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  Ashtar / Melchizadek / Draco / A look at the evidence for a Parasitic History

from Implosion Group.. with comments by dan winter 7/99


Clearly we need to get past simply black hats vs white hats, to real synthetic understanding..

so we should look at both sides..

I happen to believe BOTH Lawrence Gardner in 'Genesis of the Grail Kings" who says the Draco Dragon Blood which became Magdalen's grail kids and the kings of history (Germaine), were powerful forces bringing our genepool out of chaos. (by breeding the royal families of Europe like we do show dogs? for millenia...) AND I BELIEVE those same Draco's relatives are the ones who eat live human glands and treat us like we do chicken farms (DETAILS at : our governments are being parasitized wholesale by the borg Draco Orionist (and their puppet Gray's) (Collier, -Andromedan council, ( and ) Branton, Bill Cooper, Phil Schneider.. (Schneider built Rand's deep underground military) Michael Ash,.)

quote from alex collier:
Alex: What I know of them in terms of their genetic stock is that the word itself, Niburu, (from which our word H'iburu=hebrew) is a word of Orion
origin which I am told means "the joining of two tribes". Apparently this original tribe was created as a
marriage between a princess of reptilian-human ancestry from Orion (uru?) and a group from Sirius (Niib?) of human
origin. It was a marriage of alliance, millions of years ago."

(somewhat confirmed by dog/bird wiolawa DNA crossing to reptilian in "Guardians of the Grail" by Robert Morningsky)

then does

like in abo
mean drac?

Elora said: "Well, I'm not the expert on this, but I find it interesting that the word
"Soluruous" (i.e. Draco Sun God/Ruler) has the same root in it. The names
of all of the Draco Soluruous' had the same root also, (speaking of Roger's
past aspects, anyway.) Examples: Sansiruous. Demphysiruous. Ankraruous.
Don't know if I'm spelling these exactly right but you get the idea.

Odd "coincidence" how the names of dinosaurs have a slightly similar root
i.e. "saur".

Then we have Barbara Brown's friend, (Draco) what was his name--just "Uru"?'


However, I disagree with all the bad press about Ashtar. My opinion: he's
a famous guy, low level entities masquerade in his name. too many channels
don't know the difference." end Elora quote


compare Niburu vs Nibelung (as in Wagner's Ring of...)

Nibelungs were a race of dwarfs or elves dwelling in Nibelheim (or Niflheim) a realm of mist or darkness. The Nibelungs were the descendants of King
Nibelung, a legendary Scandinavian king, and heirs to a vast treasure of gold and jewels that had been amassed in some ancient time. The Nibelungs Hord
was said to be guarded by the dwarf Andvari (or Alberich). Views tend to differ on the legend. This is a version I found with references to dragons:

In the Volsunga Saga, Nibelung was the son of Hogni and grandson of King Giuki. They gathered this great treasure that was eventually stolen from
them and then proceeded to pass through a variety of owners. The hero in this saga, Sigurd, eventually acquires the gold by slaying Fafnir the dragon
who guards the treasure. Fafnir had killed Sigurd's father Hreidmar to steal the treasure, and then turned himself into a dragon in order to protect the
hoard from other thieves."

---see:Dragon tradition of the Ouroboros Ring Lords, referred to the
Messianic bloodline as the Elven Race. As we shall see, the terms elf, fairy, pixie and the like were all representative of various castes
within the kingly succession. at Lawrence Gardner's latest, Realm of the Ring Lords..

The evidence for both sides being true is rather overwhelming. Clearly, if we are going to get beyond our childhood, we are going to need to get past thinking ArchAngel Michael is a winged fairy boy saving kiddies on clouds. When in fact, according to the Andromedan sources, Michael is a historically distorted name for an ancient Draco assassin craft.

Why is the Michael angelic name in the center of

Ophanim (true enochian key) language crysAnonymous:

Dan Winter


The Ashtar Command SUCKS ! Astral Contact : Speak Of The Devil!
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 22:12:08 -0700
The Ashtar Command SUCKS ! Astral Contact : Speak Of The Devil!
- Psychic Phenomena - The Ashtar Command - Ashtaroth
By: Elizabeth Joyce


Who is Ashtar and the Ashtar Command? Will they really save us on
Judgment Day? Are they
friendly space beings? Is any of this information being taught in
Ascension sessions applicable to the
variety of "entities" encountered in many close encounters? How would
they "find a body to appear
in?" Could this somehow refer to the modern phenomenon of mutilations?

If we accept the assertion that the "real" Ashtar is merely an "entity"
that changes with the times, then
a quick look at Ashtar in one of His/Her's former guises as the demon "
Ashtaroth" may prove

According to "The Lemegeton of Solomon" (The Book Of The Spirits), which
was considered to be the
source for many occult works of the 17th and 18th Century,
"Astaroth"(also called Ashtaroth) was a
very interesting Demon indeed:

Astaroth is another demon who appears in the form of an angel. Opinion
is divided as to whether it is a
good or bad angel, but an angel he is, that much is agreed. He is an
important Duke, and is mounted
upon a dragon, with a snake in his right hand. He will tell the sorcerer
of the past, the present and the
future. He will also teach every secret and science. (If you were going
to "channel" a
demon/spirit/angel/ whatever, what better entity to have in your midst
than one who is conversant with
science and is an all-seeing prophet?)

In the "Grimorium Verum - The True Grimoire", another occult book dating
back to the 17th century,
there is a section about the three superior Spirits: Spirits do not
always appear in the same shape. This
is because they are not themselves of matter or form, and have to find a
body to appear in, and one
suitable to their (intended) manifestation and appearance. Lucifer
appears in the form and figure of a
fair boy. When angry, he becomes red. There is nothing monstrous about

Beelzebuth appears sometimes in monstrous forms, sometimes like a giant
cow, at times like a he-goat,
with a long tail. When angry, he vomits fire.

Astaroth (Ashtaroth or Ashtar) appears black, in human shape.

Under the heading "Kinds of Spirits" in the aforementioned reference, we

Names of the superior spirits are Lucifer, Beelzebuth and Astaroth. The
inferiors of Lucifer are in
Europe and Asia and obey him. Beelzebuth lives in Africa, and Astaroth
(or Ashtar) inhabits America.

(Is Ashtar "channeled" anywhere outside of America? And why is it that
animal mutilations seem to be
a particularly American - Northern and Southern - phenomenon?)

The book "The Grimoire of Honorius" gives a very detailed system of the
conjuring of spirits according
to the day of the week they are to be summoned. Each "spirit" has a day
of the week allotted to it
when it is at the peak of its abilities: Wednesday - between the tenth
and eleventh hours of the night -
is the day set apart for the conjugations addressed to Astaroth.

(It is widely held in UFO folklore, that UFO encounters/sightings seem
to be at their most prevalent on
Wednesdays. John Keel quotes figures that suggest that over 20% of all
sightings have occurred on a

None of this is conclusive evidence of anything, But if we accept the
times this information was written
in, and look at it through modern eyes. Then the contention that this
phenomenon has been around in
various guises for a very long time, may have some validity.

Ashtar is not new. He is not a part of the "New Age" movement and he is
an endangerment to many if
they follow his instructions to sell everything and wait on a mountain
top to be lifted off by space

>From John Keel's book 'UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse', here's some quotes
about Ashtar. (He/It
certainly gets around!)

...I will try to demonstrate that the UFO entities are directly related
to the entities and manifestations
involved in religious miracles and spiritual seances. There are many
thousands of published messages
from both the UFO-nauts and the invisible, lower plane spirits, all of
which employ the same techniques
for burying information deep in simple-minded descriptions about life on
other planets or other planes.
One of the most important correlation is that many of these messages
have discussed in depth the
existence of another reality which is formed by energies operating on
another frequency, or vibrational
level. This is where people get confused, and tend to believe the
entity. There is a definite 4th and 5th
dimensional energy, and unknown energy beyond that, which our technology
has not caught up with or
been able to understand. We are evolving into that knowledge at the
present time. However, it will not
happen overnight. It is a gradual process of opening up to hogher
knowledge a generation at a time.

