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Summer 2015 Updates from Dan Winter/Implosion Group:

Phase Conjugate Fractal Wave Mechanics of Perception / Bliss- 3 Compelling New Spectral Charts
compelling new summary and scientific tour de force

BioActive Fields: Life Creating Field Effects-new Major Index Commercial Applications

Major Breakthru on the Physics: Dan Winter's PHASE CONJUGATE/FRACTAL CAUSE OF GRAVITY Electromagnetics gets New High Level Proof/ Equation from Mark Rohrbaugh: The Charge ARC (THE Gravity!) Which Embeds the Proton IN the ELECTRON IS CONJUGATE!

New interviews/physics accompanies the clinical release of our breakthru PRIORE Plasma REJUVENATION FIELD/HEALING Tech:

4 new interviews (top_

our latest tech updates-

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Updated with Interview:
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Announces Major Successful SUPERIMPLODER
Trials - Dramatic Improved Growth Rate AND Nutritional Brix Measure (Films & Pictorial Documented):

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ONLINE INTERACTIVE WEBINAR: Portal to Ascension Presents Physics of the Universe Online

Come and explore the fabric of creation.

How did the univere form?

What is our mathematical connection to the cosmos?

What is Sacred Geometry and Why is it important?

How can we use these tools to transcend and ascend into higher realms of consciousness?

The Unified Field Theory, Fractal Field/Golden Mean Research, Exopolitics and Advanced Extraterrestrial Technologies will all be discussed and disclosed at this online summit of some of the most amazing and revolutionary minds in the field of consciousness.

Qualify for your FREE copy of Dan Winter's new book: Fractal SpaceTime (recorded publication date: Oct 20, 2014)

Just provide evidence you are a professional scientist, and answer these few questions ( email to info -at- fractalfield.com )

1. I agree that Dan Winter has discovered the generalized wave geometric cause of gravity, life force, and biologic negentropy? TRUE / FALSE

2. I have no other answer as to why an object falls to the ground? TRUE / FALSE

3. I have no other answer as to how/why wave geometry creates negentropy so well proven in phase conjugate optics? TRUE /FALSE

4. I have no other answer as to how Earth and it's Schumann harmonics creates the self organization evidenced in the GAIA HYPOTHESIS? TRUE/FALSE

5. I agree that golden ratio phase conjugation is the only wave geometry which defines a 'fractal field'? TRUE / FALSE

6. I have no other explanation why virtually exact integer exponents of golden ratio (phase conjugate) times PLANCK length & time predict:

- multiple exact radii of hydrogen

- the exact only 2 frequencies which motorize photosynthesis

- virtually exact Schumann Planet harmonics

- the brainwave (ALPHA / BETA) frequencies of peak perception / bliss

- virtually exact duration of the Earth year and Venus year

- virtually exact frequencies PRIORE and also RAUSCHER used to heal

- exact frequency and geometry used to create commercially proven life giving (bioactive) fields at TheImploder.com (hydrodynamic implosion) and Pyraphi.com (capactive implosion)- the PRIORE rejuvenation field. (phase conjugate plasma time-reversal)



In conjunction with Dan Winter's participation in NY 2014 (above):

Dan wrote a new abstract on THE GEOMETRY OF SUCCESSFUL DEATH: - link www.goldenmean.info/immortality

"The amount of coherence in your aura's charge field or plasma- is called your KA. The portion of that coherence which IS projectable and makes it to faster than light speed- is called the BA- like a seed pushed out of a husk or shell.

The process of pushing the aura central charge seed (KA BA)- during death or coherent lucid dream involves a highly specific and known sequence of geometric phase transformations- documented as the 'Kluver Form Constants' (images below).

What is profoundly instructive is that these transformations specifically known to be the geometric sequences generally seen at death- are precisely the recursive braid mechanics also present in DNA- AND follow the physics of phase conjugation. In other words- the so called pure intention / phase coherence of entering the world of the collective unconscious - or communion of saints requires specifically charge distribution optimized geometry - the so called ' phase conjugate dielectric/magnetic'.

