How Symmetry Map to Inside Out Makes Compassion's Harmonics Measureable

Understanding the Simple physics behind HOW the HeartTuner measures compassion - as coherence (in addition to measuring empathy when 2 hearts come into phase lock)..

from The Heart Coherence Team... Sept 2002.

above: interdigitated (stellated) -phi based- dodeca model the perfected embedding chosen by the (fractal) EKG - like DNA/ Earth Grid / & Zodiac..

instructions for 3D animation:
rotate object: move on picture and click left
zoom in / out: move up/down and SHIFT click right
adjust perspective: move up/down and CTRL click right
trace items: move up/down and ALT click right
rotate l/r: move left/right and SHIFT click right
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above- how the donut knows the way inside out... try throwing it .. click here to see friends who spin it into an alphabet of symmetry..





Model of the Heart's Electrification during Euphoria.. Implosive Compression

(be sure to wait for the concentric toroids to begin dynamically turning inide out - while you spin them around by grabbing)



As the heart sucks into its fractal center

the wind which begins when you choose to FEEL compassion.. the donut sucks the dimple in - again and again - which shows up as another harmonic in the harmonic analysis (power spectra ..right bottom in the pic)..THIS IS WHAT THE HEART TUNER MEASURES AS THE ONSET OF COHERENCE..

This ascention is enabled by the centering force generated by PASSION itself. (Which as we suggest below has a critical function in the physics of how biology feeds gravity - the force which keeps tornadoes concentric - thus gluing all worlds together).


So this is HOW we believe The HeartTuner works - When you choose to feel compassion - you make a little picture INSIDE your heart - which WHEN it is SELF-SIMILAR (or fractal) to the SHAPE of the FEELING (magnetism) of the person OUTSIDE your heart ...

THEN that sets up the conditions to allow the OUTSIDE to FALL IN. This is called technically - a FRACTAL ATTRACTOR. It works because only FRACTAL ( or self-similar - fern or onion like) symmetry permits infinite non-destructive compression. This is also called IMPLOSION.

When waves can infinitely CONSTRUCTIVELY interfere as they approach center (fractal self-similarity optimized by Golden Mean ratio) then they add and multiply their wave velocities constructively as well as their wave lengths. This we believe is the only physics necessary to understand the origin of gravity - (because that geometry which permits acceleration - is that which makes gravity - which is the same as acceleration - which will be proven as soon as someone -besides military aircraft - puts enough capacitors in a fractal to make gravity --)


It is Electrifying to Realize the Heart is Electrified By Concentric
Donuts - Sweeping Voltage Directly from Gravity.

(pic from"When Time Breaks Down" by Winfree -electrophysics of origin of the Heart's Beat)


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