There has also been a great deal of discussion about light and rays of
light. New rays are coming in for
transformational healing. These are very powerful and can be used for
the good of all. The lore of "the
seven rays" goes back to the most ancient of times. The Bible's Book of
Revelations repeats the
number seven in many ways, and the Seven Sisters, or the Pleiades (seven
stars in the sky) form an
important part of this lore. God and Christ are "The Light" in most of
this literature ...

On January 8, 1968, "Mr. Orlon" of the Ashtar Intergalactic Command,
passed this message on to a
contactee: "The saucers you speak of as such are in reality the space
bodies of certain aggregates of
consciousness. They exists duo-dimensionally; that is, they penetrate
both the third and fourth
dimensions simultaneously or can, if they wish, confine themselves to
either one of these."...

Thousands of mediums, psychics and UFO contactees have been receiving
mountains of messages
from "Ashtar" in recent years. This has escalated in the '90's. Mr.
Ashtar represents himself as a
leader in the great intergalactic councils which hold regular meetings
on Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and
many planets unknown to us. But Ashtar is not a new arrival. Variations
of this name, such as
Ashtaroth, Ashtar, Asharoth, etc., appear in demonological literature
throughout history, both in the
Orient and the Occident. Mr. Ashtar has been around a very long time
posing as assorted gods and
demons and now, in the modern New Age phase, as another glorious

Dr. Charles Laughead, an MD on the staff of Michigan State University in
Lansing, Michigan, started
communicating with various entities "from outer space" in 1954, largely
through trance mediums who
served as instrument for Ashtar and his cronies from that great
intergalactic council in the sky. A
number of minor prophecies were passed along, and as usual, they came
true on the nose. Then Ashtar
tossed in his bombshell. The world was going to end on December 21,
1954, he announced

North America was going to split in two, and the Atlantic coast would
sink into the sea. France,
England and Russia were also slated for a watery grave. However, all was
not lost. A few chosen
people would be rescued by spaceships. Naturally Dr. Laughead and his
friends were among that
select group. Dr. Laughhead made sober declarations to the press and on
December 21, 1954 he and a
group of his fellow believers clustered together in the garden to await
rescue ... and waited. And
waited. And waited!


In California, a man named Allen Noonan claims to have experienced still
another variation of this
particular mind-warping phenomenon. Soon after his discharge from the
Army following World War II,
Noonan went to work for a company handling outdoor billboards. One day,
he says, he was working on
a billboard when suddenly he was taken in astral form to a strange
place. He found himself in a huge
white building filled with white light. A group of "elders" were
situated around a glowing throne, and a
great voice boomed from that throne and asked "Will you agree to be the
Savior of the World?"

Noonan quickly agreed to this role. Then he was told, "You may die in
the hands of your fellowmen.
Their sin shall remain with you until the Mother Comforter comes to
deliver them."

The next thing he knew, he was back in his body working on the
signboard. In later experiences, he
allegedly visited other planets such as Venus, and he frequently
received telepathic messages and
instructions from our old friend Ashtar. In this case, he knew it as
"the Ashtar Command and the
United Planets Organization".

Allen Noonan is not the only Space Age messiah appointed by the Ashtar

In Denmark a man named Knud Weinking began receiving telepathic flashes
in May, 1967, including a
number of impressive prophecies which came true ..He was then instructed
to build a lead-lined bomb
shelter and prepare for a holocaust on December 24, 1967 ...

...Mediums, telepaths, sensitives, and UFO contactees throughout the
world were all reporting identical
messages. There was definitely going to be an unprecedented event on
December 24, 1967. Ashtar
was Anonymousking through Ouija boards to people who had never before heard
the name. Another busy entity
named Orlon was spreading the word. The curious thing about these
messages was that they were all
phrased in the same manner, no matter what language was being used. They
all carried the same
warning. People were reporting strange dreams, dreams about symbols of
Christmas ... There were
also stories about dead telephones and glowing entities prowling through
bedroom and homes. Many of
these messages, dreams and prophecies were collected together by a
British organization calling itself
Universal Links. The stage was set for Doomsday. Thousands, perhaps even
millions, of people had
been warned The Danish cult locked themselves up in their bomb shelter
... After the imaginary crisis
had passed, the American wire services finally carried stories about the
cowering Danes, ridiculing
them, of course. But Mr. Weinking came up with a message that explained
it all: "I told you two
thousand years ago that a time would be given and even so I would not
come. If you had read your
Bible a little more carefully, you would have borne in mind the story of
the bridegroom who did not
come at the time he was expected. Be careful so that you are not found
without oil in your lamps. I
have told you I will come with suddenness, and I shall be coming soon!"

It was all a dry run, or was it? Actually, it was a rather impressive
sequence of events , and it really
proved something very important. Many predictions of the December
twenty-fourth disaster had been
well documented well in advance of that date. These messages came
through in many different,
countries, from people who had no knowledge of or communications with
one another. The UFO
contactees received the same identical messages as the trance mediums
communing with spirits. A link
had been established. It was now clear (to me anyway) that all of these
people were tuned to a central
source. (Possibly an earthly electronic device) My earlier speculations
seemed true -- the UFO entities
and the spirit entities were part of the same gigantic system. So more
pieces of this tremendous puzzle
were falling into place. A long series of events had apparently been
staged to warn us of that tiger
behind the door. Some of the entities were evil liars. They had ruined
the lives of many by producing
"proof" which led to false beliefs and irresponsible actions. Dr.
Laughead and Knud Weinking had been
victims in this enormous game. Many "New Agers" have become victims over
the past several years.

In the 90's people like .......... and David Koresh have
played on people's ignorance.
More will come to those who believe everything they hear and continue to
give the power of their lives
over to others. Use discernment is your search for truth. Never trust a
"channel" more that your own
inner guidance. Walk the path of light and love in this lifetime, on
this wondrous earth, with your family
and loved ones. Kindness, opening the heart and respect for others are
the first steps for true

==================================================== Quotes From "UFOs:
Operation Trojan Horse" (C)
1970 by John A. Keel

The ASHTAR Command...these beings are just "devil" DEMON etheric
beings (without earthly bodies).
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 10:54:39 -0800
From: Anonymous
The Commanders of the Ashtar Command? Ashtar means "Shepherd"...who
takes the
"Sheepeople" to slaughter.

"There is BIG-scale WAR in 4-D going on right NOW !" [TRUE]

"For example the light-ship of Avianna was destroyed, she hardly could
saved before the lightship exploded. Avianna was captain of that ship
and she is ill in her bed in 3D and wounded in the "hospiAnonymous" in 4 D".

Hebrew meaning "SPRING"
The name of Avianna has given you organizing ability as well as an
expressive, and
self-confident nature. You are able to work well with people and can
capably direct their activities.
You enjoy music and art, and love to meet and mix with people. On
occasion, you can be intolerant
and critical of others, quick to argue and to dominate situations.

Hmmmm The Shapeshifter
The Children of Innoruuk - Avianna :
Q: Is killing monsters(Draconians, Greys, etc.) the only way to gain

"Asthar Sheran has the command over the Armada from the Santiners".
Here is a drawing :

Neben Jesus Christus steht die Evakuierung unter der spirituellen und
technischen Obhut von Asthar
Sheran, einem Sternenbruder der Liebe und Weltenlehrer. Er wurde bereits
von Jesus Christus als
der "Menschensohn" angekündigt. Die Interplanetarische Konföderation,
unter der Leitung von
Ashtar Sheran, ist ein Zusammenschluß von zwanzig Sonnensystemen.

"Some of the Grey wanted to attack Venus, but they were defeated."
...TOO bad. Those "Entities" within Venus SUCK.

"Jesus Sananda tried to intermediate, but without any result.
He is very sad about all that.
Jesus Sananda told Michael to take further steps".

Jesus/Sananda, Lord Maitreya, Kuthumi "fully realized" galactic Christs?

Jesus was an incarnation on the
Earth of a very high being, known to those of the Light as
Sananda. He is the one to whom you pray. Jesus. Sananda.
He was a nice guy...but, surrender your "Soul" to us, here at ASHTAR

Channeling is a process where information from an external source of
is accessed and expressed. People can channel entities, their Higher
Self or energy.
The term is derived from the extraterrestrial contact movement of
the 50's. Some
popular spiritual messages labeled "channelings" may just be an excuse
presenting far-out information with an out-of-this world credibility.
Ashtar Command channelings are insidiously DEMONIC.

