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Calling All Angels (play the song)

Calling All Angels: AmeriKA's Secret Destiny..
The REAL History of America's Secret Origins (film reviewed) and Spiritual Destiny

Our last newsletter "Real Science of the Grail" +accompanying
NEWest Grail Physics Online Film- has been an overwhelming hit on Googles video server.
Here we correspond with the producer director of "
Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings
" -to reveal the Grail story of America's Roots-
How Angels are Born when Blood is Charged with the Fractal Grail of BLISS.
Chris Pinto's film ends with John Dee's Angelic working leading Francis Bacon (Shakespeare) to Plan America's Destiny.
What we NEED to know - where is that ANGELIC INTENT now?

from Dan Winter - "Calling All Angels!" newsletter- published by Implosion Group - June 19, 06- web link with graphics: , index: or
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1. 4 new films online-> Film Libray Updated Mar 07->

2. Spiritual Destiny of Amerika's - film links / reviews - compared to Sociopatholgy of ET Origins / Enlil / Yalweh - + Grail Bloodlines article reprise

3. Latest from Ophanim (Connected to John Dee / Bacon in Amerika's story)- Sri Yantra- Labyrinth Rites for Land Healing / Rain Making> great pics!(Turin / Mexico City)

Intro: What does "Calling All Angels" have to do with the historic secret origins and spiritual destiny of America? (The Film and articles reviewed below). The film presents useful evidence that much of the intelligence which pushed Franklin and Jefferson et al from their Masonic roots, into the founding of America's "United States" - came from Francis Bacon ( the author of Shakespeare) and his teacher John Dee. The film is rather pathetically unable to even hint at what the intent behind John Dee and his Ophanim / Enochian 'Angelic' instruction & alphabet was. In the below we see that the exact same PENT and HEPT symmetry (which later became Cherokee, ANU and the Ophanim Sigil for REAL 'magic') - is precisely the electrical slipknot symmetry recipe for the heart of hydrogen, the human , and MOST particularly - the HEART OF THE SUN. We have seen this EXACT (pent / phi based - implosive for charge) symmetry laid out AGAIN and AGAIN precisely in the Grail country (Rennes le Chateau), in Washington DC, Cydonia, - virtually everywhere DNA needed maximum igniting force. It is also pathetic and tragic that western science ruthlessly ignores the SIMPLE physics that ONLY this fractal / self similar charge field optimally nourishes DNA.

The fact that western physics is unable to deal the fact that the Sun is inhabited by an electric field (fusion) whose 'blood' symmetry is awash with excellent intelligence -is another tragedy for physics > not an indication the Sun's awareness is not real. We have been working with Solar Shaman for most of a decade- who can report detailed personal experience of that solar intelligence. And today, newly - we invite you to click on the next link below - to Grace's (of Mt.Shasta) new online film (already popular on google) to hear from another 'Angel' about what it FEELS like to enter in to the Sun's heart. All these people- along with millions of reports from EVERY ancient religion about SUN GOD - cannot be wrong. Physics is wrong to fail to understand.

When I sat many times (first in Carolina then Sedona with Vincent Bridges- more recently our events in Mexico City and Turin-pics below) and personally watched storms the size of continents respond to magnetic ritual in the symmetry of the Ophanim (7/5 sigil- see pics below)... as a physicist and electrical engineer - I had to ask myself> WHAT IS THE PRINCIPLE? I have learned that the Ophanim Enochian alphabet John Dee TRIED to pass on to Earth's religion sickened governments later became STARGATE the film, Enochian hi Magic, and Cherokee, and even became the Greek Alphabet (-links below). Alphabets themselves in my view are actually boring, unreal and shortlived UNLESS they reveal the pure electrical symmetry mechanics of creation and how mind and awareness are created as a field effect. In my view this Ophanic Angel calling script - is about - Angel blood being the symmetry that allows electric fields to non-destructively inhabit and circulate thru the HEART OF STARS. For those who have had INTENSE Solar inhabiting BLISS experiences (see 'Grace' here) - this SEEING and FEELING in the BODY OF THE SUN - is QUITE A REAL THING. Now if you are a physicist and happen to have had one of these experiences - it does not matter if there is no University course in the physics curriculum of your university on BECOMING A SUN GOD - because I know there SHOULD BE! The edge that bleeds here - is that Earth is about to die because our shaman are not yet good enough at steering solar wind. The Mayan's have been telling our physicists that DREAM SPELLS do this. Sadly the physics community sits stupidly on their asses - not having a clue that a DREAMSPELL is the electric field coherence biology can radiate (DNA RADIO = PHASE CONJUGATION) - into what the Egyptians call KA.

SO- in my view the Essene (Moses their founder was AkaunATUN) Bliss hygiene is actually a prerequisite to allowing ANYONE to take the name KA(tholic)(thar)(thedral)(cha-lice). The Egyptians knew what a KA was. Gurdjieff called it KESJAHN. Korotkov measures it medically with GDV. Without one (that coherent field) death is permanent. With that coherent 'KA' - not only do you get to CALL ANGELS (the star field effects)- you get to BECOME ONE!!.... - teach your kids the REAL GRAIL fractal physics of what can CHRISTallEYEs in their heart..

2. Secret / Spiritual Origins - Distiny of Amerika films / story reviews/ links.. compared to Yalweh / Enlil Hebrew psychoanalysis of History's Pathology > vs: the GRAIL Story -good news! -> compare to the original Spiritual Destiny of the America's article:



Chris Pinto - author / producer of- "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings "- (web site ) (film online) writes today:"Yes, I did get the DVDs. Please forgive me, but I have not yet had time to review them. We've been busy with the release of Part I in our series, and preparing to go into production on Part II (the one I spoke to you about doing an interview for). As I begin writing the script here in the next month or so, I'm planning to review your material. But I will say that I tend to give priority to the materials of those authors/teachers that I'm able to interview on camera. Are you still in France? Will you be making your way state-side any time soon?"....(rather ironic that the Jewish legal harassment which makes it illegal for me to be in America - or anyone in America to publish me - is a big clue to the theme that Chris Pinto forgot to explain - ...why the Spiritual Destiny of America .. FAILED!)..

.. this film is more 'prime time' but far less esoterically detailed than our original film: "Spiritual Destiny of the Americas" and discussion:

ElDorado & The Re-Penting of America:Pictorial Map to America's Geomantic Global Role - and

The Archeo-Geometry of America's Spiritual Destiny-Genes embed in the land's fractal+sing of the GRAIL

--Thanks to Chris Pinto - the producer/ narrator for your kind letters of interest. The film is beautiful but spiritually lost. This is not surprising since so is most of western culture. To use the supposed spiritual destiny of the America's as a theme is instructive -ONLY if it reveals the real underlying point. The underlying point being that western history is merely giving us a choice - whether to biologically ignite our blood and genes into the immortalizing fire of passion and bliss - OR - join the borg / heartless machine culture (very much a galaxy wide problem). Until that underlying theme of a simple choice is revealed in the so called AMERICAS SECRET DESTINY - the film is mostly a failed attempt to preserve the destroyed spiritual ego of American's given their global disgrace multiplied by their current socio economic collapse. All this is very much caused by the complete bankruptcy of real spiritual vision behind the current American politic. (not that this is unique globally - but with more dangerous and expensive toys to waste - the current American global debauchery is the more horrible. - You all MUST read how the US fed's had to open a car body shop in the House of Representatives - parking lot to secretly repair the bullet holes and hide 3 bloody dead - after the French and Isreali secret service gun battle with the US feds about hiding the criminal evidence against Blair and Bush.. the Nazi's probably were more discrete.. read it at - a good companion read to and - then bear the shame American's - there is NO spritual destiny here.. the US Government /Isreali bankers - is currently a murderous and lawless travesty !.. Bacon's intent has gone elsewhere..