This then suggests a very specific electrical environment for successful death/birth -the prefect squeeze - enabling plasma distribution- the bed- the place- the magnetic map. As the Hopi and the Cherokee knew- the graveyard must be a plasma map- library card to survival critical ancestral memory as sustainable field effect. Korotkov pioneered how to measure the fractal charge distributed AIR- where phone calls to ancestors are enabled. Hints from the 'altar' or shem at Machu Pichu. (Generally opposite of the obscene electrosmog of a modern hospital).

This further explains as Ray Moody has so nicely documented from professional medical reports- that the Near Death Experience (like the Kundalini) is an elecrically contagious plasma or charge field-with critical mass- and a propagation geometry. This Bio-PLASMA PROJECTION process explains in part the precise alignment of the tubes pointing from the Great Pyramid to Sirius - and the 'fractal' star mapping of dolmen structures.

In fact the ancient SHEM unto the Lord- Biblically mistranslated as ALTAR in church- is a phase conjugate dielectric bioactive field plasma projector stone or crystal- not only door to electrically successful death/birth. It is no coincidence that the so called Sacred Ark - could non-destructively contain radioactive material- which we now know is an electrical quality of perfected conjugate compression EXACTLY like the same measureable quality of focused human attention. ALL of which is part of understanding the fractal / conjugate / implosive and negentropic ORIGIN in general of all centripetal forces... (the gravity, life force, perception).. which include the wave mechanics of successful death."

- related: Plasma Projection Symmetry Index- origin of Alphabets - goldenmean.info/dnaring

also upcoming with Dan Winter- March and April 2014:

--New Turin,Italy July 27-28, 2013 2 Day Special Conference with Dan Winter - contact: Khudai: casakhuan(at)gmail.com
"Flame in the Mind"- Whether Bon Po- or Cherokee- your initiation moment is when you can make flame with your mind- rather like Luke Skywalker learning to move 'the force'! The kind of wave - longitudinal (more accurate term than 'scalar' or 'torsional') which measureably allows mind to make flame at a distance- contains deep lessons-not only in how to focus your mind- (phase conjugation produces the right compressional wave)- but ALSO has the real holy grail key to plasma fusion- and alchemy. On day one- we do the psychology- using biofeedback tools - heartsring.com and the BlissTuner. On day two- we look at the physics- how zero point and cohere the vacuum energies- ALL rely specifically on the implosive compression which only this 'long wave' produces. When we can 'restore centripetal forces'- self organization in wave understanding holds keys to energy physics, alchemy, the psychology of psychokinesis - and so much more. Intro animations to the new wave mechanics: www.fractalfield.com/conjugatemind








Update: Spring- 2012 Events with Dan Winter-
March Conference in Rimini, Italy - and March/April Conference in South Spain - :
Details see: fractalfield.com/reincarnation - latest newsletter..


Additions to Dan Winter's 2011 Presentation Calendar-

Dec 2011:



May 26-29 - 4 Day Presentation in Turin - English/Italian- contact: Khudai <casakhuan(at)gmail.com>
June 5-7 - Open Alchemy Science Conference presentation in PRAGUE- contact: Diana <diamannnte(at)gmail.com>
June 8-9- Agriculture and Biologic Transmutation- in PARIS - copresent with Michel Barbaud- contact: Valerie <vsandelin(at)gmail.com>
June 18-19 : Agriculture and Implosion with Centripetal Forces - in ROME - contact: Khudai <casakhuan(at)gmail.com>




Amsterdam in June:


( 2+hour film)
Lecture begins with 2 min. musical interlude- and 4 minute intro by CTS President..



Dan Winter - Fractal Field Research Announcements for Australia

original index:

technology index:

Recent Research Updates: http://fractalfield.com/bloomthedesert/FractalFieldResearch.html

Note: and for our Byron Bay friends- Preliminary Announcement we are planning an event (to be confirmed)
Fractal Implosion:Revolution in Growth-
with Dan Winter and Dan Schreiber
Byron Bay- Star Seed Gardens-Lotus Tea-Room,
Sat. March 5, 2011 - see www.starseed.co -


-Click to download the poster- Click to register online-

Follow-up event: Lotus Temple- Byron Bay Industrial Estate-
5 Wollongbar Street, Arts & Ind Estate, Byron Bay 02 66808391
Sat March 19, 2011 with Dan Winter: 2-6pm:
Real History and Physics of Alchemy: The Chemistry and the Human Fusion..
From John Dee to Shakespeare to Implosive Rock and the Philosopher's Stone..
Donation: $45 - + 10 for optional vegetarian feast to follow 6:30/7PM

email implosiongroup@gmail.com

-Now.. on to the immediately upcoming Melbourne Events:


Event Announcement details:
Association for Climate Technology Solutions

Also Updated for This Tour: The Imploder News: from Dan Winter



= IMPLODER- : featured in Aussie Inventor's Roadshow
V ideo showing Roger Green with the Imploder!