Diverse Channelings From Ashtar-Command and Associated Beings.

Some of this material is being put out by NAZI Occultist.
The same GERMAN Group behind what is called the Adamski Saucer.
And the _______ put out by other people claiming "contact" with ET "Beam
but are really in contact with human PSI-OPS Groups.
They are connected to the German "SS", the VRIL Society and the
THULE Society.
They were brought into this country by Operation "PAPERCLIP" and
worked themselves into NASA and the CIA.
They were connected to Wernher Freiherr von Braun (1912-77)
They are connected to the "BLACK SUN" Dominion. The Demonic Avatars
* Asthar Alliance ....the bringers of Chaos, Havoc and Death.
Rebels...against GOD.
Excerpt from :
The battle for basic sanity is where the real issue arise, and militias
are noble
and honorable, but the kind of technology we are up against is way
beyond what most
people can begin to realize. The Ashtar Command plays a significant
role in enslaving
this planet, for when a person's consciousness rises the brain
emits signals that are
picked up on equipment in various space ships which trigger an
electronic-low-frequency attack to destroy the synapses and render
the person sick
and helpless. The next stage after this experience is a visitation
by Angels, and one will
discover Count St. Germane somewhere in the matrix. Most people are
"entrained," through false information, and often are used as a
channel to promote more
disinformation, and to give significant information out of
sequence, such as teaching love
without teaching people to align with the truth of their feelings
first. It is not that
channeling is incorrect, it is what IS being channeled is only the
guards who keep the
planet from evolving. We are surrounded by an electronic net of
amazing sophistication,
controlled out of the fourth and fifth dimensions -- things people
can't even begin to
imagine because we have been so de-evolved. We are used as
because of our propensity to worship.


Restoration of the Infernal Kingdom
Unholy dark angels fallen for ages
This ASHTAR MESSENGER blaspheme the ghost
Dark warriors celebrate the final action
Turn the light off obey the megagoal


ASHTAR stuff is connected to the VRIL SOCIETY (Germany)

Vril was the language spoken by the Atlantians. It was composed of
sounds and clicks.

In Germany at the turn of the century and particularly after WW I many
secret societies
developed. One of these groups was the Vril Society.

In 1917 four people met in a cafe in Vienna. There was one woman and
three men. The
woman was a 'spiritual medium'. They met under a veil of mystery and

They discussed secret revelations, the coming of the new age, the sphere
of destiny, the
magical violet black stone, and making contact with ancient peoples and
distant worlds.

Their source of power was the Black Sun, an infinite beam of light which
though invisible to
the human eye is real and there.

The Vril emblem was the Black Sun.....a secret philosophy thousand of
years old provided
the foundation on which the occult practioners of the Third Reich would
later build. The
Black Sun symbol can be found in many Babylonian and Assyrian places of
worship. They
depicted the Black Sun ---the godhead's inner light in the form of a
cross. This was not
much different from the German's Knight's Cross.

With supposed channeled information from ET's, the Vril society. built
the Vril Machine. It
was saucer shaped. The first piloted flight was in 1934.

1936 - Black Forest, Germany:

During this ten-year period, the Vril Society members were supposedly
the first group to
attempt the back-engineering of an extraterrestrial spacecraft. "A
German writer, John
Von Helsing, describes the discovery of a crashed saucer in the Black
Forest in 1936 and
says that this technology was taken and combined with the information
the Vril Society had
received through channeling and was made into a further project called
the Haunebu,"

German aircraft historian Henry Stevens says. Haunebu 1 was supposedly
the first large
flying saucer developed in Germany. According to plans allegedly
obtained from classified
German SS files, the Haunebu 1 was approximately seventy-five feet in
diameter and
probably lifted off for the first time in August 1939, a few weeks
before the outbreak of
World War II.
>From "Sightings: UFOs" by Susan Michaels :
The Day of the Black Sun = The Sun Eclipse on July 11th 1991 (and Aug.
11th, 1999)

[Fwd: NOTES : The Order of Melchizedek, the ASHTAR Command, the Great White
Brotherhood...another group with a direct connection and source to God?]
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 23:04:49 -0700

Hmmmm "Everyone is from the Melchizedek consciousness ultimately".
Excerpt from :
All of the Melchizedeks on Earth work through ALPHA & OMEGA, ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK, the first order of
the Great White Brotherhood. Gender has nothing to do with this work. There are 72 orders in the GWB, the last or
omega order is THE ORDER (BROTHERHOOD) OF THE SEVEN RAYS in Peru and Bolivia. Their work is
mostly 4th dimensional.

All 72 orders, though independent, work for the greater good of the Earth and specifically for the last
13,000 years, to construct the Christ Grid or Unity Grid around the Earth, which is now finished, and ready for us to
make a consciousness change.

In Love and Service, Drunvalo
* The above groups are Demonic and very Warrior "Male-dominated" FASCISTIC Orders.
There are direct connections to NAZI Occult organizations and the "4th Reich" (Eagle EMPIRE).
P389:2, 35:4.3 When failure of some feature of the Creator Son's plan is threatened, forthwith will
go a Melchizedek to render assistance. But not often are they summoned to function in the
presence of sinful rebellion, such as occurred in Satania.

P389:3, 35:4.4 The Melchizedeks are the first to act in all emergencies of whatever nature on all
worlds where will creatures dwell. They sometimes act as temporary custodians on wayward
planets, serving as receivers of a defaulting planetary government.

P389:4, 35:4.5 The Melchizedek who lived on Urantia during the time of Abraham was locally
known as Prince of Salem...

The Urantia Book -- Part II. The Local Universe (Special Work Of The Melchizedeks)
"The Biggest Secret ... Exposed"
David Icke
exposes the lies and deceit of thousands of years and reveals the biggest secret -
how humanity has been controlled and manipulated since pre-history by
extraterrestrial "gods" and the secret society network they created and continue to
orchestrate. He has exposed an astonishing web
of interconnected manipulation to reveal that the same few people, secret societies,
and organizations control the daily direction of our lives. They engineer the wars,
the terrorist outrages, and political assassinations. They control the world market in
hard drugs and the media indoctrination machine. Icke reveals how religions,
politics, banking, and business have been designed from the start to control and
suppress human potential in pursuit of a long term agenda - the menAnonymous, emotional,
and spiritual enslavement of the human race.
subtitled, The Esoteric Meaning of the Monuments On Mars.
LDS Mormons(means "DEMONS" in Japanese) are linked to the MARS Based(physical beings, not "channeled" _______
beings) warrior CULT of The Melchizedeks. The "Sheepeople" herded by the "Shepherd" Priest Class are NOT told of the
"Dagger" upon which are carved various "Signs" of "MARS" (the Sacred KEY to what is really going on in this PSY-OP
"Mind Control" Order). In the 1930's Agents for the "BLACK SUN" (Germans, later to be called "SS" NAZIS Agents)
found the perfect church to "take over"...the LDS. A "Cult" that was "Male-dominated"(Female Submissive), "checked
genetics" of it's people, had distaste towards Races other than white, easily manipulated, etc.
" ....99 percent of all "Mormons" are consciously unaware of the reality
or fact that some of the innermost 1-percent or less who control the
political-spiritual-economic aspects of the system have "sold-out" to the
fascist segment of the CIA, possibly motivated by a false sense of
"patriotism" or possibly for even more sinister reasons. They maintain the
illusion or "cover" for the actions of these NAZ-CIA agents within this
MAJOR JOINT INTERACTION complex deep below their underground
GRANITE MOUNTAIN STORAGE VAULT (which interconnects the other
major joint-interaction facilities below Nevada, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona). Branton
I am not saying that the Melchizedeks, the Orders of Michael and Enoch (and the other Orders in the White Brotherhood) do
NOT exist...I'm staying they DO EXIST and they "SUCK".
They are NOT the "Divine Hierarchy". They are "CONTROL FREAKS" from an Ancient MILITARY Occupation
Force, which came here from MARS (before that their ancestors WERE from the "direction" of the "Seven Sisters").
They WERE in Babylon, the ROMAN Empire, the NAZI "Third Reich" and the take over (1943-1963) of the
Forth(Reign) "EAGLE EMPIRE" , called the USA. The Royal authority is a "CULT" of WAR, Death and
Destuction. And YOU "work" as "slaves" for THEM. WAKE UP.....Become truly Awake of what IS going on.
NOTE : OPEN YOUR MIND...and you open the "DOORS" of perception.

