An Essay on Angels &

The Role of Human Emotional Energy in our Galaxy.


Why Sustainable Star Birth Requires Collective Bardo

(Perhaps Angelology was unpopular among physicists

for the same reason Einstein couldn't model the infinite compression

which would bend time --

in both cases it was a fit problem onto the head of a pin,

which only fractal/recursion solves.)


by Dan Winter

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Angel Trumpets, Heart of Sun Animation

Role of Angels in Star-Birthing (Opanic/Enochian): Black Hole, Bardo Quest and Heart of Orion

When I was 21, having just quit my position at IBM, I went to study Gurdjieff's Sacred Gymnastics at Claymont in West Virginia, the site of George Washington's nephew's plantation. My body was intellectually quite mature; I was already quite an egghead. However, emotionally and glandularly I was definitely a late bloomer. My feeling body could have been described as very boyish. At that time, I had never had a sexual relationship. I was/am astrologically a double Scorpio, (11/13/52, 6 am, Gowanda near Buffalo, NY) so I was exploding with base of the spine sting energy. Also, at that time I migrated from a college student's lousy chi diet, to a largely live food whole grain diet at the community.

All of this meant that I was ripe for an emotional ex(im)plosion. I have this vivid memory of walking down the long overgrown green path between the mansion and the huge octagonal old show barn we were converting into a sacred gymnasium. It was a lovely summer day; I was well rested and well nourished. I was miles from significant power lines or traffic.

I happened to walk within inches of a snake. Although the serpent was not particularly big, the suddenness of the event sent a very sharp shiver up my spine. What I remember so vividly about the event was that the shear juice or amperage of the "jimmy willy"

rushing up my spine was huge, and far greater than anything I could remember.

In retrospect I came to realize that the actual ability to have high amperage emotions, was learned. First the glands learn the skill to digest certain foods. Spinach for example contains food elements that are not able to be practically braided into sweetness, until later in the evolution of the digestive glands' learning. Hence young kids classically don't like the taste of spinach because they haven't acquired the glandular and geometric skill to rearrange the food elements contained in spinach into a nice braid.

We measure the density of braid and that is the molecular definition of sweetness. Well, emotions are digested in a very similar way. Certain elements of magnetism are processed or consumed by the glands. Just as an Aboriginal dance sends a collective shiver down a song line to be caught by a shaman across the continent, the skill to braid long wave magnetics into standing wave field effects begins with the shamanic skill to use glandular emotion to effect environment -- the land becomes inhabited with the long wave of feeling.

It takes time to acquire the skill to eat magnetism from the land's long wave, and, by focusing and centering the spin arrays, give that magnetism a kind of eternality by adding the "wormhole to center," or "spin path to zero point," which creates gravity. Gravity is a name for the onset of recursive centering, which permits wave systems to participate in the universal phase discipline or the connectedness of the collective mind. This "G Ray of Vita" allows waves that enter the "Phi-Rays" of self-embedding to stand or stabilize their spin. Gravity is the scalar one way inward wind of magnetic wave implosion perfecting connectivity. Gravity does not

exist in the absence of Eros. When Gurdjieff said planets experience their relationship in gravity erotically, he was pointing to a deep and wonderful principle.

Suppose you had learned how to dance with a new lover in a way that allowed every gyration in spin to send a new wave of sweetness coursing through your body. This learned skill of the geometry of the dance, would then become sustainable. This would make your relationship able to stand as wave.

The flamenco dance is a foot step trace of the Greek key. Revolve the Greek key and you get the Cretan labyrinth. Key was Chi or cross in Greek. The stars of Orion make a cross at the belt where stars are born. If you had learned your "flame-in-go" dance, improperly, the steps would begin to cancel each other out, and the dance would stop. If you learn the dance in perfect recursive symmetry, then the dance would create a magnetic 4D time wave for your glands to cat's cradle a new dimension in the memory of feeling.

This is the way planets learn gravity.

Only certain spin patterns are sustainable. The best sustainability is the best recursiveness. The best recursiveness is the best self-embeddedness/self-reference/self-awareness. The best way for a wave to re-enter self is Phi: The Golden Mean Spiral. Should we now guess why the orbital time ratios of Earth/Venus/

Mercury are Phi? Or why the recursion in time is Phi? Why the spectral emission lines of hydrogen enter Phi ratio? Gravity is built on Phi, the Golden Mean. What could the d, f electron subshells, as a 5/7, symmetry group be but dodeca/icosa. One could not assemble these shapes without Phi.

So back to the Gurdjieff school. There I was, the elements to put the juices of long wave magnetics into my glands were present:

Diet with CHI or life force.

