Is The Fractal Embedded Heart:

The Enveloping Wave of Compassion?

presentation to

Dr. David Simon,




Daniel Winter,

Marty Wuttke, developer of EEG Clinical Practicum to Treat Addiction

Southern Institute of Applied Psychophysiology

PO Box 1785, Clayton, GA 30525, 706 782 2834

Robert Boustany, EEG Systems Developer, Physicist, & Yoga Instructor

Advanced EEG Systems, 1728 Bolsover, Houston,TX 77005

The Heart Itself Illustrates Nestedness

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I. To Demonstrate and Expand upon the principle

that Coherence and Recursion in Heart Brain Resonance

makes Compassion and Self-Awareness Measureable and Teachable.

II. To Outline A Mathematical Formulation for Evaluating for Coherence and Recursion in Biological Resonance to Make Feed Back designs Possible. (Robert Boustany).

III. To Solicit Collaboration and Support to Develop Equipment, and Software to Apply Biological Coherence and Recursion to Powerful Clinical Practicum.

How these Serve


I. Practical Physics and Lab Tool to Measure and Feed Back

Consciousness - Self-Awareness - "Critical Mass Intentionality".

II. Radically Powerful New Therapeutic Clinical Tool

to Offer Dramatic Habit Healing, and Transformational Experiences.

a. Applicability of EEG Biofeedback to Addiction, (Case Histories)

b. Ability to Offer "A Way Out" of Addiction

Which Inherently Introduces Spiritual Transcendance Experience!

c. Mechanism to Cohere and Embed EEG To EKG,

with Biofeedback Optimization.

III. Exciting New Visuals and MultiMedia Teaching Tools,

Unifying Wave Physics & Physiology with Vedic Spiritual Principles.

Is the icy stillness of zero frequency the same information well as the white hot fire of infinite frequency..
the point where the information uroboros
of the continuum of frequencies eats it's tail?

Is this EKG power spectra, a heart reaching with a frequency cascade
to decouple the information inertia out of the energy of the background zero point energy of the universe?

We Propose that it is Possible and Appropriate
to Use The Mathematics and Physics of Fractal Recursion
in MultiMedia and Biofeedback
to Access Exactly What Has Been Advised Spiritually:

"Every Grain of Sand & Every Leaf Contain the Same..."

"Macrocosm Reflects Microcosm..."

"As Above, So Below..."

"That Thou Art..."

"I Am That I Am..."

Woven into A State of Balance By The Vedic Principles of Life..

The very word LIFE suggests Recursion..

Recursion, is elegantly taught in the fractality of the fern
whose tree, branch, leaf, and leaf tip,
all have exactly the same self-embedded shape.

Phylotaxis in the branching algorhythmn of the plant
or the fibres of the heart's electrification,
teach the same "maximum exposure, minimum superposition"
which in emotional terms mean exactly:

"Contact Inhibition or Permission to Touch"..

Neurologically this translates to mean,
electrical pressure waves (voltage gradients)
never destructively interfere
and thus they avoid physiologically annihilating
the spin information they contain.

Spin Information or pattern density when arranged in recursion specifically creates the phenomenon called self-awareness because fractal data is infinitely compressible
and therefore can be distributed infinitely
with no energy investment.

This becomes a practical physics and metaphysics
to access the doorway to the noosphere
or collective mind or spiritual awareness:

"Infinite Potentiality".

The Centering Force Ayurvedically Described as Balance,

May Well be The Wave Attractor Which Fractal Recursion Creates...

The Bridge Builder: A Visual Tool
to Understand Compassion- Fractality in the Heart Wave..