Liberty Bell Rings Again, as Genes Sing of the Grail..

The Archeo-Geometry of America's Spiritual Destiny

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"Only the Inner Fire of the Heart

Can Ultimately Set You Free" (John Fanuzzi, Golden Ratio Woodworks)Star in a Jar- "Sonoluminescence" Light from Sound: A Map to Implosion/Fusion & the Heart Fire?

 also see major new update 2007: Spiritual Destiny of the America's - film review and updated story

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update note to this article 7/17/99: Major Pictorial ElDorado & The Re-Penting of America:Pictorial Map to America's Geomantic Global Role

clues to:

+blackbird shapeshifter role in Yugoslavia, see Hosted by ShapeShifters

(new thanks to much more detail on how the astral parasitism works in Kosovo)

+return of the founding fathers,

+why the liberty bell cracked,

+interventionist ET sponsorship of globalism portending end of self rule in America,

+star maps on the land point to genetic destiny of America as A-mere-I go: How to embed in the matrix of mothering: A stellar intent which underlaid the templar instructions of America's founders (Eagle in Pennsylvania Link ../eaglemorph, Washington DC pent link ../WASHINGT). & Please see: St.Germaine story- Germaine accords..Note the background here, was that Germaine in the company of Bacon as Shakesphere writes the geometry plan for America which becomes the pent masonic grids of Washington, DC etc... (Spiritual Destiny of the America's film.. in production).. perceiving the need for us to embed in our land in order to inhabit stars..


these notes are a sequel to (& plz see)

+Alchemic Recipes for Biological Immorality-Sexy Side of the Grail Cup: Genetic Survival: ../immortality -

Lawrence Gardner: Bloodline of the Grail.,StarFire-Annunaki, Genesis of the Grail Kings, ShewBread-Gold Powder & More.. article links.

GeneHome: Sleepers Awake- To Build a Fire, Solutions to Solar Firing & the X Files

+ORIGINS GenePool Gets Remothered: Self Stinging is Dragonian to Golden ONE: ../origins:

+Tak (Orion) Alnitak Golden Mean spiral mapping Orion on Giza Plateau: ../orion compare this with Prime Meridian? Alnitak on Orion's belt compared with Orion Phi Spiral (Munck's code/ Morton references) >

+contrail mystery,

Are the Soho "CunCruisers" the Mystery Planetoid Invasive Arrival Predicted by Andromedan's & Blue Star Kuchina?

Serbian: Blackbird Singing in the Dead of...1

True Meaning of the Field of Blackbirds?..2

quoting Nostradamus/Bridges detailed ANALYSIS OF CURRENT BALKAN Flashpoint here:
perhaps indicating the start of WWIII, as Kosovo, where, on the Field of
Blackbirds, the
Turks slaughtered a Serbian army in 1389"
to the serbs the kosovo fields are ancient place for fighting to the
for serbia... they will not yield: so war passion spills global:

the reason it was called field of blackbirds was like american indians
eating crow meant worst fate, on that field so long ago the blackbirds
ate the thousands of serbs slaughtered.. this legend in their
country is the ULTIMATE battle cry..

when the underground water disappeared under vukovar yugoslavia
when bombed.. labyrinths mapped to ground water
recreated long wave magnetics (and ground water)
whose loss of symmetry alone (as death of "body polis")
is an ACCURATE PREDICTOR of where war will break out

so the women gathered to install magnetic womb labyrinths
..the water and the body polis.. possibility of sharing emotions
magnetics across the land... returned.

NATO's REAL Losses, & What They Don't Want You to Know

A charge envelope sustained by the symmetry of embedding
(the true templar destiny of america, a mere i go.. to mater matrix
embed eye go..
when the liberty bell rings again, the grail cup rings out in the
dna.. which finds map on land...)

Remember always, a ringing ecstatic imploding heart is the ultimate membrane self/not-self sort .

Spin density IN, lo grade (poorly braided) ET DNA or astral bug: OUT.

Lo grade DNA melts in that fire like a vampire in the Sun 's light. The Heart of the Sun is Golden!



Dan Winter


Here is how the Liberty Bell will ring again. Charlotte, NC groups around the pent templar shapes at the core of Nation's bank, are now re-casting the Liberty Bell: "forgive them for they know not what they do". There was an important national television premiere a few years back of the musical wave shape principle of EMOTION itself (Nova Series: "What Is Music"). It was the work of Manfred Clynes: "Sentics" on wave shape of touch (links at "How to Touch" ../touch ). Simply put, when you squeeze someone in the right pressure geometry so that your hug says love, the timing moment of max pressure in your squeeze as percent of squeeze duration will be close to .618 Golden Mean. This sets up the geometry of PROPER INTERNAL INTERFERENCE TO GO IN-PHI-KNIT (FUSION). (this is my conclusion, not Clynes). ("Is your DNA tingling yet dear?")

Well when they taught on that TV show how to understand What is Music to get the Universality of Emotions Wave shape, THEY USED THE PHYSICS OF HOW TO CAST THE RIGHT BELLY SHAPE FOR A BELL, to teach the principle.

It was all about how the ratio of the internal notes of the musical chord of the bell ringing would be properly tuned by the bulging out of the top of the bell, to make best MUSIC. Well, if you have ever listened to phi harmonic music (see ../implosionhazards/implosion.html ), you know that at first the sound is Eyrie almost grating, then haunting. It takes a certain BELL SHAPE TO MAKE A GRAIL CUP RING..

Bell Rock-Grail Cup-Grail Geometry of Embedding Hearts-Cracked Liberty Bell -- morph Animation here:

Grail Fractal from Phi embedding - seminal original animation at: ../grail.html

As you read below of the White Buffalo Calf Woman predicting the liberty bell will ring again, remember what Steve Nelson told me about the Cherokee indigenous. (Steve will be our Templar Mason, source of the Charlotte Sacred Geometrics, source of the Washington DC pent fractal masonic design info ../WASHINGT .. Steve says our country's central myth is the maze and the minotaur. Like a bull in a China shop. Anyone see the horned cow running wild in the Atlatal Atlanta lately? Bombs on Serbs: Global Policeman Bull run amok? ) Anyway, Steve said that the day the President Jackson signed to have the Cherokee torn from (embedding) their land ("Trail of Tears"), WAS THE DAY THE LIBERTY BELL CRACKED.


For the bell to ring again, we must all gather as one around a common heart beat ringing in the land as it does in our DNA: perfectly embedded as the grail sings: San Graal. (, ,\ , )

So where shall we begin our story?

After Marie Bauer Hall's husband Manley was killed, she was haunted by the need to access Ben Franklin's lost templar/mason library at Bruton Parish Vault, Virgina. We began our intuitive knowing that the confused gathering of America's father's intent, needed to be re-assembled, for that flash in Washington's vision: (when the republic would be saved from the hands of the interventionist Annunaki ET's behind our present "New World Order".)

General Washington's vision at Valley Forge:A Multiversal convergence of timelines? (../america/georgewash.html )

The Orion inspired Templar/Mason cult behind those Father's was the irony of a galaxy within which self directing genepools were poison. The Orion queen group (stories below) (see myth of Eagle at ../eaglemorph ) itself could not withstand a republic within their own colonies! The Orion queen Templar cult later became the Grail story as the ROYAL BLOOD IN ELIZABETH, (to which family we still pay dues). If a SELF STEERING genepool (as a self empowered glandular implosive winged bird tribe) were to squirt out of our solar system into the Peshmehten (below) Orion corridor it would be toast for more than just the English (An gl ish - An nunaki). Their agenda now is to disarm America totally by 2002 for assumption into Dragon Draco Chinese / Russian loss of individuation. This is the moment our Liberty Bell needs to rings again for. As the Sun implode burps, surviving the wind means ringing the bell. (in the grail heart)..

Surviving squeezes without destruction: this is the key to the ringing grail.

Great clues and confirmations to the (../gold ) return of the Annunaki at Garden of Eden (the "Golden Ones") to fix their own genes: US!

exerpting: "Our genepool began when Annunaki gold diggers "golden ones" cloned the tak-adama (golem from orion.. ) Adam/Ieve.. They needed hearts of gold to get dna that would not burn up in suns hearts.. they only thought they were after gold in the grid.. (Sitchen).." (../origins)

The plot thickens so exquisitely when we take a closer look at George Washington's famous vision.

First we must tell of Cynthia Hart's "vision" at 4 years old. She was born blind at birth with a vivid memory of spending ages in the Heart of the Sun. Her father took her to see the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. Not wishing to cross the barrier, he asked the guard for permission, since Cynthia could only "see" the bell if she could touch it. The guard chose to carry the little girl himself. She got a great feeling when she touched the bell. Then the guard told her that the liberty bell would never ring again, because there was a crack in it. But as Cynthia ran her little finger down the crack, she told the guard and her father her vision. She said the liberty bell WOULD ring again, at the millennium for the year 2000.