Community based action for environmental change



Note more about the events in Italy with Dan Winter 2011- (English and Italian- many international attendees):
contact Khudai at casakhuan@gmail.com

April 8-10 - Rimini Conference- see poster above

April 29- May 1st Bagnacavallo- conference-

May 26-29 Part 1, 4 Day Intensive Conference with Dan Winter in Turin area- - contact Khudai - above
August 4-7 Part - Advanced- - 4 Day Intensive Conference - Turin area- " " "

November 11-13 MyLife Congress




Below- some of the 2010 events:

online at goldenmean.info/course/2010


Earlier...- Spring 2010 - announcement from Implosion Group, Dan Winter , www.goldenmean.info and www.fractalfield.com
in Association with - Roger Green , FengshuiSeminars.com & academysacredgeometry.com
- and (as you can see - ) Key Sponsors Across Europe..
(added: Poster for St Remy, Added: Poster for Turin, Added: Poster for Athens, Greece, Added: Poster for Poland events

Do Europe! Summer 2010-with Dan Winter and Vincent Bridges..

We have lined up in sequence.. (details below)
Do Turin, Italy - Late April (optional)
..then up to Prague-first half of May - (Direct flights:fr Milan) .. for Serious Alchemy, Angelic.. and Dee and Tantra Fusion series..- Events across Czech..
..then May 21-28 - come to the MAIN EVENT:

>>> St.Remy- South France- Magdalen Gypsy Festival with Vincent Bridges, Dan Winter & Valerie Sandelin..
NEWLY DISCOVERED- Dramatic Renne's like PENTAGRAM MAGNETIC around St.Remy
- where Nostradamus used that phase conjugate effect into his scrying water!

...then - join us early June- for THE MYSTERIES OF MALTA..!- esoteric explorations with Vincent Bridges, Dan Winter, & local experts.
Finally- On up to Ireland June 11-18 - directly after- to join Michael Rice, holisticarchitecture- and their whole celtic crew

---More detail will be added as available, however- the plan for St.Remy - South France (below)- the highlight event is clear-
Main Web Link to Roger Green- FengShuiSeminars - for this event: www.fengshuiseminars.com/tours/south-of-france-retreat-2010.html
please note that Roger needs your commitment soon for that one because the venue is MUCH in demand and beautiful at that time of year!

Mar 18-21: Dan Winter- Congress "Fly Intro the Light" - Riccione, Italy -

-- Turin, Italy:
Being Planned- Thurs 22 April : Casonova Costume Ball- Palazzo Paesana.. in Turin -with Vincent Bridges. Info: Khudai email: casakhuan(at)gmail.com

24-25 April - Turin (Borgo Dale Conference Center) - "Ophanic Revelations" (Le rivelazioni degli angeli ofeni)" with Vincent Bridges


Ophanic 101:
An Introduction to the Art and Science of Angelic Communication

4/24 2010- 4/25/2010 Turin, Italy

Led by Vincent Bridges, co-author and editor of The Ophanic Revelation and V. H. F. Alaerian Starbrother

Four hundred years ago, the angels came looking for Dr. John Dee, much as Michael Rene, the space visitor, sought out Sam Jaffe, the brilliant physicist, in the original "The Day the Earth Stood Still." What they communicated was a geometrical, symmetry- based, DNA- coded language pattern capable of producing a rapid expansion of consciousness and an increase in symbol coherent cognition. We can think of this shift in awareness as one from a local primate based consciousness to one that is non-local - that is universal or part of a much larger reality - and based on what we quaintly call now plasma physics. The angels, or higher intelligences, communicated this system as a kind of life raft and survival radio set from their awareness that mankind would need a shift in consciousness in order to survive the precessionally timed apocalyptic season that is closing in upon now.

