Are there really 12 "strands' in your DNA when you "Ascend"? - What's the PHYSICS?
What is a "Mud Blood"?

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What is the "Dance of 7 Veils", the "7th Seal", and the "7th Sign" about?

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This week we sat and watched Harry Potter in 'Chamber of Secrets' explain in perfect English what a MUD BLOOD is with very good physics understood by most kids.
A MUD BLOOD is someone who hasn't chosen the long term discipline to ignite their DNA with charge.
The result is the failure to acheive the only possible path to psychokinesis (Harry Potter style) and immmortality.
The kids know - too bad the scientists don't.

Read below how the DNA thread begins as 5 'threaded' spins - then when that thread is recursively braided exactly SEVEN more times it turns inside out into an (imploding and gravity making and star bending) TORUS DONUT - LORD OF THE RING. With 5 spins inside and SEVEN spins outside - this makes exactly "12 Strands" in your DNA!.. Except using physics instead of new age language we create precise scientific instructions for getting your DNA on PHIRE..

companion articles: - SuperConductant DNA vs. Braiding and "Soul" Making - ANIMATION OF THIS BRAIDING IDEA

Jan 07>Update:The DNA Manifesto-and DNA ET History + Film Trailer AND DNA Physics of Egyptian Afterlife Entry

Summary- (for the pictorial series below) - Genetic Power Spectra (Montauk's 'Boson 7': Michael Ash time empath story / Anikin's 'Chloridians' - also see link 'decode' above ) reveals how axes of spin symmetry ('strands') or dimensions are superposed in DNA. This illustrates how the electrical properties of gravity ("God") making implosion are generated in DNA. First the 3 axis cube is tilt spun into the '4th dimension hypercube tesseract': the dodecahedron. (The shape Poincare symmetry suggests makes gravity from charge ,and the shape of palladium - key to cold fusion - pic below). Then that is 'wratcheted' or stepped down the helix stairway into the slinky that is DNA - the 5th dimension. FIVE spins are in that thread.

> Is this the 7th Sign, the 7th Seal, the 7th Veil??>> THEN - the thread is braided into string, the string is braided into rope, the rope is braided into FAT rope - until upon the SEVENTH superposed BRAIDING or nesting-- the DNA in the 7 color DONUT map - becomes TOROIDAL (physics measures: circularDNA, ringlord -links above). This occurs mostly & appropriately at sex, bliss, tantra, kundalini, death etc.
( 7 Spins Outside, 5 Spins Inside should begin to sound a bit familiar - hint Heart of the Sun, the Human and Heart of Hydrogen... the perfect Gordian Slip Knot that is DNA, origin of alphabet, and all of the above! If there are 5 strands or braid threads inside, and then 7 more into the DONUT DNA - does this mean that evolution designed 12 STRANDS in your DNA? - more correctly 12 axes of spin .. So - you new age "12 strand DNA" wu wu's - Anna Hayes et al.. stop talkin STRANDS - you make the biologists laugh- use correct language - refer to harmonic analysis or power spectra. )

This TOROIDAL DNA (see photomicrographs at links) maximizes the DNA designed ability to EMBED and attract / 'eat' the charge from its environment. (To inHAbit is to breath charge into - by gravity making in the fractal center). Only fractality / harmonic inclusiveness triggers the (implosion) compression 'sacred space' necessary to ignite DNA. -This finishes the necessary compression turned into acceleration (gravity ) by recursive heterodyning CONSTRUCTIVE (because of Golden Ratio) interference of the PHASE velocities of charge in DNA (see black hole making in DNA physics reference below). The important connection to make is from the physics - to the 'inner muscle building' psychology. Allow DNA to make the gravity to make you immortal - electrically COHERENT & therefore sustainable as a charge field or KA - measureable at death , the beginning of the SHEM-an.

The downside is if you don't train your DNA to make its own gravity (implode with bliss/ ecstatic coherence) - you become by electrical definition only suitable as food for the borg / parasites (+ join George Bush's America Bushraped generation - invasion of the ET shapeshifters **). The ONLY thing the low grade genetic (Nephalim - fallen DNA) parasites who have shapeshifted into control of most of the planet's military CANNOT withstand is the implosion of charge in the aura of humans who have chosen BLISS ignition / genetic evolution. That is why the global political pressure is immense to keep you in bad air, bad food, bad magnetism - in short in the CITY. Otherwise your DNA might get free and be more star steering than theirs could ever be.

**we're betting the US is not going to be the first national government to realize that pumping even modest amounts of (charge dense) OXYGEN into government buildings eliminates all parasites, shapeshifters, 'entities' from elected officials...not to mention AIDS & cancer.

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HeartLink (former HeartTuner) being Used in KINESIOLOGY Instruction - In Kinesiology College in Netherlands.. Short Clip..

Exerpt from the previous IMPLOSION GROUP Newsletter: -

about - How GRAVITY MAKING in measured: 'Science confirms- DNA makes gravity- (charge black hole) - From: Lynda Brasier [], 17 May 2005 , Subject: Russian DNA Discoveries Explain Human 'Paranormal' Events

WOW... Ya mean Dan Winter has had it right all these years???? Great Little Article on DNA and how we communicate with it via each other and also with matter... Lynda

exerpt:.. "The Russian scientists also found out that our DNA can cause disturbing patterns in a vacuum, thus producing magnetized wormholes! Wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges in the vicinity of black holes (left by burned-out stars).
These are tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time. The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness. This process of hyper-communication (telepathy, channeling) is most effective in a state of relaxation.

They even captured information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitted it onto another, thus reprogramming cells to another genome. So they successfully transformed, for example, frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns! This way the entire information was transmitted without any of the side effects or disharmonies encountered when cutting out and re-introducing single genes from the DNA. "

Quantum phenomena in biology (DNA) - see link for all the journal references - - Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology (PSRAST)

Already the eminent quantum physicists Fritz London and Niels Bohr suggested that quantum phenomena might be essential for life processes. During the last decade especially, increasing evidence is accumulating that indicate that this is indeed the case. Especially the experimental work of Garajev et al (see point 1 below) indicates that a radical reinterpretation of the regulatory mechanisms of DNA is required.

Below you find brief summaries of some interesting texts along with links to their sources. 1. Genetic code only half the story - DNA is a quantum mechanical biowave computer
Recent research has demonstrated that electromagentic signals are of key importance in the regulatory functioning of DNA . Part of it is based on ultraviolet luminence creating biophotons that have been experimentally demonstrated to be able to enhance metabolic reactions thousandfold (1). Another aspect is an electromagnetically mediated "language" for communication between DNA and the cells. Actually laser light generated in DNA, experimentally demonstrated by P.P. Garajev (2),(3) is a key element in this information transmission system.

Excerpt from: - Gariaev P et al, "The DNA-wave Biocomputer" (3)
"...These assumptions produce a chromosome apparatus and fast wave genetic information channels connecting the chromosomes of the separate cells of an organism into a holistic continuum, working as the biocomputer, where one of the field types produced by the chromosomes, are their radiations. This postulated capability of such "laser radiations" from chromosomes and DNA, as will be shown, has already been demonstrated experimentally in Moscow, by the Gariaev Group. Thus it seems the accepted notions about the genetic code must change fundamentally, and in doing so it will be not only be possible to create and understand DNA as a wave biocomputer, but to gain from nature a more fundamental understanding of what information [Marcer in press] really is! For the Gariaev Group's experiments in Moscow and Toronto say that the current understanding of genomic information i.e. the genetic code, is only half the story [Marcer this volume]. "

1. Kaznacejev V. P., Michailova L. P. Ultraschwache Luminiszenz in interzellularen Interaktionen. Novosibirsk, Nauka, 1981 (in Russian.)
2. Garjajev P. P. Der wellengenetische Code. 1997, ISBN 5-7816-0022-1 (in Russian.)
3. Peter P. Gariaev, Boris I. Birshtein, Alexander M. Iarochenko, Peter J. Marcer, George G. Tertishny, Katherine A. Leonova, Uwe Kaempf, "The DNA-wave Biocomputer" at