From: raphiem
Date: 09 Mar 1999
To Dan/Dna or anyone else who can explain...

from reading alot Dan's articles and those on this discussion list.......I get the impression that we have it all reversed .....are
the good guys thru his-story actually the bad guys and v/versa....

Dan....tell me could it be that the pleiadians (from Bringers of the Dawn..Barbara.M) actually be the bad guys??? is there a
reason why maybe they wish us to go 12 helix we could become their human libraries??? as they keep telling us??
or do i read it wrong??

Do I understand you correct in that the holy-grail bloodline (magdala) is actually Draco/Draku?? Would this imply then
that perhaps the ascended/golden masters (ala St.Germian/Kuthumi) are Draku?? see: Germaine accords

Is it possible that the feathered ones are Draku and the Snaked ones are Aku ?? (Alan Alford) since the feathered ones won
the war they got to write the history books and the snaked ones got blamed for it all??

pls steer this oxygen deprived soul in the right direction...... Raphiem...


William Buehler's (whom I believe may well be the best Templar voice available) responds to Raphiem's questions (4/25)


comment fr Dan Winter:

Khumara MEANS serpent/reptile in PERU. Count Dracul of Germaine's family was key to the Field of Blackbirds (Kosovo) of Serbia. (Notes at bottom of this article). Their Hungarian is Sumerian/Draco. The Blackbird (who ate the dying Serb's) was the Klingon (drac) shapeshifting BIRD OF PREY. The Drac shapeshifters body snatched the US military leaders (../theylive ) who allied with Magda's Elizabethan (E-from, LIZard, beth=born) ANglish to bomb Serbia. If they succeed in disarming America, self-rule/self steering will die.

Germaine was the MAGda family gold powder maker like Moses. With that geometric keystone to implosion coming from the out-side self (as opposed to from in side the heart), addicts become vampiric astral parasites of necessity.

Human's were susceptible to believing that lo-grade spooks were GOD whenever they could not believe in themselves (self-love). From the first time Reptile gene splicing technicians like Yalweh/Ea/Niburu called themselves Hiburu priests, this has been the ADAMic story.

Imagine the confusion Mason's like Franklin, Jefferson and Washington felt. They carefully designed the architectural blueprint for our country based on the SAME pent fractal recursive (see ../introduction ) star maps which their Templar teachers used for Southern France (Rennes Les Chateaux/Grail Country) and for the layout of the Gothic cathedrals as a whole in a pent fractal flower map layout of Virgo projected on the land. Later, it turned out that this exact same offset pent stellation (based on the Golden Mean: geometer or re-cursion/birthplace of self awareness) would be found in the outline of the Cydonia/layout on Mars... AND the Tikal Matrix, El Dorado Matrix, Trinidad Codex which were the exact instructions Ponce De Leon (bridge of the lion) received to re-constitute the "fountain of youth" in the HEARTland of America! (new work by Ron Pastore & Helios et al, Sanctuary Studios, PO Box 398, Haven, KS 67543, ). Further recent evidence they suggest indicates he too (De Leon) was instructed from the same Templar sources. Fountain of Youth was the capactive charge geometric of perfecting recursion embedding, which eliminated aging at a cellular level. The design for producing that on the land seems to the "Heart" of the matter.(This is the subject of the great new pics ElDorado & The Re-Penting of America:Pictorial Map to America's Geomantic Global Role )

There is a clue here in that the Annunaki placement for massive tuning capacitors to eliminate aging in what later became called the "Garden of Eden" (../origins ) was HEX (six) (per Reiki see below). If this is true is a great clue to the more borg/hive mind field effect feeling which was the rubric of that apparently Orion (reptilian/yalweh) interventionist culture. No sacredness of individuation/freedom there. No non-interventionist "Prime Directive" for these Niburu/ Hiburu/Hebrew gene splicers. DNA genepools are like forests, you plant them- then you harvest. In the hi order of things this is a Saraphic- reflex - hive (hex comb) activity. (Good enough if you are Chinese Dragon Cult with Draco symmetry in your Sen Shi pyramids.)

The attempt to create individuation, and with it the possibility of NEW COMPASSION, is pent. This is because the dimpling on the surface of a soap bubble egg that initiates turning inside out tornado-ing requires recursion/embedding- pent worm-hole-ing. Only feeling separate teaches the urge to re-connect. As the Sufi's would say: "From Length is Longing Born". This is why the labyrinth projection of the phi spiral on the donut onto flatland produces the converge point to sort eco-magnetism and heal (../labyrinth ).

The last of the French King Louis's (in MAGda's blood line) had to change his name in North Carolina to save his life ("Pandora's Box" by Alex Christopher: 2663 Valleydale Road, Suite 126, Birmingham, Alabama 35224. $50, Vol2 ,$35 ,The Cosmic Conflict$40.). There as Daniel Payseur his railroad investments of Magdalen's Templar fortune becomes the Rockefeller's. Now if you think about it, what heavy metal railroad lines do to Earth Grid magnetics is they short out biomagnetics creating borg symmetry. (Fastest way to kill your backyard elementals is heavy metal.)

This could be instructive to what happened to the Franklin, Jefferson, Washington Mason cartel. Franklin was dabbling in the psychotronic arts. His non-judgemental approach to political passions while dabbling in toys made him the confessor whose notes then become the proof of this history at Bruton Vaults. (Unfortuneately some blindness to matters of the heart may account for the bones under his Paris apartments-- those bones may be clue to the disillusionment of Jefferson/Franklin about whose telepathy they THOUGHT they were serving. Was Pendragon in the Templar Magda Blood Draco? See "Genesis of the Grail Kings" Gardner's newest.)

Franklin had inherited the failure of technology alone to produce awareness, from his Atlantis incarnation. Atlatal meant thown arrow or vector. This became Atlanta (see the bull in the road, maze and minotaur myth of America destiny below... global policeman a bit blind as "a bull in a china shop"). Atlatal's return, ("Atlantis Rising") is very much core to the sprititual inheritence with respect to genetic destiny. Note how genepool evolution CAN have intent ("Willed Mutation of the Species" by Satprem), IF they inhabit an embedable electrical environment. (Templar pentagonal long wave MAGnetics laid out upon the land). The intent vector of the genes developing self-steering ability (in the time corridors) had everything to do with the evolution of self-direction of a republic. This would be a major sting to the Orion galactic governments history of monarchy more than symbolized by Magda's blood in the English Royalty.

Imagine the squirt gun of faster than light magnetism out the burning fountain (of youth) of the top of well braided DNA. ( ../superDNA ). The heart sonics of passion function lake a pony tail embedding/braiding onto genes to put a big strand on a little one up to 12? The discipline of this emotions program onto genes, aligns active sites, activates codons by RNA structural access according to who is tucked in vs who is tucked out. Further when the long to short wave ratio of envelope to carrier wave is PHI from the long wave phi ratio (lo-phi) of love... THEN the adding becomes multiplying in the wave crests. Wave lengths AND velocities recursively ADD and this becomes faster than light in properly braided DNA. THIS RESULTS IN "GETTING A SOUL". When the light speed barrier can be sustainably penetrated in PHI harmonics, lucid dreaming, time travel, shamanic star and bardo navigating become possible. This is the head of the worm of squirt gun BECOMING SELF STEERING!

It is like an emerging worm (Amygdala means tower as Djed Raising.. Atlatal Rising.. Mich-A-EL line). Now the HEAD of the normal emergent worm is exactly like what spits from the human reptile brain stem out the Amygdala at the brain base. Very little ability to steer itself with long wave range intent here/Eagle eye bird brain perception NOT built in. If this worm spine reptilian reflex stem juice is spit directly out the mouth of the snake it is poison venom. Testasterone poisoning is urge to touch frustrated which always turns into ANGER (see the Sentic wave for maximum destructive interference ../touch) in the Jungian definition of football (err rather the pigskin poison pellet function in the Balinese Cockfight-same thing.) (We can make the details of this ANALysis available to the NFL for PR purposes as a trade for equal salaries with TEACHERS).

Now on the other hand, if some great Eagle (../eaglemorph) were to grasp the head of the snake and hold it absolute fixed or RAPT, then the Raptor would pressurize the snake juice into the bird brain= RAPTure. The plumbing 101 for Eck-stasis/Kundalini/Tantra launches body MAGnetic juices thru the speed of light in the PINING PINEAL.. taking wing. (../isthisrecursion/apta.html and ../kundalini ). This is fine for individuals like Buddha, but how do you do it for whole cultures? This was the problem for Saraphim angelics (hi reptilian brain stem genesis) meeting with their Aku Ophanic counterparts (bird/dog wiolawa brain).