As a courtesy to those who may be sucked in by intriguing references to Franklin and Jefferson - connection to Francis Bacon (aka Shakespeare) - also see Sir Francis Bacon and John Dee- the original 007.. It is appropriate to include a bit of THE REST OF THE STORY!!

Franklin and Jefferson died rather mortified upon learning later that the lo grade ET's all their wise supposed MASONIC wisdom was serving were merely parasites. Here is a case in point.. you know all those new age wu wu types who are so enthralled to find an entire row of sacred sites that sit squarely on the absolute STRAIGHT LINE called the MICHAEL LINE. Notice how that line is in fact planetary - pics: . Chris Pinto-in his films - makes the confused point that the great Masonic installed cities of America (Boston, Washington.. 5 of them) ALL fit virtually EXACTLY on a single straight line that goes thru Stonehenge in UK. From this the viewer is somehow supposed to assume that there is a spiritual destiny here.

Well here we need to introduce Stephane Cardienaux - see his pics and links - . Stephane has assembled a very impressive and international team of scientific grid workers and clairvoyants into a significant school and center. One the earliest things Stephane noticed when his clairvoyance + kundalini exploded just after a spinal release- was all the straight line energy TUBES connecting churches to nearby mountains. He quickly found who put them there: reptilians and parasites wishing to suck on the aura of hapless misinformed church goers. Any geomant with the simplest education can tell you the straighter the energy line - the MORE PATHOLOGIC it is. Stephane discovered clearly that the straight energy tubes were definitely installed by lo grade parasites. BY PUTTING YOU ON LONG STRAIGHT ENERGY LINES - the Masons put your cities onto the feeding tray of the local reptiles. ( see 'Yalweh' >right).

Any child can explain the simple physics for why the longer the straight line magnetically is on Earth - the SICKER it is. (See the Hartmann Grid and Currie net at above link). The physics is that Curved lines ( think of a labyrinth) invite TOUCH / embedding / nesting. This tests for SHAREABILITY (creates COHERENCE). Straight lines (like 'straight' people) AVOID touch - and thus become UNshareable!! So for example if you have long straight lines (like hiways..and the painful unfractal metal in them that kills elementals).. you are likely to have sick buildings and people. (The blight of western world..). Hundreds of LABYRINTH builder dowsers can tell you however.. that JUST after you build a powerful well dowsed (embedding on a grid cross) LABYRINTH - that the SICK GEOPATHIC ZONES all around just disappear. It is exact and correct electrical physics to say the GEOPATHY was SUCKED DOWN THE DRAIN!!. - Remember the charge compression ( implosion) or 'dimpling / inside out ' - creates the zone where ONLY SHAREABLE WAVES SURVIVE.

SO that is why Chris Pinto in his film is not necessarily giving you a wonderful spiritual destiny by telling you the US (east coast main) cities FIT ON A PERFECT STRAIGHT LINE... What the experts tell us (see Stephane ) - is that the first thing they look for when they find an articifically installed magnetic straight line- is where is the reptilian (pictures at link) who installed it - to use it like a straw to suck on the aura of the hapless humans. Stephane knows which diameter tubes are which type of parasite. He consistently sees them installed between church steeples (parasite feeding heaven).. and nearby mountain tops.

HOWEVER- there is one exception. IF the straight line is PART of ( properly in phase / nested / embedded in ) a LARGER FRACTAL - THEN it could be part of a greater awareness.

Fractality electrically defines the body size of any larger awareness - BECAUSE- this compression efficiency defines the size of charge radiance efficiency called MIND.

It is my hypothesis - that the MICHAEL line (across UK -AND the globe - see pics ) is STRAIGHT and DOES NOT embed in a fractal. I believe this is why it is called Michael - another name for Enlil / Yalweh(see article next column).

The dodec / icos Earth grid has the potential to (jitterbug from cubeoct-and) get fractal.


This is one example of why the new age wu wu approach to spirituality - without a little good physics - is dangerous.

We will look at another. Pinto tries to make the connection between Ben Franklin, Jefferson et al - to the tradition of Francis Bacon (founder of their precious MASONS ) and John Dee in Europe. Anyone who has done even a little study knows Jefferson and Franklin were VERY colorful characters. I rather like that. Those who have done a little MORE study know WHY Bacon had to take the name 'Shakes the Spear' to tell his little teaching stories. On all this - Pinto is on useful ground. It was more than just his mother Queen Elizabeth needing to keep the myth of her viginity to sell her marriage to Spain to save the kingdom - Dragon bloodlines /queens - the ASSA from URU (E- liz- a beth = from Lizard born) don't advertise creating psychokinetic males (Bacon / Shakesphere) if their genetics haven't been approved before conception by committee. (Yalweh installing Hebrew sex guilt /castes etc- was simply Draco law: NO GENES SHALL GET FREE TO MESS WITH THE BORG-machine cult's dominance!! We don't want any un-approved psychokinetic humanoid shamans getting lose to fuck up the borg computers aboard their murderous starships now do we? - The ONE thing the implosion dead blood of the DRACO /Nephalim - {George Bush family} cannot deal with is someone who still can make gravity in their genes on fire..).

Basically - Pinto is saying - America happened because Bacon planned it. This is not so bad as far as it goes. Where Pinto completely loses the plot is where Bacon's intent and his teachers and committee got their directions (galactic PURPOSE) from.

For example - Pinto makes a real mess when he gets to Bacon's teacher - John Dee > founder of the highest magic on Earth : Enochian. Pinto gets some hopeless supposed expert on Dee on screen who pathetically announces well - John Dee's project with angelic intelligence is just too complicated to talk about - and besides even Dee himself admitted it was dangerous. SO.. Pinto seems to decide- well let's just not go there. Thus completely eliminating the possibility of him getting even a hint to a spiritual intent behind the AMERicKA project.

Bacon's ROSICRUCIAN - rosy cross - is linked to the MASON's in our story. Let's consider RosicrucianISM as simply a crude language these cultures needed before they understood the word FRACTAL (the cause of gravity AND of BLOOD ignition). We showed the ROSE geometry behind the John Dee connection to PRAGUE (=portal gate) at - and more deeply in the origin of Enochian Ophanim at . Let us see if we can put this all in a 'knot shell' here. (The 7/5 slip knot :Ophanim Sigil /Alphabet we use for rainmaking - is the ANU creation symmetry of hydrogen, heart muscle, and solar core..>even the Cherokee used it..)

The Ophanic intelligence- family were instructing Dee into the blood symmetry alphabet of Angelic / Star inhabiting blood- A-MER-i KA (to mother the KA- coherence in BLOOD!).

More on the Ophanic / Enochian intelligence and symmetry heart- please study the Ophanim sigil used in the Rain / Geomantic healing ritual- detail pics below from Turin and Mexico city.
Also see (bottom) +
and Vincent Bridges (who introduced me to John Dee et al)

How does this LIFE OF BLISS / Charge in the BLOOD - happen? Children are raised in the symmetry of CHARGE COMPRESSION > see the pent / hept pics of America at + - mentioned above. (The plan for Washington DC and Rennes le Chateau were pent / phi ). If this is combined with the correct hygiene to ignite blood ( better burn that GMO and monocultured DNA / 'food')> then blood can implode to psychokinesis and memory immortality. Anything less- and YOU get to join the George Bush led path to being BORG / machine / dead blood - dead heart. (Your MER from the KA say bye bye to your soul group). Without the YOGA - the idiot Popes just labeled 'evil' - kids lose their soul. Who is evil here? The evil person is the one who does NOT know that biologically - evil is DEFINED by the wave that cannot embed / or nest - and thus must die.

SO - how shall we summarize the Spiritual Destiny of America?

