting DNA (Enlil / Yalweh - the bankers sons).

Unfortuneately what they (Draco / URU) did not understand - was this very mistaken politics about DNA - was the root of their own lineage of genetic disaster: The symptoms of the Draco Annunaki genetic fall NEPHALIM are: loss of long term memory, onset of aging- living to less than 10,000 years - unless artificial electric fields were used to prevent AGING! (Garden of Eden - phase conjugate capacitance), loss of ability to take memory through death - and the related loss of ability to bend gravity lines with their blood (star navigate) etc.

All of this means again- that the politics of DNA ignition by charge symmetry (alphabet formation and URigin of all symbol) - were absolutely central to all SURVIVAL OF THE DRAGON LINE. That line is simply SUMERized in the ability of DNA to shape- shift and implode by KNOWING the angles to swallow and spit charge. ('Cosmic Serpent' revisited).

Later at wingmakers.com (the charge radiance ark-angles of the ARCH-ANS, of successfully implosive DNA is called WINGS) - we learn the only people who could translate the old Drac symbols on the Chinese cave walls were HUNGARIANS.

Links to the Ancient Magyar World: http://ancientmagyarworld.tripod.com/

note the word UR in many of the culture names..







Phase Conjugation / Charge Implosion - to Initiate / Ignite - DNA : Example Gold Royal Crown of Hungary..

below www.goldenmean.info/recipeforschizophrenia

refers to discussing of the origin of the NINE - (annunaki / egyptian ennead -etc.. ref: www.goldenmean.info/hellsmouth )

We compare in the below - the TORDOS DISC from ancient Hugarian / Rovas - to the TORUS of DNA - ensouling RINGLORD - and the PHAISTOS DISK.(below)- compare also to CEILING AT DENDARA for STAR NAVIGATING AFTER DEATH - and VOYNICH Manuscript:

1. COSMIC CRYSTOS-Galactic Wave Physics & Vise-like grip of compression
VoynichtEye below) Extending the Seyfert Galaxy Orgasm trigger for Solar Max dialog at goldenmean.info/ark - Author of Voynich Manuscript and the Approaching Eye of the Galactic Superwave ..goldenmean.info/ark
2. Make Your Gravity BEFORE-Arrival of Galactic SuperWave..
goldenmean.info/gravitycode Extending the Seyfert Galaxy Orgasm trigger for Solar Max dialog at goldenmean.info/ark - Author of Voynich Manuscript and the Approaching Eye of the Galactic Superwave ..goldenmean.info/superwave

Exerpt next: Note how important the alphabet of Hebrew - genetic control symmetry index - was that it's optical form - BECAME literally translated into it's sonic hologram. So pronouncing the letter properly CAN when cascaded and compressed BECOME the light that IS what DNA swallows!

Carlos Suares: Spectrograms of the Hebrew Alphabet- note the energy of conveyed charge conveyed by the sonic hologram of the Hebrew spoken letter - could inidicate the OPTICAL and ELECTRIC FIELD ANGLE- at which DNA is absorbing charge.

Important to compare the below right (Carlos Suares) with the improved power spectra (left) - when I replicated this work :1.Alphabet of the Heart, & animated at http://spirals.eternite.com


Next we compare the ring shape of DNA - braided toroidally by charge density (bliss) - from LORD OF THE RING-
to the Hungarian TORDOS DISC - and then to PHAISTOS DISK..

ref: goldenmean.info/ringlord

Note in the above- the alphebet (symmetry for charge index) chosen by Tolkien for LORD OF THE RING - was the FINNISH -HUNGARIAN (compare to MAGYAR)..

next compare - the below group images are exerpt from the book "History of the Earth and Cosmos- The Message of the Golden Tablets" by Geza Kisteleki

Next we note how the GOLDEN TABLETS OF THE MAGYAR ("UR=al) - are functionally equivalent to the GOLD TABLETS- which in SUMERIAN are called ME - meaning COMPUTER DISK (origin of ME-ASSA URU-ment / measurement ) - upon which the DRACO (Seraphim high Dragon / URU) kept their genetic records. The symmetry charge domains are burnt into the fractal magnetic field of thin film gold (approximating the superconductive). The sequence of 3D magnetic domain donuts - CALLED ANGLE-ic ALPHABET - thus recorded on the (computer-'hard') DISK - re-CORD the sequence of 3D tilt angles by which DNA braiding (and thus all genetics) are essentially PROGRAMMED. This becomes the MORMON (Seraphic) conservative Draco genetic record. (index and retrieve domain phase angle with respect to tetra piezo crystal-URIM / THUMIN)