Taking wing became an ARC angle of magnetism which from the heart looked winged (to the clairvoyant). Hence they became bird tribe. This particular (Golden) arc-angle of non-destructive scale-invariant unpacking became the signature of those who squirted their magnetic bodies into the time corridors using INNER GLAND EMOTION instead of OUTER METAL TECHNOLOGIES. This became the distinguishing "wrong side of the tracks" signature that those (genepools) who traveled in heavy metal. They were "lo end". (key to "Contact" movie.) Those are became the Arc-angles, Joan of Arq, Et in ARCadia ego (See "Refuge of the Apocalyse:Rennes Les Chateaux the Key" by Elizabeth Van Buren). Arcadia became the Templar code word for AMERICA. Later this became the Aux ARC's (Ozarks), and the blood crossed with the An's (Annunaki:reptoid) to become the Ark-An-sas, where Clinton hid his blood connection to Rockefeller. Get the pent magnetic right in the long wave of the land and the genepool's kids magnetism could make an ARC (be sufficient ring of the bell like embedding) into the stars. ("Sing the Body Electric" San Graal- Song in the Blood) This liberty bell CAN ring again!


Here it is instructive to note that after Washington, Jefferson and the founders learned the GEOMETRY of self-government from the Bird Tribe (Return of the Bird Tribe) Iroquois 5 Nations confederacy, they dispatched the "women in the wilderness" into LITERALLY THE EYE TO THE EAGLE in the KEYSTONE green beryl tectonic STATE Pennsylvania. (7 Pleadian Hearts Arrows to 7 places named 7... radiating from PHI-LO-D'el-PHI-A, thru the crown of the Eagle "Bald Eagle Mountain" pointing to Pleades when the wratchet keystone tilts). See important EAGLE GEOMETRIC ON THE LAND which was literally the magnetic head of the Appalachin Mountain range, at ../eaglemorph/eagle.html . The native shaman sent their initiates to learn VISION at the exact giant SPRING which is located at the TEARDUCT of the EYE OF THE EAGLE near the town situation at the EYE named Auriole which means EYE. (West of lake Eyrie which Cleves the Land, the lake name means nest for Eagles. )

Now in "Holy Grail Across the Atlantic" book, Sinclairs Templar family of Star Navigators migrate SOUTH to this keystone headwaters. While in "Pandora's Box" (above info), the Grail kids blood migrate exactly to the CHEROKEE TAIL of this same EAGLE (Tryon, NC ). Merlin's red haired celtic speaking grand kids replicated as Natives near Town Creek Indian Mounds, NC.

Very important here that we UNDERSTAND WHY, the LIBERTY BELL CRACKED THE DAY Pres. JACKSON ORDERED THE CHEROKEE OFF THAT LAND!! ("Trail of Tears".) The Cherokee star elders "Adawi" spoke exactly the alphabet of the Ophanim (True Enochian Keys: ../orion/orionheart.html see bottom). That Bird Tribe intended the genepool to gain self direction (steerage in time ) specifically by INHABITING (embedding) that land. Hundreds of generations of Cherokee embedded in the same fractal (Smokey Mountaints) hills produced a DNA which was so exquisitely folded as to be such a hi res map of the land, THAT THE MAP HAD BECOME THE TERRAIN. (Fractality as perfectly morphic data compression is specificallyhe physics for effective MAGIC - morphic resonance.) Tearing these memories from the land left tears in the rocks, a crack in the grail bell of embedable DNA. By failing to embed the indigenous memories in our culture, a chance was lost to link embed us to the land..

The grail was a name for genes becoming embeddable and therefore psychokinetic. Athur and the land become ONE. Whom does this grail serve? It's Self (Embedded).

The evolution of our self-directing republic in this galaxy of DNA traders portended a new level of embedding into stars. This was the American revolution.

News from Dulce, Draco/ Reptilian Invasion of US.. Summary

particularly see Draco (Tiphon, Draco ambassador = cataclysmic "comet" name in "Genesset" grail book) role un Truman negotiations.

beginning link to pent fractal layout origin of rennes les chateaux and the grail

This essay will be an attempt to synthesize meaning from diverse sources of information about the true spiritual /extra-terrestrial / archeologic origins and therefore destiny and purpose of America. Not as a disclaimer but more as an acknowledgement, I have always used extremely controversial pieces of information, including for example ET, channelled, mystic, prophetic, and other sources. My policy has always been to include ALL information sources which were not obviously false by inspection, and then simply check to see how ALL the pieces of the puzzle fit together BY INTERNAL COHERENCE TESTING ALONE. I have pioneered a certain piece of the mathematics for measuring internal coherence in complex oscillators (../coherence ) , and I feel strongly that the metphor of this testing is the best way to allow utilization of classes of information most people disregard. For example, many friends have regarded the information communicated extensively by Alex Collier which portends to be from very specific Andromedan sources ( ) , to be worthless. I note certain controversies around such sources, but INTERNAL checks showed a very high percentage of the key RADICAL parts of that story to be true. For example the Andromedan claim that Hale Bopp is connected with Niburu, and the Blue Star Kuchina story, cross correlates in some detail with the native elder I met lecturing in Questa, with Hale Bopp orbit maps in crop circles overlaid by Morningsky, with White Buffalo's daughter detailed shaman story of entered the (spore/bacteria laden) blue sparks of the artificial planetoid's aura, and finally the mathematic technical astronomic map of Hale Bopp's orbit geometry being drastically too elegant to represent anything but INTELLIGENT INTENT. Too many pieces of the puzzle overlapped here to say the Hale Bopp stories were just fairy tales. True, there were lots of pieces that did not fit. Like Cynthia Hart said she was sure the artificial planet was now nested in Jupiter orbit, while the Andromedan story said Mercury or inner planet orbit nest. But so much agreement existed between other parts of the story WITH OTHER SOURCES, several of whom evidently had NO PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE OF THE OTHER SOURCE, suggested to me the story had meaning.

I'd like to give another example of how I evaluate stories which come from telepathic and prophetic sources. Reiki Rehkhop (of Metatron's wheel), I believe has certain of the re-incarnational memories of the Nostredamus ("Our-Lady"- Templar/Magda?) lifetime. It was in many episodes of watching my good friend Reiki literally watch future events unfold, that I learned a KEY PRINCIPLE OF HOW FUTURE VISIONS ARE DRAWN TO SEERS. Reiki literally cries and weeps at length as he is seeing future events. He does this OUT OF EXTREME COMPASSION FOR WHAT AND WHO HE IS SEEING. I now firmly believe that it is LITERALLY THE SUPER-LUMINAL/FASTER THAN LIGHT ELECTRICAL IMPLOSION AROUND THE HEART STRUCTURE WHICH CREATES THE FRACTAL ATTRACTOR WHICH IS COHERENT ENOUGHT TO ACTUALLY 'SUCK IN' THE MAGNTIC PICTURE OF THE FUTURE THRU TIME. So, to put it another way the GLANDULAR MAGNETIC JUICES create the wormhole by bending the magnetism into the dimpling spoon which reaches thru the wormholes to suck strong pattern wavefronts faster than light (thru time) creating future seeing. (One of Reiki's key story's "The Golden Ones" which is a radically new look in a certain way at Annunaki, became the KEY piece of ../origins which tells of WHY those Sitchen-esque gene splicers HAD to come back in time to splice onto their own gene roots to hack up DNA making Adam and Eve at Edin/ a "spaceport". This is important reading to prepare for this essay.)

Extreme COMPASSION/EMPATHY skills MAKE FUTURE SEEING POSSIBLE. I believe this is true in Gordon Michael Scallion's case, knowing him, despite later controversies. I also learned in detail HOW this worked, in extensive personal conversations with Michael Ashe, chief "TIME EMPATH" (deca time chair steerer) at Montauk. Ask yourself why the guy STEERING at the time squirt wavefront IS CALLED AN EMPATH?? The heart of the skill prerequisite for the job IS EMPATHY. (Literally "TO EMbed-PATHs" for light). Captain Cook, Captain Kirk, Captain Janeway, these were all NAVIGATORS thru the time corridors. THEY ACHEIVED THEIR ABILITY TO STEER by literally REMEMBERING (EMBEDDING PATHS) event structures thru cross incarnation/ cross time vision coherence. (See "condemned to Prescience" in "God Emperor of Dune"). THEY COULD STEER BECAUSE THEIR GLANDS/THEIR EMOTIONS COULD FOLD TOGETHER SPIN THRU IMPLOSION INTO PERFECT "TENT" STRUCTURE! (see "How Intent Steers Waves" ../intent ). This becomes AN ABSOLUTELY RACIAL SURVIVAL ISSUE as our children must learn to steer their inner eye/lucid shamanic THRU THE HEART OF THE SUN (../heartsun ), in time for the SOLAR IMPLOSION (the REAL MILLENNIUM MATTER - ../millennium ). This GLUE added by the recursion/awareness which is the centering force among convergant wormholes is the "substance of we feeling" (Doris Lessing). The failure of the symmetrically collected root racial DREAM SPELL, if unassembled/un-coherent or not-embedded would FATALLY PERMIT OUR PLANET TO BE "BLOWN AWAY IN THE MAGNETIC WIND OF THE SUN".