America was just another in a millenial series of attempts to breed a soul group which could repair a (Nephalim) genetic disaster. This means to PROJECT (new Atlantis/ATLATAL=projectile / ROSE cross) the KA - blood field coherence- which became KAthar KAtholic etc. When biology succeeds with BLISS > the electric field DNA makes by phase conjugation ('DNA Radio')- then the environment (Gaia) emerges from CHAOS because fractality restores self-regulation electrically. Religous people discuss this as the mind of the DIVINE (meaning fractal branching electrically) returning. What they need to know is that synchronicity and their incorrectly labeled so called 'miracles' can ONLY happen in the presence of sacred rose shaped FRACTALITY (both in space and time). What they have been calling a DIVINE MIND - can exist inside their own biology - if they would but dump the poison personality / miracle worship - and instead choose self-empowerment from learning the pure principles. It is literally blissful (becoming a fractal attractor for charge) to realize that pure intention / feeling a shareable wave - is precisely the ultimate (fractal) form of COHERENCE. The nice thing is - it is measureable- in ekg and eeg.

At the time the Drac / Borg cult murdered the multiple billions of humanoids aboard Lyra during their terrorizing takeover of most of our Orion sector, an increasing genetic problem was becoming evident. A few hundred generations of wedding their blood to machine / metal life'support' (again >visualize Harkonen / Ariel Sharon ) - produced DNA that was... well non-implosive. (No lucid dreaming, no memory thru death, Enki / Atun / 'Jesus' could do soul retreival - Enlil / Yalweh could NOT - the difference is deep in genes that lose implosion.)

Atlantis for example meant ATLATAL- the projectile. The geometry was a nested capacitor - the result COULD project a genepool. It was founded (as THULE>named for>) by Thoth / Tehuti - son of ENKI - out of the SAME urge that his committee (Dee / Bacon) founded America. The same Thoth / Tehuti - name which was TWT- IS the Biblical DAVID. Enki's mom - (Rigelian / Blue blood) was connected to the Pta Taal blood later called PTAH and ATUN. AkunATUN was later called MOSES -whose Essenes became the blood> Tut / Jesus / MAG - which today fascinates much of the world - under the word GRAIL / fractality..(see next column)

This became our names QuetzlCoatel / ATUN (see Solar Physics "Tut Prophecies")> all simply meaning the line of those who COULD become Sun god by learning the electrical embedding to make gravity in their blood.

Evolved species knew that all over the galaxy stars were falling apart prematurely (Angel death) until genepools learned how to literally inhabit their Suns. (Talk to a solar shaman..).

America is so far from learning the real lesson of spiritual destiny makes me sad. Usually near death experiences (charge collapse - like America is having soon) are only required for those who COMPLETELY lose track of soul purpose. The elementals in America are COMPLETLY angry-as well they should be.


... real angel call below














We have discussed the rather human hating behavior of Enlil / Yalweh, as described in gory detail by others: "The Shining Ones"- here we suggest it may be therapeutic to hear from another psychoanalysis source - the danger of leaving the memory of this psychopath at the origin of our 'religion' and unfortuneately behind Isreal's bankers funding George Bush...

THE MINDLOCK, PART 4 - Is it us or them?

Who is that stranger on the path?, Our own shadow, or someone else?

By John Kaminski -His Internet essays have been seen on hundreds of websites around the world. ref:

It is thus logical that all people who march in the Artificial Light, emanating from books attributed to this antique Hebrew monstrosity, must be driven by evil ethics ... evil stemming from (the) biblical childish (mis)understanding of the world must be present also today in so called "patriotic acts" of actually ruling in USA gang of 'neo-conservatives'. These "pious" men, trying to imitate Bible achievements of Mosaic Levies, are overtly aiming at the subjugation, leveling and uniformisation of the whole planet. - Polish professor Marek Glogoczowski

Spirit flails impotently, wailing at the carnage and deceit. Cash registers ring, blood flows.

"Who is the third that walks beside you?" T.S. Eliot famously asked.
"Who are They?" I recently inquired

I myself believed they were merely Scythians, the nomadic invading horsemen - Genghis Khan, the Mongol horde, and that bunch - from the infinite wilds of central Asia, who scourged the fringes of Western civilization for thousands of years and eventually populated Europe.
The Yiddish wave that followed, Ashkenazi remnant of the Khazar empire in southern Russia, adopted the ancient Hebrew legends as their own, created the bank that won the world in 1776, and now wields a thousand nuclear devices in the desert from where they stole their dogma.
......But other people have other, more imaginative ideas.

My favorite archeocryptographer, Michael Lawrence Morton, wrote me:

IDENTIFYING THE TRIBE> ......Yahweh/Jehovah is/was Enlil the Nibiruan, a military dictator and egomaniac - REAL, HISTORICAL.  And that the Nibiruans are real. The so-called "gods and goddesses" are NOT "mythological", John .. but were/are real, flesh and blood PEOPLE ... from another planet.  They had a colony here on Earth. Etc. .. etc.  
Sitchin HIMSELF, however, is Jewish .. and therefore can't admit that
"Yahweh/Jehovah" is NOT identifiable as "The God of All Creation". This is Sitchin's great flaw in his work. Otherwise .. his work is truly great and is a monumental breakthrough. Yahweh/Enlil is/was a Nibiruan military dictator here on Earth for a LONG, LONG time .. and his last "stand" on Earth was as the commander of The Israelites. They were CAPTIVE to him.

They were brutally mind-controlled by him. He totally brainwashed them, using all manner of torture, murder, shock 'n awe, etc. He terrified the crap out of them. The Israelis have been ACTING-OUT on everyone ever since he left Earth around 500 B.C. in the aftermath of the Babylonian Captivity.

A traumatically abused person (or people) is going to have a very strong tendency to DO UNTO OTHERS what was done to him/her/THEM. This is Psychology 101. This is what The Jews have been doing ever since Yahweh/Enlil left Earth. 
I've been telling you the real origins of Zionism. You need to listen to me, John. It was Enlil/Yahweh/Jehovah, himself. I beg you to listen to this truth.
Having read nearly all of Sitchin's output, I have some definite opinions on the matter. Slipshod scholarship and apparently deliberate mistranslations by Sitchin nevertheless do not nullify his unified vision of the spectrum of ancient belief systems. Sitchin wrote the ancient history of Earth as a 1950s sci-fi script, yet other academic studystreams tend to verify - or at least also hint at - the existence of a second human-like species on this planet. The British lecturer David Icke constantly hammers on this theme with his shapeshifters. And the Jewish holy books, and pronouncements of supposedly immortal rabbis, are quite clear on Jews being a different species from goyim humans, according to their DNA.

Whom are we to believe as we struggle to find an explanation for our species' psychologically unsound behavior as a culture?

Mud Shadows> In Carlos Castaneda's final book, The Active Side of Infinity (1998), don Juan challenges Carlos to reconcile man's intelligence ... with "the stupidity of his systems of beliefs ... the stupidity of his contradictory behaviour." Don Juan tells him of "the topic of topics," "the most serious topic in sorcery." This topic is predation. To the horrified astonishment of his apprentice, the elder sorcerer explains how the human mind has been infiltrated by an alien intelligence:

"We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don't do so ...

Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of
beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the
ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or
failure. They have given us covetousness, greed and cowardice. It is
the predators who make us complacent, routinary and egomaniacal.


..Old Testament legends have flipped good and evil on their heads, and speak of an Artificial God that venerates its own imaginary visions as good and real, and the natural order of things as evil and illusionary.

This renowned author postulates that the actual geopolitical domination
of YHWH "servants" results from "a trivial cognitive swindle, consisting of the substitution of the Natural Law by an Artificial one, inserted into the Bible."

Glogoczowski writes: Once such (an) Aristotelian general category comprising the term YHWH is established, by logical deduction it is possible to predict the whole set of behaviors that characterize people remaining under YHWH dependence ....

The goal of activities of these zealous YHWH "servants" turns out to be very simple, for it consists of an aggressive proliferation of "G-d chosen" gender, specialized in a collection of all earth's riches ....

Prior to the invention of the scripture, the statement ... "I am who I
am" ­ (was no) mystery: if we happen to meet someone declaring to us "I am who I am" we have a feeling that such person is trying to conceal
his personality ....