Including the historical background of Dr Dee and Sir Edward Kelley and their angelic communication, along with how the system grew through the intervening years, this weekend workshop will demonstrate the basic tools and skills required to work with this powerful consciousness expansion process. We will examine the hardware, including the Holy Table, the Elemental Tablets, the Tablet of Union, and work with the basic operating system, derived from Renaissance magick, and the sacred geometry that underpins any understanding of the Ophanic system. The workshop culminates in a demonstration of the energy inherent in the Ophanic Keys or Calls, as we combine Alaerian Starbrother's improvisational harp music with vocalizations of the Calls to create a truly unique magickal environment.
Links http://www.john007dee.com/

Vincent Bridges is the co-author of A Monument to the End of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanelli and the Great Cross (by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges, Aethyrea Books, 1999, 2000) as well as co-author of Mysteries of the Great Cross at Hendaye: Alchemy and the End of Time, Destiny Books, 2003, and Interlude with Sally Hemings: Diary of a Spiritual Healing by R.J. Gabriel, with Vincent Bridges.

He is also the co-author and editor of the forthcoming Ophanic Revelation. His shorter work is well represented on various websites, including Sangraal.com, Alternative Approaches, Diagnosis 2012, Journal of the Western Mysteries Tradition, Rense.com and many others.. Vincent Bridges is also a pioneer researcher in the field of psycho-acoustic therapy, a trauma abreaction technique using light and sound entrainment of brain frequencies, a pagan political activist and a world traveler, having organized and led tour groups to southern France, Egypt and India. Vincent Bridges has been instrumental in the creation of three schools or educational organizations, The Fifth Way Mystery School, The Newport Earth Institute in Newport, New Hampshire and Pendragon College, and has been a featured speaker at venues such as The International Fortean Organization's (INFO) FortFest and the Subtle Technologies Conference, and the InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Center of Toronto, Canada, as well as a guest on the Laura Lee and Jeff Rense radio shows. He was also featured in The Learning Channel's documentary Atlantis in the Andes (June 2001). He was featured on the History Channel's documentary Nostradamus: 500 Years Later which first aired in December 2003 as the on-camera tour guide and Historical Consultant. He was also the featured historian for the History Channel's Lost Book of Nostradamus (2007) and Nostradamus 2012 (2008).

Vincent Bridges currently lives in the Uwharrie Mountains of North Carolina, with his wife, the artist Darlene, and their two cats.

Alaerian Starbrother is perhaps the world's only musical Hierophant both skilled in channeling and blending music with the flow of magical rituals and in leading Enochian and Kabbalistically based magical ceremonies themselves. A trained ceremonial Adept in two Kaballistically based initiatory systems, a third degree Wiccan, and skilled Enochian magician, he is also a spirit communicator with more than thirty years of mystical and psychic experience.

As a highly trained musician who has played the energy flow at literally hundreds of public and private rituals, Alaerian is virtually unmatched in his ability to enhance the group experience of ritual and ceremony by shepherding the energy with music and focused will. He is therefore without doubt the closest the Enochian ceremonial tradition has to an ovate, the Druidic High Priest and shaman who plays the energies of the Gods and Goddesses on his sacred harp.

His work composing, improvising, and channeling music on guitar, recorder, piano, and harp began in the early 1970s, complemented by his practical studies of meditation, astrology, and Tarot.

Since his initiation into the Golden Dawn in 1988 and his elevation to Adept status in 1991, Alaerian has served as initiating Hierophant and instructor in multiple Temples while simultaneously being the Bard who channeled music at public rituals throughout the southeastern United States.

In the 1980s and 90s Alaerian lived in an intentional neo-pagan community in the southern Appalachian mountains, bringing with him years of experience in spirit communication and energy work. There he came in contact with the awesome presences many people call Dragons, the spirit guardians of the natural world. He learned many things from the Dragons, and often says that it was the Dragons that taught him to use his music in the way he does, working with natural energy to communicate with spiritual beings and alter reality. There also, he experienced contact with the Sidhe, who initiated him into the use of the harp as a magical tool and gave him his geas as a Bard, which he follows today.

For over thirty years Alaerian has provided counseling for those who asked, in one of several mediums he has been led to study. He has several decades of experience using astrology as a tool to help others understand the underlying forces shaping their personalities and interactions. Parallel to his work with astrology he has spent an equal amount of time in the study and use of the Tarot as a tool for guidance and understanding. Although his study of multiple traditions has allowed him to absorb a fairly comprehensive set of interpretations for the cards, he generally finds it best to open up to the Higher Mind when doing readings for others, using the cards as a guideline, and allowing messages to come from the realm of Spirit as often as possible.