Comment These experimental findings about DNA control of cellular processes mediated by electromagnetic/quantum mechanical mechanisms have not been considered by biotechnology researchers. They introduce important new elements that radically change our understanding of the workings of DNA. Most importantly, they seriously undermine the present biotechnological dogma where DNA is treated as a micro-object that is "clipped" and "glued". In stead, so far completely unknown Quantum Wave aspects have been found to be involved that may radically change our understanding of what happens in genetic engineering.
This reveals another aspect of the great incompleteness of the knowledge of present biotechnology." end quote from article

added April 06:Universal spectrum for DNA base C+G concentration variability in Human chromosome Y
A. M. Selvam, Deputy Director (Retired), Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune 411 008, India
Email:, , (many articles on fractal self-similarity / chaos )

4.3 Power spectral analyses: dominant periodicities - The general systems theory predicts the broadband power spectrum of fractal fluctuations will have embedded dominant wavebands, the bandwidth increasing with wavelength, and the wavelengths being functions of the golden mean. - (other exerpts)...
The spatial distribution of DNA base sequence A, C, G and T exhibit selfsimilar fractal fluctuations - - - In this paper it is shown that the frequency distribution of the bases C+G in all available contiguous sequences for Human
chromosome Y DNA exhibit model predicted quantum-like chaos.
Keywords: fractals, chaos, self-organized criticality, quasicrystalline structure, quantumlike chaos
1. Introduction- Long-range space-time correlations, manifested as the selfsimilar fractal geometry to the spatial pattern, concomitant with inverse power law form for power spectra of space-time fluctuations are generic to spatially extended dynamical systems in nature and are
identified as signatures of self-organized criticality. A representative example is the selfsimilar fractal geometry of His-Purkinje system
whose electrical impulses govern the interbeat interval of the heart. The spectrum of interbeat intervals exhibits a broadband inverse power law form fa where f is the frequency and a the exponent. Selforganized criticality implies non-local connections in space and time, i.e., long-term memory of short-term spatial fluctuations in the extended dynamical system that acts as a unified whole communicating network.
- - -

2.3 Quasicrystalline structure The flow structure consists of an overall logarithmic spiral trajectory with Fibonacci winding number and quasiperiodic Penrose tiling pattern for internal structure (Fig.1). Primary perturbation ORO (Fig.1) of time period T generates return circulation OR1RO which, in turn, generates successively larger circulations OR1R2, OR2R3, OR3R4, OR4R5, etc., such that the successive radii form the Fibonacci mathematical number series, i.e., OR1/ORO= OR2/OR1 = .= t where t is the golden mean equal to (1+ 5)/2 1.618. The flow structure therefore consists of a nested continuum of vortices, i.e., vortices within vortices.
Figure 1: The quasiperiodic Penrose tiling pattern which forms the internal
structure at large eddy circulations...


The quasiperiodic Penrose tiling pattern with five-fold symmetry has been identified as quasicrystalline structure in condensed matter physics (Janssen, 1988). The self-organized large eddy growth dynamics, therefore, spontaneously generates an internal structure with the five-fold symmetry of the dodecahedron, which is referred to as the icosahedral symmetry, e.g., the geodesic dome devised by Buckminster Fuller. Incidentally, the pentagonal dodecahedron is, after the helix, nature's second favourite structure (Stevens, 1974). Recently the carbon macromolecule C60, formed by condensation from a carbon vapour jet, was found to exhibit the icosahedral symmetry of the closed soccer ball and has been named Buckminsterfullerene or footballene (Curl and Smalley, 1991). Selforganized quasicrystalline pattern formation therefore exists at the molecular level also and may result in condensation of specific biochemical structures in biological media. Logarithmic spiral formation with Fibonacci winding number and five-fold symmetry possess maximum packing efficiency for component parts and are manifested strikingly in Phyllotaxis (Jean, 1992a,b; 1994) and is common to nature (Stevens, 1974; Tarasov, 1986).

New findings about "junk DNA" may bring some surprises.: exerpted here - (also see: "NO SUCH THING AS JUNK DNA: )

A group of researchers working at the Human Genome Project will be announcing soon that they made an astonishing scientific discovery: They believe so-called non-coding sequences (97%) in human DNA is no less than genetic code of an unknown extraterrestrial life form.

The non-coding sequences are common to all living organisms on Earth, from molds to fish to humans. In human DNA, they constitute larger part of the total genome, says Prof. Sam Chang, the group leader. Non-coding sequences, also known as "junk DNA", were discovered years ago, and their function remains mystery. Unlike normal genes, which carry the information that intracellular machinery uses to synthesize proteins, enzymes and other chemicals produced by our bodies, non-coding sequences are never used for any purpose. They are never expressed, meaning that the information they carry is never read, no substance is synthesized and they have no function at all. We exist on only 3% of our DNA. The junk genes merely enjoy the ride with hard working active genes, passed from generation to generation. What are they? How come these idle genes are in our genome? Those were the question many scientists posed and failed to answer - until the breakthrough discovery by Prof. Sam Chang and his group.

Trying to understand the origins and meaning of junk DNA Prof. Chang realized that he first needs a definition of "junk". Is junk DNA really junk, (useless and meaningless) or it contains some information not claimed by the rest of DNA for whatever reason? He once mentioned the question to an acquaintance, Dr. Lipshutz, a young theoretical physicist turned Wall Street derivative securities specialist. "Easy," replied Lipshutz. "We'll run your sequence through the software I use to analyze market data, and it will show if your sequences are total garbage, "white noise", or there is a message in there." This new breed of analysts with strong background in math, physics and statistics are getting more and more popular with Wall Street firms. They sift through gigabytes of market statistics, trying to uncover useful correlation between the various market indexes, and individual stocks.

Working evenings and weekends, Lipshutz managed to show that non-coding sequences are not all junk, they carry information. Combining massive database of the Human Genome Project with thousands of data files developed by geneticists all over the world Lipshutz calculated Kolmogorov entropy of the non-coding sequences and compared it with the entropy of regular, active genes. Kolmogorov entropy, introduced by the famous Russian mathematician half a century ago, was successfully used to quantify the level of randomness in various sequences, from time sequences of noise in radio lamps to sequences of letters in 19th century Russian poetry. By and large, the technique allows researchers to quantitatively compare various sequences and conclude which one carries more information than the other does. "To my surprise, the entropy of coding and non-coding DNA sequences was not that different", continues Lipshutz. "There was noise in both but it was no junk at all. If the market data were that orderly, I would have already retired."

After a year of cooperation with Lipshutz, Chang was convinced, there is a hidden information in junk DNA. However, how could one understand its meaning if the information is never used? With active sequences you try to watch the cell and see what proteins are being made using the information. This wouldn't work with dormant genes. There will be experiment to test a hypothesis; one should rely on the power of his thought. Since there are letters, it should be tested in some old languages, perhaps Sumerian, Egyptian, Hebrew, and so on. Prof. Sam Chang solicited help from three specialists in the field, but none of them managed to find a solution. There were no cultural clues, no references to other known languages, the field was too alien for the linguists.

"I asked myself: who else can decipher a hidden message?" Chang continues. "Of course, cryptographers! ... exerpted here .... Eventually Prof. Chang was referred to Dr. Adnan Mussaelian, a talented cryptographer in the former Soviet republic of Armenia. Poor fellow barely survived on a $15 a month salary and occasional fees for tutoring children of Armenian nuveau riches. A $10,000 research grant was a struck of luck, he began working like a beaver.

Adnan promptly confirmed the findings of his Wall Street predecessor: The entropy indicated tons of information almost in the clear, it was not too strong cryptographic system, it didn't appear to be a tough problem. Adnan began applying differential cryptoanalysis and similar standard cryptographic techniques.

He was two months in the project when he noticed that all non-coding sequences are usually preceded by one short DNA sequence. A very similar sequence usually followed the junk. These segments, known to biologists as alu sequences, were all over the whole human genome. Being non-coding, junk sequences themselves, alu are one of the most common genes of all.

