1. Relativity's Replacement - The New Physics of Implosion: A New Mathematical Approach to the Nature of Biology.

2. (below) New Physics of Alchemy..

PREDICTIONS FOR A NEW PHYSICS OF GRAVITY & AWARENESS BASED ON RECURSION (complete original text: http://www.goldenmean.info/predictions )

Abstract for Presentation to University - Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon, Portugal

by Dan Winter , September 23, 2002. Dan Winter vitae (http://www.goldenmean.info/vitae )

In addition to modeling the molecular symmetry just before superconductivity ... Winter has been using the "Jitterbug" to teach how the planet grid prepares to receive the inertia of compression (Solar Maxima/Rapture) non-destructively.. for the last 10 years in his course teaching. Implosion- uses the self similarity among waves which MAKES GRAVITY from voltage by turning compression IN to acceleration (recursive constructive Golden Ratio phase velocity heterodynes-IS infinite non-destructive compression-perfect collapse- -- the fulfillment of Einstein's dream). Now it appears to also model the unfurling geometry of the big bang! He further explains that the name for Egypt: KHEM- means "From the BLACKness" (The Blue/Black Nubian/Rigelian blood of Egypt's founder-Enki/Thoth/Black Madonna) - name for ability to MAKE BLACK HOLES- originates our name for CHEMistry and alCHEMy.

the actual fractality of the valence should indicate alchemy

self similarity enabled perfect collapse?

(leadbeater mislabeled the d f shells as star dumbell: proper= dodec icso...


new - goldenmean.info/shareablewave



The 'TIME' Falling Bodies Take to Light -

Ode to "Primer on Energy" -

Rotation among waves is the only origin and definition and measurement we have ever had for both mass and time. Therefore, learning the recursive symmetry that enables charge compression which sustains & centers rotation is the key to emerge alive from both mass and time. (Quote from Dan Winter)


Rotation / time - gone recursive in the {golden}spiral that translates vorticity is not only the path from matter {/rotation} to energy{/linear motion} - it is also the only way to become attractive.

update- Sept. 2002: Relativity's replacement announced by Dan Winter -

E=MC^2 merely quantified the obvious that inertia storage - called 'mass' was only a function of sustainable wave rotation.

More interesting / and from the point of view of electrically supporting the creation of life force - probably more useful - we now have - from Winter:


Gravity, Implosion, and Self-Awareness = Charge Acceleration thru C by Wave Self-Similarity - FRACTALITY ! = (Potentially infinite wave multiple-connectedness by CONSTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION)

Implosion is that which provides the centering force necessary to stabilize the wave rotation called 'mass'. By defining mass only as the resistance to change of position / interia - for wave packets in rotation - it became obvious that a symmetry law was required to describe what causes wave to resist change of position.

( Einstein called this problem he never solved: the geometric model of infinite non-destructive compression. - which is now obviously the stellated dodeca-icosa.)

-The answer - pulling the plug to allow charge an exit path thru the speed of law by recursive heterodyning: Charge Implosion - also answers the other question which til now stumped physicists: Why does an object fall to the ground?

The Proof: Capacitive Charge in PHI based self-similarity creates gravity.


In summary - because he was stumped on the geometry of infinite non-destructive compression - Einstein got a few things wrong - he caused all physics to say "Acceleration due to gravity" and measure that - as the only definintion current physcs has for gravity. Yet now we know that it is actually the opposite: "Gravity is due to acceleration"! (of charge) - thru the speed of light. And recursive heterodyning (constructive wave interference of phase VELOCITIES - when centers of charge/mass enter the geometry of self-similarity.) IS the accelerator.

