Sacred "Merkabbah" Frequencies-Tuning Attention/Implosion -

Anatakarana and the 'Phi-ish' Rainbow Bridge

-This 'Helping Friendly Book'

(everything the Lizards needed to know to live their lives in peace & harmony. )

is dedicated to 'Wilson' of PHI-ish.. whose step into Yesterday required this Phi'ish RAINBOW...(& the alphabet of PHI-ish)

from Dan Winter, 4/11/2000, url: ../antakarana - other articles at ../sitemap.html

note: the Carefully Calculated Plank Length Based Implosion Sound Tones Below Require the Flash Plug play. And your are warned, they are hazardous.(see below).

There is power and hazard in this relatively accurate implosion sound, with it's VERY noticeable disturbing effect. The point is that you do FEEL something, you realize the PHI harmonic cascade effect is real. Please help me to use the impact of this, with all it's hazard, to help me pursuade the academic community that continuing to IGNORE the principle behind PHI IMPLOSION, is much MORE hazardous than this audio test could ever be.

Note: Insert Added (bottom of this article) 6/7/2000: Phase Conjgate Mirror - Perfect Annihilation Implosion- How Glands Make BLISS - Time Reversal in Light - FasterThan Light SOUND- vs DOVE Mirror :

HERE IS THE PATH LIGHT OR SOUND NEEDS TO MAKE TO CREATE Perfect Fusion, Phase Conjugation, Annihilation, Implosion, Grail.. (animated at ../grail.html )

Getting "Screwed" may get new PR..

(3 views.. path of PHASES, perfect "pining", note also this is top and side view of DNA)

When we first published the info on implosion hazards, The Implosion Phenomenon: Psychological Import of Phi Harmonic Music Phi Scalar Technology & MonoAtomic Gold..

(includes Phi harmonic midi software link) many friends chose to experiment radically. One research group was lead by Ray Flowers.

If enough people realize how powerful and potentially disturbing and how REAL Phi implosion is, they may choose to study the REASON embedding by PHI creates implosion.

Aside from leading to the solution to cold fusion, and non-linear energy device technologies in general, this sonic PINING points clearly to the nature of consciousness as a charge implosion itself.

Subject: Antakarana/Merkabah, Mon, 10 Apr 2000 ,Buddy Morel <>
" Hi Dan

been studing your site for a few days
maybe you can provide me with the key between these two /anchoring of the Christ disciplines. I've been focusing on building the rainbow bridge and anchoring higher mind. But something snuck into that and I'm not sure how to integrate/transcend the two. I began visualizing star tetrahedrals, spontaneously -- before finding your body of work on embedding. Been studing sacred geometry and harmonics for the last 10 years and WANT THIS SYNTHESIZED. Influences include Serapis Bey, Sanat Kumara, HeartMath., Antakarana, Rainbow Bridge, Great White Brotherhood,


thanks for any keys or direction, in INTEGRATING these influences,
Perhaps claity in where i'm dealing with indoctrination and true lightwork.

Buddy Morel"



Khumara is a ancient peruvian word meaning reptile/serpent/worm.... (derived from the vairachoca- sanat's lineage.. -ref:"Codes of Light" Ayani..
when you have been a worm for this long, you know what makes one wormhole sustainable..

'ante car-ri-an'

a vehicle for the descendants of 'an' (SOLARIANS , The sol ar i an.. literally "arrr" vehicle for time travel.. for the "an"s thru the sun "sol".)

Re: What means "Antakarana": The spiritual / psychological work of Ensoulment- when the implosion worm up the center zipper of DNA ceates a sustainable faster than light tornado- Read about it at: The Building of the Antakarana and the Rainbow Bridge - from Kuthumi via Joshua David Stone

the only thing I added was the physics of what implodes the dna to do
the worming

namely ekg at bliss..

ekg interstital harmonics in phi series.. embed the cube in dodec
starting dna wratchet...(merk's abbah.. is the vehicle for merk-
see 'secret places of the lion' role of merk)

simply really

Subject: Golden Mean MUSIC, 06 Feb 2001 , From: , "Lou deBourbon" <>

I want to share with you a special experience I had this evening which relates to sacred geometry.
I went to the Lobero theater to hear Lorin Hollander and Chungliang Al Huang
perform "The Tao of Bach" to more than a full house. Some background:

"Lorin Hollander is one of the most gifted concert pianists of our time. In addition to his performances as a concert
pianist, he lectures on and leads explorations of human consciousness and creativity, transpersonal psychology,
transformational education and mentoring, spiritual and personal growth and integral health."

"Lorin Hollander is in the 5th decade of a continuous professional career that began with a Carnegie Hall debut at
the age of eleven. He was an infant child prodigy who composed music at age three and performed the
Well-Tempered Clavier of Bach at five. He has performed with virtually every major symphony orchestra in the

After the first few Bach pieces Loren took the mike and spoke of the connection of Bach's music
with Sacred Geometry. How Bach composed his music out of pure love and compassion with each
piece having a magical crossover point where the whole of the piece was divided such that there
were fractal iterations back to the beginning. He was speaking of the golden ratio. It reminded me
of Dan Winter speaking about the importance of a Hug having its maximum point of compression
at .618 the length of the Hug. The last question from the audience of several hundred people was if
Loren would elaborate on his mention of Sacred Geometry. I don't exactly remember his response
but after mentioning Fibonacci he pointed out that this was a subject for an entire meeting. The
final remark came from Joel Andrews, the harpist, who was in the audience. He pointed out that
recently classical music- particularly on the radio- had become so fast that one could no long! er
appreciate the pauses between the notes which is what its all about.