Trained as a cryptographer and computer programmer, and having no knowledge of microbiology, Adnan approached the genetic code as of computer code. Dealing with 0, 1, 2, 3 (four bases of genetic code) instead of 0s and 1s of the binary code was a sort of nuisance, but the computer code was what he was analyzing and deciphering all his life. He was on familiar territory. The most common symbol in the code that causes no action followed by a chunk of dormant code. What is that? Just playing with the analogy Adnan grabbed the source code of one his programs and fed it into the program that calculates the statistics of symbols and short sequences, a tool often used in decoding messages. What was the most common symbol? Of course, it was "/", a symbol of comment! He took a Pascal code, and it were { and } ! Of course, the code between two slashes in C is never executed, and is never meant to be executed; it is not the code, it is the comment to the code!

Being unable to resist the temptation to further play with the analogy, Adnan began comparing statistical distributions of the comments in computer and genetic code. There must be a striking difference. This should show up in statistics. Nevertheless, statistically, junk DNA was not much different from active, coding sequences. To be sure, Adnan fed a program into the analyzer: surprisingly, the statistics of code and comments were almost the same. He looked into the source code and realized why: there were very few comments in between the slashes, it was mostly C code the author decided to exclude from execution, a common practice among programmers.

Adnan, religiously inclined person, was thinking about the divine hand - but after analyzing the spaghetti code inside the sequences he convinced himself that whoever wrote the small code was not God. Who wrote the active, small coding part of human genetic code was not very well organized, he was a rather sloppy programmer. It looked like rather somebody from Microsoft, but at the time human genetic code was written, there was no Microsoft on Earth.

On Earth? It was like a lightning... Was the genetic code for all life on Earth written by an extraterrestrial programmer and then somehow deposited here, for execution? The idea was mad and frightening, and Adnan resisted it for days. Then he decided to proceed. If the non-coding sequences are parts of the program that were rejected or abandoned by the author, there is a way to make them work. The only thing one needs to do is to remove the symbols of comments and if the portion between the /*......*/ symbols is a meaningful routine it may compile and execute! Following this line of thought, Adnan selected only those non-coding sequences that had exactly the same frequency distribution of symbols as the active genes. This procedure excluded the comments in Marcian or Q, whatever it was. He selected some 200 non-coding sequences that most closely resembled real genes, stripped them of /*, //, and similar stuff and after few days of hesitation sent e-mail to his American boss, asking him to find a way to put them in E-coli or whatever host and make them work.

Chang did not replied for two weeks. "I thought I was fired", confessed Dr. Mussaelian. "With every day of his silence I more and more realized how crazy my idea was. Chang would conclude I was a schizophrenic and would terminate the contract. Chang finally responded and, to my surprise, he did not fire me. He had not bought my extraterrestrial theory but agreed to try to make my sequences work."

Biologists have attempted for years to make junk sequences express, without much success. Sometimes nothing turned out; sometimes it was junk again. It was not surprising. Grab an arbitrary portion of the excluded computer code and try to compile it. Most likely, it will fail. At best, it will produce bizarre results. Analyze the code carefully, fish out a whole function from the comments, and you may make it work. Because of careful Mussaelian's statistical analysis 4 of the 200 sequences he selected, began working, producing tiny amounts of a chemical compounds.

"I was anxiously awaiting the response from Chang," says Dr. Mussaelian. "Would it be a more or less normal protein or something out of ordinary? The answer was shocking: it was a substance, known to be produced by several types of leukemia in men and animals. Surprisingly, three other sequences also produced cancer-related chemicals. It no longer looked like a coincidence. When one awakens a viable dormant gene, it produces cancer-related proteins. Researchers began searching Human Genome Project databases for the four genes they isolated from junk DNA. Eventually, three of the four were found there, listed as active, non-junk genes. This was not a big surprise: since cancer tissues produce the protein, there must be somewhere a gene, which codes it! The surprise came later: In the active, non-junk portion of the code the gene in question (the researchers called it "jhlg1", for junk human leukemia gene) was not preceded by the alu sequence, i.e. the /* symbol was missing. However, the closing */ symbol at the end of "jhlg1" was there. This explained why "jhlg1" was not expressed in the depth of the junk DNA but worked fine in the normal, active part of the genome. The one who wrote the basic genetic code for humans excluded portion of the big code by embracing them in /*... */ but missed some of the opening /* symbol. His compiler seems to be garbage, too: a good compiler, even from terrestrial Microsoft, would most likely refuse to compile such program at all.

Prof. Sam Chang with his students began searching for genes associated with various cancers, and almost in all instances they discovered that those genes are followed by the alu sequence (i.e. protein as a comment closing symbol */), but never preceded by the comment opening /* gene! "This explains why diseases result in cell damage and their death, whereas cancers lead to cell reproduction and growth. Because only few fragments from the big code are expressed, they never lead to coherent growth. What we get with cancer, is expression of only few of genes alien to humans and symbiosis with some genes of bacterial parasites that lead to illogical, bizarre and apparently meaningless chunks of living cells. The chunks have its own veins, arteries, and its own immune system that vigorously resists all our anti-cancer drugs.

"Our hypothesis is that a higher extraterrestrial life form was engaged in creating new life and planting it on various planets. Earth is just one of them. Perhaps, after programming, our creators grow us the same way we grow bacteria in Petri dishes. We can't know their motives - whether it was a scientific experiment, or a way of preparing new planets for colonization, or is it long time ongoing business of seedling life in the universe. If we think about it in our human terms, the extraterrestrial programmers were most probably working on one big code consisting of several projects, and the projects should have produced various life forms for various planets. They have been also trying various solutions. They wrote the big code, executed it, did not like some function, changed them or added new one, executed again, made more improvements, tried again and again. Of course, soon or later it was behind schedule. Few deadlines have already passed. Then the management began pressing for an immediate release. The programmers were ordered to cut all their idealistic plans for the future and concentrate now on one (Earth) project to meet the pressing deadline. Very likely in a rush, the programmers cut down drastically the big code and delivered basic program intended for Earth. ( insert note here from Dan Winter- remembed when Enki / abRAm / 'Lucifer' / EA / Atun - decided to take the Paa Taal in his own sperm and short circuit a few hundred thousand years of Alpha Draconis genetic planning by fertilizing the transplanted Cro Magnon egg into Adam/Eve the gold {powder addiction} mining slaves?)

However, at that time they were (perhaps) not quite certain which functions of the big code may be needed later and which not, so they kept them all there. Instead of cleaning the basic program by deleting all the lines of the big code, they converted them into comments, and in the rush they missed few /* symbols in the comments here or there; thus presenting mankind with illogical growth of mass of cells we know as cancer."

exerpted here.. "However, from the programmer's point of view, there is also positive outlook in it. What we see in our DNA is a program consisting of two versions, a big code and basic code. First fact is, the complete program was positively not written on Earth; that is now a verified fact. The second fact is, that genes by themselves are not enough to explain evolution; there must be something more in the game. What it is or where it is, we don't know. (insert note here from Dan Winter - hint - the charge compression of BLISS igniting DNA - BRAIDING LIGHTS UP THE CODONS - to GRAVITY MAKING implosion - this is rebellion politics for Enlil's Drac government - the original 'program' was DNA harvesting like the insurance and banking industry they installed on 300 or so planets - NOT the creation of Star Making DNA - which could overturn the borg Orion empire.. ) The third fact is, no creator of a new work, be it a composer, engineer or programmer, from Mars or Microsoft, will ever leave his work without the option for improvement or upgrade. Ingenious here is, that the upgrade is already enclosed - the "junk DNA" is nothing more than hidden and dormant upgrade of our basic code! We know for some time that certain cosmic rays have power to modify DNA. With this in mind, plausible solution is available. The extraterrestrial programmers may use just one flash of the right energy from somewhere in the Universe to instruct the basic code to remove all the /**/ symbols, fuse itself with the big code ("junk DNA") and jumpstart working of our whole DNA.