According to Glogoczowski, the consequences of worshipping the Artificial God are profound. 

1. So-called Bible believers (Orthodox Jews and the majority of Protestant Christians) consider this artificial, virtual God as 'good'. They consider thus as good something which is artificial. The opposition of 'artificial' is 'natural', thus everything which is Natural should be 'evil' for them: the natural light - in particular the one of Sun, symbolized by the Indo-European sign of swastika - is evil, while the artificial light is of course good, in particular the light of the Hebrew sacral candleholder Menorah.
2. YHWH worshippers ... have since childhood been trained in contempt for all Natural Laws, which are despised by their inanimate "Master" (LORD) already in his First Commandment. These Nature Haters naturally adore Artificial Laws ... collected in their Sacral Writings. For a man is always born as a natural living entity, the priesthood of the Artificial by an artificial rite of circumcision make male infants bear, for the rest of their lives, the hidden sign of their belonging to the Artificially Chosen People. Naturally these"chosenites" shall dwell in an artificial separation from other natural ("animal") human subspecies. And of course the artificial, hypocrite behavior of these "chosen" is supposed to dominate over the natural,straightforward behavior of courageous and mentally healthy - and thus "goddamned" - human "animals".
3. Natural landscape is of course evil, while the artificial one is ... pleasing to their invisible Lord. YHWH worshippers are thus enthusiastic city dwellers; they consider with contempt so called "underdeveloped" people, who live in harmony with nature.
.....these remnants of "animist" (and "animalist") past shall vanish, replaced by the Worldwide Kingdom of the Artificial, continuously illuminated with artificial lights and decorated with artificial trees and artificial flowers. This New World is supposed to be populated with artificial men-robots, making artificial love and conforming to the artificial Law, imposing everywhere their artificial culture and their artificial science. As exclaimed it 2.5 thousand years ago the most prominent prophet of Artificial, named Isaiah, "THERE WILL BE NEW (ARTIFICIAL) SKY AND NEW (ARTIFICIAL) EARTH".

Mammon as the Artificial "Lord"- "All well educated historians, specialized in Antiquity, know that attempts to organize the world in a completely artificial way were present already two or even three thousand years ago,".........
Glogoczowski insists countries and social groups that spend the most
money are living in the most artificial manner, pleasing in this way their invisible "Lord". Thia is especially true in the USA, where "proportional abundance of post-consumerist garbage (is) systematically transforming our Earth into a covered with rubbish wasteland."
The Polish philosopher further notes:As a cumulative result of continuous life in artificially "improved" conditions, which characterize in particular the Anglo-Saxon civilization, the number of people which grow obese, flabby, shortsighted, devoid of pigmentation and with diminished mental capacities is significantly higher than in countries not yet fully "developed". It is in these "most civilized" countries we shall expect outbursts of consecutive, super-industrial, commercial and cultural pathologies. These new pathologies, like the famous American oxymoron of "war on terror", risk ... total devastation of our planet

Does worshipping God cause cancer? -Glogoczowski describes the organic process in which living beings of lower complexity and intelligences start to parasite on more complex tissues as being both a description of Western civilization and an accurate explanation of cancer.
The problem is that an individual, grown without dense interactions with his "tribal" neighbours, is virtually unable to reach higher stages of his ethical ... development, for these features (serve) as models of behaviour (for) youngsters. Once the development of a person remains artificially inhibited at the stage of so called "childish egocentrism" (like it was in the case of biblical Jacob), such person naturally starts to behave like an "alien" hostile to the collective life of his surrounding "tribe".

The same also holds true, Glogoczowski notes, in the case of micro sections of animal tissues, which were artificially separated for a longer time from other cells active in organism's movements.

After several weeks of "non training" by surrounding cells, these "chosen" (by their separation) groups of cells develop the tendency to form "egoistic" tumors, once they are incorporated back into parental

Again, there is a parallel between the development of civilization and how cancer spreads. And in sociology ....


But it all comes down to .... (The) "screen" separating the ethically non matured Chosen People from Nature is The Holy Scripture, which instructs its readers "Be fruitful and fill the earth. The fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth" (etc., see Gen. 9, 2).

If only the writer of this passage - Was it Yahweh himself? - had been possessed of the sight to admire living nature's beauty, and remember that humans are members of the same animal world that Old Testament believers are supposed to terrorize. Glogoczowski concludes: At the microscopic scale the "ethics" stemming from such "blessing of global terrorists" is realized the best by an ordinary tumor, which indeed is devoid of receptors permitting him to recognize higher modes of behavior of its mature neighbors.
The outlined above identity of goals (finality, teleology) of inspired by its "Lord" Judeo-Christian Civilization, with the "vegetal" goal of evolving towards malignancy tumor, permits us to imagine, what kind of future our Civilization "under G-d of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob" is preparing both for its members and for the surrounding "Ne Jerusalem" world.

An Artificial God who hates natural things? Extraterrestrial visitors who created and control us? Inklings of predatory fantasies programmed deep in our subconscious?

Will we ever honestly address the psychological poison both in our holy books and in ourselves and clearly see how they connect to the blood we spill?

As the church bells keep tolling, the blood keeps flowing, the clearest explanation of why it all keeps happening can be revealed at any time deep within the catacombs of our own hearts.

------Marek Glogoczowski,

(exerpted from the earlier)>
Grail Bloodlines in Physics:
A Beautifully Spiritually Satisfying Answer:The REAL GRAIL in Your DNA- Is Fired from Your Heart because BLISS is Fractal.

by Implosion Group ( ) editorial board - ABOUT the work of Dan Winter. (NEW-Download an edited pdf version of this short intro article for magazine / publication use here: - TrueScientificGrailinBlood3.pdf

The message of "DaVinci Code" and "Holy Blood,Holy Grail" is actually quite simple and clear. The GRAIL is in the BLOOD. The question- from a scientific perspective is also simple- Is that true? Fortuneately for science - a hugely exciting path to investigating the question is emerging. Namely - the pure electrical geometry of how blood gets activated. Could this geometric answer - at the same time - be the pure electrical geometry of physics most pressing question? For physics - the most basic issue (usually called THE HOLY GRAIL OF PHYSICS) is the UNIFIED FIELD. To unify the fields for physics is in essence the pure electrical geometry of how ELECTROMAGNETISM becomes GRAVITY. (Compression of charge can directly become ACCELERATION of charge - called Gravity).

Not having answered such questions means usually arrogant physicists have to sit with their humble tail between their legs should any child ask "well- why DOES an object fall to the ground?" It also means - that when physicists (as Fosar/Bludorf et al have written)- discover that DNA does in fact become superconductive and MAKE BLACK HOLES- they also have to sit facing the humble pie that they don't have a CLUE what DNA (in the blood) is really DOING - in electrical terms.

All of this paints a picture of the current state of physics - as being quite simply- stupid. How are they to answer URGENT SURVIVAL questions like- why does GMO and cloning deplete the sustainability and survival of DNA. (How embarassing the WAY - Dolly the Sheep aged..). The rats who had to be forced to eat GMO soy - died so fast the experimenters were breathless. Who explains these stark raving embarassments to modern scientists - still driving around in cars powered by dinosaurs farting?- while their planet fixes to rot in the stink of not knowing the electrical principle of WHAT IS LIFE. Who have no clue to eating the charge inside gravty- ... and who still think the zero point energy is somehow "free" (disconnected- schizophrenic).

SO - can the question called THE HOLY GRAIL in physics- namely what geometry connects elecric charge to gravity - ALSO be the scientific answer to what is the HOLY GRAIL (including gravity making measured) IN BLOOD??

Dan Winter has proposed a radical + dramatically exciting answer which is right now rattling the cage of physics around the world. A whole stable of physicists have joined him to explore the unified physics of Golden Ratio - testing his original hypothesis that GOLDEN RATIO based SELF SIMILARITY is the ELECTRICAL CAUSE OF GRAVITY!.