Finally, as a student of precessional astronomy and sacred geometry, he has been led to study the work of Dr. John Dee, and with his wife Dr. Teresa Burns has published an analysis of how the first 17 theorems of Dee's Hieroglyphic Monad can be seen as Outer Order work implicitly leading to an understanding of the sacred geometry at the heart of the Enochian system. They have recently finished an article on the correct lettering of the Enochian Elemental Tablets derived from Dee and Kelley's Great Table, and the three and four dimensional geometry it implies.

A career Metaphysician, Alaerian has devoted his life to the pursuit of a spiritual calling. Service to others, in many different forms, has been the hallmark of his life, for he believes that all life is ultimately One life, and that the divine spark in each of us can sometimes best be awakened through the power of music. As he has been gifted by the sidhe with the gift of healing song, so he has attempted to give

---end Turin events insert.


---April 30-May 1-2, 2010: Dan Winter- Ancient Wisdom and Science of Consciousness- Conference- Bagnacavallo, Itay -

Dan Winter: Sat. May 1st - presentation at the congress in Bagnacavallo at 16.30 hours
> Sun. May 2nd - one day workshop on TheLoveTuner- and Biofeedback for Bliss..

> --Details of the Prague April 30 thru May 15 Events- Still being assembled


A series of lectures of well known specialists in the field of sacred geometry, alchemy, history and secrets of human DNA, Dan Winter and Vincent Bridges with a special guest Alaerianem Starbrother, that will be held in the Czech Republic on 30th April till 16th May 2010.


Friday 30th April 2010 at 15,00 -20,30 and Saturday 1st May at 10,00-16,30 in the Maitrea facility, Prague 1, Tynska ulicka 6, lecture of Wincent Bridges peaked by a concert by Alaerian Starbrother:

The Hermetic Revolution in Prague: Alchemy and the Apocalypse: Rosicrucianism in Bohemia 1585 - 1620

April 30. 2010 Part One (15:00 - 17:30) The Apocalyptic Mission of John Dee and Edward Kelley to the Court of Rudolph II: Alchemy, Higher Intelligence and the Prophecy of a New Hermetic Rome The Hermetic Revolution began in 1585 with the arrival in Prague, the newly Imperial capital of Rudolph II, of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley on their apocalyptic missionary journey through Poland and the Empire. The unique mixture, found only in Prague, of geopolitics and mysticism was fertile soil for their message. In this lecture we will examine how magic and mathematics, alchemy and angelology, visionary politics and apocalyptic prophecies created the environment of this spiritual and intellectual revolution. Dee and Kelley'̳̫s mission was apparently successful, resulting, thirty years later, in the Rosicrucian movement and the ill-fated reign of Frederick V, the Winter King of Bohemia.
Part Two (18:00 -20:30) Rosicrucianism in Bohemia: The Legacy of Dee and Kelley's Mission The origins of the Rosicrucian movement are a combination of influences centered on Bohemia and the philosophy of Dr Dee. However, Rosicrucianism in its origin point came to a very bad end after the Battle of White Mountain. Following the life and work of Jan Komensky, we will examine the legacy of Dee and Kelley's mission from higher intelligence in Bohemia and Prague. From this almost forgotten history of an attempt at a Hermetic and Enlightened revolution, one that was crushed by the forces of reaction, we can draw some conclusions concerning the intersection of politics and religion in our own time.

May 1.2010 Part One (10:00 -12:30) The Science of Divination- Learning to Communicate with your DNA through the Language of Light. Four hundred years ago, contact with a higher form of intelligence was achieved. Could this higher intelligence be within our very DNA? This lecture covers how the basic divinatory systems of east and west, The I Ching and the Tarot, are based on the structure and coding of DNA, and how the received language of Dee and Kelley contains valuable clues on how to consciously communicate with your own DNA.
Part Two (14:00 - 16:30) The Sacred Geometry of Consciousness From galaxies and nebulae to our DNA and the atoms around us, consciousness, as an awareness of structure and shape, is all around us. The ancient sages called this awareness sacred geometry and explored various ways to visualize these shape as a means of shifting consciousness to deeper levels, including perhaps direct communication the vast information within the DNA itself.
The Angelic Harp: Concert / Performance (19:30 -21:00) In this concluding portion of the workshop, we will experience how these various components and sacred geometries come together in a ceremonial setting. Using the harp improvisations of Alaerian Starbrother and the inspired art work of local Prague artist Christian del Risco as or guide, the group has the opportunity to explore and experience the spiritual richness of one of Prague'̳̫s unique treasures, the Ophanic Keys of Dee and Kelley. More info: http//www.maitrea.cz/akce/hermeticka-revoluce-v-praze