(insert note here: from Dan Winter - The shape of the optics waveguide to generate subcellular organs out of DNA - is called the SUMERIAN ALPHABET - as proven by microscopist George Merkel MD - 'Sumerian Elixir' / Chondriana. -also - Scientists have measured that a thread of DNA like a monofilament of gold will become superconductive when zapped with hi amperage at the moment of crystallization.. -. - This is like the function of lightening in "Powder"- the movie, and the function of the (implosion communion fusion producing ) charge collapse process in DNA called {NEAR} DEATH EXPERIENCE - Compare this to the biophysics of KUNDALINI - - which FEELs like lightening and produces the huge microwave cellular (ATP) emissions measured in the microwave- before the predators - from the (Draco shapeshifted) US military decided that technology was 'a threat to national security'. Finally - notice how all this massive charge compression ambiance completes its necessary fractality (harmonic inclusiveness) - as our Solar maximum ('Rapture") triggering Galaxy has her 'Seyfert" burst (cancer preventing - sorts non compressible DNA -OUT - of solar systems like ours - hint to the lo grade shapeshifters {'Dick' -with the mechanical heart- Cheney} running the US military - your days are numbered ) necessary -orgasm. . Talk about a DNA trigger.. below we suggest to plot the geometry and begin to use spectrum analysis tools to optimize the gravity ("God") making in our DNA - end insert )

conclusion of above article - That would change us forever, some of us within months, some of us within generations. The change would be not too much physical, (except no more cancers, diseases and short life), but it will catapult us intellectually. Suddenly, we will be in time comparable to coexistence of Neanderthals with Cromagnons. The old will be replaced giving birth to a new cycle. The complete program is elegant, very clever self-organizing, auto-executing, auto-developing and auto-correcting software for a highly advanced biological computer with build-in connection to the ageless energy and wisdom of the Universe. Software wise, within us is either short and diseased life, or potential for a super-intelligent super-being with a long and healthy life. This triggers puzzling questions - was the reduction to the basic code done by sloppy programmers in a rush (as it appears to us), or was the disabling of the big code purposeful act which can be cancelled by a "remote control" whenever desired?"

Soon or later, we have to come to grips with the unbelievable notion that every life on Earth carries genetic code for his extraterrestrial cousin and that evolution is not what we think it is. This discovery may well shake the very roots of humanity - our beliefs in our concept of God and in our own power over our destiny....." end exerpts from article

If you take the progamming braiding in your DNA toward gravity making and star bending bliss ignition - seriously - your only hope for self empowerment, then you should begin to think HOW you develop the inner muscles to generate that (cadduceus) braiding algorhythm. This is where self-empowering biofeedback - in conjunction with live food diet, charge dense (sacred) environment, and YOGA - play a role. Thanks to Jan Cisek - for this note "I think you're in the right times with your bliss/heart tuner: ref - , Hope all is well jan"- article quote: New Scientist magazine

Positive feedback : Thought control is easier than you might imagine
IT SOUNDS a bit New Age, but there is a mysterious method of thought control
you can learn that seems to boost brain power. No one quite knows how it
works, and it is hard to describe exactly how to do it: it's not relaxation
or concentration as such, more a state of mind. It's called neurofeedback.
And it is slowly gaining scientific credibility.

Neurofeedback grew out of biofeedback therapy, popular in the 1960s. It
works by showing people a real-time measure of some seemingly uncontrollable
aspect of their physiology - heart rate, say - and encouraging them to try
and change it. Astonishingly, many patients found that they could, though
only rarely could they describe how they did it.
More recently, this technique has been applied to the brain - specifically
to brain wave activity measured by an electroencephalogram, or EEG. The
first attempts were aimed at boosting the size of the alpha wave, which
crescendos when we are calm and focused. In one experiment, researchers
linked the speed of a car in a computer game to the size of the alpha wave.
They then asked subjects to make the car go faster using only their minds.
Many managed to do so, and seemed to become more alert and focused as a
This early success encouraged others, and neurofeedback soon became a
popular alternative therapy for ADHD. There is now good scientific evidence
that it works, as well as some success in treating epilepsy, depression,
tinnitus, anxiety, stroke and brain injuries.

And to keep up with the times, some experimenters have used brain scanners
in place of EEGs. Scanners can allow people to see and control activity of
specific parts of the brain. A team at Stanford University in California
showed that people could learn to control pain by watching the activity of
their pain centres (New Scientist, 1 May 2004, p 9).
But what about outside the clinic? Will neuro feedback ever allow ordinary
people to boost their brain function? Possibly. John Gruzelier of Imperial
College London has shown that it can improve medical students' memory and
make them feel calmer before exams. He has also shown that it can improve
musicians' and dancers' technique, and is testing it out on opera singers
and surgeons.
Neils Birbaumer from the University of Tübingen in Germany wants to see
whether neurofeedback can help psychopathic criminals control their
impulsiveness. And there are hints that the method could boost creativity,
enhance our orgasms, give shy people more confidence, lift low moods, alter
the balance between left and right brain activity, and alter personality
traits. All this by the power of thought. >From issue 2501 of New Scientist magazine, 28 May 2005, page 28

above from "Geometric Extensions of Consciousness" by Anne Tyng

This curtisdna article- helpfully views the proper pent outer rung, and 5/10 overall structure- but fails to notice the important HD to HE (height to width) is Golden Ratio (they show .61553670744..) - also incorrectly shows the inner part of the each rung as pent- it is in fact hex.

Below - ENSOULMENT by IMPLOSION - completing PHASE CONJUGATION- how DNA 'pelastrates' or SELF RE-ENTERS- turns inside out and becomes TOROIDAL - RING SHAPED
After the 7th recursve braid operation of the 5 rotation- strand.
see and



We insert here for your convenience exerpt from Dan Winter / Implosion Group reprint -

The 'RINGing' which causes thoughts / emotions to become objects is the implosive nature of DNA which when braided recursively by BLISS compresses charge in the only process (charge compression) which turns light (ether) into matter. (and DNA into its real destiny as a gravity making star bender) .The index to those possible angles of (Golden Ratio) compression is precisely the equation for the origin of most alphabets of Earth - specifically including Hebrew and Arabic... for the specific reason that only those biological structures which USE that symmetry discipline get to be sustainable (immortal).

DNA is a shapeshifting mag worm which merely bends itself as a wave around the fields we form by bending the magnetism we call emotion and sacred space. It is a relatively passive mechanical linkage device designed to helpfully slow down the rate at which emotions become objects- so that we FEEL and understand the connection between CREATION and what we just now felt. Once the need for slowing down that response of stars to feeling, no longer exists - then DNA is replaced by its own etheric essence (superluminal compression field) - and we can bend light by implosion directly (only love bends the light / embedding).

If we choose consistent spin-dense and sustainable magnetic environments - then DNA responds by adding that inertia to our life force - so that eventually we gather the inertia to properly create stars and become suns ourselves. Otherwise we die a death which is permanent. DNA is merely a biofeedback device to tell us when we have consciously chosen the CHARGE and LIFE FORCE <> - which makes us sustainable. Short-circuiting the function of DNA by changing the spin links we call codons mechanically (genetic engineering) is not only un-sustainable and destructive - but it fundamentally ignores the design of nature - which was that DNA help us take responsibility for the SHAPE OF MAGNETISM - and so learn that bending light into shape is how we too may create stars.

To this, Dan, I would add the non-local component derived from Dee's Enochian language, which are true 4D geometric forms. Internalize and align with the cosmic processes and you have alchemy, pure and simple... (signed) Vincent" - to which Dan notes- again note the similarity between Alchemy - as black hole access- to Implosion - to Gold Powder charge symmetry - to what portends to align Galaxy wind with US - very soon!
.....Lost Self-Empowerment of the Sacred Ark:
book review originally by Dan Winter - of Laurence Gardner's new book: "Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark" - Dec 19, 04

Laurence Gardner has been idolized by many, and demonized by some. Of course our ancestors reptilian DNA has been idolized and demonized as well. In this way Larry (I am going to call him this without his permission) probably renders a service by helping us identify with the plight of our genetic ancestors. Like Enki (the RA in abRAham) Larry has a genetic problem. In the case of our Anunanki ancestors (the UR in HibiURu, and URushalaim) - part Dracos from Alpha Draconis- this genetic disaster was assiduously called NEPHALIM. This world more or less transliterated means NO PHI IN THOSE ELS. The ELS who did have PHI in their genes could make a phase shift . The word EL referred to this ability to translate the vorticity of the pattern of charge in their DNA - turning compression in to acceleration. If the the summit could be turned thru the speed of light - then biologic memory had a chance at time travel, lucid dreaming, and surviving death . In a word - all the needs that having a SOUL described. Unfortuneately the family line behind ENKI -(also called Lucifer, Atun, RA, EA etc) - and his celebrated and demonized brother Enlil (Michael, Yalweh, Amun etc) - had screwed up their DNA's ability to attract and radiate capacitance effectively enought to IMPLODE - and survive death (as in SHINING ONES). ( DNA physics for all this knotslipping is at )

What say we check to see if indeed the Arabic letter EL is in fact the SHAPE OF ALPHA DRACONIS shall we?