This 3d (store and retrieve magnetic domains on disk) algorhythmn proves that our current strictly binary disk schemes are clearly primitive. If we understood how such domain storage in true 3D bubble memory could internally interact by symmetry requirement for (self organizing) constructive interference - we might have a clue to intelligent computing. It would of course require our idiot physicists first getting a clue that intelligence and LIFE is only and always absolutely defined by the sequence of charge symmetries that allow field domains to successfully self-re-enter and recur (fractally and therefore implosively compress).

end exerpt from book

PHAISTOS DISK/ PORTAL DISK - with Using Magnetic Portal Geometry by Dan Winter

Compare to Heartof the Sun geometrics from Dan Winter... goldenmean.info/indexdw.html

Phaistos Disc Archeological Summary and Link Site

Color: Maya Blue...

Image Below is Obverse Side of Phaistos Disk


The portal disk is the world-renown Phaistos Disk, found in 1908 at Phaistos, Crete. The disk was created in 1600 BCE by initiates into the Isis-Osiris mystery-myth sect. The images on the disk are a symbol language representing the various parts of the Isis-Osiris mystery-myth, inwhich good-doing Osiris is opposed by wicked Typhon. The disk records the activities of the Isis-Osiris sect as they convened inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops and worked to establish their group consciousness using the tools of sacred geometry. They participated in higher levels of group activity at the astral level and beyond through interdimensional travel. This information is recorded on the disk.

The portal disk (Phaistos Disk) is a terra-cotta disk ceramically fired and hardened for preservation unlike the thousands of artifacts that were baked. The disk is approximately 6-1/4" in diameter and 1" thick. It was found beside a tablet of Linear A writing of ancient Crete, and this tablet establishes the date of the disk. The portal disk is inscribed with unique signs or pictographs, which were impressed with 48 different stamps, 37 of which were repeated. This is the earliest printing press technology known and not found in use again until 2,600 years later in China.

On Side 1 of the disk (with the flax flower in the center), 121 impressions were made with 35 different stamps, and on Side 2, 119 impressions were made, again with 35 different stamps. The key to the understanding of the pictographs and the disk lies in the sacred geometry found on the disk. The initiates into the Isis-Osiris mystery-myth believed that ultimate reality is numerical, that number is the key to the universe, that triangles are the fundamental building blocks of the cosmos and that geometry is the sacred science. They studied the properties of the circle and the geometry of the sphere for use in astronomy. The disk demonstrates "Euclidean" geometry 1300 years before Euclid taught it in Alexandria, Egypt. Also seen on the disk are constellations as they appeared 4000 years ago.

some of these notes inspired from -Claire Watson

Shield Guide

Below we see how the pattern of the glyphs makes a 7 sided hept outside vs a 5 sided pent within.


World Soul Portal...Introduction to Star Portal :Using Magnetic Portal Geometry to Save The World Soul. (if as Andromedan's say our solar system is slipping into the "Nexus".. we may need a navigator...)cf Heart of Sun geometric..
Notice the hept - 7 sides outside and the pent - 5 sides within. This is echoed in the Ophanim sigil - and the Cherokee- and the heart of the Sun - AND in the way the tetracube nests in the dodec to create implosion (in Gold's valence for example).-7spins based on the Tetra's axes of symmetry OUTSIDE- with 5 spins based on 5 spins of the cube in dodec- INSIDE- "The physics is implosion"...

It is critical to see that it is precisely the same SEVENTH RECURSIVE BRAID - of DNA (with 5 spins inside - being a wratcheted dodecahedron down a slinky). Study how this is the implosive physics of how DNA connects to the superluminal and SOUL - in it's coeur- tornado. > www.goldenmean.info/12strands and www.goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto

It's not 12 'strands' in DNA - psychokintically ensouls- it is rather the 12th recursive BRAID - axes of symmetry superposed (called 'dimensions').