It was truly thrilling to hear a master of music whose understanding of the Golden Mean expressed
itself through his playing of the piano.

On a related note I want to encourage you to do some roaming at the Precision Caliper site I sent
you. In particular go to: and read about a Dentist
and how Beauty relates to the Golden Mean.

What's a Phi Smile worth?, Lou

For our example illustration. let us look at the physics of implosion sound... as a geometry problem.. for wormhole (antakarana) creation...

What would happen if this Physicist understood HOW Phi Heterodynes enable:" wave front of a plane shock wave converging it into a single point"(non-destructive inPHIlknit phase interference..)

"1pPA13. Implosion sound.

Nai-chyuan Yen, Naval Res. Lab., Washington, DC 20375-5000

An open end axisymmetrical cavity is used to study the generation of implosion sound. The cross section of the cavity's profile has a shape which will distort the wave front of a plane shock wave converging it into a single point. Hence, a spherical collapsing phenomenon can be approximately achieved when a shock wave propagates into the opening of this finite size artificial cavity. Through the shock and shock interference mechanism, a strong impulse therefore is generated at the focal point caused by the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the cavity. This highly localized impulse then is radiated out from the opening of the cavity as a sound projector. A prototype model of 0.5 l size has been constructed and tested in the laboratory. The preliminary experimental results indicated that this device can reach a peak sound pressure level of 146 dB//20 (mu)Pa in air and 185 dB//30 (mu)Pa in water, with an ambient pressure of 1 atmosphere (1 bar). The 50% pulse width is about 20 and 30 (mu)s for air and water, respectively. Analysis and application of this type of sound projector will be discussed. "

Dr Wayne Kirby (Univ. NC Asheville) put the fifth roots of Phi etc. into the Phi Music Tuning Software after I made the suggestion:Phi-Music Tunings

Also relevant: Heterodyning and Powers of Phi at heterofi

Manfred Clynes -Sentic emotion selected music processing software / 'phrase enveloping' love wave is based on Phi indenting, altho he chooses to ignore the principle.

So in order to prove the Phi cascade theory of perfect embedding, let's apply it to actual frequency choices. This will lead us to healing sound and light pure principles, implosion sonics, and 'what is the physics for deciding when a wave is sacred'?

We take the fun-damental constants of physics (see also the derivation of the fine structure constant from the phi? optimized hydrodynamic translation of vorticity on the surface of a torus at ../predictions )



This will become literally a 'wave mechanic' to lead us to 'the universal solvent of the quantum foam'... (something like baby drool)

essentially this is how all matter is quantized as a wave...

Another way to understand this, is to say from our best info in physics if these wave lengths immediately below do not divide evenly into the wave length you are studying, then the wave length you are studying cannot exist!

When Gurdjieff said: "life is real - only then when I AM", he meant el-eye phi is RE (latin for thingness but MEANS RE-sonant) ALL.. only then when I AM that I AM..

From the point of view if this physics of where Mind occurs among waves nesting, when RE-sonance becomes enabled RE-cursively embedding, then RE (thingness) becomes AL(l).


So we can go back to the question: is there such a thing as a frequency more sacred than others?

The answer is clearly YES and calculable.

Some do embed, others do not.

So not only can we choose the HARMONICS FOR THE NEW CHORDS for sacred (ekg) music (logs of Phi),

we can also choose the KEY SIGNATURE!

(This will then apply to how to pick the key frequencies for:

- healing music

-sound triggered nuclear fusion (1) , (2)

-new public power grid transformer harmonics to make them self aware (healing 60cy cancer)

-laser beam physics for cancer (3)


idealizing replacement harmonics in the Phi nest cascade for EKG and EEG biofeedback for healing most diseases and A.D.D.(4)

Note here, sadly the below have insufficient significant digits, and these calculations for now are approximate. Yet the principle is elucidated.

Equations from:

(parts 3 & 5

"3rd part: Rational Holistic Quantum Physics based
on Quantization of Space, Time and Mass.

4th part: Quantum Energy of the Atom, expressed
by the space quantum, the time quantum and the
mass of the Universe.

5th part: Fundamental Quantum Cosmological
Units and the Quantum Evolution of the Universe".)

(planck length)

(planck time constant), converts to frequency cy/sec (1/x)= 7.14286 x 10 ^42

universal energy /mass unit

(In these equations, G is Newton's gravitation constant, h Planck's constant, and c is the velocity of light.)

This technique takes the known fundamental constants of physics, and converts them into a common dimensional value ..

it is called "a simultaneous dimensional solution" where you essentially solve for a unit of 'scale' which is the common denominator

to all the units of "ratio" (time/length/mass) in which the original 'constant' is expressed.

In other words, what unit of length or time is common to all constants, etc.