And like this messed up family of UR - LARRY also thinks that enough technology for gold electrification can replace bliss as a way to immortality. I propose that we be grateful to Larry for showing us the problem by becoming the problem. Larry's overly developed reptilian brain stem has evolved a significan amygdala, from this mouth of the snake brain he gains a certain snakelike ("LEVIte") perspective.This is not altogether a bad thing - in that the mouth of this snake IS the organ of perception of kundalini itself.

So here is what Larry get's right - with the celebrated aplomb of those who get there too late, he finally agrees that Akhanaton WAS Moses.

He figures out that the Moses effect is in large part the skill of the gold powder technician. He figures out that the ARK is a capacitor (hooray Larry - but we also suggest LIFE is a capacitor ).He figures out that the Electric DC of the ARK is the mechanism of popping the popcorn Gold atom. (This being where the Essenes picking up on what they inherited from Moses Akhanaton, made their money). Then he decides this Gold Powder is the missing piece of immortality. Swell Larry.. but we think you missed a few things... (ah.. like for one thing - Gold Powder Addiction is the PROBLEM and NOT the SOLUTION.)

First of all the KHEM in alKHEMy and KHEMistry means (as you correctly state ) "from the BLACKness". But the REASON it is called from the BLACKness is because this is the IMPLOSION skill to ACCESS or MAKE the BLACK HOLE. So Larry we think it would be helpful to explain to people that the REASON the capacitor call ARK - gained charge was because it's layering was FRACTAL. And that it had to gain charge by being placed in some place also FRACTAL (like the Michael line cave thru Michael s Island Azores - Assouras) . It is also worth noting that the atomic shape of the key PGM - Platinum Group Metals - Palladium specifically is DODECAHEDRAL. (Creating the capacitive charge field of the stellated Golden Ratio ) - see pictures.

Palladium-real shape..

The real sadness of Larry's world is his complete failure to understand what IMPLOSION is. He describes with apparent relish the non-destructive charge field of Imploding Mono-Atomics / gold powder etc. (Mono atomic gold disappears in a non-destructive electric cloud). But unfortuneately has with NO conception of Implosion - that is symmetrically in principle WHAT THE OPPOSITE TO EX-PLOSION might be. This total lack of understanding of the pure principle is then responsible for inability to build this fire from within. This creates the origin of addictive personalities - absence of in general of emphasis on SELF EMPOWERMENT - so characteristic of his work. (Like where is the message - make your own fire from within?)

Celtic Knots were about braid physics that puts a soul / implosion in DNA: (inages from - Dossier:Pour La Science-"Mathematiques Exotiques" avril/june 2005 - article:"Les Entrelacs Celtes"

Your Life DEPENDS on MAKING Gravity!

Perfect nesting / implosion compression = gravity creation? .. AKA-- Kepler's dream..

NEW: The separation of a continuous spectrum into discrete color bands, is due to the segregation of inertia into the 7 color map on the toroidal photon - defined by the 7 axes of the tetra. The FUSION of phases (phase conjugation) in the prism is the CAUSE of color segregation by phase angle.

WHY it is that the 7th recursive braid of the DNA thread is the moment it becomes toroidal DNA, and implosively more gravity making- is probably related to the seven color map which codefines the surface of the torus- with the tetra- is a deep principle contained also in the PURE GEOMETRY ORIGIN OF COLOR:

Note to Frank and Michael and Luke: the secret of color healing, is also the secret of phase conjugate optics. Knowing that the photon is a flow diagram based on the seven color map of a torus,

(See how the flow forms from the self organizing toroidal - decaying into the 7 smaller donuts exactly arranged at the 7 spins of the tetra-
origin of rainbow, heart muscle, anu, hebrew - and string theory)

we can further say..

If we were to track the inertia storage of the photons toroidal surface as it approached the center of a phase conjugate mirror (this is from my kundalini) - we would see the propagation of charge from that point of implosion - would be in TWO separate symmetry sets. First would be the charge conserving - 7 symmetry arrows of the tetra(inCUBEation), but ALSO the more distributive component (and probably superluminal) of that charge inertia propagation direction set- would be the 6 axes spin pairs of the icos dodeca. SO the TOTAL number of progation directions (phase angles) tilts of the PHOTON DONUT - called COLOR - would be the 6+7 = 13 spin pairs. This is exactly WHY there are 13 pair , 26 holes in the ZOME symmetry - rhombi-icos (animation / film / kit : ). Michael Heleus kindly suggested this is why the superstring theory discovered they had to add 2 to the 24 pair to make it 26. In Kaku's book Hyperspace, the original 24 dimensions were complemented to 26. So instead of a 24 dimension 'Leech Lattice' string many physicists describe 26 ( VoDou Physics D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 26-dim String Theory describes Generalized Bohm Quantum Theory with NonLinear Back- ... Therefore, we need to ask: How Large are those other 24 dimensions? , Octonion Products ... we do bosonic string theory in 26 dimensions on R^26 modulo the 26-dimensional even ... The Euclidean lattices in 8, 16, and 24 dimensions have Lorentz )

Could there be ANY other reason for the 26 'dimensions' of string theory - than the full complement of possible non-destructive symmetry approaches to a sphere being exactly the 6 pair of dodec/icos, plus the 7 pair of tetra symmetries=13 pair = exactly 26 'ZOMES'!? We suggest here that there is no more electrically testable meaning of the word 'dimension', than reference to the NUMBER of axes of spin symmetry which are NON-destructively superposed in a rotating (inertial) system.

If the photon is traveling as a flux donut toroid (as all fields must) , then of course the distribution of inertia which allows it to emerge from compression / phase conjugation / implosion (in a prism for example) -called the ORIGIN OF COLOR - would of course be the sorting into THOSE TOUCH PERMISSIVE PHASE ANGLES (called - the '7 colors of the rainbow' and the HEX primary color wheel pairs). Remember- calling color only a wave length makes the self evidently WRONG assumption that photons are 2 dimensional. Color's wavelength we suggest is related to the 2 dimensional splash diameter made by a 3d donut photon as it lands on the cone of the eye. (Suggesting possibly the width to height ratio of the photon is related to the approximate octave 440-880 angstroms defining the visible spectrum). Cones (the ONLY place color is perceived in the retina - a rod cannot ) are ONLY used as antenna in wave theory where PHASE ANGLE needs to be measured.

Note below as well - the way color temperature (red = warm, blue = cool, green = balance) as named in for example the Hebrew word for red (=adom=adam=to make hard= that phase angle of the spiral on donut=aleph) - means to MAKE HARD. Thus confirming that red is in fact the CENTRIPEDAL side of the photons approach. Whereas BLUE means to make wet, or to unpack - or make cool - which is the CENTRIFUGAL side of approach (to the eyes cone) of the same photon. Green the approach vector or photon 3d phase - used by photosynthesis - is the angle from the side approach which is neither centrifugal or pedal. (The empathy / healing / stasis color).

See the closup pic of zome - 13/26 - holes in the 'rhombi-icosa' zome connector ball below right.

anim of sunclr-6/12 vortex pair - makes implosion -

PLUS the 7 arrows thru tetra cube= complete angular complement for fusion..(13 pair, 26 zome system).

This is the real solution to fusion- a summation of charge's converging in precise PHASE with this 13/26 zome system.