Why does the Andromedan Council have a policy against saving planetoid genepools when their sun implodes? Because genepools unable to unhabit their sun and regulate it's radioactivity by invested awareness (recursion embedding made gravity)... are of little use to the galactic community anyway!? Uri Geller proved focused awareness reduces radioactive half life measureably. Fractality as self-similarity induced by recursion feeding CONsciousness, from valence to nucleus is the imploding force which holds atoms together..and stars..

Consider what spin dense magnetic fabric would create SUFFICIENT CENTERING FORCE, to hold our planet womb in place during SOLAR EROS Millennium (see ../scaleinvariant ). The largest single source of the magnetism bent into proper implosion force -WHICH WE CALL THE MAKING OF GRAVITY- is the HUMAN BIOMASS -FABRICATING COMPASSION/COMPRESSION- on this planet! Our single hope for making a magnetic lens sufficiently NON-DESTRUCTIVELY COMPRESSIBLE to survive many million mile per hour SOLAR MINDS, is assembling the HEART OF THE HUMAN BIOMASS into a giant single FRACTAL ATTRACTOR OF EMBEDDED HEARTBEATS. (see ). Of course this will be greatly aided by the hygiene of planetary planners awakening from their drunken slumber to re-shape long wave planet magnetics into recursion/embedding/fractality. This is the GOLD El-Door-ado story which this article ends with.

(When was the last time YOUR HIGHWAY ENGINEER or ELECTRIC UTILITY TRANSFORMER PLANNER asked "how will this cut-up long wave magnetic paths" thru this bioregion. Even tho we know that measuring these long wave magnetic lines DYING may be THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT WAR ON OUR PLANET - see ../CALLAHAN & ../millennium).

The suns "erection of the holy cross" (phase align implode planetary, vs solar, vs galactic equators, animation at ../timewave ) millennial maxima IS THE INCARNATIONAL CONCEPTION ORGASM OF A BIRTHING TIME ANGEL. Magdalen's Grail kids by Jesus were not just the outcome of an Hiburu dynastic DNA conjugation (as we shall see later in this article). Families of Time Implosive (Lords of Time), Ophanic-v-Seraphic planned a blood line link between the High Reptilian (Mag da : Mag z Dak : Melchizadek : literally "the warriors from Orion {Tak means Orion-minTAKa,alniTAK, hurTAK, TAKadama-becomes Adams/unensouled borgs from Orion}), versus the the HIGH AKU (AKUnaton's son Tut's story became confused by history which now calls him "Jesus" - see book "House of the Messiah")... in a sense literally: "the bird brain". Bird MAGnetic navigation (thru time) exists literally because bird glands know how to hi charge/dissolve trace mineral to FLOAT LIKE A COMPASS (steer) in the PINEal.

So to sum up, the great Hopi Peshmehten (../peshmehten ) magnetic wormhole "deep space nine", needed an inhabiting presence to steer. This "way of the nine"(transliteration of Peshmehten from Hopi) was the gravity wind due to the implosion recursion symmetry in the geometry alignment of sirius/pleades/orion/ vs. solar system vs galactic core. (60 degree dodeca nest star map of Orion on Giza: ../orion ). The result of this dance was a nice gravity push wind which could motorize highly profitable galactic commerce. Who owned the great ("dune") worm, would steer the spice/gold/manna/ormes/starfire. There was a childish political metaphor of wealth/greed behind this motivation to spend big bucks on an artificial planetoid Niburu to breed up gold mining droids (Adam and Eve), which is the Sitchen intent myth behind how our genepool got here. Thank God this simple GOLD VIEW IS MEAN. The Gold Powder addiction which launched our genepool (created need for the spice miners) was called an atmosphere repair mission by Sitchen. True enought as proper Hopi stewards know, Gold deposits arranged into sacred pent recursion (the templar/trinidad/eldorado/tikal/cydonia/rennes matrix) DO stabilize magnetic embedding to stablize gravity and atmosphere. However also important was the use of the gold for food in it's monoatomic form.

The gold powder (manna/spice/ormes) alone without emotional will, creates a vampire dependancy. Used to make the ears ring with DNA doped implosion, it's mechanism and result are similar to Flanagan's microhydrin. Pat uses hydrogen whose heart is ANU 5/7 implosion Gordian slip knot fractal to heart and heart of the sun ../heartsun. That's why the imploding SUN will wring out every heart and hydrogen heart in the solar system, by enveloped fractal morphic resonance. Then PAT tucks that little imploding SUN into a dodeca "Clathrate" cage of water molecules. Same SOUL loss price applies to this chemical solution to knowing how to build a fire in your OWN heart. Inducing the chemistry of implosion externally deprives the heart of the need to make implosion internally (compassion). In the short run, the addicted drac's gained long life (5-50,000 years.) Eventually their heart literally split in two, costing them long memory, ability to travel in time without heavy metal, ability to carry memory thru death, and SOUL. (../implosionhazards ).

Simple arithmetic mean has no fusion: is thus narrow and mean. Golden Mean allows two -wave-point to fuse without heat - solution to atomic "cold" fusion, and human HEART fusion.

To SUSTAIN genetic and glandular MAGnetic inertial escape velocity thru lightspeed, to INHABIT and EMBED and STEER and RULE this great freshly incarnating Peshmehten galaxy birthing TIME WORM, required this ANGELic plan. (Basically when Sun's burp, Angels are born: IF a MAG spirit is around to inhabit, otherwise stars die prematurely from lack of recursion skill/self-awareness.)

Locally it might seem like the Ophanim "birds" versus the Seraphim "snakes" were having a squabble (as the Draco's black market for live human children's glands from Earth spreads across the galaxy - they couldn't make the juice themselves - so they shape shifted the Aztecs, Hitler's burnt skulls, and our vertical slit eye-balled head military ). But "from a distance", there was hope. You needed the highest evolved Reptilian brain stem juices to cross with the highest bird brain AKU bird tribe Ophanic, to get a Quetzlcoatel - SERPENT-BIRD MAN. (Kundalini success into tantra, see ../coatels ).

So to get this "star crossed lover" situation cooking is the Magdalen Templar story "Quest for the Grail", which was simply a quest to get embedding in the DNA ... to RING.. like a "Song in the Blood": San Graal. (see ../grail.html )

If you are looking for a heart of gold and are growing old, a little Gold Mining scholarship is recommended here: Important notes at ../gold and ../blood and very new "Genesis of the Grail Kings" by Gardner , on starfire gold powder what Tut's family leader Moses was good at- to feed a Messiah, meant literally rubbing or feeding them the oil or blood of MESSEH - Juices of the Crocodile or Reptile.. go to UK for that book. Reptile sand worm juices make this spice/ormes/manna/starfire. Beet like Heart Squeezins relieve the jitters of the bug: "Jitterbug Perfume" by Tom Robbins. (Role of tantra in immortality). Juices of the REPTILIAN BRAIN STEM SUCCEED IN KUNDALINI/TANTRA TO GET TO HI BIRD FRACTAL BRAIN THRU AMYG-DALA/Mag-dala/tower/fractal ... when the snakes head is head still or rapt or rept raptor rapture by the Eagle/bird claws. Snake venom becomes nectar. .. Billy Jack.. San-chi-daan .. sanctified chi or capacitance of the D'aan s.. tuetha de danaans-- people of the gods -- d'an -- from An -- from Annunaki -- from the sanctified snakes.