This is a way to see where our clearly arbitrary (non-sacred) units for length and time, become 'sacred' or EMBEDABLE or well nestable into the (recursion tuned) fractal of fundamental waves (the universe itself).

This is not unlike John Michell's proof in "View Over Atlantis" and "City of Revelation" that the English unit of measure was sacred, and the metric unit of measure was PROFANE (not-embedable) based on his data that...

English inch / foot / yard system not only divided nicely into Earth's dimensions, but more importantly existed IN A SIMPLE SERIES OF GOLDEN RATIO HARMONICS TIMES ... THE PYRAMID INCH, THE MEGALITHIC YARD, THE ROMAN PACE ETC...

The point being, clearly functional wave resonant systems, MUST USE SACRED MEASURE IN ORDER TO EMBED, and create the necessary psychokinetic resonance with all of mass.

This is why for example, I consider Randy Master's work to prove Phi harmonics in the Balmer emission series of hydrogen so useful. (given the 5/7 Anu slip knot Quark/ nature of hydrogen's FUSING heart -active in the sun's heart, and in microhydrin / implosion seeding.)


But now let us apply this hint of the 'perfect basis of musical scale" to some things like..

the history of the frequency of A..

And how would Phi implosion sound be tuned most implosively to the fabric of space time itself?


Dear Marysol in her BIOSONIC software, (like most of western music) is just beginning to look at tunings not octave/ or log 2/ or linear based. Particularly now as Marysol and friends choose excitingly to look at specific color harmonics, which successfully heal / fill in GAPS in AUDIO spectra from the voice, now would be a good time to look at PHI tuning as well.

Using only this octave system we see only which oscillators nest cubically. In a sense we are checking to see where cubic wave nests can touch. This is useful, but there is one tragic flaw.

Anytime Mother nature needs wave/energy systems of VASTLY DIFFERENT scales to swap spin/info/energy, THEN SHE MUST USE ONLY MULTIPLES OF GOLDEN RATIO AND NOT 2.

You can see why this could have particular value if you were swapping energy between say an optical hologram and a sonic hologram (common in lattice defect non destructive testing). To do this you need a 'non-linear material', which is a medium where all the phases can lock. (See "Phase Conjugate Mirror" and negative time. some comment at ../cancer ).

This is exquisitely why in Mother Nature's DNA/EarthGrid/Zodiac (and Gold and Palladium valences) are all based on the nested Dodeca stellations inPHIknit PHI/Golden Ratio series).

To make this measureable I pioneered the new application of 2nd order fft - septrum in biofeedback to evaluate not just coherence, but interharmonic intervals becoming Phi not 2 multiples. (6)

That is why the EKG harmonics nest in PHI harmonics at the moment of the SHAREABLE (bliss), and why the EEG harmonics (alpha-theta-delta)

complete the cascade of PHI harmonics intervals at the moment biofeedback succeeds in eliminating Attention Deficit and/or Addiction. (Marty Wuttke, clinic:770-395-7526)

Essentially, attention IS the (Phi perfected) wave nesting ability to hold the (eeg) field in stasis / focus. No other field harmonics can create the necessary centering (implosive) force (at atomic scales this is termed 'gravity') which Phi enables. The trick with attention and young people for example, is that if there is nothing BLISSFUL for them the choose to embed themselves into wave mechanically ('attend' to), then the skill to do the electrical work to make a field effect stay in focus, is lost (at the level of the nervous system itself) (of course non embedable ELF - non-solar spectra lite etc.. also play a big role in destroying the field cascade called Attention). Until Attention is understood as an electrical power spectra creating implosion, (with a teachable environmental psychodynamic) WE WILL NOT HEAL ATTENTION DEFICIT. (4)

So again, this excersize in locating which actual frequencies can stand as wave / embed (eck in stasis - ecstacy), is useful.. Worthy of ATTENTION!

We take value of 1/ the planck fundamental unit of time, converting it to cycles per second...

then we divide it by phi^190 power to bring it into the audible spectra.


This produces one tone, establishing a key signature for implosion sound chords, based on exact multiples of Phi times the Planck unit of time.

Further work should be done here showing certain key points where the logs or multiples of 2 (octave) actually overlay the logs of phi. These would be sacred wavelength/frequencies as well.

But for here, for the purpose of developing our perfected implosion sonic, we simply divide again recursively by phi (1.618033989..) to produce

the cascade..: ( hertz) cy/sec














note here, slight correction based on new value for planck time constant from wolfram

brings our 1 hz sec phase lock to planck time to

1.063 cycles per second, hertz., above might be corrected..

1.06365 hz ( the second is within 6% of embedding in this cascade?)