Friday 7th May thru Sunday 9th May in Haluzice u Kyjova , Czech - Vincenta Bridges seminar
Geomanthy, Earth Grid, DNA, The Earth Grid. More info: www.spolekmagdalena.cz; www.haluzice.cz

Wednesday, 12th May 2010 at 9,30 in front of the Astronomical Clock of the Town Hall in the Old Town Square, Prague.

A Tour of Esoteric Prague ... details at link: www.goldenmean.info/course/2010/praguedetail.html
A special full day'̳̫s walking tour of the heart of the magic city of Prague, focusing on Old Town, the Jewish Quarter, Mala Strana and Prague Castle.

Contact: Eva L., eva (at) spolekmagdalena.cz More info: www.spolekmagdalena.cz

Thursday, 13th May 2010 at 15,00 -20,30 in Maitrea facility, Praha 1, Tanska ulicka 6, Dan Winter'̳̫s lecture:
Guest Appearance and Presentations Include: Vincent Bridges (above) , also Canadian Alchemist Scientist- Paul Harris
Sacred Geometry: Fusion Physics and the Principles of Alchemy
With introduction to the history of alchemy in Europe (special guset Vincent Bridges)
More info: http://www.maitrea.cz/akce/posvatna-geometrie-fyzikalni-zakony-a-principy-alchymie

On Saturday 15th May, 9,30 -18,00 and Sunday 16 May 9,30 -13,30, there will be a lecture of Dan Winter in Brno, Czech. Venue to be announced

Tantra and Bliss Experience- The Sacred Geometry of Fusion.

  • Biologic history and purpose of Tantra and Bliss.

  • How human plasma fields implode and accelerate into perfected distribution: the true meaning of Heaven and the Divine.

  • History of biofeedback for peak experience: Brainwave and Heart biofeedback experience with Dan Winter's HeartTuner and BlissTuner.

  • Inroduction to how Shamans and dreamers and Near Death Experiencers navigate with an aura or plasma bubble which is centripedal / implosive.

  • History of shamans as star navigators: Ceiling at Dendera and Cathar history of navigating human plasma as 'dreamspell' into stars.

  • -Finally- a brief and controversial Extra Terrestrial History of DNA: from Draconis / Dragon / Annunaki to the family of URAS / URU- the real ancestors of URope.

  • How the Nephalim 'Fallen' DNA can re-ascend into sustainability by simply learning how biologic charge or plasma is fractally attracted into genes and blood.
    ( a tour with the article series: goldenmean.info/therestofthestory)More info: www.spolekmagdalena.cz

-------------.. next .... come to our Main Event! nearby South France...see link -Mid to Late May..

May 27- 30, 2010: Part One - (4 Day) Course Intensive- Turin..(Leaving S.France a day or so early) Part 1-Complete Course Curriculum - with Dan Winter- Turin- English & Italian (German Available) - info: (Italy) +39-0161468313 - or goldenmean.info/italian or New AssociazionePhi

Aug 26-29, 10: Part Two - Advanced Course Intensive- Turin..



Sacred Sites Tour - Templar Mysteries and The Grid-
at The Isle of Malta! - June 4,5& 6
- with Vincent Bridges and Dan Winter

Planned is a major presentation with Vincent Bridges- a talk on the History of the Templars and their possible connection with Malta.This should be of great interest to historians in Malta especially because of its connection with the Hospitelier Order of St. John which co existed with the Order of Knight Templars and inherited the properties of the Templars when these were disbanded.

Then a weekend by Dan Winter including talks on the Evolution of Consciousness and Coherent Emotion,the Secret Science of Ecstacy and Immotality, and Implosion- the fractal Science of Spirit.... these topics are all interconnected ...