Land with chi or life force.

Housing without ELF magnetic pollution.

A new body with astrological scorpionic CHI.

I was in the magnetic saturation mode: glands eating more magnetic braidedness than ever before. So the ability to digest and emote magnetism preceded rapidly. I was preparing a container for feeling, which was useful to the angels.


Remember the fascination of the galactic council, as reported by various contact groups, with the rate at which human emotion could turn on a dime? Our technology as a civilization may be childish, but our glandular emotion is the key to our galactic usefulness. We as a genepool may be the solution to the long humanoid vs. Draco/reptiloid struggle between compassion/biology based cultures vs. technology/ aggression based cultures. The place where the reptilian brain meets the high fractal cortex, where the passionate emotions meet the high fractality of reason, may be the alchemical melting pot to heal a trans-galactic family feud among the angel families.

Let us put our considerations of the physics of angel bodies in the context of a very nice question. Why does the birth of stars require evolved consciousness entering collective Bardo/death experience? In other words, why does it take specifically some form of great angelic-incarnating awareness to make a star system's birth unpack into proper interstellar life? In order to look at the gravity of this fascinating question let us review what we apparently know so far about the physics of angels.

John Dee, after learning most of the languages of Earth, asked to be taught the true language of light. The Ophanim Angels taught him the Enochian Keys or Calls. These glyphs were a symmetry superset of Annunaki script. (Slaves to mine gold, originally, the an-droids were the basic non-self replicating, non-soul embodied life forms.) The technicians became priests and were gene splicers with little compassion for their droids, and no discipline for sexual lineage to maintain strong DNA.

When it was discovered that the Ophanim language script was based on hyper-cube, and other 4D solids, glyph symmetry, we got a clue to the turns necessary to braid light through the superluminal. Hypercubes require Phi. Cubes of local realities can nest in the next spin dimension only in the 5 cube dodeca/hypercube. This form is all Phi spin paths for light waves, allowing the wave fronts to add and multiply in time and space. This meant that wave length and wave velocity could add and multiply successively without destructive interference. This angelic language symmetry created the matrix of biology's only geometric Door through the speed of light, and therefore through time.

The angelic language symmetry set of the Ophanic keys reveals how to get the threads of light lines through black holes or star-gates. This is important because angels are names for magnetic bodies with enough turn and braid coherence to inhabit -- feed magnetic pressures sustainably/recursively into -- Time. Time travel is as simple as seeing how a wave front moving at harmonics faster than light, could get around the spin of the Earth in the Solar system, fast enough to visit the site of our planetary convergence of wave fronts -- next year. The harmonics above the speed of light, become the relative surf or warp velocity angles through time. These harmonics above the speed of light which only perfect Phi recursion gravitational and genetic wave implosion braid or feed, are regulated by angels to create order in time, just as we regulate the bandwidths of radio stations to make communication sustainable. Since the

pathways or bandwidths of time become themselves sustainable when self-embeddable, or Phi based, therefore they become self-aware or inhabitable.

This becomes the magnetic flux physics of angelic presence. (This will become much more personable an idea when we discuss the recent history of angel families.) Thus factoring time lines without perceptual disorientation requires a particular power 7 (tetra spin) based braid coherence in DNA geometry. (The "Boson" signature of the Montauk boys.) This was the mechanical wormhole through time superluminally made when DNA was braided, envelope upon envelope, with enough implosion to penetrate time. If not, only scrambled eggs returns from the time corridors. The proper DNA braid to enter time windows was a soul matter related to the recursive turn inside out, which is the skill of sustainable compassion itself. (The so-called Montauk Project may have been a failed example of this principle.)

Claire Watson, an independent researcher into the mysteries of ancient Crete, depicted the Ophanic Enochian script letters as the star gate navigation language of the Sirius craft. Robert Morningsky, a native American UFO lecturer apparently read the Sirian/Ophanic letter forms on the strut of the crashed Roswell craft. In each case, the very alphabet of the civilization is connected to the magnetic symmetry turns necessary to thread magnetism through worm holes, black holes, star gates. The genetic upthrust of the evolution of the species, turns on its ability to transform its DNA braid implosion into the thrust of collective magnetic perception of the very star systems that beget them.

In other words, we turn the light imploding in our genetic material into a worm like periscope that allows us to insert perception and awareness gathering into tunnels through star gates, black holes, and time. The symmetry turns necessary to do this

shamanic thrusting or Djed raising, becomes the alphabet of the civilization, because this is the highest value service the genepool has to render to the star system/galaxy in which it is born. The gravity dance that enables star systems to sustain their spin pattern recursion, requires the insertion of self-reference/self-awareness.