See also- upcoming: International Conference: "Practical Energy Applications of Implosion - Learning the PRINCIPLES" - inspired also in way the HeartTuner measures / EKG implosion (charge self-similarity as non-destructive compression). more info: heartcoherence.com/conference

Comments from Dan Winter: (comments made subsequent to the dialog-see link) The reason Schauberger and others (described below) were able to extract electrical wattage from a water vortex was because of the natural possibility of initiating successful recursive capacitive charge compression which can accelerate components of the charge field thru the speed of light - in water - which is properly called IMPLOSION. Proof of this concept can be understood by arranging simple capacitors in a recursive fractal ( PHI / pent optimized array) - measuring the resultant ion beam & weak gravity field generated (pics - CLICK HERE FOR IMAGE Library REVIEW FOR THIS 'IMPLOSION CONCEPT")- even when the capacitors are not externally energized. If water is properly piezoelectric (trace mineral 'doping'), and spun in a proper dialectric insulator - water naturally imitates this charge array elegantly in it's own seeking for maximum non-destructive compression both hydrodynamically and electrically. Gravity is created and destroyed as charge lines create this acceleration path due to recursive heterodyning of phase wave lengths AND velocities. The voltage difference between the charge compression core and the centrifugal periphery can become a meaningful source of power. It is also true, that 'sinking' the local charge field in this way - will create gravity and emotional perturbation, and needs to be done very responsibly. Also it is strongly noted that the relative position of the device with respect to local ley / charge earth lines, will affect the output - and disturbance degree - as well as effects from the astrologic (which are really capacitive) symmetry density conditions.

Above-Simple Passive Capacitor in pristine gravitational place, picks up gravity fluctuations -and functions better than a telescope to pick up star movements / explosions.. also measureably faster than light-speed.. Michael Faraday- a capacitive field is in the form of a gravity field.

Above - courtesy the work of Greg Hodowanec and Bill Ramsey- search keyword also - Rustrak Recorder..

2. Teaching the All-CHEM-Y of LIFE -

& How the 'End of Time' - Alchemizes the Heart

AL-CHEM-Y in the Heart: Waves during COMPASSION - implode in the EKG's magnetic convergence...

Did you ever wonder why putting food in the refrigerator does not preserve freshness as well as putting food in a pyramid - or even putting it in an egg?

The reason an egg (or a PINE CONE) preserves life so well is because of its shape. Not merely it's structural shape is the issue - it is also its ELECTRICAL shape which makes it a good 'life preserver'. The reason a pyramid sharpens razor blades and preserves meat - is because of it's electrical symmetry which prevents BLEEDING OF CAPACITIVE CHARGE. In both cases - we have a wonderful teaching example of WHAT IS THE ALCHEMY OF LIFE. If we understood in practical electronic principle what it was that enabled biology to hold life - then probably we could stop being such klutzes with our ecosystem and children.

I have seldom been so disgusted as when I walked in to the huge holistic natural foods chain - 'Wild Oats' big new mega store in Phoenix. Here was like the flagship of new wholistic life oriented natural foods mega super store. And really the array of truly healthy food was quite a delight. HOWEVER - I soon noticed myself getting sever pains (big head ache) in my kundalini over sensitized crown chakra. I look up and notice the place is covered with these God awful -life destroying - huge mercury vapor lights.

Now - the data is already published ('Health & Light' John Ott - et al) - that correct spectral emissions harmonics of lighting DRAMATICALLY affect employee and student health - and productivity. However - since no one connected the dots to tell Earth humans what life force is, they still stupidly proceed to kill themselves with bad electrical choices. Another similar example: - everyone knows that if you rip out the life killing poison of flouresent (particularly pink type) lights out of classrooms and simply invite in sunshine - the result is a huge and measureable increase in attention span of the students. Yet - on this stupid planet - the vast majority of BILLIONS of students still labor ONLY under (non full spectrum - sun imitating) flouresent light harmonics which systematically destroys their aura and learning ability. Why? you ask yourself - it is not because the studies have not been published - it is more because SINCE THE PRINCIPLE BEHIND THE STUDY was not understood - no one spread the info.

Another example - we now know exactly how to build a capactitive field which can add to the charge we call life force - but where do the vast majority of billions of Earth humans walk to - each time they wish to store food? They go to something called a refrigerator. And what is a refrigerator? It is a large metal box precisely designed do BLEED charge - leak capacitive field - and therefore destroy life. Now everyone knows that their sweet fresh tomatoes from the garden are going to taste like shit after just a day or so in such a life destroying box - BUT has anyone done anything about it?