49.9689 hz (50 hertz????? sacred)


(note that the definitions of both planck time and -length already
include light speed, wheras simply, planck length = planck time x light

so, as per below, based upon planck TIME we could include several
optional markers in the cepstrum saying e.g.:

Phi ^ 204 x Tp = 0,581 s. in cepstrum (very roughly "1/Phi" Hz)
Phi ^ 205 x Tp = 0,940 s. in cepstrum (roughly 1 Hz)
Phi ^ 206 x Tp = 1,521 s. in cepstrum (very roughly "Phi" Hz..)

the same way, as you found out now starting from planck LENGTH,
gives exactly same results

Phi ^ 204 x Lp / c = 0,581 s. in cepstrum (very roughly "1/Phi" Hz)
Phi ^ 205 x Lp / c = 0,940 s. in cepstrum (roughly 1 Hz)
Phi ^ 206 x Lp / c = 1,521 s. in cepstrum (very roughly "Phi" Hz..)

using c = 2,9929 E+08 m/s

in fact these are results of Phi cascades of planck time (resp. length)
falling within the heart range, by chance roughly close to notable points
(unless the masons or aliens defined the "second")


----- Original Message -----
From: Frank van den Bovenkamp
To: Dan Winter ; Dan Winter
Cc: valerie sandelin
Sent: Sunday, December 07, 2003 1:45 AM
Subject: FRANK: Phi-multiples of natural Planck time coming within the range of

Phi-multiples of natural Planck time coming within the range of
the heart's biological oscillator

>This explains beautifully WHY the musical key of the EKG (tied to heart rate /
>the y axis movement of the cepstrum peak on HeartTuner) for the vast
>majority of healthy people will park or stabilize at either .618 Golden Mean
>or .79 it's square root. Anyone who observes how such a majority of people
>choose a heart rate to lock into Golden Ratio - would have to demand of the
>medical community an explanation. Of course there is no other explanation
>than the that heart finds a way to coherence AND harmonic richness - the
>problem solved by Golden Mean.

The medical community has nothing to say on this because there is no point
whatsoever. Golden Mean here is not a RATIO but a unit, in this case a simple
TIME interval and hence out of context. Even if the unit second is considered
"sacred", Golden Mean here is irrelevant in the context of any implosion etc.
science as there is no cascade.

So Golden Mean in the cepstrum is totally insignificant in relation to the
cepstrum scale - this suggestion is NAIVE and scientifically wrong.

Alternatively, the link to the Planck time unit instead of "second" (which might
suggest a natural cascade):


Planck Time


where G is the universal gravitational constant, h is Planck's constant, and c is the speed of light.

Phi-multiples of natural Planck time coming within the range of the heart's biological oscillator:

Tp,i = Tp * Phi ^ i [i= integer nr. of harmonics]

i=205; t=0,940; f=1,064 (NOT 1,000) Hz or 64 bpm
i=206; t=1,521; f=0,657 (NOT 0,618) Hz or 39 bpm

maybe the heart feels happy settling at such Golden Mean multiples of the Planck time?

choosing instead of Phi, a second optional ratio "E" where the non-linear regime is also found
to be less entropic (E=1.46557123, graph below is the same, only with but a few harmonics),
so that:

Tp,i = Tp * E ^ i [i= integer nr. of harmonics]


i=258; t=0,913; f=1,095 Hz
i=259; t=1,338; f=0,747 (NOT 0,786) Hz
i=260; t=1,961; f=0,510 Hz

I suggest that the locking of heart rates apparently found are these frequencies - anyway
the difference with the naive "Phi" timings can impossibly be discerned among the wobling
heart rate and / or cepstrum peaks by the naked eye

I suggest a heart rate averaging function in the heart tuner software to verify these rates.

Still however the problem remains that Golden Mean ratio is in fact only relevant within the
non-linear realm, not for the apparently linear realm like the measured heart rate. However,
as the actual heart rate represents only a single frequency, there is in fact no question of
non-linear or linear regime.

lower entropies at Phi and "E" etc. ratio's


Please note below, these carefully calculated Phi chord implosion sounds are hazardous, disturbing, and should be used with caution.

To play them, you must have the Shock Wave Flash (swf) plug in. (Free at Flash Plug in. ).

Instructions, simply dragging your mouse over each note plays it for 2 seconds. Drag over several notes (pure sine tones) at a time to play different chords.

If your computer is not connected to good audio, particularly the lower tones won't play well.

Please be attentive to feelings of disturbance (in my case nausea) in the solar plexus.

PLAY THIS GENTLY, and NOT REPEATEDLY AS YOU BEGIN TO TUNE YOUR FEELING TO HOW JARRING IT CAN BE! (Normally nature waits for a biological structure to blissfully discover something of PURE principle distributively BEFORE she makes this charge envelope worm into zero point. So playing it mechanically is a little like the "petit mort", little death ... happening unprepared ... memories unsorted for perfect delivery into the all...)


(in your emailer: if Flash is present & a draggable sounds flash noteboard does not appear just below here, try reading this in your browser instead of emailer)


The odd Eyrie feeling you feel tearing at your aura is a wormhole created by waves interfering recursively (adding AND multiplying their

wave velocities until a worm thru lightspeed is created).


If I am emphasizing how dangerous this is, why do I publish this?

Several important lessons need learning here.

When we first published the info on implosion hazards, The Implosion Phenomenon: Psychological Import of Phi Harmonic Music Phi Scalar Technology & MonoAtomic Gold..

(includes Phi harmonic midi software link) many friends chose to experiment radically. One research group was lead by Ray Flowers.

If enough people realize how powerful and potentially disturbing and how REAL Phi implosion is, they may choose to study the REASON embedding by PHI creates implosion.

Aside from leading to the solution to cold fusion, and non-linear energy device technologies in general, this sonic PINING points clearly to the nature of consciousness as a charge implosion itself.