So we have a little love hate relationship going with this mother MAG whose Orion Borg Queen cult matriarchy (see ../honey ) became the fearsome Magdalen then Templar - then designer of our Washington's grid and made the Eldorado star map on the America's (as we shall see below..) . On the down side they bred the kings of Europe for millennia very much the way we do show dogs. They taught Germaine (Count Dracul family) and Moses and Franklin a gold smelting operation which can basically reduce human souls to vampires. It was an ancient Thoth /Egyptian prescription that Gold Powder eating with Glandular inner discipline hygiene resulted in the "fractionation of the personality". (see ../implosionhazards ). This (per-son-al-i-ty) transliterally means death of the ability to go thru the heart of the sun. (per means thru) Per-Sun-All-I-Tie. (See ../heartsun ). What wormhole is not tied thru the heart of the sun is so unsustainable as memory thread, as to have no personality - no soul. Sa-Ra meant wife of the Sun god (Ra), the Solar-i-ans. Sara's (phi) kids by Ra (Ea/Enki/Enlil) became Joseph (coat rayment of many dna braid colors) and Benjamin (gold grail gene cup in the seeds)... whose kids became Jesus and Mag-da, then Templar, then Grail.. etc.

No wonder Jefferson and Franklin died confused somewhat heartbroken when they discovered they had been serving for a lifetime a Templar agenda which could be percieved as an evil empty of compassion group of ET's called later "Spectra Group" by Puharich. Puharich and Bentov were more than symbolically on opposite sides of the Arab Isreali war. Cain and Abel were still squabbling.

Cain lives today in the caves under the Mormon temples. In each case, it becomes a repetitive hint to the innocent kids: Just because a medium grade Reptilian (yalweh) ET shows up, does NOT prove there is a greater GOD to disempower you (and your women) outside your own imploding HEART. The whole "Myth of the Birth of the Hero" by Rank common theme of every planetary hero being virgin born (like Moses/Jesus), is simply because the news that Dad was a tantric ET would be explosive proof of who did the genesplicing. Not only was Hiburu Hebrew simply a golem tetra gene splicing symmetry index, but Sumerian (& present Hungarian) was simply the glyph waveguides to focus coherent light to make subcellular organelles (see George Merkle's "Sumerian Elixir" microscopy). The point being, our whole planet's genetic intent roots are pirate genesplicers. Pieces of 8, were toroid shadows. Skull and Bones were Orion bone touch spark gap ritual imported into Templar mnemonics "Baphomet" Skull Touch. (see "Honey of the Queens" ../honey ). Jon & Magda's skull and bones after the templar banking cartel planets biggest navy got bad PR disappeared into Scotland and became the pirates, became the CIA. Always massaging the drug cartel for control of externalized disempowered borg psychokinesis access to the time wormholes.

But we get carried away here, let us learn the PRINCIPLE of the GOLD they sought thruout.

The Gold is a waveguide for turning valence electrons inside out recursive to the nucleus. This atomic implosion symmetry map to fusion, CAN BE INSTRUCTIVE TO THE HEART and to make DNA braid recursively. Make Gold soluble in blood (Ormes/Spice/Manna), and you get a DNA waveguide to implosion. (Like Pat Flanagan's MicroHydrin, which is simply Hydrogen's Anu - see ../heartsun & ../predictions - 7/5 implosion symmetry nested recursively inside dodeca water molecular clathrate cage.) In these cases (Ormes or Microhydrin or all techno ONLY /no emotion skill solutions) IF YOU RELY ONLY ON THIS DISEMPOWERED OUTSIDE IN SOURCE TO GET A PIEZO-ELECTRIC RINGING IN YOUR EARS (Sang Graal - blood song) , then after millenia of technologically induced soulless immortality you lose all self-steering long memory - SOUL! The blood song ringing is the voices of your last 26,000 ancestors whispering each their most un-filled yearning.


The reason total telepathy inhibits the birth of new compassion (to repeat from other articles), is because the absolute agony of the experience of serparateness/individuation is required to teach the EKG/heart a new skill of turning inside out. This new turning inside out- ness skill which electricity we call compassion, then causes stars to quiver because it is the seed of new self-direction- steering - embedding - inhabiting MAGnetic centroids of anything skill - being born. (This is the reason for the Start Trek and Andromedan Council's non-interventionist- SACRED FREEDOM's "Prime Directive" ). This was the true star birthing agenda of those Seraphic/sara's-PHI/ cut by PHI vs Ophanic/O Phi in them/whirling ones/lords of time/bird tribe/adawi/valnaapa. It only looked like the Hatfield's and the McCoy's locally. Star crossed lovers was originally coined by the Will who would Shake the Sphere, after E-Liz-a Beth (transliterally meaning exactly: "born from lizard"), had to hide her true love child Bacon from the murderous Pope and King. He wrote Hamlet by the penname Shakesphere to check the look on the face of Elizabeth to confirm whether that was his mother. The meaning behind this secret Franklin buried in the Bruton vault along with which Mag's told the founders to design the America's, which means A-Mere-I-go. To mother - Mag.

It won't do the LDS Latter Day Saints Mormon hit men assassins any good to murder us, because everything we know has already been made shareable/distributable as a wave - If they re-pent, they will be saved. Suggestion to the FBI: do a "head" count on the hundreds of poor indigenous and ethnic children the Mormons supposedly placed in their homes, to find the missing ones fed glands to Draco's in the caves under their richest temples. (The Drac's like indigenous glands because embedding in the land makes better molecular squirt guns in the MAGnetic juices, this is why hi indigenous bood percentages dominated the Gray's abductions. see Aztec human sacrifice and why Hitler had to burn the skulls- glands missing.)


Gold "plates" were embedded with the magnetic fields in the best symmetry alphabet of the Niburu "Gods". (Enlil/Yalweh interventionist philosophy earned that Annunaki ET an "angry" reputation). The index to how to tilt MAGnetic domain donuts into the symmetry of the tetrahedron's faces was the gene splicing cookbook for the Orion Queen paid Niburu staff. We later cutely called this quantum cookery tetra donut symmetry shadow look up table the Hiburu alphabet. The gene splicers were called Hiburu priests, their interventionist reptile boss was called Yalweh. (genepools are meant to be harvested like we do forests, he believes... yet quality DNA IS the gold of the galaxy). If they had allowed the Golden Mean Spiral to map Hiburu then suddenly the alphabet would have been self-organizing/embedable AND therefore (because fractal) PSYCHOKINETIC. (dream enabling & the end of the possibility of secrets). A scenario Hiburu priests had spent millennia of murders to prevent. The resultant Quaballistic un-imploding non-recursive DNA braid's (TETRA-helix) were called TakAdema. Making Adam & Ieve(=word or wet making=non-destructive touch permission among donuts) self replicating for more efficient gold powder mining was risky because permission to replicate (sex conjugate) was required on pain of death from the Orion queen staff funding source. This lead to the priest sex guilt which excused the Inquisition and the pot of gold robbed from the butchering of 1/4 of the women of Europe under the Pope's fat undigested (unshareable) memory today. (Who erased Magda and Jon from the Bible?) Empowering women with life death decision over babys (like the aboriginal grandmother) would make the genepool self steering, no priest could permit that. (His supper is the tax he collects on pretending to steer phone calls to "God"/always OUTSIDE yourself!. ) The same priests towed our hollow metal, gray & draco infested moon in here, artificially speeding ovulation likewise diluting our genepools lifeforce power.

The theme is always: recursion outside = GOLD from without (Borg Assimilation), versus recursion inside = Heart field electrically exactly like gold (birth of self-empowerment). The symmetry maps to get fields into this moment of self embedding became the history of Alphabets. Hiburu (tetra), Anglish, Enochian (hypercube/dodec).

Gold plates with magnetic field symbols burnt embedded in them turn up repeatedly. Moses, Moroni, Templar.. Ponce De Leon.. and now Hopi? To access the tetra MAGnetic domain maps embedded in those gold plates, the Urim and Thumin transparent tetra crystals helped the seer index the tilt angle of the visible charge donut shadows. This will become important below as the Gold plates Joseph Smith used black magic to turn into greed, re-appear in the templar instructions behind Ponce De Leon (transliterated Bridge from Lion..) The "Sacret Places of the Lion" (book), smells for fear which is resistance to spin memory converging non-destructively, before entering temple door/eldorado/doorway to gold/embedding place/ ex-cathedra..

Remember Cathedral means:

Ex- Cathedra: from the "chair" (or place of leverage on the grid, in the sense of "chair"man).

Ex- Catheter: from the blood (or place where the blood or magnetism of the grid is accessed)

Cat hedra all: catabolize or consume all faces (perspectives consumed into oneness).

So to guard your cathedral with lions was to test whether magnetism could be invited to compression survival, and entry into where magnetism was spin dense: Literally: El-Dor-Ado.. The El or phase shift from circle to line, mass to energy, node to wave, doorway. Magnetic compression wormhole. (See ../portaldisk and see Ophanim alphabet as the movie Stargate glyphs at the end of ../orion )

The "Lion Path" by Museos aligned glands with Pluto into fearlessness. The lion sphinx guarded the door inside out.