"The Lords of Form make up the hierarchy of Scorpio... They still continue to teach humanity how to build bodies, but of ever increasing refinement and sensitivity... It is said esoterically that in some future day stellar explorers will be able to penetrate this mysterious nebulae and discover that it is a doorway opening upon far more wondrous universes than the mind of man can now conceive". from the Cosmic Harp, by Corinne Heline.

--We have seen that navigating the Bardo or Death or Dream Space experience, is a richly suggestive overlay of a problem in geometry, and a problem of compassion/emotion. (See our "Geometry of Eternality" article on web, index at www.estrie.com/macphi ). In summary, what we discover is that getting between "planes" or levels of inner awareness, corresponds to the geometry of the landscape seen when you dream or die. You see a vortex/tornado, you see a spin web, you see a helix, you see donut. These shapes create a series of magnetic doorways, which are definite ways to superpose spin in layers.... vortex donut, to cube, to revolve cube into dodec, to wratchet dodec to to HELIX (DNA), to focus helix to cross point into vortex.... to vortex donut to cube... and on and on. The principle here is that when you superpose spin onto spin, you do so by the symmetry based on PHI as recursion. Doing this, makes a series of SPIN PATHS TO A CENTER OR ZERO POINT.


The magnetic wave ratios in the glands learning to braid, which we have called "emotion" , are the wave angles which permit magnetism to nest in these spin paths. (Sentics, see article.."Braiding DNA is Emotion the Weaver" web index above )


We need to understand carefully, that spin paths are paths for MAGNETIC flux lines, are they are PATHS FOR AWARENESS: TO PROPAGATE. As the Heart learns to steer magnetism inside out, the magnetic flux paths for turning inside out, called COMPASSION, look like A VALENTINE. This is the path that two Golden Spirals make when they nest. This is the perfect geometry of recursion/ self-embeddedness. This is the path which allows... vortex to donut to cube to dodec to DNA to ....



All of this may be described simply as PORTAL GEOMETRY. The issue is for the collected magnetism of human emotion, to have "A WAY OUT OF HERE" to the next evolution in the distribution of awareness. To take this next longer wave step in which to launch emotion to the critical escape velocity (implosion beats light waves thru the speed of light and into time) , we must then express this shaping for magnetism to inhabit larger bodies, into our environment. These are "Star Portals" in our temple, our landscape zodiac, our stone circles, and our ART.


First, let us be clear, that the concept of Magnetic Portal does not suggest an escapism. It is not to run away that we say, learn to project your magnetic body into something bigger than your human body. It is rather, that this is a next necessary and logical step in the skill of the "DISTRIBUTION OF AWARENESS" . Awareness is distributed as magnetism is distributed, as spin is distributed. Distributing this spin/awareness in a way which is touch permissive or sustainable, requires the perfect fractal geometry of recursion/self embeddedness. (Or "I am that I am", "As above so below" etc.. ).


When we arrange the magnetism so embedded that it is fractal like this, it implodes. This implosion of spin inside the body is called love or perspective consumed; Feeling other "inside out" as if it were self. Long term wormhole connectivity coherence induced when DNA is braided recursively by compassion, is called "soul".


When we arrange the same magnetic lines outside the body, so that they implode, this is call a magnetic portal. This is how druids used stone circles for braiding magnetism, to create their version of telephone lines.


When magnetism is braided in this "self-embedded" way, not only does it create Dodec DNA and Planet Grids, it creates Star Systems whose time scales and magnetism is inhabitable by awareness itself. (Book: "Spiral Calendar": time's spiral is square root of PHI.) (Divide orbit TIME of Earth by PHI to get Mercury, by PHI to get Venus, etc.... Angels arrange time imposion to sort genepools into the shareable) (EKG's frequency signature at the moment of compassion or turning inside out is square root of PHI.) ...