HOW THE WAVES NEST to Implode: For more animations of the Merkabbah "Vehicle" Harmonic, Click this animation of the wave interference of PHI:


Here is what I suggest will happen with this sound experiment. Insensitive people will feel nothing, and choose to play it loudly and 'tear' their environment (magnetically as well as sonically). Sensitive people will go inside their heart and choose to learn to make their own sonics. And feel a tingle. They will choose to to play the sound responsibly. Yet on a planet threatened with total implosive solar annihilation, the LESSON MUST BE LEARNED. All non-compressible structures (genetic/emotive/geomantic) WILL suffer heat destruction. Until the PRINCIPLE of fabricating the truly compressible and therefore shareable wave structures is learned, our collective genetic memory is at a great survival risk. That is why I am sharing this what I consider to be a dangerous principle. Better we should be vaccinated.

As I sit here having only played the result of my new audio programming into flash here about 3 times (at lo volume). I am already feeling disturbed, restless, quivery in the solar plexus, and NOT happy.

I suggest to you that a similar thing happens whenever a strictly mechanical means is used to create implosion. Gold powder, (ORMES) as an inorganic source of implosion in the blood and immortality is an example. Moving up on the scale, microhydrin is more organic, but still well down on the scale from the quality of implosion available in say the menstrual blood of a spiritually healthy young woman. (I am sure breast milk colostrum fits in here somewhere as well). More in Gardner's writing on seratonin/, melatonin sources.

Inorganic sources of implosion create a non self aware / self directing worming magnetic vector thru light speed. (I believe that for example as the audio quality moves thru higher sampling rates toward true analog, the implosion sonic will precisely trigger nuclear and cold fusion, and the superluminal etc. This is because analog like, or hi sampled sine waves create more precise implosive heterodynes -of wave VELOCITY AND length- thru light speed.)

So with non self aware / non- organic / non-glandular implosion comes a wormhole squirting PAINFUL magnetism into 'the continuum' (gravity eros bloodstream of Earth /Solar...). An extreme case for example is the catastrophic tear in the fabric of time which was created at Montauk, used deca/PHI geometric capacitors to acheive this superluminal (time embedding) magnetic launch. The Templar incarnates today (William Buehler et al for example) invest huge effort in trying to heal this 'fabric of time' with the re-weaving of recursion magnetics organically ( see Reshel Grid).

Tears in the fabric of time, occur for example when spinning a simple copper dodec under a tree irresponsibly.

Another example would be installing the dimple imploding LABYRINTH in a place where the elementals ask you not to. They know where magnetic blood needs to squirt between worlds, and where it would be painful.

On a large scale this un-conscious wormhole making/ geomancy scambles the feedback corridors that allow souls to migrate at death, and enter soul groups etc.

The infesting leakage of large numbers of Khumer or "Grey" ET's into Earth's aura was partly due to the time tears at Montauk, said to have been an intended result by Chief Draco there "Charlie"?. Natural -self-aware implosion fabrics it's own self-not-self membrane. This keeps out abduction. This is the key to immune systems, bio-acoustic habitat theory, signature sound etc.

So having emphasized the 'hazards of implosion', what is the upside? When the bodies magnetics do discover something shareable, worth distributing, the glands are designed naturally to implode that info field into the core of DNA's worming. The result is the tingle we call bliss. And the squirting of that memory con-sumeably non-destructively into the collective unconscious. (Sort of like the moment standing in checkout on a raw wood floor at the coop in Santa Barbara, deciding to remove my shoes, felt a rush of bliss touching in there, and within 2 seconds both the person in front of me and behind me turned to initiate conversation with me. I had said nothing, only radiated something shareable...)

The challenge is there is a whole raft of hygiene required to make this sustainable in DNA (Nourished By Spin; Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle... 'all human interactions are about CHARGE' -Celestine Prophecy.


Once we understand how BLISS sustains FUSION in DNA...

Fusion-Phi Phenomenon-Unlocking Ultimate PHIre. , --: Seeing Stars - the Holy Grail of 'Cold' Fusion, & the Palladium Dodeca..

we will be TIME WORMS ourselves, less in need of 'swiftly tilting planets'. Where is your Tesseract (unpack cube in 4D=Dodec?) when you need it?

Subject: Anatakarana, Sat, 20 May 2000 , From: Howie <>
Hello Dan!

On your flash page where the frequencies are accessible by dragging the mouse,
How about another set of tones later in the page to leave the "Sensitives" with
a feeling other than that which you describe? So after "innoculation", We
could have a "Jelly Bean"
Something like pure harmonics and beautiful tones to just balance up things a
I have done quite a bit of learning as a Spritual servant who is an Audio Pro
(Engineer, Producer, Musician, Overtone Chanter, Computer Buff) about
Phi-scales (et. al.) and definately do not find Phi tones to be particularly
musical nor restful! I also prefer not to be left restless, so I am making
this suggestion.
Please care for those Auras you influence.. Love Us as you Teach Us as you Love

Queensland, Australia. ( We have met, briefly.)


A: GOOD IDEA! Howie... recommend - Keeper of the Holy Grail MUSIC playable at link.., Dan.