Remember color is phase angle of the 3d photon as torus - whose splash diameter on the cone of the eye=color's 2d wavelength (cones in wave antenna theory can only measure phase angle)

7 arrows thru tetra in zome left, add 6 more for dodec icos..-total 13 pairs, 26 holes.

--color pics

See the 7 color map of the torus, codefine the 7 spin symmetry arrows of the tetra- proven.

The true physics of the origin of color and why there are 7 colors in the rainbow-

is the fact that the photon is donut shaped and its self organizing symmetry is generated by the maximization of all possible symmetries which is the tetra - which has more symmetry axes than any other 3d object.

Predicting how DNA's codons are arranged, and absorb charge - and WHY this IS the origin of the Hebrew Alphabet..

Why color has a hex wheel, AND a seven color map..

Color heals- by frequency ratio in the phase angle - producing phase conjugation perfected

see 7 spins... franks 7 arrows animation each tetra arrow of symmetry
touches separate color on the 7 color moebius on donut

predicting which frequency ratio - if we made those implosive (log phi?)

would that make fractal // implosive / healing color recipe??
The correct (implosive / phase conjugate ) ratio between color frequencies WOULD produce recursive implosion in color, and therefore healing

Related animation: 7 spins of torus explaining WHY the rainbow has seven colors ratio

analogous to stefan cardineaux , ( ) science of real phase angles of color:

As you click on Frank's animations below- also ask yourself - why is it the SEVENTH superposed recursive BRAID operation (thread braided to string, string into rope, rope into FATTER rope - 7 times) - at which the DNA thickens into a TORUS / DONUT / LORD OF THE RING (see also for academic references)

Tetra Physics
Frank had kindly implemented my suggestion - discovering how to prove the insight that the 7 symmetry arrows thru a tetra- exactly intersected each of the 7 colors of the classic 7 color moebius torus..Exerpt below from

The ONLY symmetry co-defining a 7-colour spin-coupled toroid;
a clue to the sacred physics of the mechanical world,
replacing the profoundly
alienating orthogonal system of our 3D universe; describing symmetry
operations as the nominal cause of biological perception, evolution of
sensory awareness and the purpose of dna

*** recent additions on ***

click picture to start animation


The seven symmetry angles of a tetrahedron reveal a profoundly hidden 7- fold symmetry map on a spin-coupled toroidal surface.

The tetra can be thought of as the sumtotal symmetry of mechanical principle. The toroid here embodies the transformation between the pure causal ("pure principle") and the mechanical phases of Creation. Their mutual (co-defining) physics can be thought of as the (only) sustainable symmetry of non-destructive charge interaction between the two. Together they form the general physics blueprint of all unit life (the esoteric "Anu"), atomic, cosmic or biological, and more specifically that of conscious perception of a mechanical world.


Imagine that what we call "biology" is the way the mechanical world invented how to build a toroidal charge vector thruster device using molecules (click to see animation)


The ONLY tilting angle of the toroid relative to the tetra for which it works, is the angle prescribed by the orientation of both the toroid and the tetra inside golden mean projective geometry (icosa-dodeca "implosion" physics). This is the hub of cosmic creation. In this, case, the spiral map on the surface of the toroid shows the ideal coupling of rotational and toroidal momentum as defined by the Golden Mean projective physics, in the form of seven spiraling charge regions.

Two ways to store memory in a compressible medium: A) spin vector thruster and B) charge vector thruster. If the geometry is optimized, the result in both cases is the same and the physics of the mechanical world merges back into its primary cause.

This dual aspect of the toroid, the coupled spin geometry and the surface thrust geometry, makes it function as the archetypal shape and operative principle of going in and out of mechanical creation, which is the true physics of life force and individual perception.


Tetra physics: a revolutionary way
of thinking about "matter" and "mind"

Tetra physics provides a new and revolutionary perspective of the mechanical world and biological perception.

The traditional viewpoint says it is the "external world" creating a flow of sensory waves, and all science and physics are based on that. This approach is profoundly confusing and scientifically illogical as the "external world" is itself created by, or exists in the form of sensory information, directly or indirectly. So there is no clear clue about what is cause and what is result. Quantum mechanics "probability" theorem is an escape, rather than a positive solution which works on the big scale.

Tetra physics describes the pure principle of a set of symmetry operations directly creating a perceptual flow by sorting sustainable sequential patterns. This is called sequential coupling, or sequential coherence. In retrospect, this creates (biological) unit existence and its environmental sphere at the same time. Without biological perception, the actual mechanics of an external world would never be known and be bound to remain in the realm of theory and conception forever. Tetra physics replaces the traditional viewpoint of a relative cause by that of a nominal cause:

Conscious perception has a lot to do with the ability to gave names to things. Practically, it is a natural, imminent sorting process taking place within a rather pervasive body of grossly discoherent waves. The primary onset of this sorting phenomenon is what will later be known as gravity. It selects and rewards more or less sustainable sequential patterns which happen to emerge and subsede. These sequential patterns never live forever, and that's why a buddhist will tell you not to hold on to them. The patterns emerging are traditionally associated, in a bit naïve style, with the elements "earth", "water", etc. Psychologically, these factors form the very substance of all our attributed perceptions.

So, in terms of pure physics, as the sorting phenomenon is imminent, the difference between reality "as it is" and reality "as it is perceived" is rather theoretical. The psychological difference however is very profound as in effect it implies a complete turnaround of cause and result, that is, turning from "spirit" to "matter". This is verily the (apparently sour) "apple" Adam tasted, and the evolutionary and individual cause of a feeling of separateness, body and senses, time and memory. Makes you feel a bit naked, uh, when you're turned inside out..? Nothing to feel worry about, just don't chew over this apple too much..

Let's now look in more detail at how a sensory perception is created, from the viewpoint of nominal physics. Perception starts with a "constructive isolation" of a single (sine) wave out of its physical context. In nominal physics, this sorting process is described in terms of symmetry operations alone. The physical context of a wave, for 3 dimensions, is defined by a tetrahedral equipoise of forces. From the viewpoint of projective geometry, the tetrahedral figure forms the physical container of the wave the way it is naturally embedded within the golden mean projective symmetry operations. The way round, it is the (mechanical) projector of a wave and then it is simply the balance of mechanical forces creating a propagating pressure wave, replacing the profoundly alienating artificial orthogonal system. Now, the physics of conscious perception essentially describes how the tetrahedral figure of mechanical forces is placed inside the golden mean stellation of projective geometry. This is the very moment a wave turns into an actually perceived sound. The internal dynamics of this sorting process takes the form of a toroidal charge envelope as described above. The final reward is the actual placement inside the golden mean projective geometry. What happens altogether is the creation of a living perception, co-created and steered by a mechanical principle. So, every perception is verily a new and unique creation, but it is limited in its scope. This limitation is the very cause of the individual mind, and its cyclic manifestation. Together this is called the symmetry operations of conscious perception and provides the physics and nominal cause of the relative world.

So far, this only described perception on the rudimentary sensory level. More evolved stages of (biological) perception take waves together into general perceptions (sound, touch, shape, taste, smell), these are then turned into objects, objects are turned into context and events awareness, events are turned into an understanding of meaning and purposefulness, and this finally is turned into pure soul. Such is the unfolding of a full fledged individual life experience which, as it is essentially rooted in sequential mechanics, must one day end. The progress of one single perception in an individual verily reflects the generally evolving awareness of an individual as it grows up (babies have primary sensory perceptions, but no evolved context awareness), and also that of evolution as a whole (animals may have a certain sense of context, but can't conceive of a deeper meaning). Yet, whereas the perceptive scope of the individual mind evolves, always the conclusive perception exist in the form of a single wave, or in tetra physics, in the form of toroidal dynamics. One can see the forest or the trees, but never both at the same time. Therefore, perception is always singular, but in a sequential context it creates an illusion of diversity. This is the (in)famous "maya" of the eastern traditions, turning waves into particles. The day we stop giving names to things (knowledge of "good and bad") we may return to pure Spirit as the cause of everything.

