The Brain-Heart Connection: Breakthru in Measurement and Biofeedback -
Every Spiritual / Consciousness Training / Psychological Counseling + Biofeedback Manual has Reiterated that to EVOLVE and GROW we must learn to link our HEARTS TO OUR HEAD. NOW - for the very first time- there is a dramatic BIOFEEDBACK Environment (the world's first and only) to MEASURE and TEACH this connection : The new Brain-Heart software module JUST ADDED to the complete HeartTuner / BlissTuner System - with TWO ways of TEACHING by MEASUREMENT the Brain-Heart Connection: a) phase lock between measured EEG vs EKG harmonics (simple spectra compared)-top right of picture , and b) observing when the internal COHERENCE history /Cepstrum amplitude PEAKS LINE UP from EEG vs EKG- bottom right of picture.

A New Scientific / Biofeedback BreakThru - from HeartTuner / BlissTuner , invented by Dan Winter.

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now.. The Brain Heart Connection-Breakthru in Measurement

-HeartTuner/BlissTuner Biofeedback Update: How many neurons can share in a thought? The answer is the same as - how many neurons can share in the distribution of one CHARGE wave. Pulse streaming for neurons, becomes massive entrainment- based on pure geometry: idealized in fractality. We know - The Healthy Heart is a FRACTAL HEART ( ) - and we know now so much more about the fractal / self similar Golden Mean Ratio in Brainwaves - trigger to consciousness ( , )

NOW - in a software engineering breakthru - from Heart Coherence Team in close collaboration with Dan Winter, we are pleased to announce: THE BRAIN HEART CONNECTION - within the HeartTuner / BlissTuner environment! (Now released for ALL HeartTuner / BlissTuner new buyers and upgrades).

In the lower graph, this gifmation see the immediate response of BRAIN COHERENCE.. to a short meditation..

The Heart-Brain connection has obviously been an intensely discussed question in the psychological and even medical literature. Everyone is aware that making this connection is key to the psychology, the spirituality and the PHYSICS of conscious evolution. What has been missing is the correct tool to MEASURE the connection.

Now - with HeartTuner / BlissTuner newly upgraded software to beautifully allow adjustment of relative gain between channels- Heart Coherence Team software team, with Dan Winter- scientific inspiration- is pleased to announced the BRAIN HEART CONNECTION option! His discovery of how to measure INTERNAL COHERENCE (cepstrum) so revolutionized Heart biofeedback - that the literature now recognizes Dan Winter with inventing the term Heart Coherence. Winter taught HeartMath institute how to take their first EKG and how to spectrum analyze it to measure emotion. Sadly - HeartMath Institute lied about who taught them this, and more seriously- completely misleads their customers about what HeartCoherence is. Read 'The HeartMath Mistake'.

The power of applying Dan Winter's discovery to the measurement of internal BRAIN COHERENCE - is just dawning upon a very slow to learn, biofeedback community. It does appear the Neurofeedback community is shockingly stupid and failing our culture - in failing to recognize and use:

1. the fact that brain wave states :PEAK PERCEPTION, PEAK PERFORMANCE, PEAK EXPERIENCE - need to be TAUGHT by using GOLDEN MEAN and OCTAVE RATIO feedback. (ref: , )

2. the virtually self evident fact that INTERNAL BRAINWAVE COHERENCE TRAINING can perfect and simplify almost all EEG neurofeedback for everything from ADDICTION TO A.D.D. training. Revolutionizing neurofeedback - see: for example- the old way of elaborately (+ expensive time wasting for clinicians) guessing WHICH missing harmonic in EEG to reinforce is virtually ELIMINATED when overall internal COHERENCEis rewarded (see how it looks on graph below) !

3. meditation and consciousness training (like TM for example) have spoken about nothing but COHERENCE for decades . Yet now that Dan Winter has invented the way to do that (measuring internal coherence is precisely what makes it teachable)- the TM community ignores this like a stuck pig (afraid for their wallet apparently- while there ask the TM'ers why they continue to spend BILLIONS to reinvent cities based on Vastu, while having not the first clue of the electrical pure principle behind sacred / biologic architecture.). Below see tangible evidence how WONDERFULLY positive it is to see even a short meditation rewarded by INSTANT EEG COHERENCE PEAK RISE.