The angelic logoi/ "Bird Tribes"/Ophanim/ Lords of Time (Time Cops) inhabit these spin domains made recursive and self aware. They regulate the time lines, by the PHI based harmonic velocity modes of light, like we regulate Radio stations, to maintain communications order. They await our waking up into enough emotional awareness coherence/recursion to inhabit those black holes threading galaxies together through time. The same way emotion held tectonics together like wormhole glue for aboriginal song lines, is the way emotional magnetic coherence inside large magnetic bodies glues galaxies together through time. The arc-angles await our learning the language of symmetry enough to steer our emotion through the symmetry operations necessary to thread awareness through time. The syntax of the local star field language, was brought by the Annunaki. The more fractal and galactic Sirian/Ophanic/Enochian language glyph symbols, are based on the hypercube/dodec (Vincent Bridges.) This is a superset of early language brought by the Annunaki. These ancient letterforms, language of the angels/angles are the wave guide shapes like cookie cutters through which magnetism learns the turns to inhabit/braid star systems together. The eddies in the wave forms of light outside of a cellular centriole/ and galactic black holes shaped like Ankh, Aleph, and Omega, are the ripples past the foci of the letterform itself which wave pattern residue in the ethers we then call "a galaxy". The face of the black hole, is the language of angels selectively consuming and spitting out the magnetism making galaxies. The shape algorhythm for this black hole braiding thru time is called the Ophanic Alphabet of the Enochian keys.


On a global scale, there have been numerous attempts through herstory to create these intergalactic or star fractal portals, on the landscape. Notably, the pattern of the Gothic Cathedrals around Chartres and Rennes Les Chateaux, were magnetic fractal projections of zodiac magnetism. These were little primer seed shapes in which to insert emotion in order to come out inhabiting star systems and galaxies.


The skill to project your emotional magnetism into a portal at first is as fun as learning to focus on a pattern on a wheel which looks like a star system (see Claire Watson's Star Portal and Phaistos disk). Then learn to feel your spin and center of gravity and focus of awareness and later your inner clairvoyant vision INTO THAT PATTERN like a spin tube. Then come out of that Dream: AWAKE and remembering what you saw and felt. LATER, AFTER THE FUN, WE REALIZE THAT OUR GENEPOOLS HOPE FOR SURVIVAL IN MEMORY COLLECTIVELY, REQUIRES ALL OF US KNOW HOW TO DO THIS. ... and eventually together...









Another Ancient Disk, Found in Peru..

Called the Genetic Disk.

Ancient Disk of Cellular Biological Shape Waveforms,

"The Original CD Rom?"

Were the Sumerian Glyphs Wave Guides For Creating Biological Structure?

Reference: George Merkl, Microscopy.

Reverse Side of Genetic Disk, Note Turn Inside Out Hole in Center Point..

Russian Human Genome Project discovers Extraterrestrial abilities to modify DNA through a "biological internet"

by Mary Rodwell [Excerpted]

Some recent Russian DNA discoveries documented by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf in their book Vernetzte Intelligenz have been summarised by Baerbel. 'The human DNA is a biological Internet' with evidence that DNA can be 'influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies.' This suggests that 'our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body, but also serves as data storage and communication.' The Russian scientists and linguists have found that the genetic code 'follows the same rules as all our human languages.' In effect, human language did not appear coincidentally but is a reflection of our DNA.

The Russian researchers believe that 'Living chromosomes function just like a holographic computer using endogenous DNA laser radiation. This means that they managed to modulate certain frequency patterns (sound) onto a laser-like ray which influence DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and language is of the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary. One can simply use words and sentences of the human language! This, too, was experimentally proven!' Of course the frequency has to be correct. But for the purposes of this article, the Russian research shows how science now can demonstrate a way to reprogram DNA through language and frequencies.

"Experiencers" who manifest unusual languages, such as Rochelle (see the video Expressions of ET Contact: A Communication and Healing Blueprint?) call these 'soul languages'. Rochelle vocalises them when doing energy work and healing. Healing with sound and frequencies takes on a new meaning in this context. It could mean that Rochelle and others like her may well intuitively be able to change or reprogram DNA though such frequencies while healing. We already know that our subconscious is affected by subliminal frequencies and hypnosis, and the Russian research may have given us a scientific explanation why such techniques work so well. The question is whether the specific frequencies of these languages are designed to affect or reprogram our human DNA? This may well give us grounds for reviewing ancient texts in regards to our origins.