Similarly, tetraphysics may provide a clear clue to the functioning of the physical brain as the seat of our perceptions. Obviously, the brain is no longer seen as a "receiver" of sensory information (what we know about the brain is itself based upon sensory information, processed inside our own brain, etc..). Rather, the focus will shift from an external cause to a nominal cause of perception directly, that is, an underlying principle where the physical brain simply emerges as an external RESULT of an imminent sequential sorting process within an environment of pervasive factors. Verily this is the physics of the "out of the body" experience. That is, although perception may create a sense of local presence, perception itself is non-local. From a rather traditional viewpoint, the question as to how or when the brain actually conveys its fabrications to consciousness, is easily answered: it is not. The entire process itself IS "consciousness", inventing body, sense, brain and environment while deeply engaging itself in an endless play of sensory and motoric vicissitudes. Nevertheless, for the sake of science the placing of (processed) perceptions inside the golden mean stellation of projective geometry should be measured and established. One early approach in this direction is the "golden mean" cross-hemispheric biofeedback module of the heart tuner (, also called the "Bliss Tuner" (see

Conclusively so far... perception optimised becomes "beauty in the eye of the beholder"


*** recent additions on ***


This is how the 7-colour toroid map looks when unfolded


click below picture to see an animation of simultaneous
spin symmetries of the tetra itself

Below are the four main symmetry arrows through the
vertices of the tetra, accurately touching the symmetry centres
of sustainable charge projection on the toroidal surface...

(click on any of the pics to see the rotations interactively)


... plus three pairs of symmetry arrows through the sides.

Next newsletter: Measuring Internal Electrosmog AND External Earth Grid Lines - Properly (Intuition / dowsing / kinesiology IS useful but it is NOT MEASUREMENT - that is defined as replicability - critical to creating precise agreement - social FUSION )..

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--------Note from Dan Winter.. aug 23, 06

I am excited that Stephane Cardineau pointed out the following meter..
apparently able to measure Hartmann grid, Curry net etc., and life force etc.

I believe this moves in the proper direction toward my prediction - that we MUST measure charge fractality in AIR.. in order to predict life support environments in general!

We have strongly suggested that charge fractality measured as REDOX potential in liquids- predicts ability to support life in liquids..

here I believe we are closer to measuring that in AIR. Note that the 2 plates in the capacitor pick up below may approximate a 60 degree implosion conic. Also note in the description his measuring PHASE relationship between included frequencies. I predict that the principle could be optimized to measure SELF SIMILARITY in included charge harmonics (fractal harmonic inclusiveness ). We will be researching this with Stephane.

Below from//

hartmann curry measure and more.. investigating..

hello, (from stephan cardineau

for the geophysical anomaly detector

Geophysical Anomaly Detectors



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IGA-1- indicator of geophysical anomalies is used to define geopathogenic zone at homes and industrial buildings .

The device has been tested in several clinics, maternity home and sanitary inspection of Ufa. The obtained results show interrelation between the position of beds and working places that are in radiation zone and health condition of patients and personnel.

The town councal of Aradippu (Cyprus) had schools and houses of this town examined by this device because of the high rate of cancer and Leukaemia in this town.

The device Universal is designed to search for metallic and non-metallic objets under snow, ground, concrete, wood, metal, etc. The device helps to find cavities and underground ways, human bodies underground, the borders of water ways, metallic and non-metallic pipelines and places of leakage.

The device of passive operation unlike other identical devices, does not require radiators connected with pipelines or sunk into wells. The device has been tested by industrial and construction  organisations  in prospecting metallic and non-metallic objects at 20 metres depth under earth surface.

The search for human bodies by this device was done for first time during the rescue operations in Neftegorsk  following the earthquake of 1995.

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Also the device allow to reveal ancient tombs.

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To the 60 anniversary of the Great Victory

Over carrying out of basic researches (2003) in area of fights of 1-st separate mountain-shooting brigade during the war 1941-1945, in Kirovsk area of Leningrad region by means of device IGA-1 was tested the opportunity of detection of the covered entrenchments, dugouts and burial places, and also ammunition and shells. It has been established, that device IGA-1 reacts to an ammunition and metal subjects to similarly mine detector . For detection of emptiness and burial places, in the beginning it is necessary to find out and clean all metal from an investigated place, then detection of emptiness and burial places is made. For selective selectivity (only emptiness or human remains) we spend the further modernization and perfection of device IGA-1. (On materials of the book of I.Z.Bikbaev " The Scientific and technical organization of search works of missing persons in the war 1941-1945. ")

 In 1994-2004 about 150 device  Universal were manufactured.


At present the device Polyethelene with better characteristics designed for polyethelene gas-pipeline is manufactured.

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Fazoaurometer in a highly sensitive gauge of electromgnetic radiation  of biological objects including human bodies. The device can state aural electromagnetic field of a human and conduct topographic measurement  of field pictures which are deformed in pathological area.

Fazoaurometer is allowed to test  effect of different bioenergetic devices.

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Testing and clinical use was done in clinic of Ufa, Moscow and Minsk.

Fazoaurometer is designed for prophylactic examination of people to diagnose possible diseases, clinic use as diagnoses apparatus, treatment efficiency dynamics control. Medical methodology of applying the device was developed by Ufa Medical University. The studies in clinics and maternity home allow to define possible use of the devise for diagnosing pathological states of both grown-ups and children, including nowly-born and prematurely-born babies. The method is ecologically a man to rays (X-rays, ultrasound, magnetic field).

The Firm Lait-2 has organized the production of screened medical chambers. It is a new variant of a medical "Reich chamber" manufactured with implementation of airspace technologies.

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All  devices produced by the firm "Lait-2".

Devices are manufactured on the bases of the defence plant.

For 10 years 175 devices IGA-1 are realised.The devices are  successfully works in the various countries worldwide such as the USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Chyprus, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine.

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The director of the firm Lait-2 Juri Kravchenko.

Lait- 2  Enterprise,     post box 43, Ufa, 450015, Russia



                                                              OUR PARTNERS  1-416-845-21-35. Toronto, Canada.
Definition of abnormal zones. Inspection of premises on presence of geopathogenic zones.




Indicator of Geophysical Anomaly


Indicator of Geophysical Anomaly IGA-1 is a highest sensitive selective measurer of electromagnetic field. Its purpose is to measure an electromagnetic component of Earth geomagnetic fields in 5 KHz to 10 KHz frequency diapason (super long waves). Its sensitivity lies from single of pico-volt by hundreds of pico-volts (10-12 V).


The differences from standard electromagnetic field selective measurers are instead of resonance LC circuit is used an impulse filter which gives narrow bandwidth as a spectral line of the certain tuned frequency; instead of amplitude detector is used an phase sensitive detector which measure relative phase shift of oscillations of an impulse filter. Therefore, output calculates as a phase shift integral on the certain confine frequency.

The purpose of IGA-1 is to detect any geophysical anomaly, which is to be as any discontinuities in surface and undersurface level of a different depth. The usage is for prospecting mines, watercourse, doline and karsts topography, for finding human bodies, metallic and non-metallic objects and different engineering communications (cables, metallic and non-metallic pipelines, mines and more).It also detects gold but there is no selection from other metals and stones. Proven ability to locate  standard military ammunition-trotyl  cartridge 75 gr, 200 gr, anti tank mines TM-62m, TM-62PZ, land mines PMN. The  clearing  deapth  is 100 mm. It allows to find above-mentioned objects under such surface as a ground, a snow, an ice, a concrete, earthquake wreckage, a wooden floor and more. The device is able to find watercourse and liquid pipeline leakage.

Detection range of

Device weights 4.0 lbs (1.2 kg) without batteries and power supply.

The device was invented in Ufa State Aviation Technical University. The author of invention and designer of the device is Kravchenko Juri Pavlovich.

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Indicator of Geophysical Anomaly

 User Manual



General Information

Working with IGA-1

Preparation to work

Indoor examination

How to examine human electromagnetic aura?


Maintenance and Storage


General Information

The instrument is a highest sensitive selective measurer of electromagnetic field. It is tuned to receive the fixed frequency of natural electromagnetic radiation in of SLW (super long wave) diapason. IGA-1 features highly acclaimed an integral of phase shift calculation on the receiving frequency, which value is changing on the boarder of energy emanation.  