A Masonic Brotherhood in which you need the Melchizedek "initiation" imparted to you and
through working attentively with "the energy of the Order" you become one with the "HIVE".
* The Enemy is Within our Society. It seeks to "Divide"....then "cocures" when it is REVEALED that "it is BOTH the
Aspects of a "Game played in ILLUSION"(Maya). The Order of MICHAEL (Archangels) and the Order of DRACONIA
are the SAME Beings. The SAME "Mind Set" of CONTROL. Neither are the True GOD "Angels" of creation. Both are
"manipulting" Hu-mankind for purposes NOT in the best interest of the FREE "SOULS" that GOD made US.
* "Melchizedeks" are presently collaborating with the Reptilian Grays and the DRACONIANS.

Descent of the "Un"Holy Orders :
An initiation and relationship with this aspect of the
Brotherhood is not in a manual or technique. The Melchizedeks "realign" you, put you "in order" with
their "Program" alignments. An initiation is comprised of a direct and "transmission"
through "the initiator". The initiation accentuates one's "Mind Control" process into the FOLD.
* Melchizedek : The Grand Master. ( LORD MAITREYA / Jesus / Sananda.)
Melchizedek(Prince of "Peace", a "Priest" of great LIGHT), acted as a magnetic core through which the power circuits of
the "SOLar Man" could be adjusted. The De-M-ON(Negative Solar Aspect) world greets you as the Son/SUN of
Melchizedek. The "Cult" of "I AM". Order of the Flame.
It is the perfect ORDER(Way)of Being. It is the ORDER of Life, the ORDER of the Eternal One.
"I AM" Melchizedek, the Eternal Son, the Creator Son/Sun. "Ascended Master"
All is One in Melchizedek and this order of oneness is your new life - your Controlled "Christed life".
God knows you as His son/sun. No other. After the order of Melchizedek, now and forever.
In My order there are no "ifs" and "buts." You do what those above you, DIRECT you to do.
Stay in LINE. We will tell you when and if you can drink "Coca-Cola"(depending on whether WE "own" the Company
or NOT ; and WE will tell you when it OK to let "Blacks"/Colored people into the "Priesthood"(when the US government
threatened to take away OUR "Tax FREE" Status) ; ETC., ETC. Listen! And receive your/My orders. My order
as "I AM"(and YOU are NOT).

"Melchizedeks" are members of a metaphysical lodge with connections to the deep
initiatory levels of Mormonism, Masonry, the Mt. Shasta/Agharti network,
Mayans, Sirius, Arcturus.....MARS! The EMPIRE in "Star Wars".











  The ASHTAR Collective:Decadent Central "Brain COMPUTER"

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We must realize that the ONLY being in the collective which is allowed to exercise individual choice is their dark leader, and to a lesser extent the inner council, and these beings do NOT want the Reptiloids and Greys to attain emotional individualism. But what about other "collectives" like the ASHTAR or Astarte collective? Just who is this "ASHTAR"? Why is the ASHTAR collective so involved with the Dulce base activity in joint capacity with the Greys and Reptiloids according to certain reports? Is it, as contactee Israel Norkin claims, because the "Unholy Six" star systems of Orion have infiltrated the ASHTAR collective to a massive extent? What about the bald 9-foot tall Reptilian "from the Pleiades" who supposedly defected from the Draconian collective, HATONN? Why hasn't Hatonn been warning about this infiltration of his own collective? Is it because he is secretly working FOR the Draconian-Orion empire? Certainly if he was truly converted from the Draconian collective he could be a lot more zealous in exposing it...especially its infiltration of the ASHTAR collective.

If we are to believe reports of "Star Wars" taking place within Sirius-B where the ASHTAR collective has its headquarters, then this leaves open the possibility that the ASHTAR collective is in the process of splitting down the middle between an interventionist faction siding with the Draco-Orion Empire and a non-interventionist faction siding with the Andro-Pleiadean Federation.

"One of the leaders and spokesmen for this Collective is a being that goes by the name of HATONN. HATONN, according to some sources, is a 9 ft Pleidean with severe fascist leanings who claims to be a reptilian 'defector' from the Unholy Six Orion-Draconian Empire. Other sources claim that the ASHTAR Collective, or at least a large segment of the collective that was infiltrated and assimilated by Draco-Orion agents posing as ascended masters, is now in direct collaboration with the reptilian Grays and the 'Unholy Six'." (From David Eck E-magazine)



The following is a message delivered to a "contactee", from an alleged member of an interplanetary confederation who goes by the name of "K.H.". This information comes from the book "MYSTERIOUS SIGNS IN THE SKY", by Israel Norkin, 1984, Exposition Press, Smithtown N.Y. A similar exposition from an alleged Federation member can be found at... this site

K.H. - ...Beware of false prophets because they come in sheep's clothing and, unfortunately, some actually think they're working for the forces of Light. Poor misguided souls! They are aiding the forces of the antichrist in stirring up dissension.

Those who are working with the Christ Light need not prove anything! Their own works are the calling card. "By their works ye shall know them." Is that not true? You don't have to scream to the housetops of what you are and who you are to prove it.

Tell this to your people. The space people are beings, three dimensional, like ourselves. They are not spooks! Good heavens!

There ARE beings of other dimensions that are working with the Space Confederation, but they are not coming into your living rooms [apparently referring to the "progressive" other-dimensionals rather than the regressive 4th dimensional greys and 5th dimensional dracos!? - Branton]. They are mentors to the space brothers.

The space brothers that are coming into your living rooms -- when they come -- [will be] in PHYSICAL FORM. Do you understand my point?

We have stated before that NOT ALL space beings are three dimensional, no! Those operating in the spaceships above your world that you can see, feel, touch, and go into, if they land, are the same as you -- three dimensional!

...The reason you see spaceships is because people on other worlds still need them -- and build them in order to get places.

Now, so far as ASHTAR is concerned, he is NOT a man, and you can tell this to your people. Let us give the authentication and the authority for that statement, if you will. The first man who received communications with the force known as ASHTAR was our beloved George Van Tassel (of Giant Rock, California), if you will recall. At the time, he was given the information that ASHTAR would appear throughout the world. But he would know when it was a true communication by the nature of its announcement. If his vibrations were necessary, then he should be perhaps the best authority on ASHTAR, should he not? ASHTAR is NOT a man, and our good friend know that he would recognize any true reception, or false reception, by the announcement they made of ASHTAR. And, of course, every medium who has an astral being at his heels immediately has ASHTAR on the psychic "hook up," if you remember.

I speak strongly tonight because I feel strongly, dear ones, believe me. I am very perturbed at the entire situation that is taking place in the United States of America, particularly!

...What is this statement the United States will be spared?

Your information was correct that you received (speaking to one of the group.) The United States will be submerged, except for a few mountain places on the east and west coasts [Note: some claim that much of the east and west coasts will be inundated and much of the shore will lie underwater once the polar ice caps melt, raising the ocean level as much as 200 feet, that the continent will be divided at the Mississippi river into essentially two continents, and that an inland sea will fill the great basin of the west. - Branton]. Parts of the four states, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, will remain. But we will not get into that for the moment.

What is all this business about ASHTAR appearing in his Light body in the living room?

How can he, since he isn't a man? He comprises thousands of beings making up a gigantic organization. He couldn't appear in their living rooms. Yes, they are having appearances. They are not hoaxes, but what are they getting? Who is it that's coming? Just because it comes through and signs itself, "This is ASHTAR" -- if someone calls you from Washington and says, "This is the Pentagon" -- you don't say, "Thank you, Mr. Pentagon."

Many space beings can be ASHTAR. There is no certain man by the name of ASHTAR that I know of, anywhere. The name ASHTAR (as an individual) possibly exists somewhere in the universe, but not as a great commander of millions of spaceships and space beings as others have made him to be [And I might add, one who makes extravagant prophetic claims about mass landings, days of darkness, photon belts, and so on giving specific dates, prophecies which have a tendency of never coming true! - Branton]. In fact, two or three mediums have made him greater than the Christ and have stated so -- that "he's the greatest being in our system." This is going too far! Dear ones, they're being carried away by their own astral delusions!