Portions of the mystery tour of how Templar's in the ET footsteps of the genespicing Reverend Mother Orion Queens.. insertion into the agenda of Ponce De Leon (Bridge Thru the Lion) will be abreviated here, for future evolution in the story line. Suffice it to say that the offset pent ('pentagulation' as Helios chose to call it), key geo-map to Cydonia on mars, and Rennes Le Chateaux key to the Grail line, is apparently exactly laid out in the huge map on the Eldorado key sites on the belly of America. This is the key to Lost Cities of Cibola, etc:

keywords to be included: gematrian template, pineal waveguide..
star camp.. palmers cave, coronado heights, lagacy of the cibolan journey to cuevera..sipapu..,hocking hills by athens ohio, mt hesperas mt blanc, mounds were human monument
mounds of eldorado are built around
the trinidad codex, have enneagrams..
towns of eldora... oddesey begins
5 cube dodec is hyperdimensional..
monkas overlook, mount hesperos..
crystal skull map=dove=top head line,
spherical vs circular geometry..
-- pending Helios and Ron here..


Next here in this turning of ancient archeo identity into practical self-empowerment, let us examine a bug story. (Contrail JetTrails Spores or HALE BOPP sticky blue - that end everything green stories)

Sipapu (Hopi) is emergeance from the bugs: (stick people)

this sub-plot is entitled: Kokapeli Unveiled - Hopi prophecy: spider web falling thru sky (contrail)
is the flute player taking off her mask.


Whether you got the virus from the jet-trails or it's ultimate source the Niburu DNA cookers with Hale Bopp Blue Aura, what is critical is that you understand the intent behind the bug. It is literally an intent vector or directive, genetically. (Catalytic sorting)

Acknowledgement to Helios from Kansas here:

One mechanism of the bug is called: Pseudomonas iru angoras. This is a phlegm inhabiting viral building block of viral war
cf "Bringing the War Home" by William Thomas. (link to william thomas contrail info article 1, article 2 )

It is critical to understand why the required inhabiting substrate for the new virals is mucous and mucosal linings. Mucous is created quite literally when the body gets the self vs not-self barrier a little bit muddied or confused. Mucous is for example generated when Cherokee eat the feds "free" cheese dairy, because the mother cow has been robbed land embedding by growth hormones. In addition the ability to braid your own proteins into self organized digested memories, is the MEANING OF WEANING. This means that emotionally mature people (able to digest braid their own protein memories), specifically should NOT eat pre-assembled lacto proteins (dairy). Otherwise the self goes to war with the not self. This is especially true of indigenous peoples whose glandular magnetism has more millenium of digesting land magnetism into focus/synthesis/alignment/vision, then gene stocks who moved too often. So they (Cherokee = Chi rook key = key to the rookery nest of birds-chi or charge or life force...) now expect virtually a MAJORITY OF THEIR YOUTH TO BE ON DIALYSIS BEFORE THEY ARE OUT OF THEIR TEENS. After excess mucous overflows, the liver (live:her) gives up.

You need to see that mucous is the result of trying to push memory braids from outside in instead of inside out. Then you will be able to follow me when I explain to you that mucous IS THE RESULT OF ADDICTIONS. Then you will be able to see that the jet-trail bug, or the spore on Blue Star Kuchina Hale Bopp (if you believe Andromedan and or/ remote viewers), IS A VECTOR AIMED DIRECTLY AT ADDICTIONS!

Let us take another example: We learned that simple neurofeedback empowerment could teach people to replace the missing tinkertoy in the brain (or the heart) nest of wavelengths. (see Marty Wuttke links).. Once people were self empowered to replace the missing alpha eidetic euphoric harmonic in their own brain heart harmonics THEY NO LONGER NEEDED ALCHOHOL OR DRUGS. Thousands of CLINICALLY DOCUMENTED CASES OF SUSTAINED REMISSION OF ADDICTION. The process also works in a very high percentage of Attention Deficit Disorder Cases (A.D.D.). (Ridilin is a less than subtle Draco plot). Attention IS CHARGE HARMONICS ARRANGED IN A FRACTAL EMBED. This allows sustained focus of those waves. Get the brain/heart harmonics embedable and the (at-tent-tion) wave sustains its concentering focus.

So what have we learned about addiction?

Getting the electrical symmetry of implosion arranged keeps waves coming back to the same center re-cursively. We call this skill to make electrical donuts self-centering both consciousness and gravity. The actual glandular skill to initiate this then self sustaining self organizing electrical flow, by embedding in order to inhabit, (and thus steer), has much to do with being willing to FEEL compassion. When the MAGneto electrical rush of glands getting on fire (phi's ray is what mind inhabits) this way is shut off, the burning fire that sorts the self from the not self STOPS SORTING. The result is literally MUCOUS. This (to be cliche) is why AIDS had to wait until the tribal dancers forgot how to dance and therefore BE ecstatic.

So what then happens is the body hungers for the sweet glandular juices of ecstatcy. But Mom and Dad are too afraid to teach their teen agers ANYHING ecstatic. The shakers shake, the quakers quake, the sufi's turn, the tribal rite of passage disappears in America. With nothing remaining (Sufi dance, Sacred Circle Dance, Tai Chi, Sacred Gymnastic, Eyurhythmy) to bring our young peoples glands to the cosmic sorting fire... THE RESULT IS ADDICTIONS AND MUCOUS!!

Specifically, each living cell is programmed to know that if it does not acheive involvement in ecstatcy, it is dead because of no ability to phone home. So teen agers kill themselves rather than lose ecstacy for good reason. The solution (to immune health) is simple: TEACH THEM AN APPROPRIATE HYGIENE FOR ECSTACY!

If a young person taught ecstatic art or movement or ritual, then sweet juices squeeze from glands getting fired: AND THEN THEY DO NOT REQUIRE THE SUGAR AND DRUGS! If they turn to Sugar and Dairy and Drugs to make the fire from the outside in instead of from the inside out, the muddy barrier of self-not-self confusion MUCOUS is NEVER BURNED TO PURITY. Mucous is simply the body saying, let me protect my inside from not eating (digesting) my outside, because I am confused.

Addictions ARE anything which uses non-self-empowered techno outside in chemistry to BUILD THE FIRE. Only the absolute skill to know how to build and sustain the electrical fire from the inside out, SUSTAINS WHAT STEERS AND SORTS!

This geometry of electricity to making implosion self-sustaining (fusion), is the key behind:

-alchemy-golde powder making

-hearts turning to love

-sacred bacteria permaculture symbiotic field geometry of the cow stomach or sacred compost

So what happens when the fire goes out? No ecstacy is allowed for those kids whose parents are afraid of an ecstacy they did not have. Those fundamentalists' fear of the "cult" is simply fear that the collective mind will crystallize around an imperfect seed (not pure principle like personality worship of guru or Oral or greedy evangelists). We should NOT let that fear prevent a global mind from emerging, otherwise our collective mind will ALWAYS be UNconscious. It is similar to a crystal growers concern that molecules would supersaturate crystallize around something NOT QUITE PURE PRINCIPLE (personality worship in the mean or fundamentalist sense). If the pure principle at the core of the crystallizing sweetness is the pure principle of embedding/compassion/the grail., THEN MANY CAN BECOME ONE AND STILL REMEMBER COMPASSION/INDIVIDUATION/SPECIFICITY. Cells which fall into the capacitive fractal we call "life" in fact can individuate BETTER than separate cells!

So when the fire of ecstacy goes out, our teen-agers turn to sweetness (which simply means braiding molecularly), MADE ON THE OUTSIDE!! This outside centered source of braid steering called ADDICTIONS, which cause mucous which is the only home for the deadly bug vector intent.

The story originally was that all the introduced bugs to wean sort our genepool by the Niburu would be tubercule-ar (that is worms in the re-spire-atory). We now know that the jet trail and related bug geometrics are aimed AT THE WALLS OF THE HEART. (Thank you Cynthia Hart for this one.) The respiration fire was just a thru path in to the heart. Advanced stages of the Jet Trail and related bugs end up causing great feeling of restriction around the heart walls. This is because the membrane there, is the ultimate cauldron for determining if the heart is going to build the inner fire to sort a membrane.