Marysol ( ../heartlink/marysol.html

has tested ways to use COLOR to replace missing SONICS in EKG harmonics and VOICE..

more at go to biosonic

She requested more info on the use lo frequency phi cascades in brain liquids... here is exerpt:


Tue, 09 May 2000 17:13:08 -0400
Dan Winter <dan@..>
Sacred Geometry & Coherent Emotion



re: marysol request to please explain:

phi harmonic intervals in eeg -induced from audio headphones-
were the mathematical DEFINITION
of the brainwave signature
in dr. ed wilson
elaborate sonic research at monroe institute...(we made a video with him

on this)

and I suspect as well behind
the successful 'build the missing tinkertoy in the
eeg harmonic cascade'
neurofeedback solution to Attention Deficiit and addiction

Not sure how many knew much background about monroe institute

but at the time, (before he died) dr ed. wilson
research with bob monroe there was primarily
in the area of facilitating out of body experiences
etc. using training in sonic interference.

what they did was feed slightly different frequencies
in opposite headphones audio..

when the difference between the 2 frequencies in the headphones
was sub sonic.. and the phase would 'walk'

people universally reported feeling like fingers were moving around
palpably INSIDE their head..

the only explanation was the only place the actual phonon waves
could be interfering was inside the liquids of the brain itself..
(since the difference waves between the 2 headphones could not touch
in air outside the head..)

so they were clearly massaging the brain structure itself with the
moving heterodyne beat note..
as the phase and frequency difference would walk thru...

so then they began to look at the geometry of the effect on brainwaves..

(he was close to jaffey who designed the lexicor eeg system)

what dr . wilson found was that if he cascaded the subsonic (starting
below 20hz)
difference frequencies
in multiples based on 2 (octaves)
almost invariably got regions of eeg coherence 'lighting up' the brain

he called this dissociation... because it helped the brain make
difference/ descrimination / separateness barriers..

in this case literally separating the hemispheres
into opposite lobes of zones of alpha./ delta coherence...

he displayed many color slides of the lexicor brainmapper
of this phenomenon of the opposite sides of the brain lighting
up .,., in the 2 hour documentary he filmed at my farm..

OF AUDIO DIFFERENCE TONES, where the difference
cascaded in a fibonacci (leading to phi) series...

THAT WOULD 'LIGHT UP' in the brain mapper,

because of the psychological reports that accompanied this,

this became his brainwave definition of TRANSCENDENCE
for years of his work...

dr wilson believed Bob Monroe was afraid of the meaning of this.,
and as soon as he, ed wilson, learned I was finding
the SAME PHI harmonic cascade in the EKG at moments of bliss/ love..

he literally quit working for bob monroe, and drove 700 miles
to work with me at the farm, where we made the film...


it was clear to me why the phi cascade would light up the brain top,
instead of the dissociative opposite extremes,
because this was creating the geometry of fusion...

in this case the electrical fusion of the hemispheres...

later I came to believe the phi phases needed to be rather
accurate to acheive the peaks...

marty wuttke,
believes this non-linear intervalling
between the alpha./ beta / delta
harmonic cascade he teaches people to complete
to eliminate addiction / attention deficit..
is in fact the phi cascade...

but altho he saw this measured powerfully in his personal response
on the heartlink... (heart space emotion moved to lower EI)
the necessary 2nd order fft has not been
part of his eeg work to prove that part..
--(correct me here marty)

surely we need to build some phi log math into that software??

graphic waterfall display of the 2nd order fft (septrum)
to reveal cascade interharmonic interval
(the shape of the chord)...

even sherry edwards voice had the necessary warble at the key moments..
pics attached

here is:: Insert Added 6/7/2000: Phase Conjgate Mirror - Perfect Annihilation Implosion- How Glands Make BLISS - Time Reversal in Light - FasterThan Light SOUND- vs DOVE Mirror :

see pic at top- THE PATH LIGHT OR SOUND NEEDS TO MAKE TO CREATE Perfect Fusion, Phase Conjugation, Annihilation, Implosion, Grail.. (animated at ../grail.html )

Dove Prisms (Image Rotaters)
Wed, 07 Jun 2000 09:30:55 +0100
John Rushworth <>

Too much to de-lineate from last night's dreams and this mornings thoughts,
however here's a thought experiment for you. You may even with your skills
be able to use fractal/ray tracing and VRML software to play with these

About 8 years ago I was in a special setting that allowed me to play with
the faster than light concept. That came up this morning together with some
movements as it were from last night's dreams. The word El cropped up. At
first I thought it to do with a person from the Kundalini list but maybe
not. Anyhow my thought patterns led me to ponder the dove prism or image

My brother use to work for a military spec organisation that made coatings
and prisms for periscopes/fighter pilot helemt visors etc. Not the greatest
style of organisation to wqork for, but I guess the work was very
interesting. He has a dove prism which we both find fascinating along with
optical cams and other speially ground glass and prisms.

Anyhow as you may know a dove prism has the unusual effect and very
interesting characteristic - that if you look through the prisim and rotate
it around a longitudinal axis, the image viewed rotates through an angle
twice as much as the prism. e.g 90 degrees becomes 180 degrees. Optimisd
performance of the dove prism is with an input of collimated light.