Now what and who is ASHTAR? What is this force? Let's go back to the beginning of words. You will find in your dictionaries the word "Ashtoreth." The plural is "Ashtoroth." It means "Astarte," goddess of fertility and sexual love, does it not? Well, need I say more? Ashtor is the singular; ASHTAR is the plural. ASHTAR is not a single entity; it's a group.

Now do not be confused with the force, ASHTAR, such as Van Tassel received. Yet the name has a very close connection with ASHTARte.

But there are ASHTARs and there are ASHTARs, dear ones. And that you can tell your people. There are ASHTARs and there are ASHTARs.

There is no man by the name of ASHTAR as a single entity, that is known of.

Question by Dr. L.: But there is a space group working under that name that's on the dark side?

K.H.: There is a particular group that is nothing but a group of beings who operate a gigantic mechanical brain [Which may explain why some who claim to channel 'ASHTAR' have channeled a voice that sounds mechanical or metallic - Branton], a COMPUTER. To which, I believe, you heard your friend (Van Tassel) in the south refer. It is one of the computers that was left after the collapse of the Galactic Empire [based in Orion]. Now ASHTAR then is a code name for this great computer, and those beings that operate it will pass through certain questions desiring answers. It is not infallible. There is a reason why it has the name ASHTAR, which I will not go into for the moment. But is is also in connection with ASHTARTE. In other words, it is cause and not effect. It is the cause from whence came the name ASHTARte in the first place, because the ASHTAR computing system, or ASHTAR computer, was used primarily for the computation of sexual and physical problems, and the problems of fertility, in crops, animals, and man. Is that point clear? Are you getting the picture?

Dr. L.: Now the ASHTAR group is of the Milky Way Galaxy, is that right? Is it the Space Confederation, or...?

K.H.: Yes, you asked me that question, and that's what I'm going to answer at this time. Is the ASHTAR group dark, you ask? THERE ARE TWO. The computers can be used by either, either the UNHOLY SIX or the others -- because they were all part of the galactic administration at one time. The computer is available to all. The computer itself is an arbiter, is it not? The computer is neutral...

[However it can be used as a tool by either regressive or progressive forces to unite their respective agendas together and also a tool of infiltration of enemy forces who also are linked to the "collective". Personally I believe that collectivism can only lead to disaster and a loss of ones ability to be self-responsible, just as the Greys and Dracos eventually lost the ability to think for themselves and are slaves of those few who control their computerized group mind. Our world gave up the traditional ways of being self-reliant in exchange for a global eco-political system which they believed would meet all of their needs. And with this type of pyramid system, with the elite stealing as much wealth as they possibly could through pyramid economics and high-interest loans to all countries and the citizens voting in favor of continuous welfare legislation the entire economy has transformed into a co- dependent all-eggs-in-one-basket economic system based upon a figment of an illusion of assumed or credited borrowed wealth which does not actually exist but is rather borrowed from wealth that is assumed to exist in the future. It is NOT a system based on actually wealth, but is like a pyramid that is being built higher and higher, and as it can find no more "stones" to built with it must use its foundation stones to build the higher levels. It's just like a certain game one can buy in the stores, where you "borrow" structural or foundation blocks to build the structure higher, with the intent of the game being to NOT be the person who finally sets the whole system crumbling with the slight touch of a finger, and thus incur all of the "blame" for a collapse that is in fact just as much the fault of the elite as it is the sell-out citizens who SUPPORT their system of global usury. And since the next logical step of a global economy is a global government, and the next logical step of a global government is a global technocracy, this techno-eco-political "collective" will gain more and more power as individuals cast aside self responsibility for immediate material gain. So people neglect their spiritual nature and instead of maintaining sovereign dominion over the 'system' they allow a soulless mechanical 'system' to control THEM. And is this not exactly what the mainframes of the Draconian "Hive" have become? And is this not what the ASHTAR collective itself is becoming as it is assimilated into the "Hive"? And is this not the direction that planet earth it heading as people become more and more DEPENDENT on the WORLD COMPUTER? That is, when the SYSTEM collapses then WHAT will be the requirement for being a part of the techno-eco-political collective that will rise from the ashes? Those eco-political forces who have the WEALTH to make their computer systems Y2K compatible for instance will be the only ones to survive the computer crisis, whereas the independent businesses which have become dependent on Computers will crash, and they will either have to go back to the more traditional ways of existence or essentially sell their souls to the "mark" of the world super-computer which, as if incarnated by all of the powers of darkness, will attempt to assimilate everything it can -- in light of this the SKYNET scenario of the TERMINATOR movies may not be that far fetched, but just like that movie the "Hive" may not NEED super cybernetic weapons or bulky cybernetic attachments to "assimilate" us into its web, but merely strategically placed implants in the nerve centers of the brain -- placed there by either alien or military personnel who have themselves been assimilated -- and from there the implants work relentlessly to bring the thoughts and emotions into resonance with the "program" of the master computer. So in short, is there REALLY a "good" ASHTAR collective and a "bad" ASHTAR collective? Doesn't collectivism itself threaten individual responsibility and liberty? I see no problem with information networks like the Internet, so long as people retain the ability to connect and disconnect from it at will, however what if newborn babies are forced to receive implants that automatically link them to the group mind, as many ASHTAR-dependent worlds do? In that case they are trapped forever unless someone outside themselves disconnects them from the collective. The human body is a sacred, god-given 'temple' whose boundaries should NOT be trespassed against, for when an outside force invades the "ring pass not" of an individual, and forces its will on them to the detriment of their free agency, then that is one of the worst violations that can be committed. In fact that is the very basis of the ten commandments, perfect non-interventionism. Assimilation of a sovereign individual through internal implants is where we must dig in our swords and draw the battle-line, or as Captain Picard says in his hypothetical battle with the "Borg"... "THE LINE MUST BE DRAWN HERE!!!" But it is not enough just to defend our personal space from invasion, but also to stand in the gap and defend the space of our neighbors who are also victims of "intervention", as they might not retain the understanding or ability to defend themselves. But we must not remove from them their ability to be responsible for themselves. We must encourage them to learn how to help themselves, and develop faith in the power of the Almighty to give them all of the spiritual power they need to do so... as physical and intellectual defense must be motivated by spiritual empowerment, that is the key - Branton]

...K.H.'s comments continued...

K.H.: Therefore the Orionites, or Unholy Six, can use the computing force and give out ASHTAR material.

[Note: The Unholy Six forces which have infiltrated the "ASHTAR Collective", according to still other sources, are six star systems in Orion that are subject to the central empire on the planet Typhon in Alpha Draconis. The UH6 are allegedly the remnants of an old empire that is on the verge of collapse due to its parasitical imperialistic nature. Insurrection and resistance within many of the old slave worlds like those in Procyon and Altair and about 21 worlds all together in this sector, have made the UH6 unstable. Planet earth is the "richest" world by far in the sector, and "they" believe that if our planet can be totally enslaved under a one-world government, then the old empire can regain its former power, with planet earth being used as a staging world to attack their enemies in the confederation worlds. Refer to the following "galactic history" treatise for more details.

K.H.: ASHTAR is a being, all right, if you want to think of a computer as a being. A computer that's perhaps twenty miles in length. Tell your people, ASHTAR is a mechanical brain, but not as we think of it. It's a monstrous mechanical brain that once controlled the galactic administration of the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

C.E.L.: Even the brain is decadent?

K.H.: And the brain IS DECADENT [due to the regressive programming... a galactic Frankenstein's monster one might say, a creation gone awry that has been programmed to assimilate, assimilate and assimilate anything and everything - Branton]. Therefore certain [regressive] ones of the Space Confederation still rely on it, inaccurate as it may be at times. It's that group, small as it may be, but large in one sense, that gives out the ASHTAR information. Therefore, it can be LIGHT and DARK. But what Mr. Van Tassel first received was ASHTAR the computer giving information to the light [side], or the Space Confederation. Mr. Van Tassel has not had ASHTAR for many years because he has gone on to a higher source of information. Is that clear? However, the ASHTAR that some are receiving is that force that is coming in on the astral beam from the forces of the sex and fertility 'gods'. These are the forces behind Astarte, or ASHTARoth [which had their roots in Babylon and Egypt, and the ASHTAR collective is not only tied-in with those two ancient cultures, but has also allegedly been seen in the structural designs of some of the monuments and structures that have been seen on the moon and mars. - Branton].