The membraneous lining of the walls of the heart, as the testing ground for addictions gets more and more to the heart of the matter. Those who still have access to their own ecstacy (eck/charge in stasis), can build the fire that passes the bug test. Here is a deeper reason:

Remember in the crop circle maps, from the book "Two Thirds" by David Myers and David Percy.. The Arcturian's planted the Arthurian/Essene myths to teach Planet Taming. This was simply a name for getting planetary emotion and long wave geomantic magnetics embedded (grail) enough to launch genes into stars. The superficial test for this was weather emotion was feeding Earth's gravity (aka Gurdjieff). The crop circles (angelic sitz marks) were left to engram the wave patterns for how to embed glands into planets to launch them magnetically. The specific instructive crop circle I have in mind is the one which is a detailed map of the floppy shape of the HAT OF OSIRIS. This turned out to be a shadow map of the PERICARDIUM around the heart. (Literally, the WALLS of the Heart.) It was explained in some detail in that book, that the reason we needed to be instructed in how to focus align massage the shape of this heart membrane, WAS BECAUSE THIS WAS THE TUNING MAGNETIC THRUST CAVITY WHICH FOCUSES PROPERLY ALIGNED HEART FIELD EFFECTS TO ENABLE TURNING GLANDULAR MAGNETISM INTO STAR NAVIGATING THRUST, literally! In other words, the skill to shape the hearts cavity into the right thrust engine to get the heart wings in the time corridors (flight of the navigator, crystal dreamer, steerer in time and the lucid dream).

So in effect the muscular skill to focus/shape the walls of the heart into something which steers magnetism into focus/thrust determined if you got to be a highly paid star navigator. (Only lo end ET's travel in heavy metal, hi end ones travel in genetic based craft steered by thought ... errr rather FEELING!. ) This is exactly exquisitely the skill which is required to fabricate the donut fields around the heart into the non-linear magnetic fractal as taught by ../heartlink .

So what have we learned? If the walls of the heart do not develop INTERNAL muscles to shape the magnetic thrust there:


A: Self Generated Ecstacy does not ensue

B: Magnetic Thrust to steer shamanically into embedding in (inhabiting) anything including stars does not happen

C: Children become assimilable borgs. (welcome to the "new world order")

D: Mucous Builds Up!


So what is the storal to this little bug battle mory?

1. orregano oil, anti fungal, wash off lips..
+ ginger garlic tea..

2. the DNA in gene spliced borg wheat, and Dairy is soulless, mucous producing and FATAL! Living food has soul-force. (see here "Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle" "Hygiene for Ecstacy" "Nourished by Spin" partially reprinted at ../nourishedbyspin )

3. Hygiene for charge density (spirit) is life or death. Only when the self empowering PURE PRINCIPLES behind hygeine instructions are not understood are those instructions disempowering and labeled "religion".

Final outline of this "What bugs need is love/embedding" story:

-Hopi prophecy: spider web falling thru sky"=contrail
as flute player takes off mask: kokapeli..

-Blue star kuchina: hale bopp: brought tail artificial planet in Mercury?Jupiter? orbit carrying the virus.. blue cloud, which now fills our atmosphere..

-Jet contrail also heat line activating with "panther piss" mixed j8 fuel(out blowers on wings) coverup for stealth tech,
highly sensitizes and exacerbates pervasive atmospheric viral..

-Attacks thru chest past respiration into walls around the heart where mucuous (every self/not self blurred line/unclear)
is attacked.. SAME AS attacking all addictions.

-Heart is tested for centering force/sustance of we/ ability to make ekg fractal..

-Chemistry is brain imploding (self engendered ecstatic) pinolinoes(nitriolines/divines/amygdalenes=which are ekg ecstacy triggered. (see Bentov "Stalking the Wild Pendulum" and ../isthisrecursion/apta.html for how ekg sonic pony tail triggers columnation of brain ventricular horny horns to pressure focus trigger psychoactive glandular secretions.)

ADDICTIONS replace this self empowered magneto launch into embedding/stars with:

pseudo dopamines(caffeine,sugar,cannubis,tobacco).

Sadly when burns the fire from outside in instead of inside out, this creates mucous and ultimately membrane death.. hastened by appropriate viral sorting vectors sponsored by your local genesplicers. Their agenda is upgraded DNA with higher resale value. Feed the Earth consciously, or be fed to the Earth unconsciously (Gurdjieff).


> Sky Samples Analyzed
>By William Thomas with Erminia Cassani
>(Excerpts only; for full article, please visit
> VICTORIA, British
>Columbia, Canada, April 22, 1999 (ENS) - As unmarked tanker-type aircraft
>continue spraying sky-obscuring chemtrails over regions of the U.S. and
>Canada, this writer and American journalist Erminia Cassani have obtained
>laboratory tests of fully-documented samples of aerial fallout. The samples
>were tested by a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) licensed
>facility. The two samples were taken from aluminum-sided structures in
>separate states nearly a year apart after their respective owners went
>outside in the wake of low-flying aircraft to find dwellings and
>outbuildings splattered with a brown, gel-like substance. Coliform tests
>by the state Department of Health were negative. But when the university
>Ph.D. biologist turned his microscope to high power, he found the glass
>slide teeming with a protozoan life form he said was "very resilient to
>very cold temperatures." The laboratory staff who eventually received our
>sample for a complete analysis had never seen cell cultures bloom so fast.
>Cell cultures normally take several days to grow; ours flowered into
>brilliant colors within 48 hours of being placed in petri dishes.
>Exclaiming that, "It was all over the plate," the biologist who examined
>our first sample wanted to know where we had obtained this "bio-hazard"
>material. a primary food source. This bacteria can cause upper
>respiratory illness and serious blood infections in humans. Unlike P.
>flourescens, the streptomyces present in our sample is rarely found in
>outdoor samples. Used to make several antibiotics, this fungus can cause
>severe infections in humans. "restrict" or cut DNA material for transfer
>to other organisms. A computer search for this usually benign bacteria
>turned up Streptomyces and P. flourescens on the same reference page ­ as
>well as the American Type Tissue Culture Corporation. U.S. Senate documents
>show that this Maryland company made at least 72 shipments of germ warfare
>cultures to Saddam Hussein's scientists between October 1984 and October
>1993. Three other molds in a second sample included a "black yeast"
>stockpiled by the U.S. Army as a "bioremediation organism" that thrives on
>TNT and petroleum spills. This black yeast can also cause a nasty upper
>respiratory infection - as Cassani discovered when her left lung became
>painfully infected with black mold that could have come from the sample she
>handled. A copy of Aqua Tech's report on a sample has been obtained by
>this reporter. Submitted on September 17, 1997 and labeled "Jet Fuel," lab
>report number MEL 97-1140 identifies more than 15 toxic petroleum products
>- including toulene and styrene, as well as traces of the banned pesticide
>ethylene dibromide (EDB). Currently used as a JP-8 jet fuel additive, EDB
>was banned by the EPA in the late 1970s as a known carcinogen capable of
>causing severe upper respiratory reactions at repeated low-level exposures.
> Serratia marcescens was found in yet another gel sample obtained in Idaho
>in late March, 1999. Often causing upper respiratory infections resulting
>in pneumonia, Serratia marcescens was sprayed into the New York subway
>system in 1953, and over Dorset, England from early 1966 to 1971 by the
>military in both countries. Serratia marcescens was supposedly withdrawn as
>a biological warfare stimulant in the 1970s when this infectious agent was
>deemed too hazardous for use on friendly "test populations." Experimental
>lab material found in our samples remains unexplained. As outbreaks of
>staph, recurrent pneumonia and meningitis continue to be reported in
>hospitals by newspapers across the USA, Cassani and I note that
>staph-related organisms turning up in test samples of airborne spray can
>cause pneumonia and meningitis. Our investigation continues.


note reprinted below from rumor mill: definitely unconfirmed:

keywords Yugoslavia and Alien Populations:

(republished from 1996 article)
Is Yugoslavia Being DepopulatedIn Order For Aliens To Settle There?

Connecting the Pieces of The Puzzle
by Anonymous

The following is my attempt to pull together four tangled
threads and weave a tapestry that may or may not be the
full story. I have no proof that the conclusions I am
drawing are accurate, I am only putting out information
that has come my way. Information that I believe to be true.

The Four Puzzle Pieces:
1. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
2. Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia and Yugoslavia
3. The Hale-Bopp Comet
4. The UFO Crash at Roswell, NM

1st Puzzle Piece:
Wright-Patterson AFB is located in Ohio between Dayton
and Springfield, near a smaller town named Fairborn.
Located nearby is the Wright brothers museum, the Air
Force Museum, the Air Force Institute of Technology,
Wright State University, and many smaller and lesser
known institutes.

Wright-Patterson is currently in the news because it has
been chosen as the location for the Bosnian peace talks.
The leaders of NATO and many European countries will be
meeting there with the representatives of the warring
factions in Bosnia. No reason has been given for choosing
Wright-Patterson as the location for these talks.

With all the beautiful and historic places in the world that
could have been chosen for this meeting, why was an Air
Force Base, that is barely known to people outside Ohio,
chosen as the location for the Bosnian peace talks? Talks
that were held many stories below ground in a huge top
secret underground bunker.