Winter claims specifically that recent new physics for how coherent EKG changes DNA (coherent emotion / love?)- and how BLISS and ECSTASY are measured using GOLDEN RATIO in brainwaves - actually confirm his theory about the GRAIL (and gravity making) in blood.....

It started when Dan noticed that the electrical geometry Einstein and Poincare used to model gravity was a nested DODECAHEDRON. ( ). Dan's first book "One Crystals Dance" -30 years ago- had shown that when you extend the edges of a dodecahedron (all 5 sided faces) outward you get icosa then dodeca then icosa infinitely- an ancient Theosophic model called the GREATER MAZE. The point Winter made was that this infinite nest was composed of vertex or nodes ALL of which had x,y,z values in a simple whole multiple of GOLDEN MEAN RATIO (1.618...).

Later Winter claimed this was THE ONLY POSSIBLE 3 DIMENSIONAL FRACTAL. Now - Einstein knew that INFINITE COLLAPSE was the (Holy Grail) key to connecting ELECTRICITY to GRAVITY. Phyisics is now clear that FRACTALITY is key to infinite compression. The problem was - Einstein never knew what a fractal was! So how could he know that charge in a fractal was his solution (infinite constructive wave collapse). This is such a revelation to physics - with Winter claiming that CHARGE in a FRACTAL based on GOLDEN MEAN - MAKES GRAVITY - that numerous serious physicists - have taken on the challenge.

They realized that not only was the Golden Ratio based nested pent Dodeca - the shape Einstein used for Gravity geometry - but it is also the shape of Palladium ( and Platinum Group / PGM - Gold Powder) - key to cold fusion. So proving that this nest is the only possible 3D fractal - may be the actual KEY to physics HOLY GRAIL!

Winter has begun a simple experiment series to PROVE that charge in a fractal is the CAUSE of gravity ( ) - and an international team of physicists (including one of Europes leading fusion physicists) have joined him.

The other stunning part of this new HOLY GRAIL - is Winter's OTHER claim. He says that charge in a fractal is not only the missing CAUSE of gravity - BUT - that it is the ONLY way to efficiently nourish and support DNA ! This could completely redefine the electric field of success for seed germination, agriculture and even architecture. (Winter has been teaching the PHYSICS of Feng Shui for 12 years). He has shown electric field experiments and measurements demonstrating that fractal ( or 'harmonic inclusive' non-destructive compression of charge) actually trigger SEED GERMINATION .. and measure freshness / life force and vitality ( ). This he says finally defines sacred space - and success in architecture and urban design. For example by choosing materials for building - originally simply called 'organic' - architecture that makes DNA healthy - actually is a fractal capacitor! Winter calls the electrical definition of living material a 'phase conjugate dielectric' - he calls this the 'switch to turn on DNA radio' - more at - Basically he is saying there is a path curve - looking like the ancient CADUCCEUS based on Golden Ratio - for charge inside DNA - which allows waves of charge (the field effect of 'spirit'?) to CONJUGATE PHASES and acheive IMPLOSIVE COMMUNION - in blood.

What is so exciting - is that when you animate this path curve for charge into blood - (Golden Ratio caducceus) - you get the most stunningly beautiful HOLY GRAIL CUP WITHIN A CUP -which is a hypnotically beautiful spiritual rush to see.( see the FILM - on Real Grail physics-above- which opens and closes with that animation - a film already a hit on google..)

SO - what is the real key - to the Holy Grail in blood - AND where is the proof for physics? AND how could that possibly be a real satisfying solution to the ancient quest for the bloodline of Jesus??

Well - to start with - there is great agreement that the electrical geometry of DNA in blood is the nesting of this exact Golden Ratio based dodecahedron. (see picture). Actually - the Golden Ratio fingerprint is stamped ALL over DNA. So if we add the electrical idea that Golden Ratio is key to CONSTRUCTIVE charge compression ( getting memory packed) we start to get a clue to the deeper functions of DNA and blood. SO - Winter takes this dodeca nest and shows the CONE it makes (60 degree) based on a Golden Ratio Caducceus (symbol for DNA, Hermes & healers) - and then animates that into a beautiful fractal GRAIL CUP - literally one that (being fractal) never runs over - contains infinite SPIN.

Winter is also the one who suggested the scientific study which showed that COHERENT EMOTION / EKG - controls the BRAID or programming of this charge absorbing 'Golden Fleece' in DNA ( ). His original mathematics (cepstrum) to MEASURE coherence in EKG - has earned him literaty credit for inventing the term 'Heart Coherence' (book: 'Instinct to Heal'). He originally showed Heart Math Institute how to take an EKG - how to spectrum analyze it, and has developed the most superior technology for measuring Coherent Emotion in the Heart ( his HeartTuner invention - see and ). Simply put - when your heart makes the CADUCCEUS - inclusive harmonic fractal of sounds - which medically identify immune health ('Irving Dardik' see ) - this sonic 'pony tail' measureably BRAIDS your DNA into a 'recursive nest'. This nesting or braiding into recursion of DNA - Winter says is how EMOTION PROGRAMS DNA. The climax of this process - is the 7th time- the DNA helix thread is braided - that it becomes visibly a DONUT - a TORUS. Winter says this 'Circular DNA' is implosive - and the charge radiance that results (from fractal compression by braiding) is the mechanism of how DNA is all connected -the fusion into a 'soul invitation' ( ). His best pictures and scientific links on DNA-are - . It gets really movie like where Winter says the real LORD OF THE RING - was when this DNA gets into a RING - due to the BLISS of pure intention / pure compression. He has a complete animation showing the alphabet on the side of the LORD OF THE RING - being the compression angles to get charge into the vortex ring DNA in the first place ( His controversial origin of the alphabet work - - became PI the Movie. - He claims Alphabets MUST be based on the Golden Spiral - since that is the only non-destructive way to get your field of charge into a tornado and steer it - to symbolize = to embed . This becomes an astounding physics suggesting that the origin of psychokinesis AND symbol begins because compassion - or FEELING for the outside FROM the inside / turning inside out - is simply equivalent to perfect COMPRESSION ).

Climactically- Winter also says that the experience of BLISS and ECSTASY and ENLIGHTENMENT is measureable when brainwaves generate this Golden Mean ratio ( based also on work by Dr. Korotkov). This becomes the 2nd dramatically exciting function- (EEG - cross hemispheric tuning )- of his same biofeedback invention - called the BLISSTUNER. ( ). The point of relevance to the grail story - is that the BLOOD ENERGIZING aura or royal glow or blue UV field - of ecstasy- is actually the result of the whole electric field of the body becoming massive FRACTAL and ATTRACTIVE using Golden Ratio 'self similarity' (fractality). It is simple to visualize fractality in biology - just imagine a rose or a pine cone. All of biology uses this principle - to attract the charge field (spirit / chi / orgone / barraka / shakti ) - into perfect compression - called LIFE ITSELF!

SO - if a person (Magdalen or Jesus??) were to experience BLISS consistently - their blood would become more IMPLOSIVE - is that the Grail? Winter points to meditators who make gravity when they feel bliss (TM floating etc)- and do insect skeletons which make gravity ( ). Similar to other recursive capacitors which make gravity ( ).

Well - at least there are very intriguing clues here - that the solution to getting the blood charged- with the true physics of Bliss process - may actually be the REAL GRAIL. Winter says your blood becomes powerful and gravity making ( and he says 'star inhabiting' and 'sun god' making) - when it has the opportunity to implode with charge in the presence of bliss. When saturated in the DNA nourishing charge fractal enviornment which defines the sacred - it reveals how our ancient Dragon Annunaki (Uru / Kelt ) ancestors learned to wake up their blood. This is WHY the map around all the 'holy grail' sites is FIVE sided (Golden Ratio / Implosive-pics below ) - including the pent star symbolizing Magdalen... SO - this leads us to the history part of this problem. .....