Due to this it became possible

  • To detect the geophysical anomalies in resident places and in business areas as Hartmann Net and Curry grid;

  • To detect the anomaly zones of unknown origination indoors as small spots, lines, or extensive zones;

  • To detect the borders of techno pathic zones occurred because of massive metallic objects in basements, lower levels and under buildings (refrigerators, TVs, computers);

  • To detect the borders of the human’s aura, i.e. biologically based electromagnetic field, and its distortion that occurs because of pathology.


Supplied accessories

·         Unit with composite handle – 1pc;

·         Power supply 110V – 1pc;

·         Power-supply cable – 1pc;

·         Case – 1pc;

·         Fuses 1A – 1pc, 0.25A – 3pcs.


Working with IGA-1

Preparation to work

1.       Connect the instrument to Power supply with cable. Plug in the Power cord to the socket; turn the power supply switch on. After that the light-emitting diodes: ‘Power’, "+12 V","+15 V","-15 V" must be lighted.

2.       Turn the switcher FILTER’ down. Turn the switcher BROAD BAND – NARROW BAND’ to ‘Broadband’ position. Turn the regulator ‘GAIN’ to the middle position. Warm up the device for about 3 minutes.

3.       Take the unit by the handle and on the straight hand at about 3 – 4 feet from the ground, orient the antenna downward. Press zero-button on the handle every 3-5 seconds so you can nullify the needle position. Take your finger from the zero-button – the needle has to be stopped on the 0±1 position. The needle has to hold this position about 10 seconds.

4.       To check if the unit is sensitive enough, hold the handle of the instrument with one hand, smoothly put your unoccupied hand in front of antenna at about 1 – 2 inches, and slightly move it back and forth. While doing this, the needle has to move to +10 or –10 of scale and finally go-off scale.

5.       Nullify the needle by pushing zero-button.

6.       If the sensitivity of the device is low (the device does not respond to the moving hand), the gain has to be added by the ‘GAIN’ regulator. This can be done by smoothly turning the regulator clockwise. To get a more intensive change of sensitivity turn the plug of the power cord to 180 degrees because one of the wire line of the 110 V-socket is connected to a ground line.

7.       If the needle is floating near zero or is not stopping after letting off a finger from the zero-button while nullifying, low down the gain by turning the handle of ‘GAIN’ regulator contra clockwise. After this nullify the needle again (Step 5). The nullifying can also be complicated if the antenna is located too close to the operator’s body (less than two feet), or from the other people, or from massive subjects. Power equipment (transformers, television transmitters, etc) also can be cause of such a distortion.

In buildings where geopathic radiation is low (while examine the lobbies or first floors) in order to narrowing the scanning area turn switcher ‘FILTER’ off. In buildings where geopathic radiation is high (while examine the higher levels of the buildings) in order to enlarge the scanning area turn switcher ‘FILTER’ on. This will be useful if it is impossible to stabilize operation of the instrument by the handle of ‘GAIN’.


Indoor examination

IGA-1 is able to detect borders of the natural electromagnetic radiation that exist in the form of grids and separate spots of geopathic zones in resident places and in business areas.

Examination procedure:

1.       Nullify the needle by pushing zero-button.

2.       Take the unit by the handle and on the straight hand at about 3 – 4 feet from the ground, orient the antenna downward. Move instrument smoothly from North to South or from East to West horizontally along with the ground surface.

3.       Mark the spot where the needle starts to deviate from zero.

4.       Nullify the needle.

5.       Move back to make sure that the spot where needle deviation started is found correctly.

6.       Move the instrument at about 1 – 2 feet over the point to check the location of the spot again. Mark it with chip or chalk.

7.       Therefore one of the points of Hartmann Net has been determined.

8.       To find Hartmann Net move IGA-1 away from a found point and detect another point on the new line. It is possible to draw a line on the floor by chalk. Repeat operation to determine another point.

9.       To find Curry Grid the scanning examination by IGA-1 should be done to South-East or South-West (45 degrees to Hartmann Net). It is possible to draw the Curry Net on the floor by chalk too.

10.   To detect separate anomaly spots of natural and/or technical origin operate IGA-1 the same way as instructed earlier. Detect the contour of the anomaly spot, which is usually, exists in an ellipse form but not limited with this form. It is very important to find them in sleeping and working areas because of their dangerous impact on long exposure of human beings.


How to examine human’s aura?

IGA-1 is able to detect borders of the human’s aura, i.e. biologically based electromagnetic field, and its distortion that occurs because of pathology.

1.       Orient IGA-1’s antenna to a standing person’s chest at about 3 feet. 

2.       Nullify the needle by pushing zero-button. If the nullifying can’t be completed decrease the distance between antenna and human chest to 2 feet and 6 inches.

Move the instrument along with the human’s body (increasing and decreasing the distance between antenna and body) and nullifying the needle periodically; define boarders of human’s electromagnetic field.

How to detect underwater and underground cavity?

IGA-1 with AC power cord is able to detect underwater, cavity, hollows and geo anomalies. Dry and frosty weather is the greatest condition for successful underground examination. Avoid operate the instrument under rain and snow because of possible electric shock and unstable results of examination.

1.       Nullify the needle by pushing zero-button on the examine field location.

2.       Take the unit by the handle and on the straight hand at about 3 – 4 feet from the ground, orient the antenna downward. Move instrument smoothly along the surface, and nullify it periodically. After deviation of the needle nullify it again and move back to make sure that the spot of the deviation of the needle is found correctly.

3.       Mark the spot where the needle starts to deviate from zero.

4.       Nullify the needle.

5.       Move back to make sure that the spot where needle deviation started is found correctly.

6.       Move the instrument at about 1 – 2 feet over the point right to left and back to check the location of the spot again. Mark it with chip or chalk.

7.       Repeat steps 2 by 6 to define more precisely the contour of cavity, hollow and/or anomaly.

8.       To detect subterranean running water and/or leakage from conduits and pipelines first determine its possible route. Then move IGA-1 slowly along it and define the boarders as instructed before. Remember that prospecting subterranean running water usually is 3 – 5 feet wide, meanders, and follows the direction of the natural slope of the area.



  • Frequency diapason is 5…10 KHz
  • Detection range for watercourse is about 170 ft (50 m) deep, for pipelines and cavities is about 100 ft (30 m) deep; for human bodies and bulk objects up to 5 dm3 is about 10 ft (3 m) deep
  • Design: Handle operating unit
  • Indicators: Analog meter
  • Tune up: Fixed adjustment
  • Voltage protection: Low voltage (10mV), safe testing voltage
  • Dimensions: 9” x 4 ¼” x 2 ¼” (230 x 110 x 55 mm) Handle length 16”(410 mm)
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs (2 kg) without batteries and power supply
  • Working temperature is between -20…+100F (+40…-40C), humidity up to 80%
  • Power of voltage is 110V ±10%;
  • Power consumption is 5 W


Maintenance and Storage

After work clean up the antenna and isolator of the unit with napkin with alcohol every 25 hours. After working in dusty conditions clean it up after each time of use. Then dry it up completely with temperature between 20F and 70F (10C to +20C) in one hour.

This instrument has to be stored in its case at the temperatures between -30F and 100F (–50C to +40C).





Under no circumstances should you try to repair the system yourself, as this will invalidate the warranty. Do not open the system, as there is a risk of electric shock.

If a fault occurs, first check the points listed below taking the system for repair. If you are unable to remedy a problem by following these hints, please call click here for help.




No power

Check if AC cord is properly connected to an AC outlet.

Check if power cord is properly connected from the Power supply to the unit.

Turn on the switcher on the power supply.


Indicator point is not moving

Press zero-button to refresh scanning function of the instrument.

To completely reset the instrument, unplug the Power supply cord from AC outlet for 5 – 10 seconds.


Button do not work

To completely reset the instrument, unplug the Power supply cord from AC outlet for 5 – 10 seconds.


IGA-1 upgrades

If unit does not work properly, contact ECO DOWSING