Star systems cannot be born without the self-awareness (or angel body) on which collective planetary emotion feeds. Not only, as Gurdjieff said, does coherent emotion feed the Earth, (make gravity) but collective coherent emotion feeds galaxies the ability to birth sustainable star systems. So, this brings us to the recent stories of angel families and their family "squabbles." When we were told

that Michael and Lucifer had different ideas on how to empower the humans to bend light, we probably got far too dialectic and judgmental.

Just compare for a moment, the story of

Michael vs Lucifer

Michaelic vs Ahrimanic

Cain vs Abel

Jew vs Arab

Aku vs Draku

Humanoid vs Draconian

and ask yourself: What are the common threads in this colorful cosmic "Hatfield vs McCoy" family feud?

Maybe if we understood, we could help heal the family. So who were the families in the first place? The way the Ophanim (O-Phi-in-him: O turn into Phi, I am -- or literally, "The Whirling Ones,") tell the story: They selected 1254 star systems to project their charge, into a cat's cradle of potentially self-aware capacitance, in their image and likeness. The gravity field that resulted from this literally bodily projection, became our solar system and Earth. (Gravity, as the fractal embedding of charge, is the physics of astrology) If we blink slow enough at the geometry of those star systems, (or set "leave trails on" in Voyager II on your Mac, and animate paths for one precession cycle) we see the anthropomorphos of a body. Solar systems over one precession, including the paths from the planets, appears like a sperm. An example of this created human awareness by star projection of body form can be found in the shape of star systems film projected on the land by the zodiacal landscape of the arrangement of the Gothic Cathedrals across Europe. (Clearly the fingerprint of an Ophanim project.)

This cosmic family decided that by experimenting in higher density emotions, (more layers of fractal recursion) they could create potentially more leverage on galaxy birthing. In other words, the angels wanted more efficient ways to get self awareness incarnated into the wormholes which glue galaxies together through time. In practical terms, this means that when you finish being human, you go play with the angelic logoi making stars inside our unfolded magnetic body.

This is what the Andromedan's meant when they said the roots of our genepool came from the 11th dimension. (The Andromedan's description of these powerful genetic ancestors as "Paa Taal" is likely the same Ophanim. They are the implosive emoto-kinetic leverage nascent in our genepool) Super-impose spin in DNA recursively with enough braid envelope embedding (11 layers) you get waves on the magnetic scale of Angelic Logoi -- Galaxies. This is what the Aboriginals meant when they said their Shamanic Guides were the Keepers or Lords of Time. The Orion Queen (Magda) blood line knew enough to discipline marital choices; the greatest fear of the aboriginal chiefs on the return of the Keepers of Time (Ophanim), was that they may not have kept the marital laws well.

This is what the American Indians meant when they said their genetic roots were the winged ones -- the Bird Tribes.

Again, practically speaking, this means that to get out of kindergarten here, you need to lucid dream with the threads of enough shamanic memory to remember where you turned, (Right at Orion, Gilgamesh!) to get your periscope up out of the astral Bardo, into the Zero Point experience of the Galactic Core, the Ancient of Days. (Otherwise your memory dies with your body, soul-less.) And what happens then is rich. From those chromo-sums were one phi-itch. The wave implosion in the DNA began to braid unto completion of the ultimate concentric wormhole.

The colorful controversy was this: Should we, the kids of the angels, braid our DNA (and fabricate our ecosystems), by bending the light (magnetism) inside our bodies using emotion? Or, should we, the kids of the angles, braid our DNA (and fabricate our ecosystems), by bending light outside our magnetic bodies using technology.

This was the start of the whole Aku vs Draku, Michael vs Lucifer, "war" among the angels. It was really a useful little difference of opinion.

If you were of the Aku persuasion, you would then move a mountain and shape a cloud or a jet stream by focusing on the magnetism in your glands and shaping it. If on the other hand you were of the Draku persuasion you would move a mountain or shape a cloud by building a bulldozer or designing a cone capacitor. Both approaches were educational. In one case you would imagine a shape inside your body, in the other, you would imagine that shape to be outside. It really began quite simply.

(The Draku were exoskeletal and outward focused; the Aku were endoskeletal and inward focused. Techno is outside-in; emotive is inside out.)