Well - Wilhelm Reich actually did explain how to store charge by making alternate layers of dialectric concave. Unfortuneately - in another example of stupid human ego - he had to call his discovery ORGONE - instead of the proper physics which is inclusive harmonics of capacitive charge. The result of his schizophrenic choice to pick yet another devisive name (Orgone) for the same life essence - was no one could ever include - or measure - or integrate that work into science. See - Unifying Nations by Unifying the LANGUAGE OF SPIRIT-Names for Life Force

So this brings us to the context of our present conversation. THE ALCHEMY OF LIFE. Let us understand in principle what it is that creates life - and then do it.

Alchemy as a word - Means - everything (All-) comes from CHEM. Chem - means 'FROM THE BLACKNESS' - Or more literally - FROM THE BLACK HOLE.

Chem was the original name of Egypt. Step into the Golden Egg of EGGypt, the Alchemical land of Kham, whose dark star Khem name, and black soil of the metallurgists and medicine men of Abydos, gave birth to the name Al-Khem-Meia. (Meia is one of the daughters of Atlantis or Atlas, the son of UrANUs). Hence, she is one of the Seven Sisters, one of the Kimah's, one of the Pleiades.

The point is that ACCESS TO A BLACK HOLE IS ACCESS TO ALCHEMY. Implosion of capacitive charge waves accelerated by self-similar non destructive compression - is biology's way a making LIFE - and THAT is the Alchemy of Life.


Integrate properly self-similarity of charge into your enviornment and you suck in the charge we call life..

See: Measuring Life Force - & Making Love Visible? - "All Human Interactions are about CHARGE" moreover - LIFE FORCE - is electrically defined as

the ability to (fractally) ATTRACT AND SELF-ORGANIZE CHARGE. (measuring tool: HeartTuner - hi gain 2nd order septrum measure of CHARGE coherence.)

Make the black hole - and things come alive - This is the alchemy of life. Notice above the atomic symmetry of palladium - key to cold fusion. It is dodeca - and essentially self-similar.

The modern science of teaching alchemy - is the proper arrangement of layers of charge to create the fusion implosion which sucks electrical inertia in thru the speed of light. This is why the philosophers stone - sulphur element had the electron valence symmetry of gold - while the thin film of mercury had the atomic nuclear symmetry of gold. Getting a radiant capactive field based on self-similarity strong enough permeating the mercury thin film - and it would turn into gold. This is why gold in the thin film state is super-superconductive. It is because self-similar implosive compression paths thru atomic center - eliminate resistance to current flow.

This also explains why meditators find it easier to float - create gravity under a gold dome.

So you ask - why do we not arrange our capacitors into fractals and just implode up some life everywhere we need it. The answer is that mechanically based electrical implosion lacks a critical biological ingredient. We call that - biological intent. In practice it means that energy waves from infinite multiply connected topologies arrive everywhere charge implosion is sustained - hopefully biologically. If the attention of all of life - is sucked to some place electrically which has merely mechanical implosion - minus 'pure intention' - the net effect is the biomass does not LEARN from the experience. So mechanical implosion - actually leads to the reduced sustainability of ALL implosion. This is what is meant by - it takes a heart of gold to make gold.

We found that the EKG during empathy and compassion generates a harmonic series based on golden ratio - because it is the way all biological oscillators take their armoring down to become touchable. This is naturally done - only when the biological organism has found something WORTH SHARING. Thus - discovering something which illuminates pure principle results in your feeling a great electrical rush or tingle. It is biology's way of informing you - that you have found a proper way to EMBED and thus not die.

The reason the mercury vapor lights - and the non-full spectrum flourescent lights killed life and attention span - is simply their wave lengths were not such as to be able to EMBED in the 'phase nest' of all of the fusion in the solar system. The wave lengths of hydrogen's fusion which is the essence of sunlight has the symmetry necessary to permit FUSION of waves in general. Fusion is the essence of human attention - AND (the alchemy of ) LIFE FORCE - because it has the symmetry recipe to produce maximum agreement among waves. That infinite potential wave agreement (implosion) is the essence of life's alchemy and self-organization because it is how the self-aware universe makes phone calls to itself. The mathematic term for this is ' infinite multiply connected topology'.