The Russian DNA research article coincidentally mentions the changes in our children in terms of group consciousness. They comment that 'if humans with full individuality would regain group consciousness they would have a godlike power to create, alter and shape things on Earth and humanity is collectively moving towards a group consciousness of a new kind.' They state that 'fifty percent of children will become a problem as soon as they go to school, since the system lumps everyone together and demands adjustment. But the individuality of today's children is so strong that they refuse this adjustment and resist giving up their idiosyncrasies. . At the same time more and more clairvoyant children are being born. Something in those children is striving more towards group consciousness of a new kind and it can no longer be suppressed.'

Are the Russian researchers in fact referring to what is now called the ADD (attention deficit disorder) child? Unfortunately, because there is no funded global research it's hard to gain accurate statistics. But, if the process of labelling children as ADD is an indicator of this phenomenon, then we are indeed evolving at an astounding rate.

The global perspective and more pieces fit the puzzle: Science, anthropology, theology, archaeology and the kids.

This short article entitled 'Learning to communicate with extraterrestrials: young children in India-China Himalaya use strange sign language' appeared on the website of India Daily (29 Jan 2005) by a staff reporter:

'In the deep region of Himalayas, people are reporting strange behaviours in children. The children are using sign languages which are unknown to their families and anyone around. Many of the children draw pictures of triangular objects flying in the sky. Many of them do not know what they saw and how they learnt these sign languages. Some in the region of Aksai Chin believe that these children regularly communicate with the extraterrestrials who are only visible to these children and communicate via telepathy. The children learn the sign language to communicate back to these beings. According to UFO research materials, some Mexican children also manifest similar behaviour, when many in the area reported for a long time UFO sightings. . According to some teachers in the schools in that area, young children are extra agile and extra talented these days. Their problem solving skills have increased and they are much more disciplined. They continually use a strange sign language among themselves. However they cannot teach this language to adults! The locals in the area believe UFOs have been visiting the area for thousands of years. It stopped for a while and now it has started again.' (See: www.indiadaily.com)

Families have contacted me from all over the globe, not only from Australia, Europe, North and South America, but Asia and Russia, and all describe children advanced from the norm in psychological and physical development and with exceptional psychic abilities.

In Mexico City these same "New Humans" have begun to emerge, and it is said that over 1000 children are able to 'see' with various parts of their bodies. In some countries, government agencies interested in such children are actively researching the phenomenon. China has a program for investigating children with similar abilities, which is taken very seriously by the Chinese Government in Beijing. The book China's Super Psychics by Paul Dong and Thomas Raffill describes children with exceptional human functioning (EHF) who display similar patterns to Indigo or Starchildren. They, too, are very psychic and intuitive, for example some have the ability to open flower buds by thought alone. And like the Mexican children, many have shown an ability to see with other parts of their bodies. They display telekinetic abilities as well as other fascinating multi-dimensional skills, such as sensing another's thoughts (telepathy). It has also been reported that the Chinese government has observed these children changing the human DNA molecule in a petri dish before cameras and scientific equipment to record this supposedly impossible feat. We have no evidence to prove that these abilities are the result of extraterrestrial interventions. But, given the fact that the Chinese government is very secretive, this may well be something they do not feel ready to share. However, I am told that the Chinese are extremely interested in the UFO phenomenon and take it very seriously.

More pieces of the puzzle

Although I can't cover all my research in this article, I can give the reader some points to ponder. The late Francis Crick, Nobel Prize winner, co-discoverer of the shape of the DNA molecule and author of Life Itself, made the astounding claim 'that an advanced civilisation transported the seeds of life in a spacecraft'! One wonders what led him to such an incredible conclusion. References in religious and biblical texts certainly raise questions as to our real origins. Anthropology still can't explain how we changed or morphed so dramatically from Neanderthal to Homo sapiens and the missing link has not been discovered or explanations given on how the developmental gap was bridged. Biblical scholar, Zecheria Sitchin, author of the Earth Chronicles suggests such answers could lie in ancient religious texts, such as the Bible. According to Sitchen, the Bible is a condensed rendering of ancient Sumerian and Akkadian texts. From his research he believes that Homo sapiens was a "genetic upgrade" of existing hominids which was undertaken by extraterrestrial beings called the Nephilim who came to Earth 450,000 years ago.