So what about the Jesus Magdalen story being the grail??? Well- Winter claims to have an answer to that one as well. (Here is where we go right to 'Star Wars' history). Winter says the reason the Jesus / Magdalen story melts into confusion - whenever you get out your history microscope - is because the REAL Jesus is Joshua son of Moses ('righteous priest')- who is really Akunaton - in EGYPT (300 years before Pontius Pilate). He agrees with authors Amed Osman ("Jesus in the House of the Pharaohs"+ many other books) and Lawrence Gardner's "Sacred Ark" - who insist that the great DaVinci coverup of the church goes much further back - starting with the Enlil / Yalweh's Rabbi's hiding the real Egyptian origins of the Essenes and Jesus. They all agree that AkunATUN - messed up the royal checkbook (bank account)- by trying to build the DNA activating solar fractal capacitor 'Temple' Amarna . So then he is threatened by the (Enlil / Yalweh) Amun priests (Egypt's bankers) - he swipes the cash cow - Gold Powder making electric source ARK OF THE COVENANT - changes his name to Moses- starts the Essenes cottage industry (Gold Powder / Ormes / Spice / Holy Communion's white wafer - making). Most historians agree the blood line cross of the 2 major Essene royal families - David / Benjamin - became Jesus / Magda. Few have noted that the bloodline Essene - is Akhunatun- and that ATUN means Enki - the DAVID in Hebrew means DWD / TWT meaning Tehuti / Thoth / Hermes - Son of Enki- so it all fits together. But why was the bloodline ATUN (vs AMUN ), Enki (vs Enlil), Adonai (vs Yalweh), AKU (vs Draku).. ALWAYS hidden by the (Roman government invention) church?? Here is where we need Star Wars... or rather the BIG picture.(complete at )

We can't cover the all that detail here ( ) - but the real juicy part- is when the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!.. Winter starts the story where the Sirian Annunaki (Antu - Enki's Dad) plot to conceive a bloodline to give the losing Humanoids a chance in the war with the Drac Borg machine empire. (Read what Lucas and other writers learned of real galactic history 'THE NINE' at ). For example he says the Hebrew Alphabet - is actually the machine code for tetra 'MATRIX' (+soulless DNA codon programming) nested magnetic domains used in the ASHTAR central computer- the hive mind of the machine empire. A Ptaa Taal / Ophanic / winged dragon / vestal queen / reverend mother / female - named AIDE was assigned as the surrogate wife (replacing Yalweh/Michael/Enlil's mom) to Antu on Sirius A- to create a bloodline psychokinetic enough to threaten a galaxy wide scourage of computer controlled robotic machine dominated (heartless) Draco's. (the fallen Saraphim called NEPHALIM - meaning no DNA implosion). Only the psychokinesis the real SHEM from AN - of coherent KA (body charge field-"May the FORCE be with you!!"-only available to those whose DNA heart core contains THE SHAREABLE / fractal / pure-intention ..WAVE!!) could have any hope of survival in a heartless machine empire. This he says is REAL galactic history and the origin of the Gold Powder slaving Sumerian genetic engineering - called the Bible. (Bigger picture needed here...)

Winter teaches very specifically how surviving death with memory intact is electrically measureable and teachable once we get past the horrifying schizophrenia which separates our understanding of ELECTRICAL coherence - from our teaching of a spiritual aura. Understanding how your body's aura gets COHERENT - is the clue to understanding - the KA in KAthar, KAtholic, KAllisto (Greek descendants of Enki / Benjamin tribe-forrunners of BOheme,BOgomil, Bugaresh), MerKAba, - even KAlllice (chalice) - See how all the meanings agree: IF KA= the death and dream penetrating COHERENCE of your bodies electric charge field, that explains why KA means BOAT TO THE UNDERWORLD in Egyptian - and it means HEAVEN in Sanskrit. Bliss hygiene choices- mean you GET FRACTAL - attract charge - get coherent - and then RADIATE that charge.

Winter's thesis is that political supidity (the Isreali / KAtholic fear saturated religious fundamentalism which elected George Bush for example) - on EA's (Enki) EArth (abRAm- RA=Enki) - is simply an obsolete leftover from the day when confused or fallen Saraphim (UR) dragons thought the only reason for planting a forest (DNA planted on planets like Earth) was to cut it down (harvest it / insurance and banking). Today we plant forests in order to set them free - and feel the bliss of implosive genetic diversity (fractality of DNA radio by phase conjugation) in the electric field of their core.

This means that we make our vote when the Empire Strikes back - as to whether to join the borg, and be ASSIMILATED into a heartless machine cult - when we MAKE THE CHOICE whether to begin the scientific hygiene necessary to IGNITE OUR DNA WITH BLISS! (Electrically measureable - a real GRAIL path for charge). In practice he says this means: stop eating angry (no diversity) DNA / start eating LIVE FOOD! , run from the city and electrosmog to nature, and DO the yoga. The result of teaching bliss making and DNA igniting (Grail in blood) is the COHERENCE of your bodies electric charge field (KA) starts to become sustainable thru lucid dream AND death. In this way self-empowerment based on pure principle can replace the obvious travesty that is the current state of old religion on Earth (mostly a parasite for the disempowered who mistakenly choose miracle and personality worship out of a confused fear of their own creation mechanics). Winter says the holy GRAIL is in your heart when you choose the perfect fractal (and very attractive) perfect compression that is LOVE itself. AND he says - measuring that (EKG+EEG harmonics)- helps makes it teachable!

Below - detail examining the MICHAEL LINE- (referenced above in Spiritual Destiny story) which perhaps similarly to the US East coast great cities ALL ON ONE LINE TO STONHENGE- which Pinto claims suggests a spiritual destiny - I say points only to generations of being parasitized>

Fractality (embedable) or parasite> eaten because of failure to embed: you be the judge-

Do you see MICHAEL (Enlil's) line (below) on the chart of the nestable waves (above)?

(a caveat here - this test is not rigorous UNTIL the more theoretic lines of symmetry as mapped by Bethe Hagens here - are PROVEN by measurement - magnetic flux permittivity etc- perhaps using techniques like ROB GOURLAY - ref 1, ref 2 - whose satellite / airplane DC magnetic maps of Australia correctly locate Aboriginal song lines / dreaming tracks. The DREAM is the road of MAGnetism.. Those who know what a MAG is here have an advantage.)

Beth Hagens - plugged in to Google Earth - her Unified Vector Grid ('AntiGravity and World Grid') Dodec / Icos fractal Earth. (she notes color coding: Red-Tetrahedron, Yellow-Cube,White-Octahedron , Black-Icosahedron ,Green-Dodecahedron,Dark Blue-Rhombic Dodecahedron ,Violet-Rhombic Triacontahedron ). ..
More> see Basic Instructions for Exploring the UNIFIED VECTOR GRID (the AntiGravity +World Grid Earth Dodec / Icos etc from Becker / Hagens)- at

compare to - the MICHAEL (Yalweh / Enlil) line - IS IT EMBEDABLE??.. here pic exerpt from ( acknowledgement to Gustavo Figueroa)....the highest latitude point of the Michael Ley Line has a longitude of 35.04 East. It surely seems no coincidence that this longitude is very similar to the longitude of Jerusalem (35.21E) (URU-ASSa-El-m'>transliterating from the Sumerian we have - the City of the Ancient Dragon URU- where the female queen ASSA were taken to make the PHASE SHIFT: EL - in the blood.)..- the city of the Solomon's Temple - which is to say, the place where the Ark of the Covenant was last seen.
(our Templar reincarnate friends from Portugal emphasize that Jacques Cousteau son died within a day or so of his discovery of the lost ark remanants on St. MICHAEL's Island, Azores.. we discussed elsewhere why the Sirian capacitor 'ARK' for gold powder making voltage- so critical to the economics of Essene (AkanATUN/Joshua/Jesus) Gold Powder industry HAD to be stored in the cave exactly on that MICHAEL line across the Island..(see link). The point is that only fractal symmetry allows the charge circulation distribution to keep charged such devices. The POINT is - that in exactly the same way - Annunaki who discovered they were aging suddenly on entering the less fractal Earth atmosphere were forced to discover the role of dolmen (Shem /'altar') paramagnetic fractal capacitor alignment (garden of Edin)> in preventing aging. This is the real KELT origin of the Rennes / Grail supposed 'mystery'. (see charge density= life force > requires fractal / PHI embedding ).