Imagine if, in a vacuum, one could spin the prisim on it's longitudinal
axis at or approaching the speed of light. Would the image seen through the
prism be advancing at greater than the speed of light. I guess taking a
grounded view, this would not be the case yet it is one of those
fascinating thoughts! Maybe I'm being naieve. However as thought
experiments go, I like it! Reminds me of those "frames of reference" lift
and train ones.

Hmmm...looking through an optics catalogue, it occurs to me that it would
be wonderful to create in software a shape of glass using the pentagonal
geometries of the pent star and dodecahedron based upon the PHI ratio and
to experiment with light in software. A bit like a dichroic cube
beamsplitter can be constructed by cementing two precision right angle
prisims together with an appropriate interface coating on the hypontenuse
surface. Even with such a coating the absorption loss to the coating is
minimal and transmission and refelction approach 50%. What about playing
with a dove prisim/lights and images in software?

Be delighted to hear of any of your thoughts on the above. It's a sunny day
here in Scotland.


response from dan...

Subject: Re: Dove Prisms (Image Rotaters)

If the dove turned fast enough the mirrors sites would potentially be the same shape as the pine cone wave nodes pictured above.

This would become the symmetry map for the molecules which would make the perfect "non-linear" material for the

collission annihilation mirror in non-linear optics famous TIME REVERSING - PHASE CONJUGATE MIRROR..

(too bad physics does not know that would be the picture -
the pine cone pair pic above)


This in conventional physics already is known to produce wave optics faster than light, and time travel / reversal
(see non-linear optics ... my contention has always been that the only sustainable non-linear -not octave based - wave symmetry WAS PHI base.)


note in the below links that this also has been proven sonically! :

Sacred Merkabbah Frequencies-Tuning Attention Implosion Sounds-
Anatakarana and the Phi-ish Rainbow Bridge(this article above)

other articles on phase conjugate / annihilation / vs implosion and
bliss process from ../sitemap.html

3.The Purpose of Genes Bliss vs Money Government Based on the
VALUE of Bliss Thu 1 Jun 2000
annihilation: 1
SHIFT - PASSION in the Reptilian Gene
Fri 12 May 2000, annihilation: 1

7.Can or Should we Really SEND LOVE Sat 7 Aug 1999 (implosion hazards)
annihilation: 1
Sat 13 May 2000
annihilation: 1

TIME REVERSED SOUND a phase conjugate mirror version of an acoustic signal has been demonstrated by Mathias Fink at the University of Paris 12/23/1997 :


Phase conjugation, The phase conjugate of a wave possesses exactly the same spatial properties as the original wave, but it is said to be reversed in
... 06/08/1999 "The phase conjugate of a wave possesses exactly the same spatial properties as the original wave, but it is said to be reversed in time. This means that a phase conjugate wave exactly retraces the path of the original beam. This has the useful property that if a light beam propagates through a distorting medium, and then the phase conjugate is produced, this phase conjugate exactly retraces the path through the distorting medium. This enables the unfavourable effects of distorting media to be reduced or eliminated.

A number of materials can be used to make phase conjugate mirrors. These include a
range of photorefractive polymers, inorganic crystals and liquid crystals. The
photorefractive effect is a process that involves the light-induced transport of charge
within a material. Differing electric fields strengths within a material caused by these
charge variations lead to refractive index variations that constitute a refractive index
grating structure (hologram). This grating is written optically. Photorefractivity is a
relatively slow process, arising from charge transfer. The process is therefore used in
continuous wave systems.

Stimulated brilluoin scattering is used for pulsed systems and arises from optically
generated acoustic waves which possess hypersonic frequencies (of a few GHz).
These waves are highly damped and form a grating which then acts as a phase conjugate mirror.

Phase conjugation can be used to make double pass amplifiers that do not distort the original beam structure. This can be done by sending a beam of the desired profile through an amplifying medium, so that it hits a material that acts as a phase-conjugate mirror. The phase-conjugate mirror sends the beam back along the original path and back through the amplifying medium. The light recombines in its original profile once it has passed through the distortion. This technique is currently used in a small number of commercial laser systems. One problem is that single-longitudinal mode (SLM) lasers are required, this usually adds to the cost of these systems, making them unattractive.

Single amplifier units can be stacked in parallel to produce better amplifications than could be achieved by a single amplifier. Increasing laser energy by adding
amplifiers in series can lead to damage problems. However amplification using parallel amplifiers can help reduce this damage problem & make it easier to upgrade to higher energies at a later date. There is a problem however, if separate phase-conjugate cells are used. The returning signals posses a random phase shift since the phase-conjugation process occurs at different relative positions within the cells on a purely random basis. The phases must therefore be locked together. DERA has several techniques for locking the phases in such systems which could potentially be useful for high power laser systems.

Phase conjugation therefore has benefits for industrial laser companies interested in improving the performance of their systems."

(note in the above highlighted text, potential for elminating all abberation in a phase conjugate mirror based microscope, as pointed out by Bob Zawada,

note the parallel to what would correct the membrane as a wave to heal cancer..)