To understand the life essence notion of infinite mulitple connectedness - simply imagine a hologram made of waves. Each node can contain information about an infinite number of other points- ONLY when perfect compression allows each node to be fractal or self-similar. So - in a sense the only perfectly sustainable hologram is fractal - and self-aware. In other words - total coherence in its boundary or limit condition is perfect compression based on fractality . This IS the alchemy of life.

The English language holds a key to this alchemy. The word EVIL for example - by being the mirror reverse of the characters for LIVE. Here - the L is the turn or phas angle- the EYE is the I of focus- and the V is the vortex or tornado of perfect embedding. To LIVE is to turn into perfect embedding. And the mirror opposite of that - or EVIL - is merely to TURN AWAY FROM EMBEDDING. So therefore - the LIGHTING in your childrens - classroom - by being flourescent and not full spectrum solar - is exquisitely EVIL. (Because those waves FAIL TO EMBED). If someone were to explain the physics of what EVIL means to George Bush - maybe a new yardstick for lack of bliss in a fear based government would be exposed.

It is not a return to an ancient alchemy which is so much dreamed of for Sintra's yearning / Saudade. It is the NEW alchemy for what is a DOORWAY INTO A FRACTAL - The true PORT -OF the GRAIL. (Port-u gal)

So - what this article proposes is that a new academic facility be created at SINTRA - which can be read as S-INTRA, or GOING INTO - access to vortex / implosion. Here we take the opportunity to teach the new physics of what alchemy really means. At Sintra - enough magnetic lines are pursuaded to converge non-destructively - to make dimpling - and turning inside out - possible.

How Does PHI/Golden Mean Based Recursion Create Dimple Inside Out-Ness?

The electrical environment there is ideally suited to create ATTENTION to teach the PRINCIPLES behind the ancient Science of Alchemy. The Alchemical studios of earlier centuries could find no more wonderful or appropriate service - than to become the proper history rich ambiance to now inform our young people of the new union between new physics and ancient alchemical principles.

Lack of respect for life in our young people arises directly from not understanding the true electrical alchemic principles of what life is. In an environment where the true physics of charge implosion, and life essence are encouraged - the new dynamics of peak experience and peak learning are enabled. Eventually this leads to the exploration of peak experience and initiation as the proper result of an intiatory complex like Sintra. Here magnetic convergance sites visted in proper symmetry sequence - create implosion alchemically in the glands- maximum sensitivity / perception and even the true science of euphoria and bliss..

See: BrainPhire?Fractal Golden Ratio Harmonics in BrainWaves as Mechanism of Euphoria / Active Visualization / Bliss?

If the Source of Becoming Informed, and of Knowing - Lies in How Much CHARGE Information can Be Contained or Embedded in the Body..

And - Peak Awareness is Peak Charge- Then The Goal of EDUCATION Should be that Peak.. Consider - the Physics of Euphoria and Peak Awareness -- ( even BLISS) as the Ultimate Educator


Study in Russia Indicates Fractal Golden Ratio Harmonics in BrainWaves as Mechanism of Euphoria / Active Visualization / Bliss?

May Support Neurofeedback Solutions to ATTENTION DISORDERS Based on IMPLOSION.

As promised in the title - the REASON time compression at the end of solar ages- alchemizes the heart - is because the charge densities which accompany the solar maxima (2000- 2012 - climax of the Mayan / Solar calendar) formerly called RAPTURE by Christians - permit only those biological structures ABLE to non-destructively (and ALCHEMICALLY) compress / implode - to survive. In a sense - being squeezed - teaches us the biological hygiene techniques for immortality of infinite compression / acceleration thru the Heart of the sun.. (When the phase fronts of biological magnetics - particularly the ultraviolet component of DNA emissions - blue fire - interface successfully with the superluminal - faster than light speed - the resultant electrical sustainability is the physics of immortality / ensoulment).