Remember ASHTARoth and ASHTAR: One's the computer; one is the forces of the old [fallen] Earth spirits.

And the ASHTARoth will come through as ASHTAR to some of those who will be ASTRALLY POSSESSED. They are ready and right for it if they have psychological problems, are frustrated or under stress, or through drunkenness. However, there are none who are getting ASHTAR through drunkenness. But that is one way to let yourself open to astral possession and also THROUGH EGO, because these forces build them up. There is nothing wrong with getting ASHTAR... IF they would skip the "spooks" that are hanging around.

The Reptiloids eventually colonized a planet in Alpha Draconis
> and it became the base for their expanding empire, one which has
> the 'Federation' and other independent worlds for centuries
> if not millennia, as the Dracos saught to conquer the galaxy.
> Several contactees say that the Alpha Draconians made a sudden
> ATTACK on three Lyran colonial worlds near Vega Lyra which were
> in contact with their allies in underground cities of earth.
> Jeff Souza says that the Vegans he encountered and who took
> him to the Death Valley base under California were dark-skinned
> orientals who looked like East Indians! Interesting. The
> sudden attack on Lyra by the Draconians reportedly resulted
> in over 50 million human casualties, and the refugees from
> this war escaped to the Pleiades and began to terra-form
> several planets there, which would eventually become the
> foundation of the powerful Androme-Pleiadean Federation. The
> Draconian attack essentially scattered the seeds of humanity
> to the winds, and had the opposite effect from the Draconian
> goal of trying to take-out the only other major competition
> against their desired conquest the whole galaxy. Shades of
> the battle between the human and serpent races as prophecied
> in Genesis chapter 3 and Revelation chapter 12?
> The third alliance is what you may call the ASHTAR or Astarte
> alliance, a type of collective-mind system. Interesting that
> ASHTAR-oth and Astarte are names for the same Babylonian goddess,
> and her consort Baal who is symbolized by a 4-sided pyramid-
> capped obelisk. Such obelisks have reportedly been seen in
> suppressed photos of the Moon, and there are claims that the
> ASHTAR aliens have a major base under the Gizeh plateau and were
> even in contact with the Nazi's during WWII. Also compare the
> ruins with the 'pyramids' and 'sphinx' of Mars. The
> ASHTAR collective seems to be dominant in the area of Orion and
> is essentially a collaboration of reptiloid and humanoid beings
> operating under a common group mind.

What Are Extraterrestrials?

You have the letters E.T., The acronym for Extraterrestrials or Extra-Terra-Astrals meaning Extra beings that are on the planet TERRA (earth) that are Astral of or from the stars. When you look at the very word Planet you see Plan-E.T. So an Extraterrestrial can be any thing from a meteorite or comet to a being from another planet.

There are many kinds of Extraterrestrials in your midst. They live in the waters of the ocean and on the surface of the earth and inside the earth. One type you should be aware of are the Reptilians who humans should feel threatened by. They have been breeding with you and living amongst you for centuries. They are Humanoid in shape and Reptilian in heritage. Their leader Elite are the Draconis. They are from Draco in the Six Star Constellation Orion. Orion is the 16th Galaxy, shares within and lies partly in the 17th and 18th galaxy, The Milky way. These Reptilians stand from 8 feet down to 6 feet in height, with dark green scaly skin. Their leader is Haaton, a warrior, who is a Draconian. He is a Reptilian who defected from them while on Earth and reformed to fight against The Reptilians, on behalf of humans. He is the commander of ASHTAR command. The ASHTAR command are beings from The Pleiades and Aldebaran Constellation.

There are 16 different kinds of reptilians seen these days by abductees. They are all cold blooded and have to have a balanced environment to maintain body temperature. The "soldier class" species can bury themselves in the ground and wait long periods of time in order to ambush there enemy. These reptoids have scales which protect them from moisture loss. They have long thin arms reaching just above the knees. At the end of these long arms they have 3 webbed fingers with and opposing thumb. The Serpent race lives underground. The reptilian species direct the efforts of the worker class which are about 4 feet tall. These are currently referred to as Greys or EBE's (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities), and are the largest group of E.T.'s to be encountered by the surface humans.

In my personal case this involved being patched-in to an alien collective-mind [ASHTAR] via implants and 'used' by the dark side of that collective -- or the interventionist elements within the ASHTAR collective such as the 'Orionite infiltrators' that some contactees have spoken of who desire to use their positions to establish absolute control -- only to later have this or another alternate personality matrix 're-programmed' by a more benevolent faction of the 'alliance'. This more benevolent faction would either be involved with a separate Federation, or it would be a faction that is part of the 'collective' itself yet which is involved in an ongoing conflict with its 'darker' side, a faction which is opposed to the interventionist-control agendas if the 'infiltrators'.

What Brown sensed was that the Greys were desperate. They realized that they not only needed to genetically upgrade their race, but also needed to attain emotional individuality in order for their culture to survive [and this may have something to do with the 'hybrid' projects]. However they are trapped by the collective itself... there is presently a great sense of panic within the collective combined with a bizarre sense of protection which the combined psychic continuity of the collective provides. Although they are desperate to attain emotional individuality which they are attempting to do by interfacing with humans, assimilating human genetics, and producing quasi-hybrid genetic offspring, they cannot fully make the break from the collective without the help of those who already exist in an individualized state, namely the humans. For those of you who are familiar with the scenario of the 'BORG' collective in the "STAR TREK: NEXT GENERATION" series, certain episodes depicted a Borg entity by the name of 'Hue' who had developed emotional individuality during his captivity aboard the Enterprise that resulted from his association with human individuals. He was later sent back into the collective and introduced the idea of individuality, and in later episodes gathered quite a following of other 'Borg' who had also broken-free from the collective and had developed emotional individuality. The Reptilians are not alone in this dilemma, since many, many human cultures are 'trapped' in collectivism as well, such as those who are part of the ASHTAR or Astarte collective.

An Overview of the Major Events in the Galaxy which have shaped the Now Moments of our Beloved Earth

A brief Cosmology of events leading up to the NOW!

350000 B.C. - Fear based ego contamination spreads through this Universe like a wildfire eventually contaminating even to the base levels of eternal verities in the Creator Laboratory. Mass sentience has degenerated into a mass of arrogant, violent rebels who begin to use their intelligence to develop destructive weapons and mind control technology

300000 B.C. Beings within this life wave corrupted their knowledge and take it to the extreme by trying to fuse science with sorcery, in collaboration with fallen verities. Strange genetic spawns are formed by sorcerer- scientists who are intent on playing god, these beings become the drone armies. Spiritual circuitry is severed in this sector of the galaxy. This manifests on this planet as huge global tectonic collapses and, under tremendous pressure, the underground magma reservoirs explode out through the crust via the mid-oceanic rifts, sending huge geysers of basalt-laden waters miles into the sky, where it disperses through and consolidates with the mist-like atmosphere of the planet, which in turn 'primes' the hydrodynamic cycle. Emptied of their contents, vast subterranean caverns form which are later colonised, and mountain ranges and continents are pushed upwards. Sorcerer-scientists on the island- continent of Atlantis open up a rift in hyperspace as an experiment with crystal-based electromagnetic manipulation goes out of control, releasing electromagnetic 'subspace fallout' for thousands of years to come. These 'Atlanteans' try to escape the global cataclysm by taking refuge in the underground caverns below the east coast of North America and western Europe. Many however perish from suffocation, starvation, or from drowning as their bases are flooded.

Click Here for an A-Z of Alien Species active in Earths Evolution!