----Combine this with the new possibility in HeartTuner BlissTuner with the ability to measure EMPATHY in TWO separate and powerful ways- COHERENCE PHASE LOCK plus 2 channel HRV compare ( ref: ) . THEN now here add the incredibly potent and new ability to measure when your heart and brain a) come into phase, and separately b) when they are each internally coherent, and c) when that coherence peak is simultaneous to both!

Result: the HeartTuner BlissTuner is such a revolutionary and powerful tool to biofeedback in general.. it may take a generation of obsolete practitioners to die before the breakthru can be recognized. Imagine the thousands of biofeedback practioners on Earth who each have gone thru all their training being WRONGLY taught that INTERNAL COHERENCE cannot be measured - only compared between 2 signal sets.

The point is - that for those visionary enough to understand the incredibly potent role biofeedback with EEG / EKG coherence + HRV and empathy measure - could play in shepherding and teaching conscious growth- (as well as in countless clinical and research situations) the new HeartTuner BlissTuner is a system completely in a class by itself.

-HeartTunerPRO Special- Including 2ch HRV + BLISSTUNER EEG 2ch now with TWO Ways to Measure Empathy with special TRAINING , SUPPORT, - with the new 2 channel HRV/Empathy system- the price has not increased: 1575 Euro / 1064 GBP. Complete HeartTuner Input Preamp Hardware w/USB, 2 sets EKG + EEG Electrodes- Complete HeartTuner PRO Software Environment -Plus- Free Gift- TRAINING! - if you order thru the Inventor- Dan Winter- Complete 25+ DVD Video Set including 7 disks on HeartTuner/ BlissTunerTrainings (from ) +3 Books of Dan Winter including Ecstacy&Immortality Book - Complete Hardware Warranty & Support from Inventor of HeartTuner -- To Order:-email (your Visa/MC info+ship to) or PAYPAL to: 310 651 8123 | The HeartTuner / BlissTuner System ( thanks to software development with Frank see ) - offered here - with Support from the Inventor+ Training DVD's.. - HRV / Breath / Cardiac Synth + measure BRAIN-HEART Linkup!
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Note- we actually played the famous "Angel Music" from our friend Punit - (CD's of Angelic Healing Music) to MAKE some of these recordings..
We recommend Punit's spiritually inspired music at - to help MAKE the Brain - Heart Connection.

Nurturing Heart-Brain Development Starting With Infants
1999 Interview with Joseph Chilton Pearce

Finally, The Head-Heart Connection - The Biology of Transcendence -Joseph Chilton Pearce

Heart-Brain Institute Examples of heart-brain connection

Sacro Cranial-

Below we see the precedent, history of measurement of Heart / Brain connection. This is from Bentov's book "Stalking the Wild Pendulum" (biomechanics of kundalini) . Here Bentov is using a capacitive accelerometer (measuring micromotion entrainment) to prove the phase relationship between the low frequencies of the HEART (see the aorta 'pipe' between heart and aortic crotch at the legs-pic-making standing wave).. vs the BRAIN. much deeper discussion of this as wave mechanic of kundalini at , and as the wave mechanic of sacro cranial pumping -

Below we see an example of the earlier version of the HeartTuner Pro software showing the MOMENT at which meditation begins- where the beginning of the alpha (red peaks at 10.5hz) correlates with a moment where the COHERENCE of Heart vs Brain links (bottom left waterfall plot graph of cepstrum / coherence compare of EEG /red vs EKG black).


Note from Dan: we have spoken often with Douglass White , about "observer physics" . The ability to self refer (observe) is most in essence in a wave of charge able to non destructively self reenter--(golden spiral) exactly like charge compression waking you up in a lucid dream precisely because of what looking at your hand causes electrically... (tightening the slip knot of the electrical toroidal tornado.- see Bentov's pic of the toroid magnetic circuit HOMUNCULUS around the brain circuit fractally in phase to the map on the body - triggering kundalini - above.
1. Charge Self Similarity/Fractality:Cause Gravity/Fusion/Phase Conjugation-THE EXPERIMENTAL PROOF - ObserverPhysics ".. the FRACTAL PHI SPIRAL as the most logical mathematical description of the way electronsemit and absorb photons (OBSERVER PHYSICS, 11.35-39 et al.) David Thomson - Quantum AetherDynamics