Indigenous tribes worldwide have within their oral history that they are visited by sky beings and are being genetically upgraded. The Dogan tribe (African Mali Tribe) call the star visitors the Nummo, an alien species which came from Sirius and genetically upgraded humans when they came to Earth. The Aborigines of Australia also talk of the sky beings Wandjina, who made them and gave them laws to live by.

For those who seek to explore, there are many such anomalies in archaeological, anthropological, religious and spiritual texts that must guide the thinking person to question what we are educated to believe in terms of our origins and genetic heritage. But, the most compelling evidence comes from the testimony of children, many of them not old enough to read. It's information so profound one has to wonder how and where they obtained it.

Mike Oram ("experiencer") resides in the United Kingdom. He told me that he was only 4 years old when he told his mother that there was no such thing as death. His mother disagreed, but Mike said 'the Universe goes on for eternity and it's not true that we no longer play a part in the Universe. We come back.' 'I was too young to know the word reincarnation', he said. 'I then shocked her by saying "You are not my real parents, my parents are in space, and something of incredible importance will happen in this planet and it will affect all levels of consciousness, it will not happen in your life time but it will in mine." My poor mother never forgot that conversation' (Mike Oram).

Colin Wilson in Alien Dawn (1998) wrote that not long before Andrija Puharich's death he asked him what he was working on. 'Paranormal children', he said: 'You wouldn't believe how many of these kids are out there, they seem to be at genius level. I know dozens, and there are probably thousands.' Wilson concludes, 'And this, I suspect is the beginning of the change that the UFOs are working on' (p.309).

Unfortunately many such phenomena are only recognised through a particular discipline's limited field of study, and this sadly narrows the perspective. There is no doubt that, for some, the extraterrestrial hypothesis is a hard one to swallow. But even if (for now) we interpret this data from a desire to understand why we may be evolving so rapidly, as this research suggests, we need to be open to all possibilities. Even if the puzzle is just perceived as another way of understanding ourselves, the question remains that, if we are evolving at an accelerated rate than cannot be explained in normal evolutionary terms, how and why is it happening?

Are "starchildren", "New Humans", Indigos and smart kids, etc., one and the same phenomenon? If they are, then the extraterrestrial hypothesis makes more sense. After all, it is ludicrous for the thinking person to believe we are the only intelligent life in the universe, given the vastness of space. And it is logical to believe that some of those other life forms may have evolved sufficiently to be able to visit us, even if how they travel here may be beyond our current scientific understanding.

The hypothesis of extraterrestrial reality is not only possible but also probable and explains many anomalies in our origins, our mythology and religions. Certainly, if what experiencers and indigenous people tell us is true, we have a very intimate and on-going relationship with the visitors, in addition to a common gene pool. This would certainly explain their continuing interest and participation in our evolutionary development.

The primitive and aggressive nature of Homo sapiens, armed with technology to destroy not only each other but our beautiful planet, may well be why these ET ancestors have decided to accelerate humanity's evolutionary upgrade program. A "New Human" with multi-level awareness of our cosmic connection to all that is, may well be the only way we will finally appreciate what we have, change our behaviour, and grow up to take full responsibility for ourselves and this beautiful planet.

The starchildren could be an integral part of this wake up call and it may be that through them we are being led to an understanding of this profound connection.

'Human beings are here to remember themselves, with conscious awareness and with complete understanding of their innate connection to the Universe.' - T. Taylor.

If quantum theory is correct, science can't disagree that we are indeed connected to everything, including our extraterrestrial visitors! 'To them we are the aliens!' - Jess, (8 years old, Western Australia). What can I say: 'Out of the mouths of babes!'

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About the author:

Mary Rodwell, RN, former nurse and midwife. Counsellor and hypnotherapist, metaphysician. Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network), Perth, Western Australia. Mary has travelled widely, visiting the USA and UK as an international speaker. Author of Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life (2002). Producer of EBE award winning documentaries: Expressions of ET Contact: A Visual Blueprint? (2000) and Expressions of ET Contact: A Communication and Healing Blueprint? (2004). Produced by ACERN. Web address www.acern.com.au and www.maryrodwell.com, E-mail: Starline@iinet.net.au.