The only real claim to fame that Wright-Patterson has, is
that it houses the Roswell UFO. This widely circulated
rumor states that immediately after the 1947 UFO crash in
Roswell, New Mexico, the alien space craft and alien
bodies were quickly and surreptitiously transported to
Wright-Patterson AFB, where they were stored in an top
secret hangar.

2nd Puzzle Piece:
Yugoslavia has been fighting wars for almost a thousand
years. Contrary to what appears in our press, the current
war is a religious war between Muslims, (the descendants
of the invading Turks), Christians and Orthodox Christians.
The barbarity that goes on in the region has been going on
since the Turks invaded Eastern Europe and cruelly
subjugated the people.

The invading Turks forced the Christians to become
Muslims. They converted or they died horrible deaths.
Another way the Turks made Muslims out of Christians
was to take the oldest son of every family and raise him as
a Muslim.

By doing this, Fathers were turned against their sons in
battle. The sons, who were raised by Moslem fathers,
stayed true to the adopted father and killed their own

The brutal, savagery of the Turks is well known, even in
today's world. The United Nations Turkish army in Korea
earned a reputation as the most powerful and brutal of the
allied powers fighting in Korea.

Vlad, the Impaler, a feudal baron of the Dragon clan, or
Dracul clan, is known throughout the world for his
savagery, barbarism, cannibalism and vampirism. Many
historians claim that he was merely a sadist of the worst
degree. However, other historians who are familiar with the
Turkish invasion and subjugation of the European people
believe that Vlad employed these tactics to scare the Turks.

He became so feared for his heinous tortures and cruel
barbarous treatment of captured prisoners that the Turks
fled when his army approached.

His theory must have been to copy what the Turks did and
do it a thousand times worse. The KGB used this technique
when dealing with Iranian terrorists who kidnaped their
agents. The KGB kidnaped relatives of the terrorists and
tortured them savagely before they killed them. The
Iranians immediately released the kidnaped KGB agents,
while our agents, like Terry Anderson, were held captive
for five years.

Some historians credit Vlad with stopping the Turkish
encroachment into Europe. However, he is best known as
the prototype of Dracula.

The word Dracul translates as dragon, which was the name
of his clan, just as King Arthur's clan was called the
PenDragon Clan. Pen translates as "head", therefore Arthur
was descended from the "Head Dragon's Clan".

The savagery and cruelty in Bosnia has gone on for
hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. It seems to be an
area of the world that is doomed to fight wars until the last
drop of human blood is shed, or until the three warring
factions are separated so they can not interact with each

On the NBC evening news the other night, I heard that a
renegade Serb commander is clearing an area of its Muslim
inhabitants. The area is almost depopulated because no
civilians, Serb or Muslim, dare to venture out into
unprotected disputed lands.

3rd Puzzle Piece:
Several months ago a discovery was made by two amateur
astronomers named Hale and Bopp. A planet sized comet
was discovered at the distant reaches of our solar system. It
was named after its discoverers, Hale and Bopp. The Hale-
Bopp comet appears to be somewhere between 100 and
1000 miles in diameter and is headed toward earth. Its path
will not collide with earth, but it will pass close enough for
us to get a good look at it. If we had a shuttle ready to go, it
could gather some extraordinary information.

Other observatories around the world have been studying
the comet and giving their reports. I find it interesting that
most of the information that I have gathered on the comet
does not come for the major media, but from talk radio.
Reputable astronomers have said that it appears to have a
spiral shaped structure on its surface. Others have said that
the "planet" or comet is cube shaped.

Some Christians have speculated that this is the New
Jerusalem which will set down somewhere in the Holy

Other people have referred to the books by Zachariah
Sitchen and have proclaimed that the comet the 12th planet
making its 3,000 year orbit close to the earth. This version
states that the comet, a.k.a., planet, will dispatch hundreds
of ships which will land on earth. The arrivals from the
comet or planet are the Anunnaki, the master race that
seeded us here as their work animals.

4th Puzzle Piece:
In 1947 newspapers across the country reported that an
alien space craft had crashed outside of Roswell, New
Mexico. The story ran for several days until a military
spokesman gave the official government story that it had
only been a weather balloon.

For almost 50 years rumors have traveled in the UFO
community speculating as to what really happened at
Roswell. Eye witnesses disappeared or refused to talk, but
still the rumors leaked out.

The craft was recovered. Eye witnesses reported that alien
bodies were also discovered at the crash site.. It was even
rumored that one of the aliens was alive at the time of the
crash recovery.

According to one military source, the Air Force knew that it
needed to get all pieces of the UFO and alien bodies out of
New Mexico as fast as possible. Reporters from all over the
world were coming to Roswell and descending on the crash

Within two to three days of finding the UFO, everything
was moved to Wright-Patterson AFB and put under a high
security in a hangar which was off limits to almost

Fitting the Pieces Together
+ Three of the puzzle pieces have a passing relationship.
+ The Roswell crash debris was taken to Wright-Patterson.
+ Wright-Patterson will be the site of the Bosnian Peace

But how does the Comet Hale-Bopp fit into to this?

In July of 1990, shortly before Iraq invaded Kuwait, there
was a top secret meeting held in one of the highest security
Air Force Bases in the United States. I did not attend the
meetings, but I was on the base at the time the meetings
took place. I had dinner in the Officer's Club with many of
the men who did attend the meetings.

One evening two intelligence operatives, who made up part
of the security detail, sat down at my table and started
talking. We knew each other because we had worked
together in the past.

Their conversation touched on many different things. Some
were details of missions they had been on, some had to do
with hidden details of Iran Contra and the NATO stores of
arms. Most of what they were saying was the typical talk
between men who have lived the same kind of covert
lifestyle. But one comment was out of the ordinary and it
certainly perked up my ears, because it had to do with

The conversation started off with one man saying that there
had been increased UFO activity off of Kuwait in the past
month. He said that some people were speculating that the
aliens had actually contacted the Kuwaiti government and
were negotiating some kind of deal with them.

The other man responded that there was a UFO base under
the water of the Persian Gulf just off of Kuwait. He said he
had known about it for years.

One man asked the other, "Do you think the UFO activity
has anything to do the big landing that is planned for the
end of 95?"

"You mean the one in Yugoslavia?" the second man asked..
The first man nodded yes, and the second man replied.
"Yeah, I guess so. They are probably scout ships making
sure that we honor our agreement."

"How many are coming?" The first man asked.

"I've been told 12 million."

"Where are they going to put them all? And how are they
going to keep the rest of the world from knowing about

Neither man had an answer to the question and they quickly
moved on to other things.

I later questioned a close friend who had a high level
security clearance. "What can you tell me about the 12
million aliens who are scheduled to land in Yugoslavia?"

"How did you find out about that?" he asked. I told him I
had run across it at Langley. "How are you going to place
12 million aliens in a country and not have anyone find out
about them?" I queried.

"We're in the planning on that right now. Yugoslavia can
be "ethnically cleansed". All we have to do is whip up a
war between old enemies, and they will depopulate the area
for us." He laughed and walked away.
* * *

Now you have all the pieces of the puzzle that I have. And I
will pose a question to you:

Could the war in Yugoslavia have been triggered by
outsiders? Could the long simmering hatred between
Christians and Moslems have been purposely ignited?

Could the real purpose of the war be to depopulate areas of
the former Yugoslavia through "ethnic cleansing" and
genocide, so that 12 million aliens can move in and live?

Are these aliens aboard the Comet Hale-Bopp?

Is the meeting on Wright-Patterson AFB being held there
because ever since Roswell, Wright-Patterson has been the
hub of all alien information and coordination?

I have no answers, I just know that three men with high
level security clearances all knew about the 12 million
aliens and their planned settlement in Yugoslavia.
# # #

RMNews Comment:
The author of this last piece is a contract agent who has
worked for many different government agencies and
departments. In the past, his information has always
checked out.

I can't help but wonder if Zachariah Sitchen, who wrote the
book, "The Twelfth Planet" was right about the Anunnaki
coming back every three thousand years to collect their
gold. Are the aliens who were resettled in Yugoslavia
actually the Masters that created us as their slave laborers?

At the moment there are NATO forces stationed in
countries that used to be part of Yugoslavia. We are told
that the troops are there as Peace Keepers. In other words,
they are stationed there to keep the warring sides from
getting close enough to start fighting again.

But what if the troops are really there to keep everyone
away from the area where the 12 million aliens have
settled? And why is Kosovo being cleared of people now.
Are more aliens on the way?
Rumor Mill News ,Pigeon Point Publishing, P.O. Box 1784,Aptos, CA 95001