250000 B.C. - ET Alchemists choose Earth as a base from which, working in under the direction of fallen deities, they genetically engineer a race of reptilian humanoids using a reptilian and/or saurian DNA base. These reptiloids, some of whom have been fused with humanoid and other strains of DNA, get out of control and rebel. Fallen angels - astral parasites - poltergeists incarnate these creatures and successfully attempt to assimilate - absorb - integrate their physical nature into their own beings. Some remain physical and migrate into existing underground caverns, whereas others are phased-out of the third dimension... from time to time these "repti-poltergeists" or "wer-dracs" possess powerful world leaders in order to assimilate their physicality, thus creating a tri-symbiotic being - a virtual perversion of nature - that is part poltergeist, reptilian, and human... all integrated or superimposed as one entity. Many of these remain on the surface of the planet, and develop methods for "blending in" with the human population [molecular shape shifting, technotic projection, laser holograms, superficial bio-phasing, etc.]. Several of these escape to Antarctica [at the time a semi-tropical continent] and develop a powerful empire.

200000 B.C. - The center of human civilization is in a lush kingdom in the Gobi region of central Asia. Blue-eyed, blond- haired humans, in alliance with a tall humanoid branch known as the 'Nepheli', wage war against the reptilian empire in Antarctica. The Gobians, in a desperate measure to defend their infiltrated and threatened society, use an experimental super-weapon [a cobalt warhead?] against the Antarcticans, and the explosion knocks the planet off its axial alignment and sends most advanced cultures back into the stone age, except for those who escape underground in order to maintain their scientific continuity. When the planet stabilizes, the poles have shifted. The Gobi begins to turn into an inhospitable desert, burying the remains of the pre-Nordic kingdom under tons of sand; and Antarctica is turned into a frozen wasteland, which in turn buries the remnants of the reptilian empire under tons of ice. Wholly Mammoths in Siberia are frozen solid almost overnight. With their main center of power shattered, reptilian forces in secret outposts all over the planet band together and are forced to take refuge within huge cavern systems that had been discovered underground which remained intact. These multi-leveled hydrothermal caverns become their new abode, especially a massive underground system centered below the general region of Nepal and stretching from Benares India to Lake Manosarowar, Tibet. Many of the former Gobi 'Nordics' also escape underground, into recently discovered cavern systems below the general region of Mongolia and central Asia. As with the reptiloids, the 'Nordics' carefully conceal the entrances to these underground realms, in order to protect themselves from unwanted intruders.

Lower down, the Reptilian and Nordic cavern systems intersect, leading to inevitable underground conflicts between the two super-powers. Other Nordics migrate westward and give rise to those tribes which will eventually become the Scandinavians, whereas other more fanatical factions invade India [the 'Aryan' invasion of the Indian sub-continent] and bring with them their 'Hindu' traditions of 'gods', who were essentially humans or 'ancient astronauts' from earth, utilizing sophisticated technology. The reptilians and their underground 'snake-world' also appear in Hindu traditions, which refer to the reptiloids as the 'Nagas', a subterranean race of space-faring reptilians who are very menacing to the human race. Also, ancient vedic texts from India record accounts of strange machines, mercury-powered airships called 'viminas', and even nuclear warfare, resulting from the technology that the 'Aryan' Nordics brought with them during the invasion of India.

150000 B.C. - The 'Nordics' underneath the Gobi region [within the 'Agharti' kingdom and its capital 'Shambhala the Lesser'] and the Reptiloids underneath the region of Nepal [the seven-levelled reptilian underworld of 'Patala', with its capital 'Bhoga-vita'] continue to wage a species war against each other, first within the caverns of Asia, then within the caverns of the Americas and other continents, then a war for domination of the air, and finally taking their conflict to the Moon and Mars.

100000 B.C. - The Nordics and Reptiloids of the SOL system [and of Terra/Earth/Shan] discover hyperspace travel. America would discover how to manipulate hyperspace much later during the Philadelphia Experiment, only 40 years following the Wright Brother's first heavier-than-air flights. Accessing hyperspace is relatively easy, the problem comes with trying to manipulate hyperspace without tragic and dangerous side effects. Over the next 70000 years, -- a large segment of the galaxy and several dimensions are colonised, due to the advent of instantaneous interstellar and inter-dimensional travel. Life forms on Earth had succeeded in "breaking out of the cradle". In most cases the masses of the planet have been intentionally kept in technological darkness and poverty, especially by the more malevolent star-faring groups, in order to provide a constant supply of slaves, bio-genetic sources, and resources for various 'alien' groups which had their original genesis on planet Earth. All throughout history regular 'brain-drains' have recruited the most intelligent minds that the surface of planet earth had to offer, these being initiated into the secret societies which operate underground, off-planet or in other dimensions. The war-like masses of planet Earth, who were considered a potential threat to the interventionists and non-interventionists alike, are manipulated into a long-range plan of eco-political servitude. The malevolent aliens are terrified at the prospect of a Nordic-backed 'open' or 'free' society on planet Earth breaking out of the planetary 'cradle' and thus threatening their galactic empire; and the benevolent aliens are fearful at the prospect of a Draco-backed 'controlled' society [such as the Nazi space forces] being used as mind- controlled warriors to fight the Draconians' galactic battles for them. A Nazi/Bavaria space force based in Antarctica would eventually be responsible for helping the Draco collective to enslave several worlds within the immediate 21 star-system sector of the galaxy. On earth these atrocities were being carried out by a third faction -- the ASTARTE or ASHTAR cult (nothing to do with the ASHTAR Command), based in caverns below the Egyptian/Giza desert. This cult -- which much later had close ties with Nazi occult societies, elements of conventional religiosities, and International Bankers who are the REAL controllers of the planet -- forms out of a collaboration between humanoid and Reptiloid techno-sorcerers who are part of an interplanetary 'Masonic' lodge style organisation.

Fallen elements of the human and serpent [beast] races begin to develop genetically-engineered bodies to be used by their Luciferian masters in order for their masters to operate in and manipulate 3rd dimensional matter and technology. Many of the so-called 'Grey Aliens' are conceived. Fallen elements from the three creations: angels, humans, and beasts, are now fully collaborating as part of Lucifer's ancient rebellion and conspiracy against the creative plan. The 'Greys' are a frankensteinian combination of reptiloid, insectoid, humanoid and even plant- like DNA combined with sophisticated cybernetics and implant technology which links them into a group-mind, ultimately controlled and incarnated by fallen verities themselves -- Satanaku's attempt to imitate God and 'create' a race of his own. It is not a creation however, but merely a perversion of that which has already been created.

The 'ASHTAR' collaboration by this time had been infiltrated and contaminated by the rebel verities which manipulate much of this 'universal' and non exclusive collective by masquerading as 'ascended masters'. They eventually establish a large network based in Sirius-B. A faction however rises in Sirius-A which resists the expansionist philosophy of the main 'ASHTAR' alliance and becomes known as the Sirius A Alliance. Since many within the ASHTAR collective are linked together psionically via 3rd, 4th and 5th density implants, it was not too hard for the Draconians -- who also have access to 3rd, 4th and 5th density realms -- to 'hack in' to the collective and begin to manipulate it, in spite of any good intentions of some of those semi- individuals who are a part of the ASHTAR Alliance. Many of those 'Nordics' who adhere to strict non-interventionist ethics establish the core of their civilization near the Ring Nebula of Lyra, and the Reptiloids establish the base of their empire in Alpha Draconis, whereas other reptilian factions who do not believe in the predatory activities of the 'Draconians' themselves break off and establish independent colonies in other star systems such as Capella (these reptilian factions now serve tirelessly with the Cosmic Hierarchy to end the dis-harmony). The next 1000 years see the ASHTAR Collective largely ineffectual due to in-fighting and internal sabotage, over time though the integrity of the collective was re-established leaving this group as the foremost authority in the galaxy on the subversive tactics of the draconian empire.