The BETAR Sound Relaxation System A Practical Usage of Phase Conjugate Sound for Physical Stress Relief by Peter J. Kelly of
Interdimensional... Sciences 121 Oasis... 03/05/1999, 1

Further Research

-Search "phase conjugate mirror" at

here is what I got, 505 hits-


This may seen daft, but here's an extract I posted to the Kundalini Gateway
list. I wonder if you could shed any light on it?

I've seen a hypnagogic (borderland falling asleep) image, whilst relaxing,
of a geometrical figure that I think cannot exist in reality. It spun and
rotated fully in front of me about 6 feet away. I wonder what that is
about? It was a 3D hexagonal structure.

I don't think mathematically (any mathemeaticians out there) that can work,
but I'm no maths whizz.

A football (soccer ball..I'm a Brit) I think is made up of Pentagons?
i.e. all panels are pentagons and sewn together to make a sphere.

Imagine the pentagons being flat. I think that is a possible 3D shape?

But, in the same vein is a 3D hexagon with flat panels a possibility?

Dan Winter response: Regarding: wondering if you can explain the shadows where you say:

>notice when the dodec spins, at one moment its shadow is simply a hex
>(appearing 3D cubic)

it is the 32 degree tilt of the dodec (chin angle spinx
which has hex view.. door to 4d from 3

animation at


story at


what's neat is you dreamed it .... now that becomes lucid.... /

key to bardo access:

lo phi, dan winter


At 08:32 06/06/00 -0400, dan winter wrote:
>notice when the dodec spins, at one moment its shadow is simply a hex
>(appearing 3D cubic)

Dan this is all new to me. Didn't and still not sure I do, know what a
dodec is. had to look in dictionery. 12 sided? Someone gave me your URL
when I told them about seeing a 3D Hex spinning in space whilst relaxing
and for no apparent reason.. Right now I'm downloading Cosmos 2.1 as
suggested on your pages. This is the frist time I've heard of sacred
geometry. All new to me. in my orginal mail I asked if the 3D spinning hex
could appear as a physical object? Hmmm! This is all making me think about
my experience. Why? It's like it came to me to show me something....and
whether it's a physical possibilty or not is at once my engineers mind
asking if it's real and then saying....does it matter becaus it's something
i saw? I asked...any ideas what this could be about? It
was kind of scary at the time seeing a non physical thing as it were.

>so we can leap from there easier than we think?

Well I see (I think) what you the leap is one of the mind and
connection with..something?
>lo phi

Phunny. I don't know what lo and phi are about?....but just the other day I
suddenly decided to register some domain names beginning with ph. As in and

Weird co-incidence. maybe not even relavent.
>dan winter
The plot thickens...somehow I fell very excited for having made contact
with someone that may have a clue what this imagery I saw (about 3 yrs ago)
as a real visual image about six feet away from my carnal eyes was....any
feedback really appreciated.


Well Dan..Gooday..since I last mailed you I've been researching heaps..(6
hrs surfing!)...led to Phi Music and more sacred geometry and
understanding of the golden ratio. Never knew this stuff existed.
Wonderful! Your pages particulary got me quaking with the URL:

It made for fascinating listening. It was like coming home and working with
a resonance that is familiar.

This all helps to makes sense of my dream/visulisation. Even pulled out
some skecthes of what I tried to draw and naturally couldn't! Dated 7th Nov
'97. So now I know what lo phi is amongst other stuff! So sending you that
and wondering if you can explain the shadows where you say:

>notice when the dodec spins, at one moment its shadow is simply a hex
>(appearing 3D cubic)


>so we can leap from there easier than we think?

The leap then appears to me, that what one can imagine, or
perceive/visualise must have some grounding either in another realm or be
of significance to some physical possibility? It's interesting to me that
this image I refer to came up during a spontaneous Kundalini awakening.

If you can shed any further light on my mail above and below then I'd be
delighted to hear from you.

PS. I've on been on the K-Gateway for a few weeks, but I'm sure your name
cropped up there, or one of the others.
John R.

Blows me away was Re: 3D Hexagon
Wed, 07 Jun 2000 00:41:00 +0100
John Rushworth


>it is the 32 degree tilt of the dodec (chin angle spinx
>which has hex view.. door to 4d from 3

>what's neat is you dreamed it .... now that becomes lucid.... /

The thought becomes....
Let me share a little more. This spiining 3D hex figure as I said spun and
was experienced on 7th Nov '97. I recall I was laying on my couch
dreaming/visualising spontaneously. My head was tilted on a cushion. The
shape moved in a horizontal plane about 4 feet above me and went back and
fore and spun. I see, consulting my notes when I attempted to draw such a
thing it also says Hexagons with triangles coming in/out. It was like I
could superimpose either concave or convex triangles onto the face of the
3D hex spinning cube. This came later in my awake thoughts.

If I now have this right...what I saw in the first instance was, and I
quote your page:

same 32 degree tilt angle of the chin of the sphinx, into the DODECA
Q. What is Metatron''s cube?

A. Usually depicted as the hex view of spheres in a cube (the flower of
Life), is actually the key to nesting the cube hex into the dodec which has
a hex view! The dodec is door to next axis of spin or dimension.

given at: ../merkabbah/merkabbah.html

Am I correct now in this Dan???
If so your pages have brought to light a most wonderful time and
experience. To add to that the last few weeks have been piled with
synchronicity. Thanks.