Anyway, a complete analysis of the ley lines and some historical places' relationships in Europe led us to the following conclusion:

Sintra (Portugal) and Chartres (France) clearly work as two poles for this grid. Regarding the Rosslyn-Sintra-Rome connection, Buehler has already demonstrated its meaning (see blue triangule above). But there is more: Sintra's pole is the center for a radius to St. Michael's Island and Chartres! If we look at the intersection of these two great circles, we have a perfect Vesica! Sintra, Tomar and Serra da Estrela are also connected by a (ley?) line that also goes to La Rochelle - a place of significant importance to the Templars.

3. Finally -to present an actual example of CALLING ALL ANGELS!! & in honor of the wet-making feminine fractality so desperately lacking at this time of planetary compression.... we show an example of Ophanim sigil images from a geomantic working. - including the great new pics from Italy and Mexico City.. > 'Calling all angels.. this is starseed command... we messed with the plan... we are falling... falling...'

  Summary of the Electrical Principles of Rainmaking (for scientists)- Richard- this is for you!

1. Water vapor is attracted to capacitive charge symmetry because water is highly paramagnetic. This means - the water molecule always decides which way to orient or 'steer' it's bonding by ALIGNING itself using the local stored (capacitive ) charge field. This means that arranging the shape of the field effect around a good capacitor - explains:

a) the Immoto and Schweitzer and Sensitive Crystallization water picture..

b.) the Kirlian photograph

c.) the way harmonic inclusiveness of capacitive charge MEASURES and DEFINES LIFE FORCE ELECTRICALLY

2. The difficulty the water molecule faces when asked to assemble itself into a DROPLET which will then precipitate and fall as rain, is discovering how to arrange enough CHARGE SYMMETRY to become bonded, embedded and FOLDED INTO A (wave) ENVELOPE. Providing ambient electrical fields which steer charge into this 'dimpling recursion' / 'turning inside out ness' (see animations ) is the electrical solution to rain making.

3. Enveloping of fields gets 'self-centering' or 'implosive' force when (magnetic and capacitive) field effects are steering into DIMPLING RECURSION (see 'Phiricais') - in the rain attracting ecosystem. In simple terms (turns), field effect lines need to be taught the symmetry recipe to turn inside out. When this happen, magnetic lines become magnetic circles.. Example - see the LABYRINTH animations below. (link)

4. Providing the symmetry seed of charge aligned into a dimple, MAKING A TORNADO OUT OF MAGNETISM.. is what happens when highly paramagnetic biologic materials like cloud seeds, or paramagnetic dolmen are used to fabricate microclimate.

5. Mapping and then bending local bioregion long wave magnetic lines into these dimpling arrays, which produce 'centering force' / the tornado magnetic ultimately can be continent wide.

6. Things like metal structures, fractionated magnetic lines, and electrosmog magnetic pollution, and mono-culture, and lack of human bliss, prevent rain by preventing 'harmonic inclusiveness' (fractal ability to compress implosively in a self organizing way). Compare with how harmonic inclusiveness predicts viability medically in Heart Rate Viability - apply this to ALL biological oscillators - including harmonic inclusiveness (identical with non-destructive compression) IN THE LAND'S MAGNETISM.
Harmonic Inclusivness:HRV and Emotion vs Care & Feeding of Immune Health

+ The Book:"Dance of the Trees" (Richard St.Barbe Baker ...'Men of the Trees') describes the California city where there was a Eucalyptus Tree Forest on one side of town, and a Cyprus Forest on the other. The Eucalytus side of town consistently got no rain, while the other side got lots of rain. Observing this - they cut down BOTH forests, and SWITCHED which side EACH was planted on. And sure enough - THE RAIN SOON AFTER - SWITCHED SIDES OF TOWN ALSO! -- What's the SCIENCE ? ( hint look for the spectrum analysis of the charge field of the Cyprus Tree to be far more fractal or harmonically inclusive than the Eucalyptus. The Eucalyptus probably does not WANT rain - so is not built to attract it. The PINE tree attracts rain - see the geometry of the PINE CONE /implosion as a fractal to understand why. )

+ Another helpful teaching story: The U.S. Army in the true oxymoron of Military Intelligence- went to a town in the US Midwest - and decided to "HELP" the town by taking the river that ran through the town - and Re-'Engineer' - TO MAKE THE RIVER GO STRAIGHT - instead of meandering ALL over town. Shortly thereafter - all the major water wells in the town DRIED UP. The Army came back in, and re-curved the river - and then the water well levels returned!

+ Marty Cain (labryrinth installer) takes a small core of emotionally energized women to a magnetically crux spot in Vukovar, Yogoslovia shortly after the bombing war there measureably caused all the underground water to shrink back from the land surface. She installs a properly dowsed labyrinth - promotes intense healing dialog with the elemental forces - and the underground water re-appears blossoming underland just like a flower following magnetism.


Teaching magnetic lines the symmetry recipe to turn inside out (recursively) ..above pic... creates implosions fractal attractor - 'burning fountain' which is BOTH the key to making COMPASSION TEACHABLE - AND - THE KEY TO ATTRACTING PRECIPITATION (RAIN)! (see how this is proven in spectrum analysis)

The labyrinthine turning inside out - as a projection of the spiral moebius 7 color donut map - onto flatland..

and CAN teach the magnetism on your land to dimple - and SORT and attract precipitation.

JUNE 06- New Images from Geomantic- Magnetic Columnation ('Rain Making'): SYMMETRY PRECIPITATES.. TEACHING THE WATER VAPOR HOW TO TOUCH IN TO A DROPLET..

1st.. our group in Mexico City..Thanks to Ninon and Arturo-

Just above>note 7 point star /embedding 5 point star: Ophanim Sigil of Truth (Anu/heart Symmetry)..

Next.. see the analogous work in Turin..THANKS! to Khudai and Claudio. AND Davida! > . and

in this farmland outside Turin, Italy - see Ophanic / 7/5 Sigil (like the Cherokee as well).. in both cases Eagles and Rain came..

This is the 7 axes / 5 axes Ophanim sigil - basis for the Heart of Sun - 'slip knot' - rite centerpiece for "CALLING ALL ANGELS!"

next - a BIRDS EYE (Eagle's gift?) view of the above:

the Italian group installed a giant SRI YANTRA in paramagnetic Bill Witherspoon pic this page.. it was POWERFUL..
<This is the pattern - see the reason it is powerful here (hint wrap to DNA)..

Also compare to the giant geomantic Sri Yantra from Bill Witherspoon in Oregon below -see his description of the weather and environment effect..

first.. more pics of the Italian ./ Turin conference.. here dowsing for proper embedding on the land magnetic ley cross for the LABYRINTH heart..


Below> thanks to Chiara: drawings of the beings seen claivoyantly as the sky opened over the final (Ophanim) ritual..

 Bill Witherspoon's Sri Yantra in the Desert Modifies Fertility, Climate..... and Gravity??
-also see the parallel anthropological evidence- lack of permission to touch / lack of contact permissive symmetry in cultural laws CREATES DESERTS:DESERTIFICATION, Patriarchy and "Hard-Making Power"-Politics that Prevent Touch - Prevent RAIN!

Long paramagnetic structures properly embedded in the land will not only affect fertility, climate, and consciousness - (witness the next article here- Giant Paramagnetic SRI YANTRA transforms desert? ) - but also - STABILITZE GRAVITY and ATMOSPHERE - by installing the charge symmetry of implosive compression.