The CIA has an inner-core who work for Bavarian
Intelligence and an outer-core who are led to believe that they are working for
the best interests of American Intelligence, and in fact as we have indicated a
CIA agent by the name of Gunther Russbacher has stated that there are two
factions that are presently fighting for control of the CIA itself -- suggesting
that the outer core of Patriots who have fought Communism in the past are
now waking up to the fact that the inner core of the CIA is actually being run
by [National] SOCIALISTS, and these Patriots are banding together to fight
the fascist infiltrators. In this case the statement that this activity -- taking
place within the massive cavern-systems below the Wasatch Front of the
Western Rockies -- is a "U.S. Government Operation" would only be a
half-truth. It should also be recognized that there is a "Melchizedek" order
which is active within the Mormon Church, the Masonic Lodge and the Mt.
Shasta - Mayan Community, all three of which apparently have some
connection with the Utah underground. One faction the
"Melchizedek" lodge is involved in "Serpent" or "Quetzalcoatl" worship,
and have spread the propoganda that Quetzalcoatl was Christ. In fact the Old
Testament manifestation of "Melchizedek" according to most Protestant
theologians was in fact an Old Testament manifestation of Christ himself, the
same Messiah who in Luke 10:19 and elsewhere condemned the "Serpent race"
for their collaboration with the Satanic forces. Branton
Of course there are also other segments of Telosian / "ZON" /Aghartian(Hollow Earth-"Sanctuary") / "Reptoids"
intelligence(Fifth Column) that are loyal to non-Interventionism and who believe that America should be allowed to
maintain its Constitutional "Independence". And "INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS"! "Free SOULS, now!"
* Genesis & History of the Cosmic Conflict :
"The University of the Seven Rays" Headquarters are in New Jersey.
But, the "University of the Seven Rays" Publishing House is in Mariposa, California

NOTE : The fact is, that for a town of 2000 people, it is full of MASONIC Temples. WHY?

* Local Enforcement Agency, South Central Regional "Round
Table" Notice and Agenda Proposal Mariposa County Old
Masonic Hall 4994 6 th Street Mariposa, CA 95501

* SierRA Star [Look for the "Rainbow"...PorAnonymous to "OZ"] "The GOLDen Goal"

"You have to be a little crazy. It's the only way to keep your sanity."

A: Mariposa is Spanish for "butterfly" as a symbol of the transformation and liberation,
that is the goal and hallmark. [Look for the "Rainbow Butterfly"]
State Seal : The center a shield and perched thereon
an American Eagle with outstretching wings; the top of the shield pierced by six arrows crosswise;
under the arrows the motto "Industry"; beneath the motto a beehive.
State Flower : The Sego lily (Calochortus nutAnonymouslii)...a member of the Mariposa family typifies lilies, with its
sepals, peAnonymouss, and stamens in combinations of three.
State Bird : The California gull (Larus californicus)... it is an insectivorous bird (feeds on
insects). the California gull breeds on inland lakes from Canada south to Mono Lake, California, Great
Salt Lake, Utah, and Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming. It winters along the Pacific Coast and inland in
Utah, Oregon and California.
State Emblem : The beehive (skep) The beehive is one of the most enduring Mormon symbols, as it was
mentioned in the Book of Mormon: "And they did also carry with them deseret, which by interpretation, is a honey bee;
and thus they did carry with them swarms of bees" (Ether 2:3) The word "deseret" also has become associated with the
beehive symbol.
Important Notice! * Genealogy Helplist California :
* Spirit of Aerospace Mural (1996).
South Bay Masonic Lodge, near
Mariposa Avenue, El Segundo. Hughes Aircraft (with Mormon connections)
sponsored this mural, which depicts the history of flight from the
Wright Brothers to the space program. Ironically, the mural was
dedicated the day Raytheon Co. purchased Hughes.
National Security Council....World Affairs Council...Mariposa Consulting Group...World Forum
Apocalypse Now! The Realized Eschatology of the "Christian Identity" Movement
Excerpts from :
Dr. Wesley Swift rapidly became the foremost proponent of the "Christian Identity" movement in its modern
formulation. Swift formed the racist paramilitary California Rangers in
the early sixties; the Rangers formed the core of the late sixties right wing revolutionaries, the
One of Swift's associates in the Church of Jesus Christ- Christian, Col. William Gale, began his own
"Identity" operation in Mariposa, Ca. Col. Gale had formerly been an officer with Gen. Douglas
MacArthur and a candidate for Governor of California on an anti-desegregation ticket in 1958. In
Mariposa, Gale began to produce the newsletter Identity that helped to solidify the ideology of the
"Identity" movement. Early in the seventies, Col. Gale left Mariposa and settled in the foothills of the
Sierra Nevada Mountains where he formed his own "Identity" congregation, the Ministry of Christ
Church. During this period Gale and his associates organized an early branch of the Posse Comitatus, a violent
survivalist paramilitary organization. Members of the Posse Comitatus have been involved in numerous violent
episodes, including the taking hostage of a grade school in Wyoming and the slaying of two federal marshalls in North
Dakota. In 1983, William Gale described the goals of the "Identity" movement :
Yes, we're going to cleanse the Land. We're going to do it with a sword. And we're going to do it with
violence. "Oh," they say, "Reverend Gale, you're teaching violence." You're damn right I 'm teaching
violence! God said you're going to do it that way, and it's about time somebody is telling you to get
violent, whitey.
In 1963, Gale and Swift recruited Richard G. Butler, an aeronautical engineer from Lancaster, CA. to
the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian. Butler, a long time white supremacist, had been associated with
William Dudley Pelley's Silver Shirt Legion as early as the 1930s.Under Swift's guidance and direction,
Butler became the lightning rod of the white supremacist "Identity Movement."
Tthe gospel of "Christian Identity" would be used to consolidate the splinter
groups of the hate movement into an army of God against the enemy "ZOG" -- the Zionist Occupation
* Even more ominous than possible ties between UFO cults and the intelligence community are the cults' links with the
shadowy I AM group, founded by Guy Ballard in the 1930s.
* Guy Ballard's "Mighty I AM Religious Activity," grew, in large part, out of William Dudley Pelly's
Silver Shirts, an American Nazi organization.
* The I AM philosophy derived from Theosophically-based teachings that informed the proto-Nazi German occult
* After the war, Pelley (who had been imprisoned for sedition during the hostilities) headed an
occult-oriented organization call Soulcraft, based in Noblesville, Indiana. Another Soulcraft employee
was the controversial contactee George Hunt Williamson (real name: Michel d'Obrenovic), who
co-authored UFOs CONFIDENTIAL with John McCoy, a proponent of the theory that a Jewish
banking conspiracy was preventing disclosure of the solution to the UFO mystery. Later,
Williamson founded the I AM-oriented "Brotherhood of the Seven Rays" in Peru. Another famed contactee,
George Van Tassel, was associated with Pelley and with the notoriously anti-Semitic Reverend Wesley Swift (founder
of the group which metamorphosed into the Aryan Nations).
* The most visible offspring of I AM is Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Church Universal and Triumphant, a group
best-known for its massive arms caches in underground bunkers. CUT was recently exposed in COVERT ACTION
INFORMATION BULLETIN as a conduit of CIA funds,188 and according to researcher John Judge, has ties to
organizations allied to the World Anti-Communist League.

The above was Extracted from : "The Controllers" by Martin Cannon
THE CONTROLLERS : A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction - part 2
Go to :
" The hidden controllers could choose a myth structure that conform's to the abductee's personality, then pose as
higher beings, who would whisper violence into the ear of the percipient."
* The "ESP" connection is suggestive; the MKULTRA documents betray an astonishing
interest on the part of the intelligence agencies in matters parapsychological.
* I strongly urge abduction researchers to examine closely any small "occult" groups an
abductee might join. For example, one familiar leader of the UFO fringe -- a man
well-known for his espousal of the doctrine of "love and light" -- is Virgil Armstrong, a
close personal friend of General John Singlaub, the notorious Iran-Contra player, who
recently headed the neo-fascist World Anti-Communist League.
* "If you look at the contactee groups today, you'll see that most of the stable, larger ones are actually neo-I AM groups,
with some sort of tie to Ballard's organization."
* Another UFO channeller, Frederick Von Mierers, has promulgated both a cult with a
strong I AM orientation[192] and an apparent con-game involving over- appraised
gemstones. Mierers is an anti-Semite who contends that the Holocaust never happened
and that the Jews control the world's wealth.
* A spectre haunts the democratic nations -- the spectre of TECHNOFASCISM. All the
powers of the espionage empire and the scientific establishment have entered into an
unholy alliance to evoke this spectre: Psychiatrist and spy, Dulles and Delgado,
microwave specialists and clandestine operators.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste -- and a worse thing to commandeer.