It gets even more colorful when you track where the Hatfield vs McCoy, or rather Aku vs Draku, Michaelic vs Ahrimanic, family bloodline specialization lead them. In the case of the Draco, in the time of Egypt you get the Amon-Ra, the hard making technological pharaohs. The reptilian descendants of the Draco learned to eat gold to fabricate immortality, technologically, in the blood's magnetic immune systems. Gold's valence fractality, made soluble in blood, creates wormhole implosions in the blood that electrically cancels the unsustainable emotions, promotes hive consciousness, and

technologically fabricates an immune function that is virtually immortal but unfortunately potentially soulless. (If you stop dying, you forget how.) This Gold hunger was the Draco excuse for the gene-splicing experiments to make Gold Mining slaves, which began the major branch of our DNA according to Z. Sitchen. Later, in desperation, you get devolved Draco's doing frantic gene splicing with their Gray droids, trying to make self-organizing wormhole sustainablitity in DNA (soul), as the Ophanic soul testing time implosion approaches.

The Toltecs held some high moral memory from Atlantean priests. The Aztecs, however, worshipped a central Marduk-type god who was merely a priestly front for the Draco/reptilian, hungry to be fed human sacrifice. The attempt to eat immortality from the outside, by eating Pineal glands, also falls in this category of devolved Draconian. (Why did Hitler burn the split skulls of concentration camp medical experiments? Who did the Aztecs feed the human sacrifices to? Where do the harvested missing children go?) While we may get caught up in the awful emotion in the reality of these tragedies, we still need the context, the meaning. Of course the pineal stored the most recursive of the bodies' magnetics. But, in the long run, is the best way to remember the conversation to eat the telephone?

In the case of the Aku, you get the Aku-naton, Akhnaton of the Pharaohs. Bucolic, familial, feminine empowered, but unstable. Very good at sun worship, but rather poor at balancing the checkbook. Very good at using blue blood DNA to regulate climate, very poor at stabilizing the royal treasury and politics. Today you have angelic

families getting more discriminatory of which human bloodlines to call family.

The experiments with Barbara Marciniak's friends and the "Pleadian" community allowing high Dracos to enter human bodies during actual feelings of compassion, may well be a turning point. A Draco may now choose to die, a useful passage.

The Aryan bloodline was high on reason, low on compassion. The geometry of compassion was the skill to navigate the magnetism entering the heart, to learn to turn inside out. Technology was a reach outside; emotion was a reach inside. When the Serpent Feeds the Eagle, Quetzlcoaztl returns, the many plumes of vision return. When the high amperage or flow of Draconian reptilian brain emotion feeds the high fractal of the Sirian/Pleadian mental functions, then a new Aquarian era dawns in the leverage which emotion will have upon the grids.

By choreographing a time implosion through which only soul wormhole-coherent memory can penetrate, the Ophanim arrange a type of sort function among family lines who have learned their lessons. Only the ensouled (imploded DNA) will survive. Other genepools end.

The Diaspora of humanoids after the last Orion war, returns, necessarily, to the Bethlehem of their "umbilicus" into time. The pregnant time bubble pops as the line forms at the time portal birth tunnels squeeze: here in our sector, Ea's Earth. The Pleadian and Sirian humanoids again encounter the archetype reptilians of their spinal roots, for one more colorful kundalini sting of ourselves into ourselves.

Hydrogen's frequencies, heart, solar heart, sun flare, planet orbit, and the star chart's "holy cross" erection, are all closer now to the PHI embedding. This concrescence into time implosion is a carefully mid-wifed birth by and for angels.


So how shall we test for the physics of Angels -- physicists being an appropriately skeptical genepool? Does a frequency signature of the x-rays in the accretion disk that proves the presence of the black hole, and test for log functions of Phi in the frequency ratios? If the Ring Pass (k)Not is recursive, is it therefore self-aware? Angles/Angels are spheres of influence for waves. When those pressure spheres become self-embedding recursive, we call them spheres of consciousness. Hence the term: guard-I-an angle.

In summary, it is Orion's belt where the stars are born. It is here that the soul's genetic magnetism is focused from the Bardo by the Great Pyramid. It is here that collective Bardo can meet with birthing star-systems. The cocooning of genetic memories into the birth of star systems is the gate into stellar incarnation for souls evolving from human origins. The formation of gravity fields that are sustainable requires this.

It is not enough to know the theory of how emotional and perceptual magnetism is the glue for tectonics and star systems. This is only a humble introduction for those with the shamanic chutzpah to do it. Do you remember your dreams? Are you lucid in the dream's spell? Super-nutrition (live food), tantra, round breathing, and hydrotherapy (bathing in living water), helps give escape velocity to the magnetism of the pineal out the crown. Are you able to steer that worm?

You might not have to die in order to learn how.