Here is another example - if we take the top down view of your DNA struggling to acheive the necessary implosive compression acceleration required to die successfully -

(see movie below)

This is ALSO the model for how compression near the end of the solar cycle - AL-CHEM-IZES the heart. More specifically - all of the magnetism converging which requires the sun to orgasm - tests each biological genetic for the same compression hygiene. Alchemy is the heart of what enables ACCESS to this black hole - where - many paths and errands meet.


track the 7 arrows of the heart.. you have the symmetry map to imposion AND self awareness.. at not onlt the human heart but also the heart of hydrogen and the heart of the sun


could we measure rate at which star bodies mass centers entered recursion geometrics - (log phi spirals, 60degree dodeca implosion conics from ../grail.html ) to predict the rate at which they become recursive/sef organizing (emergant from chaos enough to recur) and therefor self aware..

thus at least learning a lesson from the geometry of our local "end of time"ref: ../timewave (erection of holy cross galactically)

and sangraal.com/AMET/hendaye.html (fulcanelli monument to the end of time..

storal seems to be that if we learned the symmetry of recursion as fusion - which animates the galactic core (& sun trigger) toward
self- awareness/organzation/direction - then we should be able to apply (that alchemy)(alphabet of symmetry) to the heart..

And Finally- the role of star-fire /glandular alchemy - (melatonin/seratonin rich menstrual blood as oil of messeh - creating messiah..)
Lawrence Gardner: Bloodline of the Grail.,StarFire-Annunaki, Genesis of the Grail Kings, ShewBread-Gold Powder & More.. article links.

This work on Implosion originated with Dan Winter's discovery of Frequency Signature of EKG during empathy - becoming COHERENT and self-similar - see: http://www.heartcoherence.com

The results are animated in Java for visual understanding of implosion at http://www.goldenmean.info/compassionmap

below is exerpt:

How Symmetry Map to Inside Out Makes Compassion's Harmonics Measureable

Understanding the Simple physics behind HOW the HeartTuner measures compassion - as coherence (in addition to measuring empathy when 2 hearts come into phase lock)..

from The Heart Coherence Team... Sept 2002.


First- see at main link http://www.goldenmean.info/compassionmap- interdigitated (stellated) -phi based- dodeca model the perfected embedding chosen by the (fractal) EKG - like DNA/ Earth Grid / & Zodiac..

Next animation ( at link) - how the donut knows the way inside out... try throwing it .. click here to see friends who spin it into an alphabet of symmetry..



CLICK HERE FOR PRELIMINARY IMAGE REVIEW FOR THIS 'IMPLOSION CONCEPT" - http://www.goldenmean.info/curriculumimages


Model of the Heart's Electrification during Euphoria.. Implosive Compression: animation: http://www.goldenmean.info/compassionmap

As the heart sucks into its fractal center

the wind which begins when you choose to FEEL compassion.. the donut sucks the dimple in - again and again - which shows up as another harmonic in the harmonic analysis (power spectra ..right bottom in the pic)..THIS IS WHAT THE HEART TUNER MEASURES AS THE ONSET OF COHERENCE..

This ascention is enabled by the centering force generated by PASSION itself. (Which as we suggest below has a critical function in the physics of how biology feeds gravity - the force which keeps tornadoes concentric - thus gluing all worlds together).


So this is HOW we believe The HeartTuner works - When you choose to feel compassion - you make a little picture INSIDE your heart - which WHEN it is SELF-SIMILAR (or fractal) to the SHAPE of the FEELING (magnetism) of the person OUTSIDE your heart ...

THEN that sets up the conditions to allow the OUTSIDE to FALL IN. This is called technically - a FRACTAL ATTRACTOR. It works because only FRACTAL ( or self-similar - fern or onion like) symmetry permits infinite non-destructive compression. This is also called IMPLOSION.

When waves can infinitely CONSTRUCTIVELY interfere as they approach center (fractal self-similarity optimized by Golden Mean ratio) then they add and multiply their wave velocities constructively as well as their wave lengths. This we believe is the only physics necessary to understand the origin of gravity - (because that geometry which permits acceleration - is that which makes gravity - which is the same as acceleration - which will be proven as soon as someone -besides military aircraft - puts enough capacitors in a fractal to make gravity --)


It is Electrifying to Realize the Heart is Electrified By Concentric
Donuts - Sweeping Voltage Directly from Gravity.

(pic from"When Time Breaks Down" by Winfree -electrophysics of origin of the Heart's Beat)


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