Included will be a talk on Biological Architecture and Sacred geometry and Healing of the Earth Grid, which would include field work to tap the energies of the Sacred Sites in Malta and perhaps throw light on their role and relevance in the global awakening occuring on the planet today: Can You Feel A Magnetic Line for Yourself?

The host for our Malta experience is Alfred of omni-ideas.com , contact: info@omni-ideas.com

--then.. come to Ireland with us!

Ireland Summer Retreat with Michael Rice
Mastering Sacred Geometry Building

A unique live-in retreat- June 11th is arrival day ( academysacredgeometry.com )
An easy to get to location in the heart of IRELAND

Part one: June 11-14.
Part one is held at Michael Rice's Sacred Geometry design retreat center.
A  three day workshop on the theory, hands on experience and practical applications for building sacred geometry dwellings.
Accommodation is basic dormotory style. We will share men / women rooms. Some private double bedrooms are available for couples. It is an all inclusive package- tuition, accommodation and all meals are provided, except one night where we have an off-site dinner party. Meals on site are macrobiotic quality vegetarian. The dinner party on third night is an optional  full catered event at a local estate house. Dress: bring some practical work clothing. Temperatures are mild- to warm, however it is Ireland- so bring a rain coat.

--Then in July:


Details of Major Conference in POLAND- in September


Harmony of the Cosmos Festival Poland:

3-5 September 2010. with Janusz Zagórski


Also : Krakow, Poland Conference Sept 11-12, 2010 :





New Announcements; Events with Dan Winter- Prague: Brno : and Skola v Haluzicich, Nesovice. Czech. Sept. 14-19, 2010 - English and Caech- contact: eva (at) spolekmagdalena.cz


Event: Country retreat conference- English and Spanish- St Maria De Besora- Outside- Barcelona, Spain: Sept 24- 26 - 3 Days- Contact: marco (at) r-evolucio.org




Also- Tour: Mexico and Chile in October 2010-

For mexico and chile courses http://www.psicogeometria.com/calendario.html

Congreso Geometría Sagrada y Salud Fractal en MEXICO

16 y 17 de octubre del 2010

Lugar: México, D.F.

Más información próximamente

Congreso Geometría Sagrada y Salud Fractal en CHILE, SANTIAGO

23 y 24 de octubre del 2010

Lugar: México, D.F.

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Bienvenido al Congreso

El objetivo de este Congreso es explorar sobre la salud y su relación con las formas geométricas, presentando nuevas técnicas y desarrollos científicos de Europa y América basados en el estudio de la vida y su resonancia con ciertos patrones que restablecen la salud del individuo. Exponemos los avances y aportes de la Medicina Complementaria y las terapias alternativas, a la luz de los sistemas de medición con biofeedback.

El biofeedback le proporciona a la persona el acceso a la información del inconsciente que desconoce y le ofrece una alternativa para hacerse consciente de sus procesos físicos y psicológicas permitiéndole recuperar la dirección de su propia salud.

Nos congregamos para generar una renovación de conceptos y una apertura a nuevos sistemas de pensamiento y equilibrio del ser humano en su ámbito corporal, emocional, intelectual y espiritual. Esta apertura es requisito indispensable para cualquier persona que busca construir o mejorar cualquier aspecto de su vida.

Exploraremos sobre diferentes herramientas útiles en la detección de la perdida de armonía en el cuerpo físico, emocional y mental así como nuevas propuestas terapéuticas para la corrección del Estado Energético Global del ser humano. Profundizamos en la relación que tiene la salud del individuo con la biología humana, su ambiente psicológico, su estilo de vida, y su entorno arquitectónico.

Ven y aprende sobre la Salud Geométrica, la terapia con poliedros, la Geometría Sustentable, la terapia con emisiones lumínicas, las herramientas científicas de biofeedback y un paradigma innovador que integra la sólida estructura de la medicina ancestral con la visión de la salud integral.

Aprende y déjate inspirar. Únete con personas de todo el mundo que se van a reunir en México en el 1er Congreso Internacional de Salud Geométrica y Biofeedback organizado por Psicogeometría México.

Únete en esta excitante y hermosa experiencia. No te quedes fuera de las últimas tendencias de la Salud y la Ciencia que rige las formas de la vida.


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