Self organization from the projective geometry of CHARGE = emergence = immanence = flow of similitude.

More on HOW the Sri Yantra = the charge shadow of 9 concentric THREE DIMENSIONAL Golden Ratio tetra forms the slip knot for the heart, hydrogen, & Sun - at - 3D Sri Yantra of Embedded Golden Triangles holds Slip Knot Seed for perfect Anu/Heart/Sun Coeur?

below is a limited exerpt from Bill Witherspoon's ( ) -SRI YANTRA IN THE DESERT - "Art as Technology" paper:
(in the below - highly alkaline soils are likely hi in paramagnetic limestone based material)

SRI YANTRA rt of bottom center

Oregon Desert Sri Yantra

In the summer of 1990, a group of friends, one of my sons and I went to a remote alkali lake bed in the high desert of southeast Oregon to inscribe a large Sri Yantra in the earth. It was to contain a central point large enough to live in. The site was chosen because of its beauty and remoteness. Almost no one, except a few ranchers, ever went there. Inscribing lines in the alkali surface would not disturb any vegetation and it would be a transitory event, eventually disappearing back into the surface through the natural action of wind and the occasional water that floods the lake bed every few years.

The design was made without machines or modern tools except binoculars and a simple hand plow. We used only ancient principles of geometry and long wires and sharpened poles as tools. When completed it was 1/4 mile across, covered over forty acres and contained over thirteen miles of lines. The lines, plowed with an old fashioned garden cultivator pulled by three crew members and steered by the fourth, were about four inches deep with the hard alkali crusted dirt cast to both sides of the furrow.

During construction, we were careful to minimize the disturbances to the land. We chose to walk several miles daily from camp to the site rather than use vehicles, and refrained from using other motorized devices such as a tiller. We did not want to leave tracks or other marks, not to preserve anonymity but out of respect for the purity of the process.

Construction of the Sri Yantra took ten days to complete. As soon as the last line of the design was plowed, heavy clouds began to collect in the south. Within an hour, our valley was filled with high winds, intense lightning strikes and about 1/2 inch of rain. The result of this storm was that all traces and tracks from our working were dissolved. Like a finished painting, it was as if the surface had been varnished. Remarkably, the lightning and the rain were limited only to the small valley where we were working, a fact that was the source of much speculation by a nearby rancher who wanted the rain on his land.

In the three weeks that followed, I lived in the nine-foot central circle of the Sri Yantra. During that period and on several occasions during the following years, other people and I observed remarkable changes in the workings of Nature within the design and in the valley where it was situated.

One of the more interesting subjective changes was a modification of the "feeling" within the valley. While a difficult parameter to describe or measure, this change in feeling was noted by ranchers and other people who have known the area for a long time. People reported experiencing qualities of energetic peacefulness, harmony with nature and enhanced intuition when they were in the design and valley. Another influence was a radical change in the quality of meditation that would repeatedly occur if individuals moved a few feet out of the central circle into the innermost triangle of the design or vice versa.

Changes in the environment were also observed. Within the design, which had been inscribed in highly alkaline silt, incapable of supporting any kind of vegetation, there were remarkable changes in the direction of increased fertility.

Two years after construction, even though the lines were disappearing, the structure of the soil had changed from a highly compacted mixture of silt and salts to a loose, crumbly soil that smelled and tasted more like normal soil. The surface of the soil was also significantly changed. Instead of the flat, layered and often cracked surface that had characterized the lake bed before inscribing the Sri Yantra, the surface became "rumpled;" formed into a three dimensional configuration of regular ridges and valleys that arranged themselves in the pattern of hexagonal close packing, much like an egg carton. The pattern was caused by modification of the surface soil into a physically expanded, more adhesive and resilient material.

Both of the soil changes were due to an extraordinary proliferation of soil microorganisms and the resulting increase in soil organic matter. The soil changes were limited to the forty or so acres of the design and were most pronounced in its center.

In other respects, the entire fifty square mile valley was different. The ranchers noticed a continued increase in the valley's rainfall. This was accompanied by increased vegetative growth, as well as increased populations of several plants and three animals species that were not previously common in the valley.


The construction of the Sri Yantra was also accompanied by other events that gave rise to new understandings about how Nature might operate. Going into the valley for the first time, I was driving the converted bus and towing a pickup truck. We stopped and I got out to open a barbed wire gate. Sitting on the gatepost was an adult golden eagle. The eagle looked at me squarely, swished its tail back and forth several times, dropped a tail feather and flew off. In the next several weeks, I had occasion to go through the same gate many times and there was no eagle. Then, on my homeward trip, as I passed through the gate for the last time, a golden eagle was sitting on the same gatepost. It waited for me to get out of the bus, looked at me squarely, swished its tail, dropped another feather and flew off.

Back home, several weeks later, the National Guard discovered the Sri Yantra and the media, not knowing its origins or implications, created a greatly exaggerated hoopla. I was in a position of deciding to speak publicly about the project or remain anonymous. In order to clarify the rapidly growing misunderstandings, I decided to speak publicly. Immediately upon making that decision, I walked outside my rural Iowa home and looked up into the sky. Directly above the house were fourteen circling bald eagles.

A year later, I had occasion to tell this story to a Vedic scholar. He told me of a traditional yagya, or ceremony, infrequently performed in India to honor the Divine Mother, which is considered to have been successful only if it results in the appearance of an eagle. Finally, these events, related to several Native American elders and medicine people, elicited in-depth explanations of the ways Nature communicates. - Bill Witherspoon

 Steps to Making Rain

Everywhere that CHARGE radiates, water is soon to follow.

The geometry of (capacitive ) charge radiance is the organizer of water - and DEFINER OF ALL LIFE.

Does charge radiate from you? If not - then YOU are not in charge! (hygiene links)

1. Reduce Metals in Land Environment (Bleeds Capacitance / Bonds created in man made metals lack harmonic inclusiveness / fractality - the context rich embedding of charge which can focus water vapor).Exception - optional -a bit of gold or palladium at the core of your magnetic rose.

2. Learn basic dowsing / Make a magnetic map.(of tha major magnetic lines thru the property and buildings). If you cannot FEEL magnetism - ultimately you cannot feel.

3. Use paramagnetic stone to 'lens' (bend and focus) the magnetism into fractal (rose) like patterns to attract charge - implosion precipitates rain. (Examples below - labyrinth and stone circle).

4. Align the stone circle and labyrinth construction made of PARAmagnetic materials.. properly 'embedding' them on the ley magnetic lines.

5. Optional - spectrum analyze (harmonic analysis) to note where the weak inductive and capacitive fields are most harmonically inclusive (sacred) - to tune and perfect the magnetic wind harp which is your land.

6. Use materials which hold capacitive fields once charged, to strongly radiate charge density - fabricating the field which will orient local water vapors into droplets. Cloud seeding is actually a primitive form of this. More advanced forms use - a highly charged capacitive chamber to piezoelectrically ring materials like calcite or calcium carbonate, or quartz sand - which them are spread into symmetry on the land to fabricate long wave converging lens like (rose like) structures to cause precipitation.

FRACTIONATION OF MAGNETIC LINES IS THE CHIEF CAUSE OF DROUGHT. Learn the simple physics of fractality versus fractionation - AND the psychology.

MONO-CULTURE CAUSES DROUGHT BECAUSE HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS (fractality - which is required for anything to be alive) of CHARGE - IS IDENTICAL WITH THE RADIANCE GENERATED BY GENETIC DIVERSITY. Install extreme genetic diversity around your flower like labyrinth paramagnetic.

Learn to talk to the elemental forces.

Recognize how the magnetic dreaming lines of ancestors when tangled in the land - need sorting before rain can return. Ancient memories with great inertia must be made shareable / enter compression symmetry - before wetness (permission to touch) can return.